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  1. Hi there! Good luck with your challenge! I know what you mean about announcing your weight. I couldn't believe I announced mine either. At least we know where we are and where we want to be.
  2. That's awesome! I always get so wrapped up in things I forget to order tickets and never go lol. Did you cosplay or meet anyone awesome
  3. Yes thankfully otherwise I also lack motivation. There is a duck pond right up the road from me and a lake with trails
  4. Was it just the fuzziness of the peach you don't like? You can peel it and just eat the inside. That's how people I know do it anyway. I just have to say that Tennant is my favorite doctor as well. He's so dreamy. I liked Smith okay and Capaldi has grown on me. But ten will forever be my doctor
  5. So far so good! It is almost 5pm here and I've gone on my morning walk and spent time with the kiddos and even cooked hubby a yummy lunch for work. It's hard to say no when there is temptation at certain places that I visit (like my grandparents house) but I'm getting it done. I've slacked on my water intake today so I guess I better pick it up before bedtime.
  6. Good luck. Its awesome to see someone post who seems to be near me (assuming your near Atlanta that is)
  7. I know! I'm counting down the days hoping it gets easier!
  8. Oh! Well never mind then. I know a lot of people don't like water. I love it but find it hard to down when I'm not thirsty.
  9. Awesome sauce! Congrats on the water intake. Have you tried putting some lemon or some fruit in it to make it more bearable?
  10. Feel free to call me Ambs lol. Day two was good. I'm craving chocolate something serious and its raining here so it's hard to do my walk but I plan on doing some sort of indoor walking instead. How about you?
  11. Better late than never is so true! And it definitely helps to be ready to lose the weight versus just knowing you need to. I have finally come to the point where I hate how I look and feel to change it. Sugar is my number one enemy so I understand! Good luck to you and please feel free to message me and maybe we can help motivate each other.
  12. I just want to say hi! I also have two little girls 2 and 7 months and I will most definitely use that baby wearing workout so thank you for posting that! Good luck on your challenge
  13. Good luck ! Sent from my XT1528 using Tapatalk
  14. Okay so day one is here. Took my girls for a walk around the duck pond near our house since it felt AMAZING today (about 70 when I took them which is a lot better than the high nineties last week) no sweets today and will be doing my body weight workout after the kiddos are in bed. Plus we spent extra time playing outside so my no technology rule was also a success Sent from my XT1528 using Tapatalk
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