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  1. Thanks SnowOwl! The biscuit thing was going well initially - I had managed to wean myself down to a few. Then bad life events took place and knocked me off course! However, have been playing more with baby which was the most important thing of the lot. See you next time I hope xx
  2. Week 1 Summary 1. Eat less sugar - well, I stuck to the cookie allowance. But I started eating extra chocolate/crisps to make up for it. I'm hoping that this is a blip as I'm less keen on those. Also, not sure whether future cookie packets should be super-delicious or only okay... it's nice to really enjoy a cookie, but then you are left wanting more?! 2. Exercise more - I completed the steps outlined above, but to get to success I need to work out a good time of day to exercise. This needs more thought and negotiating with my parents (not fun). 3. Productivity - the "don't dawdle"
  3. Hi saturnreturn Thanks! And congrats on your little girl turning one - it's a massive cliche but time goes so fast, doesn't it?! The challenge is coming on patchily - good some days, less good on others! (think it's related to how much sleep I get overnight!) The DVD workout is a good one (and at the moment I'm only fit enough to do half of it at a time!) but I need to find a better time of day to do it - I'm not an early morning person so my initial plan of 7am before my mum wants to have the TV on the news all day does not suit me so much.
  4. Ooooh hadn't heard of Habit RPG - must check that out! I think the Habit book is very interesting too. Good luck with getting your goals going!
  5. I find your challenge very impressive, especially considering you have a 3 month old! Great going! I am trying to get fit now that my baby boy has reached 8 months, and I love your inspiration being strong women. Time to kick arse!
  6. Day 2 ... so far have kept to biscuit allowance. Am pleased with this. I also found out how to access/work the DVD player and have watched a teeny bit of the first exercise video, which I found disturbingly strenuous considering they were just demonstrating "signature moves" as opposed to it being the actual workout! Stats from yesterday Bellybutton - min: 31", avg: 33.5" Waist - min: 28.75", avg: 30" Tum - min: 34.75", avg: 36" Weight today: 136.5 lbs
  7. Good luck with your goals and quests! A small habit change with the tidying may make all the difference!
  8. Hi there! We have some shared interests (I'm into LARP and would love to do cosplay if I got the time!, and singing) and some similar goals so I thought I'd say hi & good luck with your challenge!
  9. Howdy there, fine folks! My long-term life quest is to become confident, and as part of that, I'd like to lose the big fat tummy I've acquired since having a baby in January. Things have been going overall ok: - I've lost 14 pounds in the last 5 months, and I'm down 23 pounds from my top pregnancy weight. - I'm a pound over the weight I was when I became pregnant. However, I want to lose another 10 pounds and tone up the tummy, which is much bigger than it used to be! So... goals 1) Eat less sugar At the moment my sugar consumption is mainly down to biscuits, so I want to reduc
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