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  1. So Sunday I decided to respawn and I went to the gym. Monday I went walking (I was going to run but I went with my mum, who doesn't *do* running). Today is Tuesday. My legs are KILLING me but I feel like I have to do something, right? What should I do? Or should I just lie around and try to massage my own butt, thighs and hips?
  2. Hi! I'm no expert at running, but I completed C25K and I just followed the app's instructions without any extra effort needed. I did try to do some exercises in between, but that was more to do with getting a little bored of just running than anything else. I run rather slowly(~10min/km), so I finished my first ever 5k in 50mins, but I managed to finish it anyway! Good luck with your C25K journey!
  3. So I'm getting a little lonely running up and down hills by myself and trying to do push-ups (read: lying on the floor full of regret). Wondering if there's anyone on here from London who'd like to hang out? Bonus points if you're northwest (round Wembley) and want to run up and down said hills with me
  4. Thanks Bookish Badger! Last time I picked Assassin's guild, and I still want to be a part of it but I think it might be a little too ambitious for me right now... I may do a trial run and see if the 4 week challenges are for me. I'm not sure which guild would cover the whole splits-and-handstands thing though!
  5. Thanks, StarRuby! My only problem now is that I'm not too sure where to begin on here. Do I make a list of goals? Do I do push-ups and hope for the best?
  6. Hello nerdy rebels/ rebellious nerds! So I joined last year with good intentions but a lot of things changed in my life that made it very hard to cope and care for myself. I won't go into too many details but it made things very difficult and so I abandoned ship and focused on getting happy first. Well now I'm happy. Also fatter and more puddinglike in appearance than ever. My long-term goal is to lose 30kg, hopefully by this time next year. My short term goal is to lose 10kg every 4months because it adds up mathematically, heh. I'd also like to be able to do a handstand and the splits. I feel like it'll come in handy. Maybe as a cool party trick, maybe when I become the next Sailor Scout, who knows? I always feel optimistic, but now I feel especially so! I aim to run 3x a week (5k, trying to increase to 10k by December) and fill in the free time with regular trips to the gym (2-3 times a week). My main issue is food, I emotional eat *and* emotional bake - bad combo! Anyway just wanted to say hi again Second time's the charm right? (I know it's not right, but let's pretend it is, hmm?)
  7. I'm terrible at keeping diaries and logs of my activities, so your thread is pretty much blowing my mind right now - congrats on everything I'm gonna start making an effort to be a part of the community too, so watch out for my likes and liberal use of smileys!
  8. Yeah it's a super easy snack to whip up - just core an apple, microwave it and stuff it with some nut butter Several people suggested Vinyasa yoga so I'm gonna try that. Adrienne has a 30 day challenge, and I'm all about challenges - maybe we should both give it a go? I've never been a fan of yoga but it's got so many benefits that I figured I should at least try, right?
  9. Midweek rant because I'm feeling a little sad and it's either this or ordering a huge Indian takeout, saying "sod fitness" and gorging myself on naan bread Yesterday I went to the gym and did a whole hour and I felt so proud of myself! I think I can do 3hrs a week instead of 1.5hrs. I'm an optimist by nature, so maybe I'm aiming for the sun with wax wings but goddammit I'm gonna try! I feel dead but the good kind of dead, and no PF thanks to loads of stretching and massaging and lovely new shoes! Today I went to check out a gym that had loads of different yoga classes in the hopes that I might start Vinyasa once a week and see where that takes me (the gym I'm signed up for is one of those no-frills kind of places - great for if you want to do push-ups to "I Don't Feel Like Dancing", but not much else). Ever heard of Gymbox? I've only ever seen it in Central London, they're massive Tardis-like places with loads of floors and neon lights with a LIVE DJ and INTERNET ATTACHED TO THEIR TREADMILLS aaaand costs an arm and a leg. I asked if I could just sign up for the yoga classes and was given the kind of exorbitant fee that I'd rather put away to something worthwhile like a tattoo or a tortoise or world peace. I'l just get me a yoga mat and find my chakras myself. Other than that, today was crappy and I have a big problem with emotional eating so it was a real struggle not to give in and pop into McDs. I managed to curb it with distraction methods (which for me involves going into a bookshop and browsing, knitting and going for a walk) until I got home, where everything is healthy and snacking is guilt free. I'm now eating a baked apple topped with nut butter and relief
  10. Hey I popped in to see how your challenge was going and oh wow everything's going so well for you! Congratulations on the job and the exercise and the everything, you're nailing it (also gonna steal your mason jar salad idea, it looks too cool for me not to try!!)
  11. Thanks for the advice I'll look into HIIT workouts!
  12. Hey guys! I was gonna update once a week because I'm so terrible at keeping things up to date... should I update more often? So my first week is done, I've done 1hr/1.5hrs of exercise (which I'm not so upset about cuz it's my first week as a student nurse and scheduling took a bit of a toll on me - I'll be more vigilant next week ). Holey moley, I am unfit!! I was horrified! I did the beginner's workout and I died halfway through the first time! Oh my god it was so embarrassing, I was tempted to just give up halfway through a push-up and stay on my face, but I pulled through. Dietwise, there's loads more veggies in the house, which is great, and I'm cooking more which is also great. But it's super hard to give some stuff up for Paleo! Wholewheat things and oats and legumes just don't seem to be evil in my eyes, and I don't get the science behind it. Driving is YAY! Blogging is... eh. Anyone running a blog or vlog? How do you stay motivated?
  13. Funnily enough, a friend mentioned the same type of yoga to me! I'll take that as a sign that I should try it out, see if I like it My bike is currently staring at me accusingly so I know that feeling but hey, never too late, right?
  14. Thank you for the video! Funnily enough I was looking into joining the assassin's guild once I do my Recruits challenge I'll definitely look into body weight programs and bookmark MobilityWOD
  15. I had my first driving lesson today! Looks like my challenge is going well
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