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  1. I know this thread is pretty old. I'm currently growing a surprise tiny human. I just passed the 24 weeks mark. I have been eating healthy and walking a lot prior to pregnancy, but those first few weeks were killer. Hot hot Texas summer heat, walking around to summer classes, tired, no appetite, etc. I ended up losing about 15 lbs. Oddly my OBGYN basically congratulated me on that little accomplishment. I love her. Since I was already on the heavier side, she didn't suggest any weight gain was necessary for me. I have now caught back up to my pre-pregnancy weight and th
  2. Update Time! Walking. Better steps at work with the standing desk. Super long walk last weekend. Water. I lost my water bottle. Seriously. I have the lid. Bought a back up. It's bigger, I find I drink more water consistently with it, less trips for refills. Reading. 2 books complete. Big catch up on the Bible with the app and a new tracking page. Yay for tracking! Yoga. Ok, this is where I need the work. I hate doing this when I feel like I'm being watched. I can go to class with strangers though. I need blocks for my lunges. Blocks are a quick
  3. I'm currently doing the NerdFitnes Yoga. I bought it ages ago and haven't used it much. I've been enjoying it. As for reading, I'm currently on Inkheart 2. It's a series I never made it to when I was younger. My goal is to get through a lot of the books I own but don't want to keep. Unfortunately, I'm out of fiction. There are days where I drink tons of water and I feel great. Then there are the days where I don't, and I don't notice until I feel generally meh about life.
  4. OMG, I missed this place so much, you guys are awesome!! Thank You for the comments and encouragement! As for my reading habits, I read on my phone at lunch and anytime it gets a bit too slow at work. If its a library book, I take my Kindle. I read each night before I sleep, sometimes more than others. I am trying to get through all the books I own and pare down my collection again. I don't have too many more to go until I have this one met! Hmm, it seems the challenge layout has changed some. I should adjust my signature accordingly.
  5. Its been a long while since I participated in a challenge and I'm excited to get back into things. I've been in a relationship the past couple years that has left me complacent and now that I'm free of that, its time to focus on what I want. I have big goals this year and they will take my focus all year to accomplish them. For this challenge I will focus on the following: Yoga- 3x per week. Daily Step and Stair Goals Drink 120oz H20 Daily Catch up on my Reading Goal for 2017. Nothing massive, nice small habits to build
  6. Update Again Sadly, I was not awarded the internal job I put in for. The only real annoyance I have regarding the decision is the length of time it took to make it. With a Six Sigma project and monthly 5S projects ongoing, I have plenty to keep myself occupied and I will wait until the next posting comes up. The new equipment will be up and running next week, so it is going to get pretty silly at work for a while. I was up and going so much at work last night that I was sure I would be beating a step goal, but it turns out my fitbit was at home on the charger. I'll make up some more tonight
  7. Update! Last week was a week full of 12 hour shifts. No fun, but over and I survived it again. No more upcoming 12s on the forecast until after Christmas, so that's a relief. I struggle to stay until 2am. About 1am and I feel completely useless. Exercise: I'm not doing well at this really. The last two nights I've been cleaning out the filing room at work, so that mean schlepping around 40lb boxes of files and such. Not a struggle, but the closest thing to a workout I've gotten in a bit. The step count at work is good, so I need to focus of the heavy things. Somehow I think if the safety g
  8. The books on my list right now are to finish the following: Fast Food Nation-finished this this morning finally. Losing My Viginity Playing to Win Eve's Bible Antifragile The Actuary Survival Guide I have a terrible habit of starting too many books at a time and then taking forever to finish them. As for camp, I was Sarah from the Labyrinth for costume night. Knee push ups are really a way for me to get my upper body conditioned to the pushup movement. I am also including planks in my normal workouts to keep my core strength up and increasing. I don't really have anything at the right h
  9. Last challenge of the year, I've been off track for most of the year it seems and its time to get going again. +2 WIS-Read 6 books +3 STR Benchpress max to 60lbs +4 STA 1 set of 25 knee push-ups +2 CON clean out the extra stuff +4 DEX +15% improvement on NF flexibility benchmarks My schedule at work is up in the air and has been since July when I applied for a new position with completely different hours. I can't allow this to continue to be an excuse, so I;m just going to move forward until I hear otherwise. CampNF was a blast, but I haven't stopped moving and traveling since and now that
  10. Ok, so I've been awol from the forums again for months and apparently missed a meetup. I'd love to jump in on the next one that happens. I live in Ft Worth, but anywhere in DFW is worth a drive.
  11. All good, just a little bummed the lakes are closed right now.
  12. I would say that's a definite. Even if we got 3 together, that would be awesome! How about we plan a hike or something equally fun and cheap? Would be great to do before it gets hot.
  13. I'm also in Ft Worth, always up for a good meetup or ridiculous activity.
  14. This last week was great up until Friday when I got hit by a monster sinus cold. Fun Fun. No yoga done this week since I was putting it off until Saturday and my body just up and decided that was a big glass of nope. This week, maybe I'll do yoga twice to make up for the lost one. Three personal bests in crossfit. I trashed my previous record on the rower and my front squat. I also finally managed to get a double under on the jump rope. Not bad for someone with my level of coordination. This week's mini challenge will be to get myself organized on the computer. It is part of my goal this mon
  15. Mini #1 +1 WIS My goals are measurable and attainable. My New Years resolutions are also measurable and attainable. I have even started to break down my long term goal of finishing school into manageable chunks. Step 1...file my taxes so I can file my FAFSA. My biggest challenge this year will be to increase my net worth by 50%. Totally doable! To be honest, my challenge goals always line up with my bigger goals. My bigger goals always line up with my big plan for life. Not to say that things can't completely change, but I like to know a direction to start moving in, even if it changes.
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