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  1. Quick recap: The only thing I managed to keep going through the last week of the challenge was my yoga streak. The rest dropped by the wayside because my mom had surgery to have a painkiller box put in her to help manage the pain (I don't know the technical term for it). After I knew she was okay, my body collapsed and I had a doozy of a migraine that lasted a week. Must have been from too much partying. I'm recovered, thankfully, and ready to keep plugging forward. Here's my new thread: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/91059-jayniana-jones-discovers-the-secret-grotto/
  2. I'm a bit behind on my activity on the forum because of craziness. I'm finding myself yearning for a peaceful spot, which means I'm not making things that are important to me a priority. With that in mind, my goals for this challenge are: Maintain my yoga streak. I'm totally amazing myself with this one. I've done yoga for 303 days straight. It's the only thing I've stayed consistent with despite intense schedules, ACL replacement (knee surgery), ankle tendinitis, travel, and juggling family needs. At the moment, it's probably one of the best things for my mind and I plan to keep it going. Resume my knee rehab and improve my swimming. My knee rehab hasn't been happening due to ankle tendinitis and not being able to stand for long periods or walk very far. My ankle is doing better, so I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to actually do the exercises that will get me back to my old sports (climbing, taekwondo, advanced yoga poses, hiking in the woods). In the mean time, swimming seems to be a good alternative. My goal is to get to the pool at least 3 times a week. I'm not a super huge fan of swimming because I find it boring. However, it is one of the few activities I can do without pain at the moment. I figure I can either complain - boo! Or learn how to make it fun - yeah! My first goal is to master the front crawl. My coordination needs improvement. I found a site that gives some suggested drills to master the technique (http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/learn-how-to-swim.html). I figure I'll see how it goes. Right now, if I push myself, I can get one length of the pool (25 yards) in 27 seconds. I think if I can get all limbs, head, and breathing sorted out I'll be able to go much faster. Edit my novel. I've had much angst over the last few weeks about whether or not to participate in NanoWriMo (write 50,000 words in a month). It's been a tradition, but because of some major things going on in life I decided not to subject myself to the pressure. Instead, I want to finish editing my novel draft so that it is ready to send out by the end of the year. This round I'd like to do a minimum of 15 minutes 5 days a week editing my novel. Because of unpredictability, if I get 2 hours and 15 minutes in per week it counts as meeting my minimum even if it is done in a day versus 5. Paint Painting is my outlet for relaxation and I've dropped it the last few rounds. However, after having a migraine that wiped me out for a week, I figure I better work in a little relaxation. At least two times a week, I'd like to paint. In order for it to count, I need to post it here. I think I'll schedule a couple times on my calendar so that I don't forget. That's my plan until something hits the fan...
  3. Following along again. I like your idea of focusing on one pose and getting it down. Nice work on your running. Your goals look ambitious but manageable. Have fun.
  4. I'm cheering for you. I opted not to do NanoWriMo this year to maintain my sanity. It's the first year in awhile I haven't done it and it feels weird. However, at the same time, I love the idea of watching others achieve it. Good luck.
  5. Yoga may be a workout option. I know MS can limit some mobility due to pain, but it may be something that can help you work through the pain and depression as it comes and goes. I've had limited mobility thanks to some leg injuries and found a few yoga routines that I was able to do while sitting on the floor. There is also chair yoga, but I found a lot of them required my legs which I couldn't do at the time. However, it may be an option for you.
  6. Mid-week update. Things are chugging along. I feel calm and grateful that things are settling down. My yoga streak continues. Today is day 289. My writing has seen an increase. I've written for 24 days straight. Maybe another streak in the making? In some ways, I've wanted to skip a day just because. The "problem" is my hubby is really supportive and reminds me it's only 10 minutes. So I do it because he reminds me it's important to me even if I don't always feel like it is. Darn support systems. Haha. Lately, once I start I've averaged at least 30 minutes a day. Today I logged 2 hours on editing my novel. Unusual, but nice. Art, Nerd Academy reading, and rehab have been put on hold. My ankle is still being troublesome. I have to stop the kt tape because my skin is extremely irritated. I scheduled an appointment with a different podiatrist which won't happen until mid-November. I was pretty steamed about waiting another month for a second opinion. However, getting steamed resulted in me re-reading my doctor and physical therapist reports. I had to stay calm a few times as I read a few obvious CYA comments but found there was a diagnosis of my ankle hidden amongst a report talking about plantar fasciitis. It's called: posterior tibial tendonitis. Apparently, it's common among runners. I found an article on runnersconnect.net that explained in English what it was and what I can do about it. The main suggestion is to stay off it. What I appreciated was the next section suggested swimming and biking as an alternative to help maintain the running muscles and cardio aspects. Biking aggravates it. However, there is a university 30 minutes away from me that has an indoor pool. I went over on Monday and bought a six-month membership (their pricing is odd - 6 months is the same price as paying monthly for two months in a row - someone needs to sharpen their math skills a bit). I'm a tad bit rusty on my lap swimming abilities. The last time I did lap swimming was 16 years ago when I was pregnant and could barely walk due to severe back pain. I'm sure I was amusing to watch on Monday since I hobbled in, zigzagged back and forth in my lane, and did awful renditions of swimming strokes I learned as a kid. The cool thing, which I had forgotten about until I entered the pool, was the instant pain relief. So it looks like, while I'm waiting to heal, I can re-learn how to swim. It'll be nice to have something I can do that actually burns my pent up energy since my yoga sessions are still limited to flexibility focus.
  7. Just caught up on my reading. It looks like you are doing super well adapting on land. Your crow pose is awesome. As for clearing your mind, it'll come with practice. It's taken me nearly 9 months of daily practice before I could mostly silence my mind when doing yoga or a meditation. It actually feels weird how I've become aware of when I switch from thinking mode to being in the present. Given my own history with knee stuff, monitor the frequency at which your knee bothers you and jot it down. The first time I tore my ACL the doctor told me I probably just sprained it and gave me an immobilizer with instructions to come back in 8 weeks if it didn't feel better. Yes, you are getting old, but you can't be that old... pursue it if the shoes don't work their magic. I totally love your pictures. They are beautiful. Have a great week.
  8. I got a kick out of that too. I have another practice done by the same guy on my list to try this week. It's refreshing to have a guy give the instructions for a yoga session because so far I've found guys to be less chatty. Some guys talk super fast and move fast, but this guy seemed to have just the right balance. No offense to the lady yoga instructors out there but sometimes I just want to be told what pose I'm going into next instead of all the talk.
  9. Hmm. I found myself hesitant to post something. Not sure why, but figured since I'm resistant all the more reason to go forward. 1. I'm playful. Give me a challenge or a board game and the opportunity to be quirky and I'm happy. 2. I care deeply for others especially my family. 3. I'm curious about many things and love to learn.
  10. Wow, when the poo hits the fans it can be really explosive. Geesh. Life got a bit nutty over the last couple of weeks. Besides all the items that happened when I last posted, my grandmother (she's 82) fell and broke her hip. At the moment, all that is required of me are visits to see her in the nursing home that she is currently rehabbing at. We have our birthdays on the same day, so a visit with her is a definite must this week before my mom's surgery on Wednesday. There were other not-so-fun things that happened but at the moment I'd rather move forward than look back. Despite nuttiness here's a recap of my challenge goals: My yoga streak is still going. It is at day 286. I'm noticing a new skill: I can get my brain into the zone almost the instant I start, which I'm grateful for considering the things I juggle. My daily writing goal has also been a success. I only needed to log 10 minutes per day but I found most of the time (especially during the week) I'd get much more than that. As a result, I'm at 21 days in a row. The best part is I just sent 5 chapters of my novel off to my writing group. Hooray! My art journal has been avoided because writing and yoga took up my available time. Next round I might give it a really small goal because I'm finding a 10-minute chunk means that I'll sit down and do it. Nerd Academy on hold. Rehab on hold. Tomorrow, I'm arranging an appointment with a different podiatrist. My hubby pointed out that I'm dragging my feet (literally) because I don't want to be told that I can't walk on it until it is healed. He's right. However, since I can't walk far or stand for long periods without my ankle hurting badly, I guess I need to face a second opinion. I'm fantasizing that the second opinion will say there is nothing wrong and I just need to ignore the pain. That's the last couple of weeks in a nutshell. This week I plan to keep the yoga and writing going. On a fun note, I found a sitting yoga routine that was a nice change from my usual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK7iPuDbf-M - The focus is flexibility. The only thing I couldn't do was tabletop pose and reverse plank. However, the rest I felt akin to Gumby as I did all the hamstring stretches and hip openers.
  11. Hi Everyone, I figured I should introduce myself since I started following/reading towards the beginning of the challenge and didn't make the time to post anything. So, hi, I'm me and, for the most part, I'm breathing. I love to write fiction, read, paint with acrylics and watercolor, and spend lots of time outdoors. I homeschool my teens, which is fun and at times a bit challenging. I have a yoga streak that is currently on day 276. At this time, yoga is the only activity I can do because I had an ACL knee surgery back in April and through the rehab portion my ankle flared up and I have some sort of tendonitis in the ankle which makes walking and standing not much fun. It's getting better, though. Today breathing feels hard because I'm anxious and exhausted. My biggest struggle is mainly external stuff at the moment. I'm being pulled in many directions with trying to give my teens a normal life while juggling helping my mom (who has an incurable form of ovarian cancer), being there for my dad to lend a hand (my brothers don't live nearby), my grandmother broke her hip and I need to coordinate visiting her, visiting my chiropractor to treatment on my ankle, and I'm missing my hubby who is currently in Washington State attending his grandmother's funeral. All the events listed happened over this last week. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention a root canal on Monday. I warned my teens that if anything else goes wrong this week don't be surprised if I laugh because I'm amazed I'm still standing. I also frequently end up in listener/counselor mode for family members as they process the stuff going on with my mom and at times I'm proud of myself for not completely falling apart. I have a history of depression and have been utilizing techniques I learned in the past to help me take one step at a time. This last week, though, sleep has been a bit elusive and I'm feeling it today. Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hi and to let you know that I'm reading about your struggles and triumphs. I'm thinking about you and even if I can't always post words of encouragement I'm relating to you in so many ways. Breathe. It's what it's all about. Hang in there and I hope you have a great day.
  12. I hope your meeting with your trainer went well. Having tips from someone more experienced definitely shaves off some learning time. A thought about your meditation. Do you have a minimum time in mind for the daily goal? I found that knowing I only need to do a minimum of 5 minutes (or 10 minutes) of meditation makes it feel easier to "squeeze" into my day. That way, my brain doesn't say, "what? I have to set aside 30 minutes for meditation in addition to all the other stuff I need to do today. Are you crazy?" Most of the time, my struggle is getting to the spot I plan to meditate, do yoga, workout, write, whatever. Once I'm there I can't just get up and walk away, can I? (Okay, technically I can, but I don't.) Maybe it's a technique that could work for you. Have a great rest of the week.
  13. Thanks for all the well wishes. In all honesty, I'm not sure what else I can do but pray, keep my head up, breathe, and put one foot in front of the other. I've been intentionally seeking out things that make me smile or show a positive side of life because otherwise, I think I would be curled up in a tiny ball whimpering. I'm glad everyone is making progress on their goals because I think it's helping me work on my stuff despite the messes that surround me. My hubby left for Olympia today. His absence is already noticed and this morning I found myself wanting to wallow in self-pity. That fantasy was cut short when my son wanted a math lesson (he's homeschooled) and then my parents needed some help. I think being prodded to do something helped readjust my mood. Thank goodness. A few good things happened today. My mom was released from the hospital. She's still in pain but the new meds seem to be helping. The plan is to try 5 radiation treatments to hopefully reduce the tumor on her spine. My brother and his wife took over my "drive my parents plan" at the end of the week (they will be arriving in WI tomorrow evening). All I have to do for the rest of the week is grocery shop, hang with my teens, and meet with the chiropractor. My root canal was a breeze yesterday and today the pain is minimal. This evening, I ran long on talking with my brother (the one who took over my chauffeur duties). My teens took initiative and made french dip sandwiches for dinner (they made buns from scratch) and cleaned up the kitchen afterward. I gushed and got a bit misty eyed. They are keepers. As for my goals: My yoga streak is still going. Today was day 274. The best part is I was able to do more poses than before. I didn't want to push things, but there wasn't pain in my ankle when I did down dog, plank, and goddess pose. I'm thinking I may be able to do the warrior poses and single leg balances very soon. I'm going to wait until after my meeting with my chiropractor before I attempt it because walking still hurts. My writing is also getting daily attention. Hooray! My story is a comedy and is in rewrite stage. I set things up so that I can work on it whether I'm at my computer or on the go with my iPad. I've thought of a few ideas on ways to work on it on my phone also. That way when I have a few minutes I can take advantage. So far I've done 9 days in a row. My art journal hasn't been looked at by me, but my mom enjoyed looking through it. Nerd Academy. I haven't read anything, but writing down my new why is helping me resist the urge to make a cake. It has been on my brain since things exploded on Friday. I'm not sure I really want to eat cake, I think I simply want to get in the zone and make something that brings me joy. (My favorite cake recipe takes a couple hours to make and has lots of butter and cream). If I make it, I will eat it morning, noon, and night for no other reason than it's there, which sadly conflicts with my big why so I'll wait until it's closer to my birthday. That way there are more people to share it with. Rehab got forgotten over the weekend and Monday. I'm not super worried about it. The plan for this week is to continue to put one foot in front of the other. I feel like a load has been lifted knowing my brother and his family will be able to help my parents out this week. I'm a bit exhausted.
  14. It looks like you are adjusting to your new schedule pretty well considering you are tossed into it. I hope you didn't forget your name. However, if you ever do, I'm sure you have some helpful students who will remind you. Sorry to hear about your foster daughter situation. Setting boundaries is so hard especially when you love the person involved. I think you made the right call for her and also for you because of your new job. Having that extra layer of stress wouldn't help you plug away at your goals. I hope the principal's observation went well. I know it's part of the job, but I think I would forget my name and what I was teaching for a minute or two while I tried to get class started (or restarted) once the principal came in. Have a great week.
  15. It looks like you are trucking right along on your goals. I can so relate to feeling extra creaky during morning yoga session. I found my yoga practice is literally like night and day. In the morning I can barely reach my toes and by evening I often stretch and move like Gumby.
  16. That's awesome. Congrats. Great idea on having the NF reminder on you.
  17. I made it one of my silent goals to check in on the forums mid-week and at the end of the week. I'm pretty sure that I won't be on the forums tomorrow (Sunday) because my party met a few party poopers. I debated starting with happy stuff first but the party poopers need to be kicked out ASAP. Party pooper #1 - a.k.a. a hospital. I'm fine, but sadly my mom is not. She was admitted on Friday for immense pain, her cancer is growing, and tumors are appearing in places they weren't before. She is in good hands and has gotten lots of attention from lots of doctors. Right now she will be in until Monday. However, her release date and strategy for care changes each time a new doctor comes in. Today there were four different specialists/doctors who came to talk with her while we were there. A few more are supposed to come tomorrow. The toughest part was telling my teens the full gravity of the situation. It involved tears, hugs, and Buddy going berserk trying to lick everyone's tears away. Party pooper #2 - a.k.a. death of a loved one. As if that isn't enough, my husband's grandma died on Friday morning. This wasn't a huge surprise as she was 93 and in hospice, but sad all the same. She lived not far from Olympia, Washington so my husband will be out there for the last part of the week for the funeral. Oy. So now that the party poopers have been evicted from the party, I'll awkwardly resume normal conversation to chat about the better things going on. My ankle today was almost zero pain. I got a bit exuberant with my yoga sessions on Wednesday and Thursday because of the new poses I could do and it felt good to be super close to normal. My teens and hubby keep reminding me to ease into things, but I'm so excited that I've been wanting so desperately to go running or skipping or something just to relieve the energy. My yoga streak is still going. Today was 271 days. I must say that the bigger the number gets, the more I'm noticing how much yoga is helping me cope with lots of crappy stuff with calmness. My writing goal idea of ten minutes a day on fiction is going well. Today is day 6/7. I've already had a few nights where I almost didn't do it, but once I got started I went longer than expected. My art journal got attention a few times this week. 3/7 I found this book on painting textures with watercolors. Most of the painting I did this week was experimentation. BTW salt is really funky with watercolors. Unfortunately, the pictures I have don't really show the texture well. All days of rehab exercises were done. Nerd Academy reading is on the back burner because it's not as important as the other items on the list. This week isn't going to be pretty, but based on past experience it'll be okay. The highlights include: a root canal, taking my dad to the doctor, being available to help my mom and dad out as needed, chiropractor visit, and functioning with my other half gone from Tuesday - Friday. However, I do end the week with taking my grandma to Oklahoma! on Sunday. So I have something fun to look forward to. I hope everyone has a great week. Also, thanks for the support and for reading it means alot.
  18. That's fun! Yes. It's definitely a milestone that has now been surpassed.
  19. Have fun running your marathon! I look forward to reading about your experience.
  20. What a cool idea for your challenge. Following along.
  21. Following along. Your goals look good. I had started walking to Mordor when I first signed up for NF back in July. I didn't realize there was an accountability group established, I'll have to check it out. Have fun.
  22. Ha, I just looked at the challenge start and finish dates and realized that my birthday falls into the range. So a party is now doubly appropriate.
  23. It's funny, but for some reason having a party mindset my goals don't seem as tough to squeeze into my day. I'm sure the novelty of that will wear off by next week, but for the moment I'll enjoy it. I found this super handy, really easy app for Android phones called Rewire. It's keeping count of my yoga streak and a few other items that involve counting. I've been test running it for about two months and so far it's one I'm still using consistently. Here're my mid-week stats: Yoga streak: Today is day 268. As of yesterday, I'm cleared to sit crosslegged. So once my ankle is pain-free, I'll be able to do all yoga poses. It's amazing how the small things in life can make my day. Rehab: 3/5. I managed to do 2 one mile walks with Buddy too. The second one probably shouldn't have happened the second day, but I was excited to get back to an old routine that I have don't for months. Writing: 3/7 Art Journal: 1/3 Nerd Academy reading this week: yes. So one other subquest I have for myself is to check in with other NF people because what's a party without visiting? I hope everyone is having a great week.
  24. Thanks. Thanks. My ankle is almost at 100%. The physical therapist yesterday gave indications that next month may be my very last meeting and then I'm on my own.
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