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  1. They do look like fun. My frame can't handle big tires though. Maybe next bike.
  2. Chamois cream is essential, same as some good bike shorts, for anytime I'm going to be in the saddle for more than 10 to 15 minutes. I try to never go out for less than 2 hours unless it's just a quick errand. In which case I'll ride in regular shorts or pants. Though I've gotten a couple of unfortunate chain ring tattoos on pants doing that.
  3. Still waiting for it to actually snow. They say maybe tonight? I got into skiing last winter. Which is WAY more of a workout than I ever expected. Can't wait to go again!
  4. For sure. I have a bad knee and can't run anymore, so I definitely feel lost in an all running crowd. Plus, I hate running. Running down a steep hill sucks. Descending one on a bike? Bliss.
  5. Let me know if you sign up at Vent again. I go to the one in CP. And yes, better sleep is definitely a goal.
  6. Knee pain is almost always a fit issue. I'd definitely look at cleat and seat position. Do you have a good local bike shop that has a fit specialist?
  7. If you have questions, ask away! And you ride a bike, therefore, you are a cyclist. Plus bikes are fun! Running doesn't get fun toys I didn't find the road bike comfortable at first either. Then I got a good fitting, a much better saddle, and just rode a lot to get used to it. Now I feel weird riding flat bars for long distances. Plus, I like to go fast
  8. This is my baby. Trek Domane 2.0. I love clippy shoes. Much more efficient pedaling. Except when I have to walk in them. Then, I waddle like a penguin. On another note, it is WAY to hot here in the northeast this week to ride for any real distance. Hope it gets nicer soon.
  9. WOOHOO! I'm closer to Saratoga than Albany, but I figure Albany is the safer one to ask about Anyone go to Vent? Would be fun to find a gym/accountability buddy.
  10. That's too bad. Figured with the resurgence that cycling was having there might be a few more of us here. WAY more fun than slogging along throwing one foot in front of the other like all those runners. I'm actually here largely because I want to add in a strength component to my workout plan since riding is basically all I do now
  11. @Spear Warrior, for sure. The bad eating habits are the worst.
  12. Mythical, I'm an aspiring roadie. Rode mountain as a teenager, and was very very good at hurting myself and running into stuff. Now that I'm older, and more fragile, I'd like to avoid that I would love to do a multi day tour sometime. It sounds really awesome. Got a road bike because I want to ride long distances for fitness, and because I like to go fast. Nothing like the reward of a really awesome descent after a hard climb. And at almost 240 lbs, almost all climbs are hard.
  13. Seems like a great community for sure! Now if only someone would let me into the Academy facebook group
  14. Brand new Nerd here, picked up road cycling this year due to a meniscus removal that makes running really painful. Don't see much from other cyclists posted in here. Are there a lot of us? Was hoping for a cycling subforum in here like there is a running one to better facilitate discussion
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