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  1. Marauder un-quantified

    So far this week has been good except I tried the metabolic workouts (which I paid for by the way) and they just sucked. I am old enough to know that if it sucks that bad from the start, I'm just not going to do it... So, I did my heavy lifts, but didn't push too hard on the AMRAP run. I really don't want an injury, but I'm not going to spend 4 weeks doing half assed squats with 5 pound weights either. Walking is going well especially now that the weather is a bit cooler. I had to get out my winter clothes. Apparently no pleasant 70-something type fall here this year. 90s straight to 60s. Boo. I traded in my old watch/tracker and my new one doesn't arrive until Friday so guesstimating. I keep checking my bare wrist for the time and weather and I missed nearly every text I received yesterday. Clearly, I use my watch more than I realize. Food is going well and as planned. The smoothie yesterday was very good... almond milk, frozen berries (blueberries and raspberries from last weeks farmers market), almond butter, and a scoop of toasted coconut protein powder. White chicken chili for lunch.
  2. RES The Return

    It's RES!!!!! hey girl, what were your vitamin d numbers? Supplementation of vit d is pretty painless and safe and deficiencies are very common in autoimmune folks like us. It's so tied into your hormonal profile I wouldn't be surprised if it might even fix the liver profile. Go get some 2000 IU vit d and 200mg magnesium citrate (helps you use vit d and not get a headache) and get on it!!
  3. Marauder un-quantified

    Heh. Just realized it's actually Week Zero, which is good, because I did crappy this week. LOL. Like any good ranger, I am going to take Week Zero and use it to change some of my challenge goals. Week Zero Update/Week One Plan: Nutrition: Goal: Four three solid portions of protein rich food per day. Well, not so good on this one for week 0. I am going to change this goal just a bit and shoot for creating a better habit rather than going for the ideal of 4 portions. I will change this goal to include a solid portion of protein at each meal, so 3 portions per day. This first week I'm planning on protein smoothies for breakfast, white chicken chili soup for lunches, and then whatever the family is having for dinner. This week's menu includes Kalua pork (tacos and rice bowls) x3 nights, homemade pizza night with chicken and mushrooms, BLTs x2 nights. BLTs aren't exactly protein rich, so I'll try to find something to add in there... maybe even some HaloTop. Exercise: Goal: 4 weight training and 1 HIIT workout per week 3 workouts per week, shooting for less strain/more recovery I'm going to change focus here for a bit and switch things up. Since Im really poorly medicated right now and experiencing ALOT more aches, pains, and sprains type things (this is common), I'm going to lay off the heavy weights for the remainder of this challenge. I may bring them back towards the end if I'm feeling less achy. Focus will be to do 3 workouts per week, a bit lighter in weight and strain and more of a HIIT style. Walking will still be daily. My husband has fairly chronic shoulder issues and a PT friends recommended Crossover Symmetry to him. We looked into it and decided to rig up our own to our squat track downstairs. I think this offers some really fun alternatives and enhancements to the lifting I've been doing. I'd love to do some more back and arm specific stuff. Excited to look into it more. Health: Goal: Take daily vitamins and supplements. Get thyroid med situation fixed or identify other culprits and work toward feeling better. This one can stay as originally planned. I didn't do too well with the vitamins when I was sick, but otherwise, this is going well. The neon green/yellow pee is entertaining for sure. Overall looking forward to next week: starting some new/different workouts having a plan in place for food so Im not just digging around aimlessly getting that doctor visit in and my meds changed my new (and excitingly bigger) apple watch should arrive next Friday the game I play (GW2) has a big expansion releasing Friday Next week be like...
  4. Marauder un-quantified

    Arches is about 4 hour drive south of us. It's a beautiful area! We've been there a lot. In fact, the husband is considering a mountain bike trip down there next weekend.
  5. Marauder un-quantified

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Feeling a lot better already this evening! Wasn't I just saying we finally had a day with high below 90 degs... Utah, you're killing me right now.
  6. Marauder un-quantified

    I was honestly a bit on the fence about posting a challenge this time. I've been hit or miss with updating and enthusiasm this past bit for various reasons. Because of that there isn't a lot of activity on my challenge threads and, unfortunately, when my challenges are ghost towns I find it a bit de-motivating. I'm my own worst enemy in so many ways. LOL. I am also in a pretty big state of shift right now and am not really sure about goals, so I will keep them broad. Nutrition: I'm getting close to 49 and honestly I wish I had back all the time and energy I've put into micromanaging my food for the last... maybe 2 years? For what? I looked back at myfitnesspal which I've used on and off to track my weight since 2011. Two years ago, my weight was exactly 2 pounds less than my current and with weight training, those 2 pounds could at least in part be due to increased lean muscle. My weight has fluctuated about 14 pounds total since 2011, and my average weight during that time is about 4 pounds less than my current. I am also more muscular now than I have been in those years so that accounts for maybe a couple of those pounds to more than a couple of those pounds. WTF. Really? All that measuring, weighing, scanning, counting. Oh to have back those minutes. Needless to say, I'm done with tracking. However... I realize the importance of keeping my protein intake high, so I will be tracking protein in a general portion sense, and trying to get back to a more intuitive eating approach. I will also be using good common sense eating and drinking guidelines, but I don't need to track that. Goal: 4 solid portions of protein rich food per day. Exercise: I love weight training. I will continue to track it simply because I need to enter my weights into my app to get my next wendler cycle all nicely measured out. LOL. I really really need to add in some HIIT though. I didn't mind the rower workout I did, but I haven't done it again. I would like to get up to twice a week for this, but for now, I will just try to establish a habit and set my goal for one HIIT workout per week, rower or other. I'll keep up my daily walking, but I'm not going to track it proactively. Goal: 4 weight training and 1 HIIT workout per week Health: I'm in thyroid med/practitioner hell again and there's not much I can do about it for now. My meds were changed again a few months ago when my still new and awesome doc retired suddenly and the new doc decided to change things up for no good f'ing reason after 6 months of good labs and feeling good. Don't even get me started. I've gained weight steadily (4 pounds in 4 months) since he switched me and just feel terrible. He wouldn't order more labs until just this week. Had them drawn Saturday and have to wait until 21st for a consult appointment. So over it. If it's not this med change, it's menopause and who knows what I can do about that. Perhaps nothing. I've been taking additional vitamins and supplements since last challenge and I want to keep that up, so it will be part of the goal as well. Goal: Take daily vitamins and supplements. Get thyroid med situation fixed or identify other culprits and work toward feeling better.