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  1. A teeny tiny little bit of guilt from date night. But my otherwise good going makes it easier to live with. (also, we went to see 1917 on the Imax, which was amazing, so it was all worth it).
  2. Thanks guys. This week is going just as well, Monday and Tuesday down in the books. Same as last week, upper body on Monday, lower body yesterday. Doing a bit more this week than last. A rest day today. More importantly is I've been keeping my snacking healthy. No chocolates, no fizzy pop etc. In fact, with the exception of Saturday (date night with the Wife - cinema, restaurants, cocktails) my overall diet has been pretty good as well.
  3. Yeah, pain after your first few times at the gtm is to be expected I'm afraid (within reason ie. General soreness rather than specific sharp pains). I went back to the gym for the first time in a few months this past Monday and i spent the next few days aching all over and not being able to walk as a normal person. It sounds counterintuitive but going back a few days later and doing the exercises again will help a lot. Once your body gets used to it it won't (or at least shouldn't) hurt as much. Consider it your body's way of reminding you not to skip exercising.
  4. As first weeks back go, this was a good one i think. Didn't particularly over exert myself, but i went 5 times this week: monday, Tuesday, Thursday, friday and even today. And today, even, was a cardio day. Rows, kettlebell swings, sled pushes, farmers walks, bike and even *gulp* burpees. Now to keep it going next week.
  5. Of only we... I mean I... Were so swole.
  6. The second half of last year did not go according to plan. Whilst in the first half i did a decent job of getting my weight down to 115kg, after july i lost all motivation to go to the gym (or for much to do with healthy living - as evidenced by my absence from the Rebellion). My 'new' job became incredibly stressful and i don't think i realised how much i relied upon my support/encouragement network of friends at my old work. Christmas hit in all its boozy, delicious glory, as did an ear infection and impacted molar tooth, both on the same side, leaving me feeling very sorry for myself. All of which is to say that instead of losing 15kg, i gained them, ballooning up to 130kg. I have since dropped down to 127kg (the inevitable due to mice pies not being readily offered at every turn), but it's not anywhere close to enough. I need to get back on it. I have one simple goal for this first challenge of the year: Get down to 124kg It's not a simple goal and 3kg is not a big number to drop. But i know i don't want to set myself too lofty a goal first up. This is all about getting back into good habits. If i can do this, it's a good starting point. In order to get there i will Visit the gym 3 times a week I need to get moving again, having been far too sedentary recently. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, KB swings, sled pushes, all will be bought back into the routine. No takeaways or fizzy drinks Simple and obvious, with little explanation needed. Get snacky One of my big issues is snacks. I like to have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. If i have done my prep properly, it'll be a pot of porridge, some fruit, or something thats at least healthy. If I haven't done my prep, it'll be whatever takes my fancy from the vending machine. Surprise surprise, i have been awful at getting my snacks prepped. Note: there's no theme for this challenge. This is all about...