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  1. Last week’s update: I learned that eating apples and hylian mushrooms have the power to heal both in the game and in real life. Haha. I met with the surgeon who told me that I won’t need surgery. My ankle appears to be stable and healing. Whew. This week I found my fancy Hylian trousers near the temple and fought a few Bokoblins. In my life, the Bokoblins represent self-doubt and negative feelings. I won’t go into depth about the critical voice that shouts in my head. However, I’m a fiction writer with the goal of making enough money to cover our living expenses. I have 7 novels published and another one ready to go live once I make a few adjustments. I have just over sixty short stories written that I send out semi-regularly. So far, none of them are published but I keep submitting. The rejections don’t feel like the monsters, but the act of finding the next magazine to send to and submitting to the magazine is where the Bokoblins pop-up. Thank goodness I can strike them with mops and sticks. My mediation goal continues. I haven’t missed a day. The practice schedule added a 10 minute sitting meditation to the 30 minute full body scan. I found the 30 minute session easier to maintain focus. I think it is because the meditation shifts focus to different parts of the body instead of only the inhale and exhale. My head is a noisy place. The cool thing is that over the weekend I felt like a curtain was lifted. I felt grateful and satisfied with life. Nothing in my circumstances changed so I’m giving the meditation practice credit. The yoga goal I put on hold. The floor sessions bothered my ankle even when in the boot. The chair practices feel like upper body stretches that I do each time I move away from my computer and I don’t like them as much. I should be able to resume yoga next week when I’m boot free. The joy item was drawing again. I did a one hour freehand sketch of a labradoodle. It sort of looks like the labradoodle that I plan to do with pen, but very rough. I also signed up for a human figure drawing class that will happen at the end of March. It’s a two hour session where a model holds different poses and we draw them fast. Speaking of drawing @chesire, when the time is right, I highly recommend thevirtualinstructor.com for learning drawing techniques. Matt (the instructor) has a class titled “25 Days to Better Drawing” where he walks through the basics of drawing and how to approach a subject. It is the best drawing class I’d taken. I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for following along.
  2. @paisley Welcome, thanks for following along. @Chesire There are so many metaphors for life I’ve pulled from BOTW.
  3. Weekly update: I met the Old Man (from BOTW) along my path this week. He showed me how to cook the apples I collected and offered guidance for life. This week patience with myself was the highlight for the week. I succeeded with the first week of the meditation, meaning I meditated for the 30 minutes per day. My mind chattered a lot. I know it will reduce over time. Two sessions of yoga were completed. My joy project was squeezed in on Saturday. I drew a portrait of my Aussie. It’s almost finished. I have to adjust the dark tones. A peek of my project is below. Have a great week.
  4. I came over to snoop at your posts and follow along. Your yoga picture is adorable. I’m totally with you on the new baby holding. I always find it awkward when a baby is thrust into my arms without someone asking me if I want to hold them. Often, my husband is nearby when this happens and I casually hand the baby to him (he loves holding little ones). I managed well with my kids when they were tiny but was relieved the day they were mobile. I prefer the mobile munchkins who play and speak adorably cute, nonsensical sentences. With your shoulder, have you consulted with a chiropractor? A chiropractor has saved me from a few surgeries recommended by doctors. My husband had a shoulder issue similar to what you describe and was able to rehab it with a few adjustments and the PT type exercises. Before he went to the chiropractor he was accidentally overdoing things by doing the exercises and stretches that he knew should help ease pain and didn’t always work. A good chiropractor will refer you to a doctor if they don’t think your issue is something they can fix. They will also give you stretches, exercises, and explanations to help with pain management and prevention. (When we moved to Idaho I visited three chiropractors before I found one that did this.) I have a couple thrift store puzzles that moved with me and are awaiting my attention. One of them is a mystery puzzle where the photo on the box doesn’t match the puzzle inside. Clever marketing? Or a great way to cover a manufacturing mistake? Enjoy the day.
  5. @chesire Thanks for following along. I had a follow-up appointment on Thursday for my ankle, which resulted in a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Boo. I’m hoping it is a precautionary measure but when I looked at the x-ray with my untrained eye it looks exactly as it did two weeks ago with no improvement. I’ll find out more this week. In the mean time, I have awesome hiking crutches and have walked/crutched along dry roads just to get outside. My joyful item this week is starting a pen drawing of my dog. I’m trying to get enough pet portraits for my portfolio to build a side business. I’ll post a progress picture to share. I hope your week is going well.
  6. I haven’t hung out in the forums since April 2019. Life truly has been a rollercoaster. Currently, I find myself in a strange land, living in a new city in Idaho (I moved from Wisconsin) where I can’t meet people because all the ways that I would normally do so are prohibited due to co-vid. In a way, it’s akin to Link stepping out of the Shrine of Resurrection after 100 years and not remembering or recognizing what he sees around him. (I just finished Breath of the Wild and I’m debating getting the DLCs to continue my denial that I’m done.) I broke my ankle three weeks ago when I slipped on glare ice while walking my dogs. I’ve been skirting the edge of depression and the broken ankle caused a complete crash. I’m finally starting to feel better and recognize that my broken ankle wasn’t really what caused me to want to curl up into a little ball and not move. There were many other contributing factors that I need to work on. Since my mobility is limited. I thought about using my recovery to rebuild new habits. I figured the challenge rounds are a great way to do this. Clothed in my ragged clothing, a stick I picked up along the trail for fighting the monsters along the way, I’m starting my first BOTW quests. The world looks sunny and bright. My quests for this round are: Meditate daily for 30-45 minutes I read The Mindful Way through Depression by Jon Kabat-Zinn (among other authors) during the fall months. It has a 12 week guided meditation plan that will help manage depression so that it doesn’t become as debilitating. I started the first week’s plan last Sunday. I already notice a difference in my attitude. Do yoga at least 3 times per week I have a number of yoga practices that I can do completely on the floor or in a chair. Yoga got me through two ACL surgeries and a blown ankle tendon so doing it with a boot shouldn’t be a problem. I love it and have been meaning to restart a yoga streak since we moved. (My yoga streak went 369 days before it stopped.) Do one thing that brings me joy each week without guilt. Maybe this one sounds strange, but I often deprive myself of joyful activities in favor of “responsible ones” (chores or working). When I do something I enjoy, I later question whether or not it was a good use of my time when I could have done something useful. (I think this is a contributor to my depression.) I love to write, read, draw, paint, play video games, and do things outside (which right now is limited). My side quest is to follow a few people on the forum because I love reading other people’s stories. Onward.
  7. Hi Everyone, After a long absence from the forums I'm back. I love being outside in general. I love to write, hike, bike, geocache, and travel. I'm looking forward to making new friends.
  8. It has been awhile since I've been on the forum. My life fell a part in 2017. I think my last post was June 2017 when I dropped off the forums to rehab my leg. The short summary of my adventure is I had two ACL surgeries and PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction - a fancy name for my foot rolling inward on the tendons). The advice I received for my foot was reconstruction surgery but having just gone through a second round of rehab I wanted to avoid more surgery. Two weeks before the foot surgery was supposed to take place, I made a last minute visit to a chiropractor who did things other chiropractors didn't. If my leg hadn't been atrophied from crutches, I think I could've walked out that day. Rehab on my leg took about 1 1/2 years. In February, I received the all clear to push myself physically with the exception of no direct pivots so tae kwon do is out for the moment (which is how I tore my ACL in the first place). Now I'm back and ready to get myself back into shape before I tore my ACL the first time six years ago. Here's my plan: Workout six days per week (a mixture of weights and interval training) This one include a free weight routine, walking daily, and on nice days fun, active things. Track what I eat for the entire challenge Despite my normal active stuff, I'm not losing weight and I have a feeling it's because I'm eating more than I'm burning. My biggest struggle is I hate tracking food. I grew up watching my mom and grandma constantly track food to lose pounds. It would work until they stopped. Their lives became so focused on what they could or couldn't eat and I'd get lectures on why I shouldn't eat what I did. My grandma in particular obsesses about food to the point that it is all she talks about besides her medications. There's a lot of negative association with it, but I think it might help me tweak things. I figure it's worth a try despite my hesitancy. Learn to kayak I bought a kayak because I can finally use one and I had the cash for one I found on craigslist. I figured out how to load it onto my car by myself. I took it on the lake on Friday with no problems other than I didn't paddle correctly. My shoulders were taking the brunt of the abuse because I didn't use my torso. Saturday I went to a different lake. The water was more choppy and the first thing I did was plunge into the water as I tried to get in. I'm in Wisconsin and the water was chilly. My husband reminded me there's a proper way to get into a kayak which I had forgotten about. My goal for the challenge is to kayak at least twice a week weather permitting and practice getting in and out of it like a pro. Finish my novel I've wanted to have a writing career for awhile and decided this is the year I'm going to do it. I have one novel published, one that is waiting for me to create a cover, and one that is waiting for me to finish. I planned to have my novel I'm working on finished by March 30 and I'm still working on it. This isn't a bad thing, except that I avoided the story for a few days and I think I let perfectionism get in the way. It's almost done and I think if I focus I can have it done my April 30. Then I can send it off to the editor. Once that's done I can make the cover for the one waiting, make the edits, and publish it. Write one short story a week I took on a challenge of writing one short story a week for 52 weeks in a row and send it off. Last Saturday I completed my first one. For this challenge, I'll have four more written. That's my focus for the challenge. I also plan to follow some of you. I loved the times when I got involved enough on the forum to encourage, cheer on, and see progress of others. Good luck to everyone on their adventures.
  9. I don't know if they are still made, but there are roll-up piano keyboards. I have no idea how they sound. I saw them when I was looking for a gift idea for my mother-in-law who plays the piano and missed it dearly when she did some missions work up in Alaska. She ended up getting permission to play at a local church so the keyboard wasn't ordered. Traveling could give you access to many different styles of music.
  10. A quick update. My foot and ankle are normal but still extremely weak. Because of our upcoming trip, I've been trying to walk further distances to build the stamina needed to hike. It's weird having a brain that says "Sure, I can totally do this." And a foot that says, "Not yet." It's almost like my brain has completely forgotten that I haven't used the foot in almost a year. However, I backed off pushing myself and instead just walked (at a rapid pace) every day for anywhere from .75 hours to 1.25 hours. If all goes well with my chiropractor tomorrow, I will be able to any activity I want. The limiting factor is my strength, which I can't work on until after tomorrow. Last week we had a friend that we had been meaning to get together with for over a year come over for dinner. I'm realizing that the comfort zone thing is having a trickle effect in my life. I have a few other people I want to reconnect with. My band application is sitting on my desk almost completely filled in. There is a question I'm struggling to answer. I realized this evening it's because I don't want to talk about sad things. Since the deadline is to submit it by the end of the challenge, I figure I better have it completed soon. Since I have to schedule a tryout session, I think I'll submit the application after I get back from our trip. However, I can still have it ready to submit for when I get back. My first oboe lesson happened last week. The instructor said we covered about 6 weeks of beginner lessons in one session. I played the clarinet in high school and as an adult for pleasure, so I think that's helping. My clarinet experience is proving a bit of a hindrance because I hold the oboe like a clarinet and not an oboe. However, I can make sound and I can play recognizable tunes.
  11. I fell behind on my regular updates because things got busy. Fitness and Health Stuff I've walked every day for about 40 minutes. Sunday I hiked and geocached for about an hour. The great thing is my ankle and foot has had zero pain through it all. I'm soooooo glad I didn't opt for the foot "rearrangement" (surgery) in June. Saturday I went canoeing for about 3 hours. I plan to take my son out tomorrow morning. Comfort Zone Progress Report My meeting with my stranger went great. She is a fellow writer and we hit it off. The goal is to start a writing group for our area to network with other writers. We just got out passports today. The funny thing is we were wishing we had them this morning so we could drive across Canada. We had to move our vacation to be sooner than planned because our daughter decided she doesn't want to homeschool this year. She wants to do virtual school. Our trip was planned for the entire month of October, but because of the intensity of the school, the need for daily Internet access, and the wait for her to do 4+ hours of classes (not to mention studying), we decided to go in August. It won't be as long but I think it's better than her falling behind. I'm procrastinating on the band application. I have it printed. My goal is to have it filled out by Friday. Intentional Time: I'm averaging about 3 hours a day including weekends. Looking back I think I should've been clearer with my objective because I find I'm a bit lost on what to work on that would count. I think from this point forward I will just focus on logging the writing hours. My goal is to get up to 4 hours a day five days a week. I'm building a freelance writing business and figure that the 4 hours would be equivalent to a part-time job. The web design business is just about gone. I have about twelve more clients to send away. Totally Random: The meeting with a stranger and comfort zone thing got me thinking about other things I've always wanted to try but never made a move to try them. One of which is to learn to play the oboe. I contacted an oboist about where to start. Yesterday I came home with an oboe. The music store has a trial program so I have three months to try it out (it cost me $50 for the 3-month trial). I sound awful, but I can make noise. I'm waiting to hear back from someone who might be able to give me some tips so I don't pick up bad habits. In the mean time, I'm happy to sound like a dying duck. Haha.
  12. How'd it get to be Wednesday? Tuesday My brain really struggled to focus. I walked 40-minute and didn't do any other exercise. It was my 19th wedding anniversary yesterday and I think I really wanted to celebrate for the entire day. We tried a new cafe about 7 miles from us for lunch. It wasn't the greatest, but it was nice to cut out of the daily grind for a bit. Wednesday I swam for 30 minutes. Most of the day was eaten up by waiting for my son to get done with mowing the yard for my dad. I visited with him so it wasn't a bad thing. However, my plan for the day was messed up. I have a personality quirk that I need to fix because I'm realizing that it inadvertently sabotages my goals. People think of me as very easy going and adaptable because I let someone else's preference trump mine (whether it is food or an activity or anything else). The truth is that I have an opinion about what I'd like but often I don't speak it unless no one else speaks up. This happened over the weekend when choices were given about what food to eat, I wanted the healthier option but didn't speak up. The same thing happens with my time, I have different plans in mind that get tossed out as soon as someone else needs or wants something opposite. I'm not sure what the fix would be at the moment. It's more an observation for now. Intentional time for both days was about 1 1/2 hours.
  13. It looks like you had a great week. I like your poem.
  14. Update: Saturday: Spent at least 5 hours pulling up linoleum for my in-law's Church that they are gutting and making into a house. I figure it counts as a workout since my leg muscles were stiff the next day. I also got a 30-minute walk in with my hubby and dog. Intentional time: 1 hour of reading in the evening. Sunday: Mostly on the road. I did a 30-minute walk instead of 40-minutes because we met a skunk (it was about a foot in front of us). Thank goodness my dog didn't notice. We decided it wasn't that important to go the full 40 minutes. Monday: Lower workout combined with pilates and a 30-minute walk. Intentional time: 4.5 hours! I got up early and took advantage of two hours before my teens were moving about. Plus it was "Write Night." I'm part of a writing group that meets alternating months (we're all homeschool moms) to critique each other's work. "Write Night" happens on the between months for anyone who can show up. The only mission is to write for at least two hours. I was the only one who could make it this evening and rather than go home I wrote. No progress on my other challenges. I tweaked my paying for everything with cash so that gas purchases can be run on the debit card. It's too slow to go inside and wait in line.
  15. Thanks. I like having an item that I procrastinate on my challenge round so I actually make some progress. I hope you have fun writing when you throw it on your list. It's good exercise for your brain you know.
  16. Following along. It looks like a good challenge.
  17. Thursday I went canoeing for two hours in the morning. The weather was gorgeous and it was hard to work after that. Intentional time: 2 hours. Friday Walked 40 minutes with my dog. Completed my lower "workout" - mainly exercises advised by my chiropractor. Intentional time: 1.5 hours.
  18. I liked your ballad/prose mainly for the creative way of telling your back story. I just closed my web design business with about a fourth of the customers being artists. Some of them had no formal training, some had undergrad degrees in something besides art, and others had MFAs. They all successfully sell their art and some of the more successful ones have only a college degree. There are a few with no degrees that make more money than the ones with degrees. With the new information from your back story here are some questions that pop to mind (and you don't have to broadcast your answers) Do you really need to go to college to do your dream career? Is a masters or doctorate really needed? If finances are tight, what could you do to get the information you're after to see if you really want to pursue it? Are their specific classes that you could take online that would get you the information you need that may not be tied to a college but just as valuable? Are there ways to make it affordable without getting more debt? (i.e build up a chunk of change and pursue your degree in another country - I've learned that some foreign universities are nearly half the cost of America for advanced studies, apply for every scholarship you can find, go part-time, marry a princess... ) How can you reduce your current debt load to give you breathing room? If you are interested in pursuing art as a career have you considered taking your art seriously enough to start a business and sell what you create? There's an excellent book I read on how to do just that (https://theabundantartist.com/). I'm not trying to tell you what to do or sway you one way are another because I don't have the full picture. However, if you are feeling stretched to the limit (budget-wise) it might be good to move forward carefully. I'd love to see you (and everyone else) pursue your passions and do work that is meaningful to you. Sometimes the leap is simply dipping a couple toes into the water and seeing what happens. As a tiny back-story, when my hubby and I were slightly younger than you (I'm 39 right now), we had $48,000 in debt, a business that had sporadic work, and two toddlers. We hit a point where we struggled to pay bills, work we were "qualified" to do was nearly a two-hour drive away, and we were exhausted. 18 months later (with lots of focus - among other things) we were debt free, our business grew steady because we were more firm with customers, and I two years later I was able to drop to part-time to homeschool our kids. Words don't capture what if feels like not to be stifled by debt. Yes, it's a pain in the butt because we have to wait. Yet it also has ignited creative thinking on how to get the knowledge needed without going back into debt. Because of my own experience, I would love to see you (and everyone else) become debt free because the mental relief and peace of mind is worth more than you know.
  19. Progress report: Tuesday: Workout: Uppers 1.25 hours. I did it right away in the morning because I wanted to skip it. Comfort zone and intentional time: Confirmed my coffee with a stranger meeting. It's set for 7/13. Visited family and didn't worry about intentional time. Wednesday: Workout: Walked 30 minutes in the evening. My foot/ankle was well enough this morning I jogged across a rather large parking lot with no pain! This evening after my walk my ankle is swollen but not bad. One problem I have is that before my magic chiropractor visit, my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst frequently hung around 7-9 if I was active, now, I tend to ignore my pain because it is usually around 2-4. I'm thinking I'll need to figure out a way to be more aware of the pain when it first starts so that I can easily get to a resting spot without overdoing things. Comfort zone and intentional time: Dropped off our passport paperwork. My hubby commented on my calm demeanor when we discovered we needed five checks (one for each passport application) and I only had two in my purse. Thankfully, the bank was about a half mile away so I got some money orders. Things, of course, took longer because of it. Intentional Time: 2.5 hours. I took @NotThePrincessPeach tip and made a sign for my door: I used some packing tape as my dry erase surface so I change the time as needed. It worked well this afternoon, but that could be because my high school son was more than happy to skip his math lesson.
  20. Thanks. I'm a natural boundary pusher which gets me into trouble.
  21. Normally, I wouldn't have either except I've learned to build a humor buffer with tech especially when I get a bit dumb. Sadly, I'm pretty computer savvy and I still make tons of errors that makes my hubby (a major computer nerd) laugh quite heartily. However, I nearly had a meltdown Tuesday evening when I was trying to get the passport photos to turn out and the printer to work. I still haven't been able to laugh that one off yet...
  22. Welcome. I'm following along. Staying simple and starting small seems to be easier than tons of big changes as once. I love the idea of rolling out of bed and dancing for 5 minutes. Does it prevent you from hitting the snooze button?
  23. Awesome for being adventurous. My vote is for you to go with the one that gets you the most excited (which sounds like the MFA). However, if you are nerdy and love to code database admin can be fun (or so I've heard from those who love it). My experience with databases is that they don't appreciate creativity and expect me to be precise with my code.
  24. I love the idea that we can get smarter by working out. That's awesome. I bet you made their day just by contacting them and telling them about your own experience. A friend of mine contacts authors of books she has really enjoyed reading to let them know how their books impacted her. The reception so far has been positive.
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