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  1. Hmm. I wonder... could dishes count as a body weight workout? I think the bonus distance was more fun than washing dishes would've been.
  2. Welcome. I'm an assassin/druid at heart. I haven't had the use of my left leg much this year and have made many modifications to yoga so I can keep up a daily practice. The mediation and yoga poses I can do definitely help cope with the stress and frustrations that come with not being able to do other things. It's definitely not the same as parkour but sometimes I think yoga and meditation requires more focus and patience with myself than anything else I've done. ;P
  3. I'm a head case. Over the weekend, I read a lot of information about PTTD. I vascillated between anger, fear, and total depression. After meeting with the surgeon, I've opted for the non-surgery route at the moment. There is a chance that if I went through with the surgery that I will not be any better than I am now and possibly in even more pain for longer. The surgeon also said that because I'm in a knee brace he doesn't want to go down the surgery road until my knee is back to normal so I can put pressure on it. This is simplifying an hour discussion and lots of research. It's hard to swallow the reality that I may never be able to participate in many of the activities that I wanted to do after my knee healed. Yet, my inner warrior is already figuring out work arounds. At the moment, the boot stays. I start up with a new physical therapist on Thursday. Right now, if I can get to the point where I can walk to the end of my driveway and back (about 1/4 mile) I'll be super happy. I'm utilizing crutches when I go to stores (if there are no motorized carts available) and after I meet with my knee surgeon next week, I may be able to get a knee scooter to increase my mobility. I have no weight restrictions but I have to stop when I feel small amounts of pain otherwise the tendon will flare up. I have to make a tweak to my challenge. I don't want my novel edits to be part of the goals. My mom is in hospice. The doctors have done everything they can do and now she's at the point where they are just trying to make her comfortable. My ability to focus on anything is pretty small. On a happier note. I've been experimenting with yoga modifications. I'm finding it fun and a bit silly to do sun salutations all without standing. My hips are extremely appreciative of my yoga routine because sitting lots, crutches, and the boot make my hips hurt. Today is day 336. I've also been brainstorming a list of new fitness things I want to do that do require my leg in the same way. I guess I'm redefining what's important so I know what I'm working for through PT. I'll post them after I've thought more. The list is a nice distraction from everything else going on. Have a good week.
  4. Congrats on your nerdiversary. I'll be following along this round. In catching up on my reading of your posts, I want to throw something out for you to ponder. Is there a way to make them more meaningful to you? There are things you have definitely done right in the past to be able to lose just over 30 pounds over the last year. How did you do it? Are those things you can repeat again? I get that in social situations it's hard to turn down temptations, but I'm wondering if you can figure out some ways to protect your goals. Maybe playing the "would you rather" game where you ask yourself (for example) "would you rather have one more drink and bump yourself to a C OR would you rather pass on the next drink and possibly make progress towards your goal of being 200 by the end of the year?" "Would you rather drop $15-20 on dinner OR put the money in your savings to give yourself breathing room for the future?" Maybe giving your goal more dimension. Post a progress chart of your weight loss where you see it often, post the why you are doing what your are doing where you see it, put reminders on your phone, on your computer, pictures of something you will do when you reach your goal, do whatever you need to do to make it real. Think about the temptations you have faced recently and come up with strategies to work around them in the future. Sticking to something isn't easy. You aren't going to be perfect. You don't have to be super disciplined or rigid. However, giving yourself the chance to do something meaningful for yourself because you truly want it is worth the sacrifice. As a side note, I love chocolate chip cookies. They are one of my weaknesses. I eat them by the handfuls and don't count how many I consume. However, last year I lied to myself and told myself that I don't really like the taste of them. I told myself that they don't have much flavor besides sugar. The only time chocolate chip cookies are made is when my grandma makes them at holidays. This year, I ate one at Thanksgiving and I actually didn't like the taste. So I suppose lying to yourself could be another strategy to reach your goal? I hope this week results in a better goal week for you. Your adorable super heroes are waiting for their walks.
  5. Hi, Everyone. My goal is to continue my yoga streak. I'm shooting for 365 days in a row without missing a day. Today is #331. Where am I going? Crazy? Some days I feel like it. I'm on crutches because of a torn ankle tendon and can't put any weight on my foot. It's been a rough year. I've used my crutches enough this year the tread has worn off of the bottoms. This round of the challenge I'm going to decide what to do about my leg and also whether I want to keep my yoga streak going after I reach day 365. How I plan to get there? One hop at a time.
  6. You're welcome. I'm back on crutches and facing a possible foot surgery. In my research for yoga alternatives, I came across a video that demonstrates some alternate movements that you can do for many of the yoga poses. The video is a side by side of a guy with a broken femur and a guy with everything working well doing yoga together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBNPAEQ2Kak
  7. Well, just because I'm injured doesn't mean I have to call it quits... here's my new thread: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/92349-jayniana-jones-and-the-yoga-streak/
  8. Thanks. I've been doing quite a bit of research and have been tempted to ask the doctors if we could just make it official.. cut off my lower leg and give me a super cool bionic leg. I'm not sure if this will come across as funny, but as my hubby pointed out titanium would be much stronger than the weak tendon which will be my end result of the surgery. We had a gallows humor type laugh about it. I've decided that after I come to a solution about my ankle tendon, I'm going to stop getting my human anatomy and physiology lessons through meetings with doctors who are kindly showing me my results of x-rays and mris and instead read a book or watch a video. I've become pretty knowledgeable about knees, ankles, and feet. I think that's enough.
  9. This round my challenge is going to be fewer so I stop beating myself up for what I don't get done and can be more adaptable to the needs of family as Christmas approaches. My main challenge for this round: Continue my yoga streak. Today is day 331. Since January 4, 2016, I have been doing yoga every day without missing a single day. While this is quite an accomplishment on its own, I managed to do it through ACL surgery and ankle troubles. Since April I have had no use to very limited use of my left leg. Yesterday, I almost tossed the streak out the window because I found out that there is a strong possibility that I may need foot surgery (PTTD and "rearrangement of my foot"). As I type, I'm on crutches and can't put any weight on my foot because I have a torn tendon in my ankle. What's the point in continuing my yoga streak if I'm bored with the few videos I have found and feel extremely discouraged about what the future holds? This evening, I had a EUREKA! moment thanks to a guy who continued his yoga practice with a broken femur. https://youtu.be/OBNPAEQ2Kak The video showed me how to adapt some of my favorite yoga sequences without putting weight on my leg. I did a test run this evening and couldn't keep from grinning. So my yoga streak continues. My goal is to get 365 days of not missing a single day of practice. Care to join me for the last stretch? My side challenges: Swim when I can. At this point, if I can get once a week I'll be happy. My mom is dying of an incurable form of ovarian cancer and I find pool time is hard to squeeze in because I'm at my parents' house a lot more frequently these days. Edit my novel. Since I can't walk without crutches I may as well take advantage of the sitting around time and continue to edit my novel. I'm about halfway done. If I can get at least 3 hours a week logged my goal is a success. I would be super happy if I could have it completed by December 31, but because of the other things happening in my life I don't need any more pressure. Keep up with other NF threads. I'm bummed I've fallen behind the past few rounds. Yes, I know I have good reasons, but I really enjoy the community. So this round, I'll give myself permission to be more social.
  10. So bummer news about my ankle. Apparently, the tendon is torn. I have a tough decision. I can try non-surgical options which at this point is staying off it completely until the pain goes away and then do some rehab to strengthen it. The downside is the rehab could take at least three months to do and the ankle could end up back where I started if I walk too far or do a rigorous hike. With this option running, jumping, and yoga (other than the floor routines I've created) would never be able to be done. My guess is rock climbing, cross-country skiing, kyaking, backpacking and other outdoor activities I enjoy would need to be erased from my memory. However, I'd be relatively pain free and would be able to do some short walks. My other option is I can opt for surgery (I'm meeting with a surgeon on Monday). I'm nervous about this option because there is a chance I could resume the outdoor activities I love, but it requires "rearranging my foot" and moving a smaller tendon on my ankle over to support the bigger one. I'm not sure what rearranging involves. This option requires me to be 100% committed on the recovery side because I could undo the surgery with a moment of stupidity and not have a second chance. I was told I'd have to stay off my foot for 12 weeks. I said that was nothing compared to my ACL. Turns out that is just before I can slightly put weight on it. The podiatrist really wanted me to meet with the surgeon for exact details. I did some research and if I do surgery it could be 18 months before I can do the activities that I want to do (possibly longer). This is assuming it works. Apparently, I very young to have the tendon tear. I have flat feet and my foot is rolling inward. It's a problem more common with older people. My yoga streak continues. Today is day 330. I almost missed sessions this week because my brain has been elsewhere. I remembered as my head hit the pillow. I'm contemplating stopping but I won't until I know what I'm going to do.
  11. Ah, the rollercoaster of cancer. This post may be a bit more personal because my emotions are pretty raw. I just felt like I needed to recap the last week on the forum. My mom has continued to struggle with pain. She is now wheelchair bound. The pain inhibitor she had placed in her isn't working as well as we had hoped. That means it's either not working or the tumors in her body continue to grow. My family came together for Thanksgiving and it was hard to pretend to be normal when I know that this was probably our last Thanksgiving as a family. Despite this, I'm grateful for it. The only frustrating thing about Thanksgiving (besides not having a working magic wand to heal my mom) was my younger brother's girlfriend (she's about the age of my mom, my brother is 33). She kept trying to get all of us to discuss our feelings about my mom's cancer. (This is the first time they've been by since June.) At one point, I wanted to shout at her, "It's a holiday! Can we just enjoy each other's company and find positive things about the moment?" I'm not sure what she expected us to do. Sit and stare gloomily at each other? Talk about the fact that time is ticking and that my mom might not make it to Christmas? Seriously? The know-it-all girlfriend had many opinions that she felt she needed to share about what we should be doing and what we're 'doing wrong', but she didn't have the courtesy to ask questions to truly evaluate our situation. We did our best to ignore it and do our tradition of sharing stories, making jokes, and loving on my mom. I don't think we needed to be reminded of her cancer. We've talked plenty about it over the last few months and I'm sure we'll continue to do so. The hardest thing was my mom needed to take a nap and wanted us to wake her before we left. When it was time to wake her, she couldn't get out of bed because the pain was so severe. She didn't want us to come in, so we left with heavy hearts. Today is the first day I haven't driven anywhere for the last week. Most of my days have been spent driving back and forth to help my parents out. During the last week of this challenge, the only thing that has been a constant is my yoga streak. Today is day 326. I started the streak on a whim, but I think it's the thing that keeps me from completely falling apart. Painting happened twice this week (see below). It was a handy escape from sadness. The bird one was inspired by something I had seen in a store a few months ago. The orange one was an experiment with painting a mood. I attempted to paint an interpretation of passion. It felt odd sitting down and moving my paintbrush without a plan and at the same time super meditative. On Monday I find out if there is a torn tendon in my ankle. I'm hoping it's just overworked. My private fantasy is that the podiatrist will tell me that the pain is all in my head. I'm pretty sure that isn't what he'll say but I like it best out of the other things he could say. Here's a picture of my super sexy getup. (Sorry for the bad lighting.) I'm looking forward to shedding all the hardware. It's almost been 9 months since I could use my leg normally. Over the last week, I've utilized crutches in addition to the boot because by the end of the day my ankle is pretty swollen. The pool was closed this week because college students are sparse during the Thanksgiving holiday and deer season. Normal hours resume next week. I'm looking forward to it. My writing is getting attention this weekend because I miss it. I feel bad that I haven't been able to keep up on everyone's challenge this round. I miss feeling connected with other adventures. I hope things have been going smoothly for everyone. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.
  12. I saw it's been a while since you posted. How's your fitness goals going?
  13. Thanks. I haven't been as diligent with the cycling and swimming because of my lazier side. My excuse for the cycling is that I have to have someone get my bike down from the rafters in the garage. It's been there since the temps dropped. The pool has been challenge to get to on a regular basis because the hours are more college student friendly than "normal" adult friendly. My schedule is flexible enough that I can go in the middle of the day I just don't think of it. As for resting my leg (my hubby agrees with you) is probably more critical that I want to admit. He's been silently giving me "I told you so" and "I'm not surprised" looks since I met with my current doctor. However, I've noticed that when I swim I'm less likely to cheat by walk without my gear because I've burned a bit more energy. Speaking of gear, I'll post a picture of my fabulous leg setup. It depressed me for a couple days and now I can't help but laugh because it's so crazy.
  14. So far my knee appears to be doing well. My calf is starting to atrophy from using crutches and the walking boot. I'm not sure there's anything I can do about that at the moment. I'm hoping the little detail won't cause any problems with the knee. I do have a follow-up appointment with my knee surgeon in two weeks. Last round he wasn't concerned with me being forced to slow down since this was my second ACL surgery. Hopefully, that's still the case.
  15. I met with a different podiatrist yesterday. I worried about being told there wasn't anything wrong, but it turned out I could barely stand one leg. I'm supposed to stay off my ankle completely. No walking, no weight bearing exercises, and no yoga until I meet with him after the MRI. I panicked about the yoga at first because of the yoga streak. When I relayed info to my hubby he pointed out that the doctor probably assumed I was doing yoga that required standing and twisting my foot in angles. Since I did yoga the day after my knee surgery completely on the floor, I should be able to continue. I had a bit of pity party yesterday because I was given a walking boot (if you've ever broken an ankle it's the same one). The nurse told me I'd love it, but I think she is a bit delusional. As it stands (haha) my leg is now braced from the top of my thigh to the tip of my toes. Lovely. Activity-wise the only things I can do (besides my yoga) is swimming and bike riding (my heels have to be on the pedals). I'll have to have my crew help me set my bike up inside because our roads are hilly. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't move my bike on and off the car on my own to hit a trail since that probably falls under weight bearing. My status for my goals: The yoga streak continues. Today was day 317. I focused on core work today. This week I've logged four hours of writing. Swimming - I haven't met the pool this week. I plan to go tomorrow. Painting - I did one from a memory of a place. It looks like a 12 year-old made it because I haven't figured out how to paint depth with watercolors. I plan on catching up on reading everyone's challenge posts this weekend because I have no plans to be anywhere. I hope everyone is having a good week.
  16. Sometimes I wonder how a week speeds by so fast... I'm struggling mentally. I don't feel like there is a lot going on (well, relative to what's been thrown at me in past months) but I feel like I'm barely able to keep up with things. Here're my weekly stats: My yoga streak continues. Today was day 314. Swimming happened 2 out of 3 times this week. I'm getting faster. I'm definitely no match for any of the swim team members that swim at the pool, but I can at least do two lengths without losing form. There was a bit of an emergency (everything is ok) that popped up on Tuesday a couple hours before I planned to go to the pool. So the pool got dropped. My ankle is still a bugaboo. I meet with a different podiatrist this week for a second opinion. For time spent editing my novel, I hit 4 out of 5 days. However, I've logged 4 hours for the week so I met the weekly goal. Painting happened on Monday and Saturday. I finished my monarch (acrylic) and then switched to watercolor in my sketchbook. My brain had problems switching mediums. The watercolor is pretty rough. Sorry about the lighting for the birch. Overall, a successful week despite myself.
  17. Glad to read you've rebounded from the flu.
  18. Painting post! I'm not quite done, but just about. I ran out of time because I need to take my teens to the pool as soon as I clean up my paint covered hands and brushes. Last night I worried that my painting would be a disaster when I finished it. Now, I'm feeling a bit better about how it will look when I'm done. Time really flies when I have a paintbrush in my hand.
  19. Following along. I'm glad you're feeling better. Hopefully, this weekend you'll be able to resume more normal activity.
  20. Yesterday was awesome. It was a gorgeous 63-degree day and I spent it with my teens, mom, niece, nephew, and sister-in-law. Everyone but me pushed my mom around in her sporty new wheelchair. I was super concerned about my mom's pain level and she was more concerned with my ankle. I used crutches to cover the zoo. I learned a few things with my crutches: it's hard to keep up with a 15, 14, 10, and 9 year-olds while they push a wheelchair down slopes and doing 5 miles on crutches after not using them for five months makes for stiff arm muscles. However, the achy arms and wrists were worth it because my ankle hardly hurts today. My mom had a blast which makes it doubly worth it. I slept terribly last night because of major pain in my shoulders (I'm pretty sure the shoulder pain was from worry and not the crutches because ibuprofen and acetaminophen did nothing to relieve the pain.). I fell asleep about 5am and woke just after 9. My routine was completely messed up, so my yoga session will happen right after I post this. It'll be day 305. Here's my painting mid-way. I got a bit absorbed in painting and my hour sped by. The painting is only 8"x6". I thought I'd finish it tonight but I'm a bit rusty on my acrylics. It doesn't look like much, but I'm removing my training wheels and teaching myself to paint without any instructional video. I'm an excellent copy machine but struggle when I'm left to my own devices. I'm pretty sure it's just insecurities, but the only way to get better is to practice.
  21. Following. Good skill on your challenge. It looks good especially the Civilization VI reward. I hadn't heard there was a new one out. I love the game, but it tends to be a great sabotage to my goals as I tend to get sucked into the game and lose track of time. However, that doesn't mean I don't play it.
  22. Following along. I'm with @SaltyDragon on you aren't giving yourself enough credit for what you have accomplished. Even though I haven't been commenting as much as I'd like, I've been reading and I think you're getting more done than you think you are. Just sayin'. Your challenge looks good and doable.
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