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  1. Marauder is back in the vault.

    Yeah, does, but nothing has changed in that department really. Mattress is reasonably new-ish (like a year or so) and sleeping pattern doesn't seem obviously different. Weird. ----------------------------- Back is feeling a bit better today. Rowed again today and it is not bothering it. Just feels a bit moody right now. Mostly good and some occasional spasms that I can work out relatively quickly. Still no lifting likely. Walk already done. Air quality is starting to get worse, so happy I got that in early. I will update tomorrow with the fancy graphic, but time is tight today with errands.
  2. Marauder is back in the vault.

    Tracker End of Week 2: Thankfully, we had good clean air every day since I last posted. I used my "luck" to check off my strength training for last week. It seemed appropriate since those were essentially impossible for me to get done with the back issue. Back is strange. Bad in the morning, improves through the day, best right before bed, then repeat. Annoying as hell. Pants are still hard, but better. I think I must have some sort of bad NF mojo. I can work out and do all the things for months and months with no problems when I am not posting a challenge. As soon as I post a challenge, my back or my meds go to hell. It's starting to look like a real pattern. WTH? I did row this morning and it went reasonably well. I walked over to the barbell still loaded with a deload week deadlift (around 100 pounds) and my back just nope-d right out of that. I made it mid-shin before my brain said it was a bad idea. No harm done, but sooooo frustrating. Meditation has been a bit of a struggle. Journaling and cleaning going fine. I'm getting sort of antsy with the lack of activity though. Work is also slow right now, so I spend lots of time checking for more work. I finally submitted my photography portfolio for a stock photography company. We'll see if anything happens with that. More of a shot in the dark than a real goal.
  3. Pandemic: Valkyrie Saves The World

    I'm sorry. Glad you are okay! Give your poor mom a hug too.
  4. Marauder is back in the vault.

    Plugging along. Thankfully, we've had good air most days, so I got in my 3 for the week and now some bonus points for luck. Used one for my strength/workout. The back is definitely not ready for a full workout. I did some stretching and tried a little rowing (nope), so took points for both. Journaling and cleaning are done. The back is feeling much better, but I'm not convinced its time to lift heavy things just yet. It seems pretty damned moody. I am back to two laps around the park without problems, but standing on one foot to put on pants, well, that's a big struggle. LOL. I'm getting in lots of good bodyweight squats though since I can't bend down and laundry waits for no one.
  5. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    congrats on the job level up. Sounds amazing!!
  6. Marauder is back in the vault.

    I've been gone for quite a bit. I haven't done anything remarkable. Thyroid meds are stable now and I've been lifting and walking as per usual. I am not yet the ripped 40-something goddess all this working out seemingly promised. Bummer. It's that lovely time of year when the air here is toxic, so I am back in the vault my friends and it sucks. I have the ways and means to survive though. This shall be my vault diary. I am currently in day 3 of "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" for the year 2018. My smog runneth over. S - Strength lifting 3x/wk. get strong, doing basic PPL P - Perception meditation 5x/wk. fight stress and high blood pressure E - Endurance rowing 3x/wk. necessary evil C - Charisma domestic ranging x3. bathrooms x2, floors I - Intelligence daily journal/tracker x7. I have a journal where I track to-do lists, food goals (generally protein) and healthy habits A - Agility yoga or GMB stuff or stretching 2x/wk. getting out of bed without making groaning noises gets harder and harder L - Luck clean air day bonus, free check-off any of the above for this day. good luck soldier. Tracking thusly... It makes me crazy that the goal for week 1 does not line up with the 25% mark, but I've done all I can and it is not meant to be. I have given myself one Charisma for demonstration purposes. Since I have no control over the clean air day bonus (and I am a bit of a completionist), I am going to invoke "make your own luck"... I can tick off a clean air day point if I do an extra workout, meditation, row, etc. per week. I had two new years resolutions this year: One. Get Stronger. Interpret as you like. Physically, mentally, financially, all apply. Two. Six-Month No Buy. Same rules as before, but double in length. Exception for souvenirs on my trips, things I use up, and underwear, which I desperately need but didn't get a chance to buy before New Years. I had a hell of an amazon order on New Years Eve though . I'm no fool. In other un-challenge related news, my daughter is adjusting well to college and had an excellent first term. We had a lovely and peaceful Christmas. I got the lovely german wool slippers I've been wanting for ages and some excellent barbell clamps. OMG, why did we wait so long to get rid of those squeezey clips!! I have a couple of trips planned this year, and I am not much of a traveller, so that is exciting and a bit stressful. We are heading to New Orleans next month and I am looking forward to eating and drinking at least a months worth of calories in 4 short days. I also have a solo trip to Japan booked for end of May into early June. I'm so hyped for it. Not so hyped for the long-ass flight. Health-wise, as above I've kept up with working out and walking (mostly) and have been doing some rowing when I haven't been able to get outside. My doctor is concerned about high blood pressure, so I'm taking it a bit easy on heavy lifts right now until my husband can remember to bring home a blood pressure cuff from work (just found out about this last week). I'm hoping adding back in some meditation will help or perhaps it was just elevated from bad air, driving, and being at the doctors office. We'll see. It does run in my family a bit, so bleh. I'd rather not start the "old people" med train, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Now, off to find some old ranger friends...