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  1. Yay for only getting a note in your permanent record!! Seriously though, glad it's off your mind.
  2. It's not easy, but I can honestly tell you that getting away from the paycheck to paycheck life is a huge stress reducer. I will never go back. It took a good year of pretty strict budgeting, but a miraculous thing happens when you pare down the unnecessary expenses and start saving... You realize you never needed that crap anyway and you sleep better at night knowing very little can come in and take you out financially.
  3. My 15 year old son plays CSGO and I asked him this. I just really wished I had a video of his face. and then he proceeded to text his team to let them know what his mom had asked him. LOL.
  4. Clearly someone photoshopped out the stool she was sitting on.
  5. Yeah, I think it's time to bust out the baby 1.25# plates I got.
  6. Week 2 Day 5: Is it really only the end of week 2? Heavy Metal 7/12. Squat 5/5/5/3/5 67# Felt great until 4th set, then lightheaded again. Boo. Breathing seemed to be ok. #oldladyproblemsIguess OHP 5/5/5/4/3 47# Not only did I not increase weight this time (tried and failed 1st rep) didnt even make 5x5. DL 1x5 117# Overall not a stellar day, but I did it. Hip Hop It was like 60s last week and now there's snow. No steps due to bad attitude. 10k days: 4 9k days: 2 8k days: 0 Alternative Macros compliant. Funk Oven is now broke. Ordered a new ignitor to install. I guess that's not really cleaning. 3 loads of laundry yesterday and today. Cleaning that bathroom floor later today unless I get distracted by the rower arrival.
  7. Love the leather cover! We made a simple leather cover for my daughters that is similar to the travelers notebook but you've got stitching and all. NICE! I wish I could even begin to draw in my bujo. My doodles aren't even good. LOL. Ditto on the pull-ups. I really need to get back on that.
  8. I think the hardest part is the psychological aspect of feeling like you're not working hard enough, but yet your body is exhausted. I finally got a heart rate monitor and started taking HRV readings in the morning to give me an objective way to view my status and make sure I'm getting enough recovery. It's been a good experience so far. It's only "yelled" at me once to slow down a bit and I just did a day or 2 of walking only and things settled back into normal readings. It definitely dips after a good heavy lifting day. I'm still at the newbie stage and things are just starting to feel heavy on Stronglifts so it'll be interesting to see how it reacts when things get serious. I may end up lifting only 1 or 2 days a week. We'll see. It's really helps to have an objective measure and get out of my own head a bit.
  9. So you spotted me out as an autoimmune girl right off. LOL.
  10. That is super interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about poking the cortisol response for me personally, but it's a really interesting idea. Certainly the cold shower thing gets a lot of play these day itself.
  11. I think it's generally considered a pretty decent full body workout and depending on how hard you're going 10 minutes can definitely kick your butt. If I know Nymeria, you were probably kicking ass. I found a beginners training program called The Pete Plan that seems pretty well received and I'm going to start there. I've watched enough videos about good form that I cannot possibly watch another. Rower arrives tomorrow. Woot!
  12. I double checked breathing and I seemed to be doing ok but of course that was once I was already lightheaded so I'll have to remind myself at the start next time and see if that might be part of the problem. Im excited about the rowing. It's very scale-able for intensity which is important given how out of shape I am with cardio. I hope not to die or have a laryngospasm attack.
  13. Never apologize for shirtless selfies. I don't. 3 minutes seem like an insanely long time to hold your breath. Is it?
  14. The bag I got is this one, but black. I didn't buy boots, but bought a pair of shoes I've had my eyes out for...