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  1. Sometimes we pre marinate it (if it's plain). For something like orange chicken I'd probably cut into medium dice and pan fry it separate and stir in with sauce. I've never tried breading it. I think it'd be difficult to get flour to stick unless you added something else but you could try it.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about the seizures.
  3. Soft. this makes me a bit sad actually. Tacos should be savored.
  4. We use it a lot in chili (diced small) and also as a meat replacement for things like orange chicken or sweet and sour dishes. Generally I prefer it with a sauce of some kind and some other textures rather than all alone.
  5. AH. I just upgraded to premium for a month when I started Eat to Perform. It has moving macro targets on a cycle. It was seriously annoying to try and do on MFP without the custom goals. If it works out, I'll probably just spring for the yearly premium. I definitely have other ways I'd rather spend that money though.
  6. Let me introduce you to the miracle that is HaloTop protein rich low fat ice cream. Are you using MFP on mobile? You can turn off the exercise credit calories on mobile. More --> Goals --> at the bottom Exercise Calories turn to off.
  7. kamen rider

    Slow and steady wins the race. I'm sorry about the journal. That stinks!! I know that you said you have a bunch that you've collected, but if you ever decide to buy one, I've had really good luck with Leuchiturm journals and I also made a homemade leather travelers type notebook to use with the moleskin soft covers.
  8. Yeah, just drain the water out of the cans and then add.
  9. Week 2 Day 5 Basement: 6/10. Workout C done. Slightly more enthusiastic today, but I admit I am very tired. I think its all the company visiting. I'm such a homebody. Garden: 1/4. This is going to fail this week. Kitchen: Ongoing. Protein yesterday 118g. Living Room: Cleaning 1/2. Decorating 2/2. Done for this week already. I am kind of wanting a fitbit again. Honestly, this Apple Watch should do all the things right? It just seems to take 5 different apps and lots of switching around to get the info I want from it. Grrr....
  10. OMG those dumplings look SO good. We used to make a tempeh chili that I LOVED. I guess some people use tempeh as a meat substitute, but I just like it for itself. It has a hearty nutty, earthy type taste. Hard to describe. It is soy though and soy can be an enemy to my belly these days as much as eggs, so I don't eat it often. Do you like chickpeas? We used to eat an obscene amount of chickpeas and they are nice in a curry. Also, hominy. Yummmm!
  11. I was vegan for 6 years so I get it 100%. I was a bit surprised she had never heard of tempeh though. I never really enjoyed meat substitutes but I love tempeh and still do. It was really very easy to cook for her. Not so easy to get in my protein though, especially since eggs don't like me.
  12. Apparently a crap ton of coffee and eggs. I've had to run to the store like 3 times for more. LOL. I just bought a bunch of chicken breasts to cook when she leaves tomorrow. I doubt she'd care but I'm trying to be considerate. I will update later. Super busy this morning and can't update on my phone.
  13. I'm sort of relieved that someone else's BS alarm went off while reading this book.
  14. It's good to have goals. The world record for eating tacos is 103 in 8 minutes.
  15. Surgery date is getting close. Hang in there!!