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  1. Wow! I'm totally impressed that you were able to walk into the Cheesecake Factory and not have cheesecake. Kudos to you. It sounded like your day was loaded with temptations and you did well. I haven't seen the movie yet, but my hubby is itching to go. Glad it's good.
  2. Thanks. I hadn't thought of telling everyone ahead of time I'm going to workout. Geesh, sometimes my brain doesn't see the obvious. I have a mini-australian shepherd. Here's a pic: You can't see it well in the photo, but his eyes are blue.
  3. Sorry, my "puppy" is 1 1/2 years old. I do multiple sessions a day. Most of our walks are around 30-45 minute sessions. He's pretty high energy. I've noticed if I skip a day of walking with him, he's a bit hard for my other family members to handle.
  4. This week was a bit rougher than others. I managed to maintain walking my puppy about 4 miles per day. My in-laws moved in for the first part of the week and I found it hard to squeeze in workouts other than walking because my daily workload doubled. I spent a good chunk of the time preparing meals, visiting, and feeling like I had to provide entertainment. Looking back I should've just told everyone I was going downstairs to workout and not to bug me, but felt I had to be running for everyone. Grr. I love 'em, but next round of the challenge I need to figure out how to voice what I need. I managed to regroup a bit yesterday and did yoga between catching up on my work I missed while everyone was here. Overall, this definitely wasn't a perfect week workout wise, but I'm glad I got in what I did.
  5. Quick update: I just got back from a walk through the magical forest with my aussie. The intention was to have a change of scenery from our usual route. It turned into an unexpected adventure when I tried to cross a creek. The ice is very thin, but I figure it wasn't too deep so I should be okay to cross with my boots. What I didn't count on is this is the first time my puppy has seen ice. He didn't want to cross and by the time I realized it, I was committed in my leap. I tried to make an adjustment and my leg slipped into the creek. Turns out it was a lot deeper than I expected. Thankfully, my boots are a bit higher than average so it didn't get filled with ice water. My puppy on the other hand wasn't impressed. He got pretty wet. Oops. My week had a rough start. I had a night of insomnia and the recovery of lost sleep messed up my routine. As long as I don't skip Friday's workout, I'll still meet my goal. My teens continue to join me for most of my workouts. My son is progressing very quickly in his assassin's prowess. Today he leaped off a stump and did a parkour roll. The responsible mom in me had a heart attack. The normal mom in me smiled at his goofiness. I'm not sure I aspire for that sort of stunt because I've broken enough bones in my body and don't need to do anymore. I hope everyone else is doing well. It's hard to believe the challenge is almost done.
  6. Thanks. There are rough spots, but we've learned to take things one day at a time. Overall, if you didn't know she had cancer, you'd think she looks pretty healthy.
  7. Thanks. Thanksgiving was great. My parents are on a eat healthier kick (my mom has cancer and needs every bit of good energy she can get) so it was a meal like any other day of the week with the exception of my grandma's apple pie. I got my workout in before we left to visit family. I roped both my teens into joining me. They enjoyed it because we had mini-competitions. I'm working on building the strength to do the 10 second wall handstand. They are working on the strength to out do me in push-ups. Earlier this week, I dug out my Zumba Xbox 360 game and let my kids watch as I attempted Latin dance moves. It's hilarious because I feel extremely awkward and seriously lacking in musicality. Of course, anyone who laughed at me had to try it too. My daughter joined me for a few. She was a good sport about it. My hubby is into Crossfit and has a nice set of barbells in the garage. When I've watched him in the past I've felt intimidated by the size of the weights, especially when he lifts them above his head and lets them drop. He's been prodding me to give it a try for a few years. On Wednesday, I did my first dead lift. Then I did another and another. I lifted just over half my body weight. I think I could've done more, but his next set of plates went up over twenty pounds and I worried I'd overdo it. Maybe I should've tried, but I worried about injury because I've hurt myself in the past doing things that were beyond my ability. I'll table it for next time. I met my goals for the week and plan to have a few bonus days of activity just because I'm enjoying doing different things. Enjoy the day.
  8. Oh, how I can relate about time flying. My first attempt I had daily food logs as a goal and struggled with keeping it up. Don't worry too much about perfection. I think the best strategy is to do what you can, breathe, and celebrate little victories even if they don't align with your original goal. It looks like you are doing great on reaching your other goals. Awesome! I haven't done the Angry Birds workout, but if you want to ease into a more intense activity level, you may want to peek at the Bodyweight Brigade Level 1 workout. I've been using it this round. As I've gotten stronger, I've been setting mini quests like "be able to do all the push-ups for one round" or "hold plank for 20 seconds." It has helped me focus on technique. However, I wouldn't recommend doing what I did the first week: I did Workout A one day and then Workout B the next. My muscles were really stiff and it took me a few days to recover. Most days I can complete the three rounds of the workout with warm-up and cool down in or around 30 minutes. Unless my son exercises with me, then it goes a bit longer because the movements are new to him. By the way, I read your profile and your goals and found myself saying "Me too" to large chunks of it. In general I'm pretty active and prefer to do activities that don't involve treadmills and such. My reward for completing this challenge is to go rock climbing. I used to be regular climber at gyms and outdoors. Then I got married, moved away from climbing gyms and good outdoor areas, had kids, and then didn't start thinking about climbing it until last year. The nearest gym is about an hour and a half drive, but I figure it'll be a fun celebration. Although, I will confess I did contemplate cake being my reward instead. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and that your friend's wedding plans run smooth. Have a great day.
  9. You are doing great. I think you're approach is a great one. I'm surrounded by chronic dieters. They get so focused on the scale and it not moving that it adds to discouragement and frustration. Keep going.
  10. I hope today went better for you. I hate days when everything seems to be an uphill battle. I loved the humor pics and the idea that things could always be worse. My little aussie has been obsessed with our bed and shredded all of our sheets in about two weeks. Granted the sheets were old (like 10+ years) and probably tore easily, but I didn't really want to buy new ones... but at least he didn't shred the mattress and I have new sheets arriving soon! Good job on doing little things that get your closer to your ultimate goal. How old is Heimdall? I'm assuming his picture is the Christmas tree one on your profile page. Enjoy your Saturday or what is left of it.
  11. I enjoy your storytelling flair. Congrats on keeping up with your goals. When I first read them I was thinking you were going to try to run 60 miles in one blow. The thought made my legs ache just thinking about it. I'm a bit envious of your desk. I cleared mine yesterday for my daughter to use. The empty desk was a beautiful sight. Then as soon as she was done, the white surface was once again hidden beneath a trove of treasures disguised as work. I love orderliness, but find in some areas it is an endless battle. Keep up the good work.
  12. Haha. Cute kitty. Last night I finished my first pen drawing for the challenge of making time for me and my art. This is my third drawing I've ever done using a pen. I'm pleased and a bit surprised with the results. Below is a small version of what I finished. The original size is 8" x 5". I'm off to do yoga. Enjoy the day.
  13. It's been a nutty week with me running all over. We're down to one car thanks to a deer and so I'm cramming more things into my day while I'm out. Yesterday, I missed my usual walk because I had to take my grandma (also my neighbor) to the ER. It was an all day affair. She's okay (sort of), but last night I collapsed mentally. I know it's okay, but in comparison to my month of October with family members this was nothing. I'm an emotional eater and before I thought things through, I made brownies (a recipe that only yields a bread pan amount instead of a 9x13) because it felt like a brownie day. In the past, brownie days were anytime I was depressed, upset, stressed, mad, angry, or happy. I haven't made brownies in forever and ended up overcooking them just enough that they were dry. Ironically, I didn't like them which is the first time that has ever happened. So, I in a round about way, I saved myself from eating the whole pan. Whew! Today was another day of running. I had to do the errands I had planned to do yesterday today. I got home and found lots of reasons not to workout including updating my profile on NF. Then I poked around the forums a bit and realized that if I didn't do my workout today, I wouldn't be able to complete my goal this week. It felt wrong to sabotage myself like that, so I got it done. I'm so glad I did too because I had a mini-quest in my logbook to do all ten push-ups for each round of the warm up and bodyweight workout A and I did it. I also held plank for 30 seconds. Two mini-quests in a day feels pretty good. Plus I'm still on track to make my goals this week. I think seeing all the posts of everyone else helped me suck it up and do it. Thanks.
  14. Hey there, I had this great idea to jump over to your log and see how things are going and what you're up to since you tend to comment on my and holy Toledo you are doing great! I'm impressed with your persistence and determination. AWESOME! I totally wish that I was in Florida today. I walked my sweet puppy in 32 degrees and windy flurries in Wisconsin. Usually, I'm aware of the wind chill, but I'm glad I had no idea while I marched by the empty soybean and cornfields. If this week is all stickers for you I'll join you in the happy dance.
  15. Just about to go do my workout and figured I'd update my profile while I was at it.

  16. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. My son grinned when I gave him the high five. Last week went well. I made my goal (including the drawing). It's not finished, but I hope to finish it up this week. I'll post it when I'm done. I just finished up my first workout for this week with my son. It's definitely helping to have a workout buddy. Our puppy got in the cheerleading mode and barked as we did our step-ups on the stairs. This week, I plan to do a few of the mini quests. I hope everyone is doing well.
  17. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. I almost skipped today's workout (which originally was going to be yesterday's but I spent it mostly on the road), but I asked my son (he's 12) if he wanted to join me. Once he said yes, I couldn't back out. He's excited to build strength for being able to do video game stunts in real life and snowboard tricks. It was definitely more fun to workout together.
  18. Hey everyone, I'm behind on posting my status. I'm attempting my 6 week challenge again. My last round fell apart towards the end because of family health emergencies. I found myself struggling to stay current on my workout, eat non-emotionally, and not sink into depression. I tend to be a major people pleaser and put myself last especially when other people need care. Looking back on what went wrong last time, I fell apart because I didn't have plans in place to take care of myself when my original schedule wasn't realistic to maintain. My huge goal is to have enough strength and flexibility to do tricks on my slack line. I'm most excited by the Assassin's guild because the quests are more challenging for me. I want to go from weighing 178lbs to weighing 155lbs. (The end weight represents what I was before I tore my ACL and felt my best.) I'm not a huge fan of focusing on a number, but at the moment I think it is the most measurable. For this six weeks I plan to do the following: - Do the bodyweight workouts 3 times a week. - Yoga at least one day a week. I'd like to shoot for twice a week, but I tend to take on too much and then struggle to stay afloat. - Work on my art at least one hour a week. I'm taking a self-paced course on drawing with pen and would like to make time for this. The measurable item would be drawings when the six weeks are up. The objective is to teach me to make time for myself. -As a mini-quest, I'd also like to post in the forums at least once a week. Just to build the habit. That's the plan at the moment. For week 1: I completed two workouts of the bodyweight brigade and walked my mini-Aussie 21 miles.
  19. Hi Everyone, My previous attempt ended in disaster due to life getting out of control. I've learned a few things and decided I won't get better unless I keep moving forward. So here I am. Have fun everyone!
  20. Thanks everyone for checking in on me. My yoga is doing well. I'm on a 13 day streak of doing yoga everyday (I know this wasn't my original goal, but you may see my logic below). I've gotten a few pictures drawn. I will post a few once I'm back home. My food log bombed because I don't think of it until my head hits the pillow. Life exploded here. My father in-law fractured his L1 vertebrae. He was working on a shed roof and fell. My husband is the child who lives the closest (about 3 1/2 hours). At the time of the accident his mom was 12 hours away taking care of her sister who has brain cancer. The day after she returned home (my husband has been staying with his parents to help care for his dad) she had a stroke and has a benign tumor in her brain. We found this out yesterday. I was supposed to leave for Phoenix this Wednesday and decided it wasn't a good idea to leave my husband to care for his parents, our kids, my dog, and work full time. So I cancelled the trip to support him and ease my own worries about going away. Before I started the challenge, my mom was on break from being treated for incurable ovarian cancer. She has some doctor things that I need to support her with so I'm divided between my in-laws, my parents, and our home. My husband commented that he noticed a change in my mood and ability to cope when I put yoga and walking as a priority. I noticed a difference too, so as an experiment I decided to do yoga everyday for a minimum of 15 minutes everyday. What I'm noticing is that I'm feeling okay and confident. My emotional eating has slowed down because I'm aware of when I'm hungry and when I'm grabbing something because I'm freaked out. I'm by no means perfect, but I'm wondering if the yoga is heightening my awareness. Or maybe it is because I'm feeling better by doing yoga that I don't want to eat junk. I'm not sure. That's my current status. I think it's going well considering the things that have been tossed onto my plate. One thing I want to do more is hang out on the forum. I've been monitoring a few sections through my email, but haven't had a chance to login and chime in. I understand it's a "do what you can" but it's something I'm hoping to work in slowly. There's my status in a nutshell. Thanks for checking in on me. Jayniana
  21. Congrats on figuring out ways to workout despite and with your kids. It reminds me of the days when my kids were younger and used to like to exercise with me. I always felt ridiculous doing things like bear crawls, piggybacks, tag, long jumps and other body weight type exercises outside where my nosy neighbors watched and commented. Yet, my kids loved it and it was pretty fun to be goofy. Kids are great at encouraging especially if you're willing to do something they want to do. Have a great week. Jayniana
  22. Thanks for checking in on me. Last week I managed to get 4 out of 5 days in for yoga. Getting them in right away in the morning definitely helped because I wasn't worried about squeezing the time in. In all fairness, I did do a 7 mile hike on Saturday with my kids, so I figured missing a day of yoga was okay. The food journal has been a bit of a challenge because I'm not used to writing what I eat. I've had to go from memory a couple of times. I have noticed that having to be honest and write it down is making me evaluate whether I'm hungry in the first place. So even on my stress eating days, stopping and asking, "do I really want this?" I'm teaching myself drawing with ink. I just had the thought that I should post my drawings/paintings in here so show progress. They aren't much, but it's fun to have a little time to create. I'm heading out on vacation on Wednesday (we're heading to Mammoth Cave and Cumberland Falls, KY) and have a plan in place for completing my yoga goals. I'm curious to see how it works out because usually my vacations don't have much intentional exercise other than hiking. Have a good week everyone.
  23. Your goals sound fun. I'm working towards a handstand, but I've got a ways to go. As for your life goal, if you're feeling daring you may want to peek at NaNoWriMo in November. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. It's an excellent way to jumpstart your novel. Even if you don't do the full 50,000, you at least start getting your novel idea on paper/screen. Good skill to you.
  24. This is my first challenge. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve hung out on a forum since my teen years when Prodigy was my access to the world. I thought I’d give this quest a try because I need to make a mental shift to get back to being fit. About two and half years ago, I tore my ACL in taekwondo, went through surgery and therapy with focus and determination. Once I was free to do whatever I wanted physically, I fell apart mentally and haven’t been as active as I once was. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since my injury and lost nearly all of my strength that I had before because I fell into a funk. I struggle with clinical depression (this was before my injury) and I’ve noticed that I’ve been emotional eating. If there is any sort of stress in my day I eat. My mom is currently getting treated for incurable ovarian cancer and I’m depended on heavily by my father, grandmother (my mom’s mom), and brothers (they’re both in distant states). Add in my normal duties as homeschool mom of teens, building a writing career, and being a chauffeur and stress is a pretty regular part of my day. My biggest nemesis is that I devalue myself throughout the day. I tend to put my needs last. I do so much for everyone else that by the time there’s a smidge of time for myself (usually at night), I’m tired and discouraged that I didn’t get the things done that I wanted to do and often don’t bother. Of course, the "don’t bother" is justified with I promise that tomorrow I’ll make time for me. The cycle continues. My Main Quest: With that brief intro, my main quest is to put my needs above others and acknowledge that I have value, it’s okay to say ‘no’, and am enough just as I am. A huge quest for me is getting the courage to go on a whitewater kayaking and yoga retreat in Costa Rica in 2017. The ideas excites me, yet I find myself thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t or can’t go. The 2-3 quests to achieve my main quests are: - Keep a daily food journal for the entire challenge that will help me be aware of what I’m consuming. I tend to eat things without really tasting them, so I think learning to be aware and intentional will help me get a good idea of what steps to take next. - Do my workout immediately in the morning before I do anything for anyone else. - Do yoga 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes. I love yoga and have been avoiding it for awhile. I know it will help me relax and re-build my strength and flexibility. (I plan to add bodyweight items later.) My life quest: - Do a small drawing or painting once a week. I love to draw and paint, yet I tend to shove it aside because someone else needs my attention. My motivation: My emotions tend to affect the atmosphere around me. If I’m stressed, my husband and kids tend to steer clear of me or become victims of my bouts of anger. If I’m having a bad day where I want to curl up in a ball in bed and pretend the world doesn’t exist, my family is uncertain of what to do to make me better. If I’m happy, they are relaxed and happy. In the past when I’ve worked out regularly, challenged myself, and structured my days where I feel like my own desires are being fed I’ve felt confident and excited about life. I know I will have bad days, everyone does, but I want to have more days where I feel alive and value my life instead of the opposite. I want to get myself in a healthy place both mentally and physically so I can take that trip to Costa Rica. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone good skill on their journeys for the next six weeks.
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