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  1. Also, here are my answers to the mini challenge for week 1: Here are some questions to put your goals to the test: Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? Yes. It can't be measured by a specific number or ticked off a list but that isn't really what the main goal is supposed to be, right? It is achievable and it doesn't really have an end point. Basically I just want to get to the point that I am exercising regularly, have built a bit more muscle and get back into lifting. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways
  2. Week one update: It's the end of the first week where I am so here's an update. Quest 1: Only managed two out of the three workouts this week. I am not going to beat myself up over this because I had other priorities this week that were more in line with my life goal than the fitness ones (personal development course and choosing to spend time with people after work rather than rushing home for a workout) and there is really nothing more I can do about it except steel my resolve for next week. Quest 2: Success! Quest 3: 6 out of 7. Life Quest: I am not sure I have been making
  3. Update so far (2.5 days into the challenge) Quest 1: I haven't completed any workouts yet but I've created a plan for my week including 3 which I will hopefully stick to, including a swim tonight. Quest 2: Staying strong on this one! I only really find I crave coke when I drink it all the time but I think I am getting myself out of that rut. I was only having about half a diet coke a day at work because they were $1. Every day I would tell myself I didn't need it and don't even like it that much but the craving for something would kick in and I'd cave. So saying no to my cravings is go
  4. Hi Chloe I love your goals. They are specific and achievable. I can see you really put some thought into them. Good luck with the challenge and I look forward to seeing your progress. PS cats are awesome
  5. Hey! Good luck with the challenge and fingers crossed the foot stays well! Regarding the unreliable cook - I'm not sure how it would go with the type of foods you need for keto but maybe you could ask her to make a double batch occasionally and freeze the rest? It's not ideal but it's better than having nothing healthy when you're starving and going for the closest (and probably unhealthiest) edible thing. Looking forward to seeing your progress and dancing (I am very jealous, I haven't a single dancing gene in my body).
  6. Hi there I've been thinking about doing one of these challenges for a while now but have been putting it off with lame excuses. Recently I've started noticing that I can no longer feel the muscles in my back and shoulders - they are gone! Last year I started lifting and working out at a gym near my work and absolutely loved it - the process, the changes, the planning and commitment that went into it. I usually worked half days which meant I could head to the gym when it wasn't too full and I could work out in peace. Then I got a new job - full-time hours, more time getting to and from
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