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  1. I'm catching up on my reading while waiting for gigs of video to load for a client. Might as well multi-task, right? I loved the tour of your boat and your job. It answered a ton of questions I had. Your pictures equal 1,000s of words. Thanks for posting that. I hope the weather cooperates for you. Overall, I think you have achieved superhero status this round because you plowed through many obstacles that literally got in your way. I admire your dedication. Enjoy land when your feet hit it. I'm sure it'll be a treat to have a ground that doesn't move. Gotta go. It looks like something crashed. Gotta love tech...
  2. I'm excited for you. However, I think you need a different fun activity than cleaning.
  3. Okay, the Ye will be a Yeah. I love the idea that the blowtorch burns off all the calories. I did get to play with the blowtorch because putting flames to food is fun.
  4. Magic? Actually, it was an accident. When I uploaded the picture, I noticed only a portion of it appeared as a thumbnail (this was before I posted it). The thumbnail had a plus sign on it, I clicked on it thinking that the picture was going to open in a new window as a large one, instead it posted in my page. However, it had erased everything I had typed, which wasn't a big deal because I've learned to copy what I write and then hit submit so I don't have to retype things. When I added my stuff back I discovered I could write around it. I'm assuming the better way to post pictures is to add them first, click on the plus sign so the picture shows up in the text area, and then type the stuff you want after.
  5. The video reminded me of my bodyweight workouts back when my little ones were still in diapers. I spent alot of time outside in the summer and would often be doing bear crawls, crab walks, jumping through hoops, piggyback rides, and staggered tire runs using hula hoops. Our neighbors were pretty close distance wise and often cars would slow down in front of our house. I'm sure they thought I was crazy. Sorry to hear about your rough week. I think it's a great idea to take it easy on yourself and do things that help calm your mind including ripping weeds if need be. I remember one time snarling at a poor cashier because she asked me a question that upset me. My husband was taken aback by my usual easy going attitude changing into a snarling demon and escorted me out of the store. He laughs about it now. The joys of pregnancy. The good news is, you're almost there. I'm keeping you in my prayers and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. By the way, ice cream is a good remedy sometimes. Whenever someone has an injury that requires an ice pack we also have the joke that not only do they have to ice the injury, but they have to ice cream their belly. Our shorthand is "I have to ice cream my knee."
  6. Thanks for the compliments on my artwork and keeping in touch with what I'm up to. I wish I could express how much it means to have people holding me accountable, but thanks is all I can think of. My Thursdays and Fridays feel really intense because I'm home for 45 minutes before I'm off to another activity and don't get home until 10pm. After 3/25 everything is done and I'll be able to resume my usual routine that I had at the beginning of January. I had been filling in at our local library as a temporary librarian to help keep it open on Thursdays and Fridays. I told the library board president that I'd work until they found someone else and turned down the position of being the library director three times. Job interviews didn't happen until I told her I had to quit because of my upcoming knee surgery. Somehow I have a feeling she was dragging her feet on hiring someone because she wanted to keep me around. This week overall felt more intense because suddenly my web design customers are wanting me to do work for them. Over the weekend, my brother in-law and his girlfriend came to stay. Despite the increase in external activities, I still managed some successes. Yoga - Yeah! So far the yoga streak is still going. I completed 75 days. Today will be day 76, but I agreed to wait until my daughter gets home tonight to do our next session. Two exciting things that happened this week: 1. I could do head to knee pose (usually I'm lucky if I can touch my toes with my legs stretched out in front of me). 2. I did a session with no instructor telling me what to do and listened to what my body needed. No offense to the instructors I'm using, but I felt like it was one of my best yoga sessions I've had in awhile. I'm still processing what was different, but I felt more at peace than ever. Bodyweight - Ye! Half a yeah. I got one workout in. I'm trying to make some tweaks because now that I'm wearing Ed when I'm active I'm noticing I hurt more after a workout. I'm not sure if it is because I'm also doing nearly an hour yoga session everyday. I've eliminated jumping of all sorts and I'm still in pain. This week I might have my hubby watch my form to make sure I'm moving right. Him and I can't workout together because he gets a bit particular about form, which I understand it's important but I think the delivery makes me a bit belligerent. Not eat junk - Almost My son made creme brule for his baking class. It's basically two vanilla beans, eggs, whipping cream, and sugar beat together and then baked in ramekins. I had two small portions over two days. Creme brule is among my favorites which I've only had a few times because of the high fat content. I'll be glad when his baking class is over. I think he has four more sessions. Art - Yeah! Technically, I got two paintings in. I had an expected free evening on Wednesday thanks to spring break for the non-homeschoolers, so my son's usual activity was canceled. I painted in the time slot even though I thought of lots of other things I could've done. The first painting was a flop because I didn't plan well and made my work harder. So I experimented with graffiti and color. I'm not going to post that one because it isn't all that interesting. However, Saturday morning I got some time to paint and implemented my idea in the "easier" way. There are still things I would change, but I made notes and decided not to obsess about details. If all goes well with the new look I think it will show up below. Overall, a good week. This week I have a pretty long wish list of things I'd like to accomplish. I'm not sure how much of it I will get done, but taxes is a big one on my list. I hope everyone has a good week.
  7. Hmm. I'm not totally sure if I suffer from rangerbrain. However, I do get easily distracted from things not related to work. And I have been known to spend 2+ hours in the morning doing a couple workouts followed by an evening of some other random activity. I think I have a gnat brain. It struggles to stay focused if I'm not moving. I hope, you will make a teeny exception to resisting the yoga workout and squeeze in a corpse pose for the Jedi this week. It won't hurt a bit. Plus, I have a hunch since you aren't feeling the greatest you already may be close to the full pose... I hope you get feeling better.
  8. Getting closer! I don't think you're crazy for not minding a big baby. My second was a smidge under 10 pounds (9lb 14oz). The 1-3 mos clothes didn't last long on him. We were talking about belly casts at dinner tonight (along with the behavior of penguin parents - it's amazing the things that come up at our table). I told my kids belly casts are kind of like getting an award as a mom for carrying them. This lead into a terrible joke from my hubby about the award being equivalent to a grammy, which some day will come true. Our kids groaned. The terrible pun was worth it. If you run out of house to clean, wanna come hang at my place? I have a carpet cleaner that came two weeks ago and has only been used on a small carpet. The whole house awaits. Haha.
  9. Homeschooling is awesome. We just finished a discussion of yoda grammar vs. English grammar after watching Star Wars. :)

  10. I just want to double check, if we use things like blocks and belts will the poses still count as good form?
  11. This looks fun. There are some I have never heard of. I'll have to avoid some because they won't be safe for my knee without the ligament there. Happy stretching everyone.
  12. You know... I know this lady who's doing a daily yoga thing that could help with the stretching part... Although, I did a session yesterday that was more advanced than I remembered. My daughter struggled to keep up. My body for some reason was far from it's usual flexible self (I'm actually not really all that bendable). I got an excellent core workout just because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. The poses were hilarious because it'll be a long time before I come close to being able to do any of the contortions. Sounds like the baby shower provided a few laughs. I love the debt free response.
  13. Wow! It looks like your challenge is really helping you become more productive. I've been struggling with the time change and found myself wondering where my weekend went. I think I'll have to start implementing some of your tricks to see if I can be even half as productive as you.
  14. Edinburgh has been on my list for awhile. Originally, I had planned on studying abroad there while in college, but, alas, I met my hubby, got married (before finishing school), worked to put him through school and then finished off my degree. By then I was running my own business and was "too busy" (maybe broke is closer to the truth) to travel. If you have some tips and tricks you've picked up, I'd appreciate them. One of the things I've been debating is if I let me nerdy planner personality take over and get all my lodging and itinerary figured out ahead of time or if I let me seat of the pants nerd take over and make it up as I go. You can PM me with your wisdom and insights if you'd like. I'm sure I'll think of more questions once I post this.
  15. Looks like you have some pretty concrete ideas in place. If you happen to figure out the magic to keeping a clean desk, please let me know. My gets buried almost as fast as I clear it off. Love the music idea. Have you done any sort of band before?
  16. I think it's great that you share your progress. I love that you were inspired by Jane Austen novels. I had one art class in 7th grade where the teacher told me my art wasn't very good. After that I dabbled with drawing after college and then tried painting with my kids because they were taking a painting class and I could do it for free. Art is definitely learnable no matter what age you start. When things settle down, may have to start an art group it sounds fun. LOL. I didn't show my mom what I was up to until I had a few paintings under my belt. Unlike me, she actually went to art school and is amazing at drawing realistically.
  17. After watching the video, I'm so glad I'm on land. Your determination during training will definitely help you in any race you enter. You're awesome. I think you are missing a golden opportunity here for some scientific research grants. Such as studying are there any benefits to running with the world tilting in random directions? Will a body trained in such an environment perform better in the long run?
  18. I found you on the Art Sherpa and friended you (I think).
  19. The joys of sharing spaces. I can't say no to any of the ones I love and some days wonder why I can't get as much done as I'd like. Your portrait turned out well. Shading is a bit tricky, but one thing you can try is mixing a few shades of skin tone (all really close to each other). Then layer in the areas that need shading starting with the darker color and working outwards. Going over areas that are still wet with the next color works well. It things get hard to spread a smidge of water helps get the blending. I'm eager to see more of your art. Sometimes, I think the hardest part is showing other people the finished project. I'm just starting the fourth video. The touching brushes quest I grabbed my wide assortment (I have at least 50 brushes around here) and tested them. I wish I had known her advice before I bought many of my brushes because they were too soft.
  20. Week in review update. I took Saturday as a me day. Originally I was going to paint all day, but what I realized is I'm a bit of a restless spirit. I can't stay in one place for more than an hour. I took my dog for a long walk, did a walking meditation, and worked out. By the time I was done with that it was lunch. Painting happened for a few hours and then my grandma needed a ride into town (about a 40 minute drive one way). Yoga - Yeah! Today is day 69 of my yoga streak. My daughter and I almost missed last night because we hadn't done it in the morning and I spaced. So right before bed we did a floor routine, For some reason I wasn't as stretchy as usual. I think it is because I was in pain before I started. Bodyweight - Yeah! I got my two days of bodyweight workouts in. My hubby commented that it looked like I was slimming down. My full length mirror hasn't been in my bedroom since I repainted so I hadn't noticed. I figured I'd put my old pants on to see. They actually were a bit baggy, so later this summer I'll probably need new pants. With my brace for now baggy is better. Not eat junk - Yeah! So until I did this challenge of not eating junk to feel better, I've become aware of how much my family members (outside of my immediate family) use food to treat me or try to soothe their own upsets and want me to join them. I've been able to resist some very tempting treats. For some reason I keep getting tested with cake (one of my weaknesses) and this week I resisted. Despite high stress and immense worry, food hasn't been my go to this week. Art - Yeah! The art quest video was longer than I expected. There were two assignments: make a color chart and paint an abstract heart. I painted the chart outside yesterday because it was 65 degrees out and I couldn't stay indoors. It worked okay, but big projects my paints would dry too fast. Here's my abstract heart picture. When I was almost done I had an idea that may have worked better for the color layout, but I didn't feel like redoing it. I hope everyone has a great week.
  21. I think I need a vacation from life.

    1. Crystal Jade

      Crystal Jade

      Oh, I've been there. And when you need one it's usually the hardest time to get one. Surely you can find a couple of hours - go watch your favorite Raiders movie again! I can hear the theme music now!

    2. SnowOwl


      Steal away to quiet corner and do some painting! But if you find a free vacation where we get waited on hand and foot - I'm in!

    3. Koaladle


      Sound-blocking, wireless headphones, bubble bath, wine. It may only be a couple hours, but nobody is going to bother you if the door is barricaded and you can't hear them. :D

  22. Welcome home! At least, I think you are home now based on the dates? I just finished reading your updates from February to now and it sounded like a fun trip. Did you end up exploring Japan solo? I've been planning out a trip for next year to Costa Rica to get me out of my comfort zone. I haven't traveled solo ever and figure it's time.
  23. Thought I'd pop over and say hi. The obstacle races have always been intriguing to me. My hubby had tried to talk me into doing the Warrior Dash in St. Paul last year but I didn't feel confident in my abilities. So as a compromise he bought me a slack line for an anniversary present. I'm not sure if it is happening this year or not. I had plans on making a "grown-up" playground this summer with monkey bars, sandpits, rings, and pull-up bars. I might do it anyways just to let my ideas come to life. I hope you have fun at the baby shower. Today I was stuck indoors and was tormented by the sun shining and I couldn't be in it. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the sun.
  24. I'll have to do a yoga chant tomorrow before my yoga session. That'll be funny. It may require some explanation for my daughter's sake. On our walk today I told my husband I wanted to paint his office next. He agreed until I mentioned getting it done before my surgery. What a party pooper. I couldn't resist teasing him. He's been a bit concerned about my emotional status and keeps checking on me to see he I need anything. It's sweet until I need space.
  25. Wow! Lots happened in the last few days. I'm glad things went well with your doctor. I think doctors try to have everything thought through ahead of time for worst case scenarios. It sounds like you're going in well informed about what you want and need. Don't ever worry about crying. Since I've become a mom, I sometimes break into tears over heartwarming commercials. Some little kid books have gotten me to cry too. Much to the amusement of my kids. Exhaustion tends to make tears come more easily. I smiled when I was reminded of the age of your kids. When my two were that age, I managed to read novels cover to cover in the bathroom (in under five minute chunks) because it was the only place where my kids couldn't disturb me. Have a good time at your baby shower.
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