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  1. I got in one ride again. LOL. Husband is home the next few days so perhaps I will manage at least two this week. Puppies are legit exhausting. I'm sleeping like the dead. The husband gets up sometimes at night to take the pup out, but I never hear a thing. Thank heavens for small favors. He wears me out during the day enough! Reading is going well, but it's almost all "how do I stop puppy from..." Hey at least I didn't ghost my challenge. It's been really hard to adjust to life with a puppy AND finding time for things. The house isnt clean, the workouts are undone, some days I realize at 4 pm that I havent brushed my hair or teeth. Yikes! But I've survived, gotten in a little bit, and DID NOT GHOST MY CHALLENGE. It's a C+ at least. LOL
  2. LOL. I’ve been doing a lot of squats picking up puppy and deadlifts lifting him out of timeout. Does that count? I got one ride in. Maybe another tomorrow as the husband is home on the weekend. It’s so hot that it’s hard to find the motivation even when I have time. Our cooling system can only create about a 20 degree drop so our house is closer to 80 degs this last few days. reading has happened but it’s been a bit or miss as well.
  3. Still nothing happening on the challenge front. Puppy is a full time job it seems. Unfortunately for my sanity, it was just rough timing a bit. Daughter started a new job right after working more hours and husband has a big to-do at work that he is dealing with at the moment. It'll all work itself out, but getting on the bike or getting a workout in has been next to impossible. He spends some time in his crate every day, but that's when I get basic home care done. These clothes arent going to wash themselves! Dinner needs to happen!
  4. Did I mention puppy biting? And heel nipping? We have all the puppy deterrence happening here!
  5. Ha. I was just coming here to moan and whine. Puppies suck. Everyone here loves him but I have to do all the work and I’m the one he bites and humps. I’m pretty over him at the moment. It may be one of the only times I’ve ever wished I didn’t work at home. No working out has happened. No work has happened. It’s miserable.
  6. Yay for answers! Glad it was something you dealt with early! The garden looks awesome. I need to get busy with mine but its been too hot for anything.
  7. Thanks! So far, he has me doing lots of work on hands and knees with a scrubbing motion. It's a good thing he's so cute! Thanks so much!! We think he's a cutie too! Today we finally got our sprinkler problem fixed. I'd forgotten how much work it is to water the lawn manually. It's been out for a week (and new puppy week at that!). I can now set it and forget it. Bliss! It's been over or near 100 degs here for most of that week too and things are suffering. I've lost several of my new perennials in the process. Boo! This week has been the first BLTs of the season. j Honestly, there is nothing like a fresh garden tomato sandwich. My son got his first job and this is his first real week at work. He had to get up at 8 am and let me tell you the sky was falling over that. Otherwise, things have been pretty much the same, waking up a few times at night with the puppers, lots of house training trips outside, less cleaning up of house training oops inside, and still lots of being used as a chew toy. Eddie's first vet visit is tomorrow.
  8. Blargh, it's Wednesday already? Yikes! Puppies take up so much energy. I think I'll be lucky to even partially complete the next few weeks. I need to figure out a situation where I can ride my bike and workout safely. This little man is my shadow. A shadow with sharp little teeth and paws! 1/3 bike rides 1/3 workouts 3/7 reading (puppy training book. ) Wish me luck!
  9. Thanks everyone. Holy cow am I tired. Getting up several times a night is a killer. To sum up last week…. 2/3 rides done 2/3 workouts done 5/7 reading done i kept trying to read some this evening but kept nodding off with a puppy loose in the house. Ack!! hopefully can get into more of a routine this week with everything.
  10. yes! One green and one green and blue. thanks everyone!!! and having a new puppy is a great workout. I’ve used muscles I forgot I had.
  11. Ok, not doing so great with the posting but I had a good reason… Meet Eddie!
  12. * I was quoting this… “ I'll marinate it all day and BBQ for dinner later when Spezzy is done work for the day.” wait. WHAT? I miss all the good stuff! Congrats! Even like a whole new country and stuff for one of you yeah? LOL. I thought it was odd you were having her look at my van. I’m such a doof. It all makes sense now!
  13. Sorry for the heat. Weather is such a mess. We’ve broken quite a few records here as well. I’ve lost count of the days over 100 degs this month. Thankfully we have very little humidity so it’s a bit more tolerable and most homes here have whole house cooling. We’re having a severe drought as well. Bad combo. hopefully your weather is cooling down now?
  14. I was hoping for Juice Newton and whatever that Air Supply song was I slow danced to at the school dances. I’m really wanting to try meatballs with pistachios in them now. That sounds so good! I’ll be sure to bake them.
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