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  1. Well apologies for the disappearance. Been fighting something and my energy level is just really low. I’ve managed to get in my strength workouts but not much else. Just a walk to the park tonight had me tired. The heat isn’t really helpful and our cooling isn’t great in the house. I mostly want to nap all day. Here’s hoping I’ll snap out of it in the next day or two.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check them out.
  3. Dinner sounds good! Do you use an air fryer ever? I’m thinking I could try that chicken in there or a version of it anyway.
  4. Once a ranger, always a ranger. Here to cheer!
  5. I ALWAYS accept book suggestions!! I read a lot so there’s always room for more TBR. Also, hai! hello friends! It gets so exhausting! I wish I could chill a bit. Sorry for the vanishing act this week. Time got away from me. There was alot going on this week that I hadn’t anticipated and then we ended up dog sitting for an acquaintance and wow I forgot how crazy the multi dog household can get. Progress: 3/3 workouts complete 0/2 runs complete 3/5 daily joy I back burner’d the runs and then dog chaos happened. Mistakes were made. I may change up the goals once I have a chance to sit down and really think about them on Monday. Ever since seeing Tank’s one goal challenge I’m curious if that makes more sense for me. I appreciate simple consistency.
  6. I'll raise one of the few remaining from our trip... Enjoying these on the hot days...
  7. I'm the damn queen of over-thinking, over-researching, over-analyzing. I'm quite good at researching things and designing plans. What I NEED is to actually do things. So, simple balanced goals, simple balanced plan. NEED to strength train, WANT to run for fun. NEED some joy (dancing), WANT to read. Goals: 1. FIT: Strength training 3x/week. I have a strength program. It's well designed and it's at-home. No excuses. No need to look for another program. No need to join a new gym or any gym. No new equipment is necessary. 2. FAST: Running 2-3x/week. I've always wanted to get back to running (it's been a very very long time), but I've been letting pretty much everything stop me from trying. I'm done waiting. Get started. Run/walk intervals for now. This is really something I want to be my pleasure exercise. Something I do for fun. 100% reserve the right to bail out if this starts feeling like a chore. I have enough of those. 3. FABULOUS: Reading and dancing daily-ish. I've been spending far too much time watching Instagram reels and I don't even like them that much (except for the videos of people falling, because I really do love those. ). No time requirements or limits. Audiobooks count. Bonus points for funny stories and explicit lyrics. Once again, I will have a trip near the end of the challenge, so will be gone when the challenge actually finishes up. I'll try to wrap up my challenge before we leave, probably around August 25th. I'll probably start early. Haven't gotten a workout in yet this week as life has been busy, but have one planned for tomorrow. ❤️
  8. We have returned! It is a bit of a shock to return from wearing your puffy jacket to stay warm on the coast to 107 degrees in Salt Lake this week. Shock to the system to say the least! I ate all the seafood I could possibly eat and it was awesome. My activity level was 200% of usual, so probably a win overall despite my rather rampant appetite. The pup had enough of vacation though. I think he was legit thrilled to see home when we got here. We visited a few towns with possibilities for retirement locales. Specifically really liked the Corvallis and Salem areas. I loved Ashland as well, but it's so dang far from any airport that I think we ruled it out. I'm hoping to find time later in the morning to check on everyone's challenge progress while I was gone. I have plans for next challenge already as I have some new program(s) I'm going to run.
  9. Just a quick pop in. We leave soon on vacation and this challenge is going to remain pending until I return. We don't have a set return date, so might be right at the end, but unsure. ❤️
  10. Your link got me to watch that video again. I never have read the book though and definitely should. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. I get called almost every year lately and then something happens. Still haven’t seen a courtroom after 6 times.
  12. Sorry for the restless evenings. I suffer from the brain that won’t stop but when I’ve felt restless before when trying to get to sleep, the only thing that worked for me was getting up and doing something for a bit and trying again. I got worse and more frustrated if I laid there and kept trying. Even if it’s just a bit of stretching or reading.
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