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  1. FB lead me here. :) 

    1. Cephalopod_Dreams


      Thanks for the follow! It helps me feel more accountable :-)

  2. I came here from the FB group... *creepily follows you at a distance*

  3. *waves* Hi, again. I dropped off the wagon for a little bit but no one noticed so that's ok Also I haven't actually gained any weight. I'm 10 stone 2 lbs, which is about where I've been for the last 3 - 4 months regardless of exercise or eating habits, so screw it. A combination of general illness, painful physio after my accident and general relationship stress kept me away from karate and being less mindful of my food. It's not just NF, I even ended up abandoning Habitica again and I love that app! But I'm back now: karate yesterday, pilates today, the addition of protein shakes to my diet (yay for potions!) and I've even joined an IRL friend in committing to learn a new language via DuoLingo - Hooray! Let's see how long I can keep this up before completely burning out again. ALSO I only just realised that I can follow people on here and I dont have to hunt down their latest post and follow it each time, and then inevitable lose track of them at the end of each challenge. I am an idiot, but hopefully I can fix that.
  4. Hey sweetie, I saw your post on the NF Women's FB page so I wanted to drop in and say hi! I'll be following your respawn so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  5. I feel like I'm falling off the wagon. I'm trying to stay focused and positive, but I still haven't made any progress in strength or weight. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough? I feel miserable, and all out of energy to try again. Maybe I'm just doomed to stay chubby and unhealthy.
  6. Time for a belated challenge summary: OK, so I kinda dropped off the map a bit. But since no one seemed to notice I guess that's ok. Quest 1: Go to Karate twice a week. I am committing to staying for the whole of each lesson (1 hour 45 minutes per session). Goal: A = 3 lessons a week. B = 2 lessons a week. C = 1 lessons a week. Reward: A = +2 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Sta. B = +1 Sta, +1 Dex. C = +1 Dex RESULT: FAIL I just didn't manage this. I went 3 times in the whole of April. And truth be told I feel pretty shitty about that. Quest 2: Strength training twice a week. This can be at home, but ideally will take place at the gym. It's the SIXTH challenge where i've wanted to focus on strength and it's time I got serious about it. The plan is to strength train after my pilates sessions. Goal: A = 2 gym sessions a week . B = 2 sessions a week (home/gym). C = 1 session a week. Reward: A = +2 Str, +2 Sta, +1 Dex,. B = +1 Sta, +1 Str. C = +1 Str RESULT: FAIL I didn't so this either. A couple of times I managed a short strength workout after pilates, but nothing consistent. I'm still not able to lift any more that I was in February, and I'm no closer to a push up or a pull up. Quest 3: I haven't lost a pound since I joined NF 6 months ago. Obviously I need to track my diet better, as I'm pretty sure I have no good idea of what my calories or macros are. I am really really nervous about this but I've downloaded My Fitness Pal and hopefully that will give me a good place to start. Goal: A = 7 days a week . B = 5 days a week . C = 3 days a week. Reward: A = +2 Wis, +3 Con . B = +2 Con, +1 Wis . C = +1 Con RESULT: +2 WIS +3 Con I still haven't lost so much as a pound, but I tracked everything I ate for the whole month. It's helped me realise that I eat too much fat, don't eat as much protein as i thought I did and I have 'treats' way more often than I thought. Unfortunately I also ended up having a bulimia set back for the first time in years. Damn but food makes me feel back about myself.
  7. 1500 on non exercise days, 1800 on exercise days. Aiming for 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs
  8. I think I recognise more than a few poi moves in that dance I'm feeling inspired to go home and see how that might work.
  9. Thanks for the hip routine share I will be looking in to that
  10. I went back to karate on Monday. I had a couple of weeks off as I was getting demotivated and depressed, so I went back to karate on Monday, pilates and lifting on Tuesday and karate again tonight. I had a nice chat with the ladies on the Nerd Fitness facebook group this week. I'm still unhappy that I'm not losing weight or gaining muscle; my lifts aren't improving at all and I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall. But the ladies were really helpful, and some even suggested that I might not be eating enough calories! I don't know about that though as I think my weight is going up, which means I'm gaining fat as if it was muscle my lifts would be improving. I need to set aside some time for myself to go over the nutrition module and see what I can change. Tuesday's gym: 2 sets 10 x squat - 10 kg 20 x dumbbell row - 10 kg 10 x overhead press - 10 kg and: 5 x assisted pull up 40kg assist 5 x assisted chin up 40kg assist 5 x assisted dip 40kg assist 5 x assisted pull up 35kg assist 5 x assisted chin up 35 kg assist 5 x assisted dip 35kg assist I tried another set at 35 after a rest but only managed another one with very bad form so I gave up.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about that honey, sounds like he was picking a very silly fight. Serious props to you though; there's no way you should grovel for someone who keeps messing you about like that *hugs*
  12. I made it to pilates! But I had another session on Thursday that finished 20 minutes before my karate session, so I didn't make it to karate. I have however managed to track my food intake every day! and I've stayed away from coffee and reduced my alcohol intake again. So these things are good! I'm having a super stressful time with my insurance company, who screwed everything up and have left me over £2000 out of pocket. It's awful and overwhelming and I hate it, so keeping my focus on other things is hard. Thankfully I have these two to look after me.
  13. I was late to this challenge, but awesome news on the job front! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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