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  1. Start with something easy like a tote bag, just to learn how your machine works and what it can do. If you want to start with clothing straight away, try a simple a-line skirt. But before you start any project, get to know your machine. Try all the stitches, read the manual,... It's so important to know what you are working with. I know my machine inside and out. Literally. I do most of the maintenance myself. Fabric - When you start sewing, use cheap fabric. Either fabric you find in a thrift store or old curtains. Patterns - Simplicity has a line of easy patterns for $0.99. (www.simplicity
  2. I already wrote it as a comment on one of Steve's last posts (the one about his grandpa) that I want to start selling my crafts, but that I don't really feel confident enough yet. Well... Sunday, I'm going have a stand on a little market with some friends of mine and we'll see how it goes. I'm a bit afraid about how people will react to my stuff, especially because it's face to face. When it's on the internet, you can ignore nasty comments. But in real life? Jikes. I'm looking forward to it, but with mixed feelings.
  3. November 24th Pilates: 10min Yoga: 0min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling Vitamin D: took my 2 cod liver oil capsules Level up: still nothing November 25th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 0min Swimming: 30min Additional: 45min cycling + 15min walking Vitamin D: took my 2 cod liver oil capsules Level up: still nothing I wanted to swim 45min, but I think I pulled a muscle somewhere in my upper inner thigh during the yoga on Monday. So every time I stretched my legs when swimming, it hurt like hell. I was afraid of having a cramp and well... drowning. That's why I didn't over-do it. I listened to my b
  4. November 22th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 0min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling I went out to dinner with a couple of friends straight after work so I didn't get around doing anything. I had almost forgotten about my third fitness/health goal: the vitamin D goal. Yesterday I went into the drug store around the corner during my lunch break and found some cod liver oil capsules. Cod liver oil is know for its high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. My host dad when I was an exchange student in Iceland took a spoon of that nasty tasting stuff each morning at breakfast. The capsules don't have
  5. Your coffee had more calories than your dinner! That's actually kind of shocking... What do they put in there?
  6. November 22th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 20min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling The weekend was rather busy and I didn't get around doing any exercises. But on Sunday I did walk about 3km holding two bags full of fabric which probably weighed about 5kg each. I did feel it in my arms the next day. But oh well, I have loads of new fabric that I bought for nearly nothing. At the moment I'm thinking about doing one day of Pilates and one day of Yoga, instead of doing them both on the same day. And on Thursday, when I plan on going swimming again, I won't do any other exercises. I've been wanti
  7. November 19th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 15min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling Level up: nothing My muscles were so sore from the swimming I had trouble with the 15min of yoga, but I did it, even though I did easy exercises.
  8. You are on fire with your Nano! Just a bit more and you are finished! Too bad the restaurant had to return the shoulder roast. Maybe you should invite some friends over so you can finish the roast faster.
  9. Oh my sewing skills are pretty basic too, but I'm learning! It's going to be a simple A-line skirt but with big and visible pockets in a contrasting fabric. But first I have to finish my dress.
  10. November 18th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 0min Swimming: 30min. I didn't count my laps, but I think I did at least 20-25. Apparently going straight after work on Thursday is a pretty good time to go swimming. It wasn't as crowded as usual. That is noted and next week I'll go again. And I used to swim 45min to an hour, but the damn chlorine in the water was making my eyes sting so badly, so I'll have to buy goggles this weekend. Additional: 45min cycling (15 to work + 15 from work to swimming pool + 15 from swimming pool to home) Level up: nothing. I wanted to put the sleeves on my dress, but my hand
  11. November 17th Pilates: 0min Yoga: 0min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling + 45min walking (aka. shopping for notions and such for an upcoming sewing project ) Level up: nothing
  12. Bunny Ninja's!! Haha... I can totally illustrate a mascot with that kind of name. I like the A-team too. It was the first name that popped up in my head as well. I'm going to follow alr's example and just introduce myself. I'm Asuria, 25 year old from good'ol chaotic Belgium (we still don't have a government after three years of negotiations between parties, just to give you an idea) and in earn my living by making pretty websites. And I think that last thing is probably why I'm a bit chubby. I've always struggled with my weight, but ever since living alone, I've been trying to control it.
  13. November 16th Pilates: 15min Yoga: 15min Swimming: 0min Additional: 30min cycling + 15min walking during my lunch break Level up: nothing
  14. Awww... no pinguin pj pants this time?
  15. Yeah, I checked it out and already did a couple exercises with them,. But everytime I look at one of their video's on YouTube, I keep on asking myself whether they are twins or just look a likes or whether I'm just seeing double. And it's a deal! This is going to give me that extra push to go to the swimming pool.
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