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  1. Oops, sorry for the double post. It looked like it didn't go through the first time
  2. The first challenge is successfully over, and it was so worth it! It made me challenge myself in ways I usually wouldn't, and especially my endurance has benefited from this. I've still been able to progress despite my wrist being extremely slow with getting better, but by the next challenge it should be fine. Excited to be joining the Assassins next time
  3. The first challenge is successfully over, and it was so worth it! It made me challenge myself in ways I usually wouldn't, and especially my endurance has benefited from this. I've still been able to progress despite my wrist being extremely slow with getting better, but by the next challenge it should be fine. Excited to be joining the Assassins next time
  4. Hey, sorry for the late answer. I've still been doing well, actually going a bit more hardcore diet wise. My sister wanted to take a week to do a detox (just vegetables and fruits) and so I joined her. Been on it since Sunday, and feeling alright. No massive difference, but at least I know it's doing my body good I've been hitting the goals pretty well now that they've become almost habit, which is what a lot of this site is about: creating better habits for a lasting lifestyle change. That is generally a thing that I've been trying out, and it's amazing what you can accomplish in a few weeks once you make something a daily habit! Totally surprised me. Especially with the yoga headstands: went from zero to limitless in the span of a few weeks! I'm trying this habit-forming thing with other things as well, and see how it works. Pretty cool I think I'll continue with some of the workout habits even when this challenge is over, as they have been a huge benefit.
  5. Wow, time has gone fast- week 5 already. The challenge has been really good, and I've noticed visible changes in my body and fitness levels, yay! Doing something different has really helped, and they're things I'll continue to do (at least partly) even after the challenge finishes. Otherwise, I don't have anything really exciting to post so just checking in Looking forward to becoming an Assassin at the end...
  6. Feeling good, and my wrist is finally getting better! I've been able to keep most of my goals, although I need to be a bit stricter with the diet one. I felt better when eating almost no grains at all. I've been completing level 2 with the Assassin's workout, which is pretty intense but feels so good when you get it done. Apart from the challenge, I've been looking up some Krav Maga- Assassins gotta have some fighting skills too, eh? I'm trying to be even more focused on the last half of the challenge so that I'll make the most of it and not let it slip by. I'm interested to see how much change can happen in six weeks!
  7. Went to a spring tulip festival (Southern hemisphere here) and planning on getting outside again tomorrow for some moving in the bush, parkour-style as well. Running in nature is a lot more inspiring than jogging on a road- there might be enemies hiding behind that bush...and you'll need to run for your life down this hill, then up the other one! And jump over some logs and rocks on the way!
  8. Yep, anything is a start when writing! Then, page at a time, you just get to the end somehow. Haha I can relate to fangirling Legolas, I saw the movies and there was no turning back Read the books after that, and yes, partly because I wanted to find out more about his character... *ahem* Talk about noble literary motivations (but only partly!) And hey, the books were great anyway. Hmm archery might be categorized as one of the more "nerdy" pursuits, if that's taken to mean non-mainstream. Otherwise I fail to understand how anyone with a bow wouldn't automatically be the coolest person in the room
  9. Bonjour, bienvenu a NF! Ici est une autre "language nerd"! Haha I don't speak French very well, just started playing around with it recently, but I noticed it in your title and headed over to check. It's not often that I'll come across other people who like languages like that, so I got interested I myself am native Finnish and speak English and Dutch fluently, although the latter is somewhat rusty. Besides that there are several languages that I know to varying degrees, Spanish being my fourth strongest one that I'm currently working on "fluentizing" by reading a novel in Spanish. And I love archery! I haven't done it in a long time, though, but when I used to live in the country I did it casually in our yard. Got inspired by Lord of the Rings As for fantasy stories and writing, I recently finished my first manuscript on a semi-fantasy novel. Haven't tried publishing yet, as I'm still going through the editing process, but it was a great feeling getting it written. You should totally go for it with publishing novels, it'll surely be worth it! I'm still a new member here, but I'm loving it so far, and people are very welcoming when you write on the forums. You'll surely find support for your goals, which are really good, by the way. I can assure that becoming more dedicated in nutrition and fitness echoes to the other areas of life: I've only been stepping up my game for a few weeks and can already notice the difference! Well, good luck with all your goals and I hope you get to where you want to go with everything
  10. Pretty good thanks, I hit all my goals nicely and they provide just enough challenge to be doable each week It's a bit different to what I normally do, so it's providing a good challenge to my body. I already feel like I can notice a bit of difference in my endurance, which is great. So far I'm enjoying the challenge!
  11. Heyy, Tsayaret here finally reporting again. I was going to do it yesterday and before that, but I was literally so tied by an assignment where everything imaginable and unimaginable went wrong, so... Glad it's over! Anyway, thank you everyone for your encouragement and I promise I'll be checking in a bit more often from now on So the first week of my challenge was ok, but not that great- I need to change two of my goals, because my right wrist has some problem going on with it and I don't know when it will fully heal. Nothing specific happened, it may just be a bit overexerted from all that assassin training It might only take a week or so, but as I can't be sure I'll change my handstand and push-up goals to something else, because I haven't been able to train them at all. Oh and actually I need to change a third one, too- one day I tried to do a plank for as long as I could and already hit 2,5 min...wasn't expecting that so soon, but alright. Then I did some thinking and came up with new goals: Goal 1: Complete the Assassin’s workout 2x a week Goal 2: Do a plank every day for at least 1 min, preferably more Goal 3: Go “bush running†at least once a week Goal 4: Same as before with Paleo diet The Assassin's workout is this: http://darebee.com/workouts/assassin-workout.html I just found it randomly by googling "assassin physical training" and it seems to fit the bill. If my wrist is still not up to it, I might replace some of the moves with others, but I think it'll get better soon. The "bush running" is basically me going to a nature track and running and jumping all over the place, more in the vein of interval training than actually jogging (I hate that...) I figured an Assassin needs to have good endurance as well, and that's what I don't generally work on that much (apart from dancing). This way it's really fun and challenging, as there are rocks, logs, up- and downhills everywhere. Now I'll be properly able to start training as my new goals are more challenging in a way, and I can do them despite my wrist. I'll try to update here at least once a week, but hopefully more. I might go bush running today if I can...
  12. Hmm, hadn't thought of this a lot before, but at the moment I'd say Ilsa Faust from Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation. Just saw the movie and loved it, especially Ilsa's character: strong, sharp, stealthy and intelligent with freakish courage (those of you who have seen the film can probably guess what scene I refer to, won't spoil it for the others ), packs a seriously tough punch and rides a motorcycle better than them bad guys- all that while managing to look pretty darn good. She's also mentally tough and able to play a complex agent game at her own terms without letting it destroy her. Now that I think of it she's one of the coolest assassiny characters I've come across in a while, and definitely an inspiration for me!
  13. Thank you, Nedwin and hgtedo! Yes, I will be joining the first challenge. I posted mine on the Recruits forum, it'll be fun to see how it goes
  14. Thank you, mr_willes, I'll post here every now and then and also check out the other forums Looking forward to discovering the super secret hideout... Its spy network does seem to be effective
  15. Hello everyone! I'm really excited to join all the other first-timers for this challenge! It seems pretty awesome. Some general stuff about me: 20 years old and reasonably fit female, excersise 5-6 days a week for at least 30 min per session- mostly dancing, bodyweight excersises, weight circuits, and slowly getting into parkour. And I walk/skate almost everywhere I love moving, so I'm always up for a challenge! Goal 1: A handstand for 20+ seconds Goal 2: 2,5 minute plank Goal 3: 27 push-ups Goal 4: Keep my diet as paleo as possible (no grains, sugar, minimum starches etc.) I allow myself a once-weekly “cheat mealâ€, although the goal is to not want that anymore. Life goals: At the moment that would be getting my first novel published. I'd like to get around to it before the end of the year and start writing the sequel Oh yes, I have my sights set on joining the Assassins guild for the next challenge... Good luck to all fellow recruits and may your journeys be epic!
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