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  1. I'm Totally in, 7 months Post Partum here. I am below my pre pregnancy weight, but have basically no muscle tone, so trying to get that back is really where I'm at. And eating healthier, I had MAJOR French fry and buffalo wing cravings while I was Pregnant, and that French Fry habit wont die. Also can you recommend any Breast Feeding Safe Protein Powders?
  2. Sooo one dog got a bath and the other dog has the nails trimmed on 3 out of 4 feet sooo Half way there? Seriously For being "big" dogs you come at them with nail clippers and it's like I'm coming at them with a baseball bat or something
  3. Sooo I showed up because your Profile pic is a horse, and I miss my guy SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much (sold him when I found out I was Prego to a sweet little girl who was leasing him). I see that it has been said already but, JUST GO, worst thing that happens is you get there he's nervous, you go home. Best case, you go you have a blast, you make new friends. And as all horsey people know, a day spent on a horse is never a wasted day. Now excuse me while I go browse horse classified adds and dream of the day I can get another horse.
  4. 5/29 Ran w/ the hubs and the kiddo (Boo for pushing a jogging stroller) was slow and I don't want to talk about it 5/30 I gave myself another rest day, I just didn't feel "right" I was shaky and light headed, I'm thinking the coffee I had was too much? Idk 5/31 Regularly Scheduled Rest Day, I did clean a lot this day though Oh yeah I made a cleaning schedule my husband hates it and threw a 3 year old style tantrum that he's a big boy and doesn't need a chore chart I then told him to prove it and help me keep the house clean. He's done the dishes 1x, after I asked, repeatedly. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH 6/1 Ran felt AMAZING 6/2 Writing this on my lunch break instead of working out. It's all windy and looking like it's going to storm and I just want a nap, but I'm going to drink some coffee (WWWAAAAAY less than I had Tuesday) and try to get motivated to do my work out once I'm off
  5. 5/27 This happened to be rest day for me. We did get rid of the second bench in the garage, and I did my living room deep clean, so whine for keeping the house neater. 5/28 Went for a 1.5 mile walk the did my body weight work out with pull up progression. 3x 20 squats 8 Push Ups 20 Lunges 6 Negative Pull Ups 30 Second Plank 1 min run Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks!! I love my munchkin, I just want to set a good example for her. That is my dog Morgan, she's my running busy when it's under 80 degrees. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cooking Feat: Try 1 new meal Strength Feat: Do 10 Squats or 10 Push Ups every time I go back to my desk at work Climbing Feat: Only use stairs Combat Feat: Bathe both dogs and trim their toe nails (this totally counts as a combat, I promise)
  8. My daughter just turned 7 months last weekend, The fact that I now have a child should no longer be an excuse not to take care of myself so here I am, feeling like I'm starting back at ground zero but I have a plan!! Run a 5k (I have promised myself new running shoes once I can run a 5k with no breaks) -Continue the C25K Program - Run 2-3 times a week Eat Healthier (I'm back at work, and once I get off I want to snuggle my baby and not cook so fast food has becoming an option waaay to often) -Eat out fewer than 2x a week -Only have soda while out Do a Pull Up (I still have never been able to do a pull up, it's like a life goal) -Continue Pull Up Progressions as part of Strength Work out -Work Out 2-3 times a week Keep a Neater Home (My house has been borderline gross lately and I'm over it) -Create a cleaning schedule that works for me and DH -Follow said cleaning schedule
  9. 5/24 Week 2 Day 1 C25K 1.64 mi | 21:00 | 12:50 min/mi
  10. 5/19 was a rest day 5/20 3x 15 Body Weight Squats 5 Push Ups 16 Lunges(8 each side) 20 Second Hang 15 second plank 1 min run3X 5/21 Week 1 Day 3 C25K 1.37 mi | 20:01 | 14:36 min/mi 5/22 3x 15 Body Weight Squats 5 Push Ups 16 Lunges(8 each side) 5 negative pull ups 20 second plank 1 min run
  11. 5/16 Week 1 Day 1 C25K 5/17 3x 15 Body Weight Squats 5 Push Ups 16 Lunges(8 each side) 5 negative pull ups (last round just hung for 20 seconds) 15 second plank 1 min run
  12. Overall Goals -destroy fat & build muscle -eat healthier to be a better role model for the munchkin Battle Log Initial Check In Stats: Height 5'2" Age: 29 Weight: 123lbs Left Bicep: 11" Right Bicep:11.5" Chest:28" Waist: 27" Hips:37.5" Left Thigh:20" Right Thigh:20.5" Left Calf:13" Right Calf:13.5" Plan of Attack 3 days on 1 day off Alternating Run Days & Bodyweight Work Out days No Soda at home Eat out <2 a week Will re-evaluate monthly and adjust as needed
  13. Week 3 Monday- Went on a nice walk with dh & the pups Tuesday- I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.34 mi | 20:01 | 14:53 min/miNot fast or long but I did it, so proud of myself.
  14. You've inspired me to attempt a run when I get home (off work in 5 minutes YEEESSSSSS), I plan to go MUCH slower than you did, and also with much more "steady pace involved". But thank you for the motivation to get out there.
  15. Sorry building didn't work out :-( Hopefully taking things slow will give the PERFECT place to come on the market for you guys!
  16. I'm at 9 weeks, felt AWESOME until I hit week 7 and now just bleh. Have been trying to get out and walk the dogs but I'm barely making it around our normal loop before I want to tap out. I really like the 15 minute idea, I've also been seriously considering joining the gym at work so I can just walk on the treadmill during lunch, when there is Air Conditioning. I'm in Florida, it's way too hot outside already. and I have been thinking the heat probably isn't helping my enthusiasm. Thanks Ladies!!!
  17. Oh yeah, but less actual getting sick, which has only happened once. More just constantly feeling like I'm going to throw up, all day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Week 1 --------- So was doing good until we left for Vacay on Sunday When we stopped at Wendy's and I had a coke Quest 1-Keep Moving- 3/5 Quest 2- Break the Habit 5/7 Quest 3- Say NO to fast food- 5/6 Week 2 ----------- On Vacation still, so yeah no bueno on the eating but man did I stay busy. We got home last Friday and I still feel like I'm recovering Quest 1- Keep Moving-5/5 Quest 2- Break the Habit 5/7 Quest 3- Say NO to Fast Food 5/6
  19. I know you said your trying to eat around 2000 calories, but what do those calories consist of? 2000 calories of Processed/fast food is not going to get you the same affect as 2000 calories of whole foods
  20. I know continuing my exercise routine through my pregnancy is one of the best things I can do for myself and the little one growing inside me. However all I want to do is sleep right now. Like completely exhausted from the moment I wake to until I fall asleep. Any tips on overcoming this? Or is it really all about will power?
  21. Monday So I started getting sick on Sunday, laid in bed most of the day Monday, but managed to get myself up and moving to walk the dogs in the afternoon Quest 1- Keep Moving- Took Dogs for a walk, almost died Quest 2- I had a soda, Coke cures all things Quest 3- I didn't have any fast food.... Tuesday Quest 1- Not Today Quest 2- No Soda Quest 3- Got Mcdonalds French Fries, worth it Wednesday Quest 1- Walked around for 2 hours with my Bestie while shopping Quest 2- No Soda! Quest 3- No Fast Food
  22. Haven't Started with all the super nesting stuff, want to wait until we find out a Gender.
  23. Week 1: I Choose You... Volteon!!! 3 x 30 m Yoga Sessions
  24. Long commutes are awful, up until a couple of months ago a had an hour and a half commute to work I actually took a demotion to get closer to home. But I love house hunting,and the idea of a new build is pretty exciting!! Excited to see where you end up on your new journey!
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