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  1. Sorry to hear about the beginning of your week exploding. I hate when that happens. Kudos for getting running in even though you didn't want to. I hope you had a chance to snoop through Pike Street Market. Since you're in Seattle I'm not sure there is a guarantee of rain stopping. Every time we've been out there to visit family it's always raining. Not always hard, but definitely a constant drizzle. I hope this week is better than last. Take care of yourself.
  2. This week went well. I've been doing yoga everyday which has been a miracle. It's been a long time since I've been steady pursuing a streak. I think it helps doing yoga with my daughter because she has terrible strength and flexibility. It's improving, but she is a bookworm and tends to choose the path of least resistance. She loves doing yoga, but she is definitely a social butterfly. Whenever I don't want to do yoga, I think about how much it is really helping her and can muster up enough motivation to help her out. It's a great accountability mechanism and she is extremely encouraging. Also, the yoga everyday is a 10-15 minute meditation on the days we do the assassin's training segments (body weight workouts). My husband and I were talking this evening and I want to see how many days in a row I can do with yoga. It's helping my stress levels and helping me stay focused on what is important to me. There are some rough days coming up in March with being a support for my family and helping anyway I can as my mom goes back on chemo (unless, of course, by some miracle she can delay it further). I feel like the more I can establish the habit of carving out small chunks of time for myself now, the better it will be when stuff explodes. Last time my mom was having chemo I sabotaged myself and gained nearly 10 pounds from emotional eating. In away, the exercise and yoga is going to be my armor for dealing with life instead of scrounging the cupboards for something comforting that isn't really comforting. I'm noticing that my desire for chocolate and sugar has almost completely dropped away. It feels weird to watch family eat things (such as homemade chocolate cake) and being able to say no thanks and really mean it. I turned down a job offer to be a part-time library director. It's a small library and right now I'm a temporary director until they find a replacement. I love working with the people, but I'm not a huge fan of pulling books, shelving books, cataloging books, solving tech issues, and administrative stuff. I have this desire to build a career as a freelance writer and to finish my fantasy novel. I felt like pursing my career desire is way more important than having an impressive job title. My family breathed a sigh of relief when I made my firm decision and officially declined on Friday. They didn't want to sway me, but it was funny to find out they were hoping I wouldn't take it. Whew! This got longer than I expected. That's the update. This week I hope to have as much success as I had last week.
  3. It depends who you talk to. I'd love a mild climate, my hubby and kiddos vote for some place with lots and lots and lots of snow. At the moment, I'm outnumbered. For awhile I was enamored with South Carolina while my hubby was interested in Montana. This must be why we are still nestled in a valley in Western Wisconsin.
  4. Okay. No more talking about hot chocolate for the rest of the week. How about I'll chat about parfaits instead because everybody LOVES parfaits.
  5. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. It sounds like you have a reasonable strategy for moving forward with your goals. Be gentle on yourself.
  6. Hey Chloe, Good to see the week is going better. We can be virtual writing buddies this afternoon. I have a couple writing goals I want to get done today that I plan to work on in about an hour. Then more this evening because my hubby volunteered to run the crew to their activities. It gives me almost 2 hours bonus time.
  7. I agree with Koaladle for the body weight focus. Throw in squat thrusts, mountain climbers, imaginary jump rope, jumping jacks, and jogging in place should help keep the heart rate up and provide entertainment for the crew. How big is your boat?
  8. I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on. Hang in there.
  9. Love the pics and your previous posts. They made me laugh. I'm glad you're feeling better to move around more. Look forward to seeing how this week goes for you.
  10. I found you through peeking at Salty Dragon's progress and loved your handle because I can relate. I love chocolate and in cutting out sugar I've found I prefer darker and darker chocolate as time goes on. One of the things I had read about chocolate cravings is that sometimes it's an indicator of missing certain vitamins from your diet. I'm not sure if this is completely true, because sometimes I want chocolate more out of habit than anything. However, I found a recipe (http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2011/08/12/hot-fudge-brownie-larabars/) that has helped me deal with the chocolate obsession and logically it shouldn't work. It uses dates, walnuts, and cocoa (I skip adding the chocolate chips in the recipe). I make little bars (usually 2 Tablespoons worth flattened in a bag.) When I want chocolate I take a couple of bites and I'm good. I've been using the bars as my fill in for chocolate and found that I still have a day here and there where I want chocolate, but most of the time I don't even want it any more. I enjoy a cup of hot cocoa (using cocoa powder) but I'm not too stressed about it at the moment because it's winter and I like it. I just make sure I earn it by going outside and logging the miles I want to walk for the day. I hope that helps. Keep up the good work on making your goals! You're doing great.
  11. The start of a new week! Last week went well, my daughter and I are on a 13 days in a row yoga streak as of today. She's falling in love with it, but struggles with flexibility. I assure her that it will come in time. I don't think she believes me because when we're side by side, I look like gumby (I'm far from it). My bodyweight workouts are progressing nicely. My hot chocolate adjustment is tough. I'm not drinking it everyday. Just the days when temps are below zero (which this week was 5). I'm not going to worry about because I've managed to pass up most of my son's baking class results. He is an excellent cook and baker. This week he made double chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and pound cake. The only one I did more than a taste of was the double chocolate chip cookies because cookies are one of my weaknesses that I haven't conquered yet. This week may be harder to resist because it's cakes. Cake is the ultimate challenge for me because a homemade, moist chocolate cake with ganache frosting would be the way any bad guy could get me to spill my secrets. He's making devil's food, chiffon, and angel food. It may be a good week to share with our neighbors. Haha. My morning routine of walking my aussie didn't happen because it was -21 degrees out. So, together we interrupted the peaceful morning by more agility leaps. It's not the ideal setup, but this is the weather that makes me wonder how I ended up in Wisconsin and why I'm still here. As we got into the car to head to church, I suggested moving to Colorado or other state with snow this time of year that is more temperate and enjoyable. No one objected. We have plans to travel the U.S. in a year before the kids move out, so we can test out different places as possibilities to move to. I hope everyone has a good week meeting their goals.
  12. Welcome back! If you're still in search of a crew to toss you a rope, a grappling hook, or a bit of water, feel free to PM me and I'll add you to my list of people to check in on. I'm an assassin in training that can always use another team member.
  13. Good to see you are taking care of yourself. It'll help you recover faster.
  14. Whew! Today is done. I survived and got everything done that I set out to do despite exhaustion. I learned that having worked in exercise into my teenagers' school day helped prevent me from wiggling out of a workout. I also got a meditation and walking my dog 3 miles. Overall an excellent day. I'm on schedule with my goals for the week. The only bummer is that I just enjoyed my last hot chocolate for the week... technically. It isn't supposed to drop to below zero temps until Sunday, so tea will be an okay compromise. Last weekend it was a bit too cold to walk outside for a length of time and my aussie didn't like the icy chunks on his feet so I did some agility stuff indoors. I had him leaping on every seat in the house, we ran up and down the stairs multiple times, in circles in the big rooms, jumped onto beds, and ran through the halls. He's a barker when he is doing any agility stunts so, of course, we disrupted everyone's peace because I had to be louder than him so he could hear my commands. It was great fun.
  15. I sent you a PM with the info on the class session. Your novel sounds like a fun one to write and read. I'm working on a fairy tale style story with my main character being given a kissing curse and is supposed to get married. My plan is to add 6,000 words a week to it. Hopefully, I'll be done by the end of February. Have a great rest of the week.
  16. I just discovered an advantage to having my teens join me in the workouts that count as their PE for homeschool. They wouldn't let me back out today.

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  17. Love the idea of embracing the weather. It looks like you are making great strides (haha) on your challenge. My in-laws were in Soldotna, Alaska for a year and we found the temps there were chilly, but not as bad as the Midwest. If you're near the coast (which it sounds like you are), I don't think it'll be too bad for running. Says the person who has been walking in below zero temps for the last few days. Today it feels almost like spring. It's a balmy 11 degrees (F). I envy you for being in a weather where you can bike. I saw a biker on our road last Thursday and I admired their toughness because the roads were pretty icy and the wind had a bite to it. I toyed with the idea of hauling out my bike, but figure I'll wait 'til spring. Enjoy.
  18. Today is already feeling like a rough day and it's only 8:45. I didn't sleep well and I'm currently fighting the desire to forget all my duties to sit and stare into space. My kids would love it because then they'd have less schoolwork today (I homeschool them). My strategy is to go through the motions and ignore all the protests in my head. Time to tap into my superhero reserves.
  19. Thanks. Maybe I'll have another cup to celebrate the freedom of forgiveness.
  20. Too funny. I totally had the same image come to mind. I'll have to share with my hubby because I think it's an accurate image when I'm in the "I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW" mode.
  21. Hey Chloe, I took a peek at your character and it looks great. I'm inspired to get mine setup, probably this weekend. For your knee's sake I hope you didn't do anything serious to it. I tore my acl from doing a jump sidekick in taekwondo. Surgery repaired it, but it took awhile before I could do any lunging yoga poses. Since it sounds like your knee is getting better, have you tried putting a folded blanket under your knee when you need to rest on it? Focusing on some of the floor poses may help progress on your flexibility (forward fold, cobra, boat pose). Doing tree pose, mountain pose, or other standing poses with a chair or wall would be okay. My daughter and I did a kundalini meditation series today that was almost completely done on the floor with only moving the upper torso. I need to go, but I can see if I can find it for you if you're interested. Also, what's your novel about? Rewrites are tough, but you still got time to get it submitted. Have a great day.
  22. How are things going? I'm catching up on my forum reading and found you. The youth group adventure thing sounds fun. Celebrate your success of overcoming the obstacle of not trusting because you eventually did. Putting more trust in people is challenging and hard to measure. However, maybe some of the trust struggle is also related to control? Maybe doing small experiments where you delegate a task to someone and trust that it is going to be done. Observe your internal response of the result. Trust happens in small ways almost daily. For example, if you cross the street you have to trust that the car will stop or stay stopped. If you ride an elevator you have to trust that it is going to bring you safely to the floor you want. If you are a passenger in a car you have to trust the driver knows what they are doing without you side seat driving (this is one I have to work on because my hubby, a very patient man and good driver, here's me stomp on my imaginary brake pad when I'm not driving). You may come up with other ideas once you get going. I hope you are doing well on your progress. Talk to you later. Brandy
  23. So in catching up on all my reading... I might have a helpful tip during those heavy duty chocolate craving months. I'm a chocolate nut and find that when stress is elevated or it's that time of the month, I will eat everything and anything chocolate that I can find. It seems to be a terrible circle because the more chocolate I eat, the more I have to have, which then results in sugar crash. In my quest for an alternative, I found chocolate brownie Larabars. However, I wasn't fond of the price and where I live it requires a 40 minute drive one way to get one. Homemade is super easy. It uses dates, cocoa, walnuts (or any other nut), and, if desired, chocolate chips. Throw it in a blender or food processor with a bit of water. Place about 2T - 4T in a snack bag, press it, toss in the fridge and emergency chocolate is on standby. Here's the recipe: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2011/08/12/hot-fudge-brownie-larabars/. I'm not a fan of dates on their own but in this recipe it adds sweetness. I double the cocoa and minimize the chocolate chips to make them healthier. While these aren't an alternative to go crazy and eat regularly because dates have a high sugar content because they're a fruit, it's much better than any chocolate junk I find and eat when the craving strikes. For some reason, it also curbs the intense longing for chocolate. I love that Heimdal wants to join you in yoga. My dog loves when I'm on the floor in down dog, puppy pose, or table top pose. It results in slobbery kisses and often him going under me. I'm training him to stay on a blanket and watch, but he's a young one and likes to join in.
  24. Progress from last week. My daughter and I completed a 30 minute yoga session everyday. I bought these shiny emoticon stickers to post on our calendar. The two of us love the look of one week with lots of smileys. So we figure we'll try again this week to add more smileys. My aussie's walks have been about 2 miles. A few times we've marched through snow. He didn't care to walk on Saturday, but the five days of walking had been met. Hot chocolate exceeded my goal limit last week by one. I had the cup without thinking about my number until it was already made. I wasn't strong enough to dump it when I realized my error. Not a huge deal, but I need to learn to keep track. My novel only got attention 6 days. Not bad considering the things I juggle.
  25. I'm a bit behind on posting my intentions. However, I have been writing down my progress in my log book. My huge goal is to be able to do the things assassins can do. However, this time around I decided that taking the path of the Druids will get me to being the beginning skills of assassins. My goals for this month are: -Yoga three days a week. My daughter and I are trying to do something everyday with yoga, but I don't want to sabotage myself if we miss a day. - Walk with my mini-Aussie five times a week. The weather has shifted to below zero temps and my motivation to go outside has plummeted. - Limit myself to hot chocolate 3 times a week. I'm having it nearly everyday and the kind I'm make is delicious with dark chocolate melted in. I plan to modify the recipe, but figure I could replace it with decaf tea because honestly I just want something warm to drink. - My life quest this round is to work on my novel at least 15 minutes everyday. The goal is to restart a daily writing habit instead of spending long hours on weekends working on it.
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