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  1. Thanks for the link! But what do you mean by "Not being good at cardio is an advantage if you're trying to shed bodyfat"?
  2. When I said I wasn't that good at cardio, I was more comparing myself to those crazy rangers who can run 10 miles without breaking a sweat. xD
  3. Sorry, but what do you mean by "a slow bulk"? Do you mean gradually put on muscle? I was into lifting a while ago to the point where I was squatting/deadlifting my bodyweight or more. How long would it take me to get that strength back in your estimation? It's probably been 6 months since I could do that.
  4. That's a good point about sustainability. I guess what one person finds sustainable another might hate. Guess I should've been more specific concerning the running. I'm already in decent shape so 2 miles isn't a big deal for me. Yeah, I agree, lifting is much better, and that seems to be the consensus of everyone on this forum. Starting an internship this summer, maybe there will be a gym there. Oh, yeah, rest days! Haha. Would that look like once a week or somewhere in there? What do you do? Thanks so much!
  5. Hey, so I've decided to stop the wait and drop the weight. I'd appreciate your input on whether this is a good, sustainable plan. My stats: Female, college age, BMI 20.7. I know this is a healthy BMI, but I promise I'm okay. I'm just trying to be a little leaner. I've never been good at cardio so I'm going to incorporate that into my plan. Lifting is also amazing, but unfortunately with my schedule that is just not a thing. But feel free to suggest your favorite bodyweight exercises. :) My plan follows; any input is welcome. ~1500 calories a day while tracking macros, aiming for low carbs and at least 50 grams of protein per day (it'll probably end up being more, I have a high-protein diet). Allow 80 more calories per mile walking/running. Aim for 2-4 miles per day (I'm not that great at cardio XD). Please give your own opinion and modify the above plan as necessary. I know that diets never last, as I've tried before and failed. So I'm not going to go crazy about things like "never eat sweets," and I'll definitely allow cheats every now and then. Additionally, I do a lot of walking around campus five days a week (probably ends up being 1-2 miles a day--big campus) which I don't count. cout << "Thanks, fellow nerds!" << endl;
  6. Thank you! Augh. No. But January 3rd I will be nearby. I'm going to make that my goal. Other than that, my goals have been going really well! Surpassed my mileage goal for the challenge, and didn't have a lot of hot cocoa at all. I'm a girl. Wow, good for you! That's awesome. How did you do it?
  7. Thank you! Haha, no kidding. The cookies were evil today.
  8. Cool! I've met my goals for the week. Ran five days, averaging more than two miles per day. Drank 2.5 cups of hot chocolate. Just did a short HIIT workout. Also, I took my measurements and calculated body fat around 23%. Long-term goal is 20%, does this sound realistic?
  9. Hey! How are things going? We're cheering for you!
  10. Hehe, I made a worksheet in Excel to track everything. Nothing shall stop me now.
  11. Yep, thanks so much! Missed the run yesterday, but that's okay since I'm aiming for 5 days per week. Two cups of hot cocoa so far, only one left! O.o I'm really pleased with how things are going.
  12. Haha, yep, it's actually enough for three...me, myself, and I.
  13. Any ladies have a good brand to recommend, preferably one that won't leave me bankrupt? Also, how much weight do you use compared to your body weight? Thank you!
  14. Thank you! That's really good to hear. I wasn't sure if it would always be a drag, but sounds like you've learned to like it, so I can too!
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