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  1. [EADU BASE] The next day dawned cold and rainy, as usual. Petra woke up to the beeping of her alarm and got up, groaning. She'd tossed and turned for hours trying to get to sleep, only to wake up every two hours as her brain continued to spin. Nevertheless, she rolled out of bed immediately and stood, getting the worst of her morning out of her way in one fell swoop. Her hands moved on autopilot, pulling out her exercise gear and getting into it, pausing a second over the water resistant jacket. It didn't breathe properly, and if she got drenched, so be it. She settled
  2. [Three klicks from EADU BASE] It turned out Eadu was everything I hated in a planet. Cold, dark, and rainy. ‘You can’t choose where the Resistance sends you, Andor,’ I reminded myself. ‘Even if it’d be great to have all missions be somewhere like Scarif.’ Nevertheless, I pushed myself to move faster as I hiked back to the Base, feeling like the journey had been uphill in both directions. My breath sounded loud in my ears, drowning out the sound of the rain on the stone and the pounding of my heart. Except… that wasn’t my heart. That was footsteps. I slowed slightly,
  3. Thank you! I'm still in a great mood from it all! Update: So yesterday was a bit of a write off. But that's ok. I kind of figured it would be - first full day back, trying to balance the urge to get right back on my feet and the urge to take a day off. Lots of cleaning. Lots of reading. Some practice. I went out to see the new Underworld movie (don't judge too harshly - I love me a good bad action movie). Holy crap Lara Pulver. That's all I'll say, except that I really enjoyed it, and I got back home at about 1:20am this morning (which wasn't my choice - it was literally the on
  4. [COURIER'S QUARTERS: EADU} Petra practically threw herself back onto the Imperial issue mattress, which gave a little as she impacted, throwing her an inch or so in the air before she landed once more. She was safe. Or as safe as she could be, for now. No cameras or listening devices - she’d swept the room as soon as she’d found it, and her knives were once more firmly strapped about her person. Her fingers traced the sheath strapped to her wrist absently, letting her mind wander. Trying to deal with the emotions that had been roiling mostly unchecked since Senator Organa had reveal
  5. This makes me so happy Almost as happy as... well... I have to say that I finished my trial (and it was magical) and came home yesterday. Today, I woke up, and there was an email in my inbox asking me if I was free to come back in early March!!!!! Dude. Even if I'm not free, I'm free. SO. MUCH. EXCITE!!!!!!! I'll post a full recap of last week in a bit, and the continuation I've written after posting this. But for now...
  6. Thanks Wolfie!!!!! I kinda thought we'd lost you to the whole Deathstroke thing. (Hey, Slade! You're not allowed to kidnap him forever - I'm telling Wade on you! ) And thanks for all the cheers - I really and truly appreciate it. I just posted an update - hope you like it, and I honestly hadn't appreciated the GOTG parallels, but I do now, and they made me happy.... And choosing the badass option is most definitely a swanky-ass plan! So. Update: Running: 3/7. My hundred miles for the month is within spitting distance - it will go down tomorrow!! I will also workout
  7. RESEARCH BASE. EADU. “Welcome to Eadu.” The storm trooper in front of me held out a hand, and I put the case into it, watching with a certain amount of hidden glee when he almost stumbled to the side with its weight. He straightened, visor hiding any expression, and motioned with his free hand. “This way, please.” I just nodded once more and preceded the trooper to the screener, stepping inside the metal box without complaint or any outside show of trepidation. The machine locked, then hummed. Even though I knew there was nothing on my person that would trigger the box, I
  8. Lol. Nope! Quick update: First day of trial - a success, I think, although I won't know anything about the actual position until the end of the trial, I'm pretty sure. Running: 2/7 Irish: 2/7 Tracking: 2/7 We'll see if I have time to write more tomorrow. For the Resistance, Stoney Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Ok, people of the Resistance, here's a status update. I'm in Liverpool. The trial starts tomorrow. I'm not freaking out (thanks to the caipirinha I had with dinner), but that won't last. I'm trying to enjoy as much as possible, because it really is a cool thing I get to do. I mean, people are paying me to play music - how crazy is that?! Challenge Update: I ran 6 miles and did NF3A this morning. Runs: 1/7, Workouts 1/3 I've logged all my food today (including the churros and the caipirinha). But they're logged. Also, I found half-decent Mexican food in Liverpool - who'd hav
  10. [On an Imperial transport to the planet Eadu.] The uniform chafed. The uniforms always chafed. Even when the fabrics were of good quality - when Petra was playing the part of an officer or an aide and the uniform blouses were of finer cloth that was like silk on her skin - the uniforms always itched. It was more psychosomatic than anything else, of course. She was well aware of that. But that didn’t help the fact that Petra found her hands drifting to her collar, wanting to adjust the fabric around her neck, wanting to breathe more freely. And isn’t that just a great metaphor, she th
  11. You certainly did - I hope I did you justice! (I made Wolf kill someone with his amputated arm. I think I'm doing ok there ) And thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Yay, so glad you like it! And yep. Stressful's definitely the word. But if I get the job, I'm paid for something I'd do for free, so that's a perk... And thanks for the validation - I really and truly appreciate it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Checking In... So last week was almost as much a wash as the week prior. Lots of trying to get better (seriously, I was much more ill than I realized when I was trying to audition. It took me until at least Thursday to get completely over the cough, which for me, is major...) Which means I've... not run nearly as much as I planned, and the streak is broken. Which sucks. Also, this last week was basically me being super stressed. One, cold. Two, audition which happened today, which I was truly not as prepared for as I would have liked (it went much better than it deserved to, wh
  14. Thanks, Miz! Doing my best not to die over here. I think I'm mostly healthy now.... May the Force be with us all, right? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks, Tank! This week has definitely been Plague Protocols. And lots and lots of practice and trying not to freak out. As always, you're the best! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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