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  1. That's amazing! But don't think you have to reach a high number of masks in order to contribute. The people will be happy about anything! Yay! 🎉 Best of luck! We're still very much 50-50 with our wedding on May 9th...
  2. So... status update? My life got pretty fucked by Covid-19 like everyone's else, so I guess I have to start with that. First things first: I don't have it. (Probably...) Two weeks ago the management of my university started to warn us that we should get ready to work from home... Then all exams and lectures were cancelled at least until the next semester start at the end of April... Then this Sunday it shut down completely for all employees... And yesterday the Bavarian government also called out a state of emergency until the end of April. Schools, stores, public spaces: everything's closed. (Except grocery stores, apothecaries, etc.) So, I'm stuck at home for the next few weeks. My wife too, even though her manager is a dick about it. Furthermore, most Bavarian dioceses cancelled all church services until the end of April. And since our church wedding is planned for the 9th of May... we... might have to cancel it...? Moreover: Last Friday was my last day at work and at around noon I started to cough. Nothing too serious, I do that sometimes... But this time there was this sting in my chest. You know, the feeling in your chest when you're actually sick. So, yeah, I got a massive panic attack. I went home and locked myself up. My wife planned to visit her parents anyway, so that was good. And on Saturday morning everything was fine again... 🤷‍♂️ Concerning the challenge... I gained quite a bit of weight; due to stress eating mostly. I'm very much not in the mood to track calories, but I have an idea how to cope with that. I was at the gym twice in the last two weeks and I hurt my back. I guess it was the low rows with too much weight... But now I have to switch back to home workouts anyway... So... lots of Ring Fit Adventure, dumbbells and pull-up bars. I have to wait until my back is better though: In our new flat we're using my old dining table and chair as an office workplace. Which is fine if I sit there an hour each evening or so. But the wooden chair wrecks my lower back when being there eight hours during the quarantine... Since Ikea closed today, we ordered a chair which is supposed to arrive today... And a height-adjustable desk which should arrive on Monday... Life-wise... Too stressed to read a book in both Polish and German... very little guitar practice... Some game tinkering, but nothing significant... Need a plan for organising life anyway for the next weeks... So... See you on Sunday! I have a vague plan for the next challenge, but let's see whether I can flesh it out in time...
  3. It's already out as an audiobook?!! 👀
  4. Had four meetings at work today. Was too exhausted to do anything afterwards. Diet: A bagel with cheese for breakfast; nigiri sushi and gyoza for lunch; toretellini with a bunch of vegetables for dinner. And to many biscuits during the meetings... Movement: Too tired... Life: Wanted to continue reading the first Witcher book in Polish and German on the train. But since I didn't open it since Thursday I lacked the motivation to read the Polish version. So, I finished the short story I was at in German alone. To compensate I did a couple of Polish lessons on the Busuu app.
  5. Surprisingly not! The game engine I use keeps track of velocity and everything else. The only thing what I had to do was: if ball enters area: move ball to new place Usually it's a pipe dream that things that are simple in my head actually are simple in code. But her it's the case. Yeah... Kinda went away as suddenly as it appeared... 🤷‍♀️ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So... Today I had pretty depressed and made some bad decisions. Diet: Has some ice cream for lunch... and now for dessert after dinner... Movement: Got up early in the morning to go to the gym, but then depression hit me super hard. I was thinking about how I couldn't go the last two weeks how I won't be able to go next week due to a conference and -- because why not -- about the corona virus. So I didn't go... Life: Came home too late to do anything reasonable. One positive thing: The kilt I ordered arrived and I like it. I still need a proper belt and a sporran though... And enough courage to wear it.
  6. Diet: My wife made cake... Cheesecake to be precise. Relatively healthy with very little amounts of margarine and sugar. Still cake though... Movement: Went for a run in the morning and spent the rest of the day in front of the computer. At least I managed to consistently do a pull-up whenever I entered my office. Life: A bit of game dev, but mostly work for the Go Association.
  7. Diet: Wanted to over-compensate today for my excessive calorie intake the last few days... Didn't work... I planned to have to (relatively) meals, one around noon after working out and one at night. But then I had some bread and two frankfurters in the afternoon as a snack and I landed at 2185kcal. Also, I didn't track everything since my wife made a curry/chili/whatever dish with tons of different vegetables for dinner; so I only tracked the meat and cheese and oil... Movement: Played Ring Fit Adventure around noon pre-breakfast. Life: I "wasted" time doing my taxes for 2018 and playing Octopath Traveler (a Japanese role-playing game which you can sink hundreds of hours into...). Did a bit of work for the Go Association, too. For my game I created teleporters and ten new levels. Level design starts to get tricky with this new element... 👀
  8. Diet: Wednesday: Good food choices, but a bit to many calories. Seems like I'm somehow "stuck" at 2200kcal for most days... Thursday: Way too much. In particular, my wife and I went out for dinner. On the plus side, we shared a pizza instead of having a whole one each. Today: Was quite hungry after my workout and had a yogurt. That tipped me over. Also, I didn't think during the day and had a bigger lunch than usually... Also, I struggled a lot to track my food today. Not in the mood... Movement: Had to go to city hall on Wednesday to pick up my wife's and my passport in the morning. So, I skipped gym. Which might have been a good idea since I got incredible back/shoulder pain in the afternoon. It sits right at the lower end of the trapezius. I had that a couple of times last year on my old after waking up. but now it started out of nowhere and with no obvious cause! And on Wednesday it got so bad that I could barely sleep... Now it's mostly fine, but I was still too afraid to go to the gym this morning... Played Ring Fit Adventure though... Life: Not much... No guitar... A few improvements on my game, but no new levels... Reading on the train yesterday... And yesterday evening my wife and I met our parish priest to register for the church wedding in May.
  9. I once saw an interview with a speedcuber and he said that there's a popular sequence (to achieve something I forgot...) which is longer than the known mathematical optimum. However, speedcubers prefer it, since it's way faster to perform (with human hands).
  10. That's a good point! I'm always quite hectic... That's hard for me to judge while doing it... Guess I definitely need more videos to see that properly... Oh, yes. That will hopefully solve itself when I increase the weight a bit. Right now it's just too easy to stand up completely.
  11. Yeah... I mean... Everything he said was right. But it's his job to deal with that...? And usually it's great! But I feel inadequate as a host... 😅 Probably not enough... Someone in the NF Academy Facebook group said I should try more weight. That will probably with that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diet: Was okay today. 2245 kcal. Mostly due to my wife bringing home a Krapfen (German jelly doughnut) from work which we shared. In Germany we celebrate Pancake Day/Mardi Gras with an obscene amount of that pastry. (Also, I snacked on a bit of bacon...) Thankfully, lent starts tomorrow... Movement: Played Ring Fit Adventure. Wanted to play longer, but then I was quite winded after 20 minutes. The increased difficulty makes itself noticeable... Life: Reading on the train... Guitar while watch telly with my wife in the evening... And 10 new levels for my puzzle game; now with a hazard/enemy!
  12. Uploaded a video in the weightlifting form check thread...
  13. What's up, nerds! After my back injury a few years ago I feel fit and healthy enough to think about weight training. I want to try barbell squats but beforehand I want to "master" goblet squats as suggested by @Defining. Does anyone have a comment on my form?
  14. Look at you dropping all the knowledge! 😅 It might take a few attempts to understand and implement everything... but I'll definitely try some goblet squats next time in the gym! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So... The last few days had been kinda taxing... On Friday I had the second appointment with my new therapist. (In Germany you get five for free to get to know each other and then file and request with your insurance to get more.) And... well... He said that I have to change my personality to solve my problems and that thinks he can't help me... So... I either have to find a new one or help myself. Anyway, I got pretty wasted on Friday night. Saturday my parents-in-law dropped by for lunch. As the good, old Polish housewife she is, my mother-in-law brought pots and plates full of food; even cooked noodles. So... I guess I have to explain to her over the next decade that when she's our guest she's our guest. Wish me luck! 😅 At night we went out with a couple of friends to a Chinese restaurant. So, overall lots of food. And Sunday was the (pre-)birthday party of my niece. Lots of cake... 🙁 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today... Diet: Food was fine. A bit too much (2115 kcal), but considering I did work out and had three biscuits at work, it's okay. Movement: Played Ring Fit Adventure after work. Yesterday I increased the difficulty and I feel very comfortable with it so far. Life: Not much... Reading The Last Wish on the train and a bit of game dev; no new levels though, just a reload animation.
  15. 👀 My 750g container last like forever...
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