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  1. The last two weeks were though to exercise. I didn't find a good program to do cardio at home and have no equipment to do all the exercises of recommended routine, so I got a little demotivated. The numbers on the scale were another reason. after 3.5 weeks, i've lost only 0.8 kg (1.7 lbs). I know these numbers doesn't represent the overall gain in health over the past weeks, but I feel disappointed. In the past, what helped me through, was running, but I'm staying at home because of the pandemic because of my pregnant wife. I will search a good program to do at home and try to e
  2. firts week was a good one, although I didn't do the Recommended Routine. tomorrow is the day of getting on the scale, I'm expecting a result close to the goal.
  3. Congratulations!! Following! I'm curious how you will handle fitness and well being with the baby!!
  4. Nice! You have been here for a long time!
  5. I'm also back after some years. Following because I've never heard of rucking and I'm curious.
  6. I'm getting back after a long time away... In the past years I've lost 77 pounds thanks to the principles learned at NerdFitness, but because of psychological problems and a shoulder surgery I've gained 50 pounds. It has been long two years trying to get fit again and return to exercise. Maybe along the way I've tried to play the lone wolf, but that hasn't work. So, here I am again to try again with the support of the rebellion. My goal in this challenge is to get the DISCIPLINE to exercise and diet. CHALLENGE GOAL: TO LOSE 3 KG (6.6 LBS) It mean
  7. faz um bom tempo que não ando por aqui, mas acabei de voltar.
  8. Results: CHALLENGE GOAL: TO LOSE 4 KG (8.8 LBS): CHECK! SPECIFIC GOAL #1: Your Path Begins Here: B DEX +0.75 | STA +1.50 | CON +0.75 SPECIFIC GOAL #2: Getting Battle-Ready: A STR +3.00 | DEX +1.00 SPECIFIC GOAL #3: Stocking Jetsteam: B CON +2.25 | STA +0.75 PERSONAL GOAL: The Leaf-Reader: A WIS +2.00 | CHA +1.00 MINIS WEEK 1: Complete - STR +1.0 WEEK 2: Complete - STA +1.0 WEEK 3: Complete - STR +1.0 WEEK 4: Incomplete - CHA +0.0
  9. I couldn't handle my dish this week, because of reasons. But I still have the documents pile to deal with. I'M NOT BEATEN, WEEK 4!!
  10. last week was another success although I did only two of the strength workouts and one of the running. I've been through a lot of stuff in the past months. I believe I need to meditate more, maybe I'll include this in the next challenge.
  11. it seems you're doing very well!! keep the hard work!
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