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  1. Hello, I live and work on the Dutch border in Germany but I am always crossing borders to hang out in the lovely Nederlands.
  2. I am in the Geilenkirchen area (Dutch Border). I would love to meet a fellow NFer.
  3. The situation: unless I am planning to work out, finished a work out, and/or did something that required more energy than sitting on my butt in front of a computer I don't tend to want to or feel the need to eat. I drink plenty of water throughout the day and have found that I feel fine with eating more or less one meal a day. I do not snack either. It is usually a all or nothing thing when it comes to meals. On somedays I just don't eat. When I do eat I end up being around 75 to 80% paleo. I am not trying to lose weight or bulk up. The question: Is not eating everyday okay? Should I force myself to eat everyday and more than one meal a day. Is this even fasting? All comments welcome.
  4. Boots baby....I kinda make a point to sit like a guy. Most of the men I am around forget I am female half the time I really don't see the point of sitting like a lady when I am dressed like everyone else in the room.
  5. I love my carhart jacket. The place I manage to find jeans that look good and last long (I will where jean everywhere and for every event unless super formal) was at Arie the off shoot store of American Eagle.
  6. Welcome, you got some great goals. Just remember weight isn't everything (unless you are lifting heavy) being healthy doesn't equal skinny. Insanity is hard, so is P90x awesome that you have stuck with those programs. Again welcome to the rebellion.
  7. hi, welcome. Awesome start towards your goals.
  8. That is a whole lot of bacon. Seriously, bacon as long as his arm.
  9. There is something I said I was gong to do and haven't Volksmarches. This last week was hard to meet a lot my goals because of a heavily scheduled TDY. I wasn't in Germany for majority of the week. But I did manage to eat healthy. This week I will be getting a lot of excerise in because I will have to bike everywhere.
  10. So I didn't do much better this week because I was on TDY. Next week will be better.
  11. Update: Haven't done that great this week. Eating goal has not done well because well I haven't been eating like I should. Haven't worked out because of a cold or something that is making me feel miserible. I been speaking German when I can but I been dealing with work and US personnel so much this week I haven't had any interactions of note.
  12. See you don't need bread. Great job on cutting those out. That sucks about your computer at the harddrive is safe.
  13. Good Luck on your goals. I would encourage you to go Air Force especially if you have a technical degree. The Air Force loves nerds. Most of my pilot friends are engineers.
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