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  1. GodzillaKong

    Bench 1.5x your bodyweight

    I think its a great milestone and definitely something you should be proud of. However, just by you asking the question leads me to think you know what the answer is keep pushing, you'll get there.
  2. GodzillaKong

    Assault on 99 - part 1

    Following our annual Christmas-ish game of American football yesterday my legs no longer hurt; rather my entire body does a rest day today then back in tomorrow. The game was a good one and useful as well. It was nice to see some real world benefits from the last few months or so. I felt stronger and played quicker than i have for a long long time, even with my lingering foot injury. Got a sack and pancaked a couple of opposing linemen which felt goooooooood.
  3. GodzillaKong

    Assault on 99 - part 1

    I can't imagine striking up a conversation with anyone at the gym for anything beyond how many sets they might have left. I just wish I hadn't left it so long. I'd only planned to take a week off over Christmas but this cough (which is still hanging around, albeit in its final stages, hopefully) put paid to that. I know i made the right decision, for myself and other gym goers, but it still sucks. Jumped into the gym again last night and it helped a lot with the stiffness. Just short sessions, not too much weight, still easing myself in. Legs still feel like hell
  4. GodzillaKong

    Assault on 99 - part 1

    All of this year's challenges lead to the number 99. The overall goal is simple; to get down to a bodyweight of 99kg or below by the end of the year and stay there. I've also set myself a target of signing up for and completing a Wolf Run by the end of the year. Thats right folks, i will be running. Regularly and eventually officially. I'll still be lifting, but running will become an important part of my fitness regime now. Goals for this challenge: Get back in the gym Christmas. Ah Christmas. It was only supposed to be be a few days of relaxation and overeating. And honestly I did ok. And then, on boxing day, came the cough. Nothing too serious to begin with but by the new year it was a constant irritation leading to sleepless nights and much sadness. Honestly I've felt very very horrible every day this year. Its much better now, but still around. I'm hoping it'll clear up by the weekend and on monday I'll be able to head back into the gym. Good eating habits. Goodbye mince pies and brandy cream. Its time to get back into the good habits of last year. Measuring food. Not snacking on chocolate and cola. Cut out alcohol on non special occasions. Early to bed To be in bed with all devices off by 11pm. It makes such a difference and i can feel the effects of not doing it.