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  1. Whoa boy this week was a doozy. I honestly didn’t keep track of my things but my watch seems to think I did mostly alright. Steps seem about right for walking and I mostly seemed active every day. Eating seemed better this week especially since I’ve had to cook more for the family. clearly didn’t do as well on the ghosting front. XD im out of the habit of checking here and apparently those email notifications I set up aren’t working very well. LOL. @Terra she’s an adult but so not an adult at the same time. Haha. Wish they were both littles again. Adult chi
  2. Wow, that was a super exhausting weekend. Let me see how I did challenge wise... Activity. Done done done. Still havent busted out the mat and done any pilates and stretching though, so I'd like to get into that this week. Walking. Done all 3 days. Eating. Did really much better with this. Even ate out and managed to leave stuff on my plate when I was full. I will never understand why that is so hard for me, but it is. This will be much easier this week as husband who usually cooks is out of the country, so i'm in charge of my own foods 100%. No ghost
  3. Today I Beat Saber'd, walked, and ate like a human. Might be slow to post next few days as house is likely to be a bit chaotic with travel preparations. hope everyone is doing well and hopefully will have time to follow and read some of y’all’s challenges this weekend!
  4. Yesterday: Activity daily. Yep. Walk daily. Yep Eat like a reasonable healthy human. Yep No ghosting. so far so good. Today: have activitied and walked. eating tbd
  5. oh very exciting!!!!! We're all doing good here. My babies are both in college now which is crazy af. I/we've done a lot of travelling this last couple years. I cant remember when I was last on here, but in the last two years, I've gone to Japan, my oldest did a study abroad in London for a couple of months, the hubs and I went to London and Paris. I'm just happy to be home for a bit. LOL, although the mister is heading to Switzerland and Austria later this week. It's sort of crazy. Before then none of us had been out of the country except for a quick jaunt to Canada or Mexico.
  6. Hey there mister wolllllfffffff. How you doin?
  7. YES!!! Yes it is!!!! I’m so addicted it’s ridiculous!
  8. Air quality has been super great this year. Only a few days all winter of vault time. It's been wonderful! How's that lovely wife and adorable baby?
  9. I suppose im behind already eh? Yesterday: I did most of those things without realizing. I did take the "kids" out for dinner last night because husband was NPO for a procedure today and it seems cruel to make nom-noms in the house in that situation. I ate about half of the standard dinner portion, so seems mostly like a healthy human food thing. Yesterday I did walk and I did Beat Saber, so I did good before I even knew I needed to do good. Today: Today, might be a different story. Woke up at 3 am for no reason at all, drove husband around to procedure, then t
  10. Let's see if this mic is on.... *cough cough* I think I remember how this goes... *insert boring story about where i've been for 2 years here* GOALS! (yes goals, that's right) Activity daily (5/7). Doesnt matter what, but be honest with yourself. Making an espresso is not activity. Beat Saber, pilates, yoga, RingFit, squats, bodyweight stuff, GMB stuff. You know the drill. That counts. Walk daily (5/7) Eat like a reasonable healthy human. No ghosting. That sounds simple enough for success but productive enough to be a
  11. Marauder

    RES: FEeD me

    Just stopped in to love on your mud run photos. Keep kicking ass!
  12. Might be time to dust off this profile and do some work. New challenge just started? I think the Where are you? Message in my inbox from @Sloth the Enduring says it all... dated 2 years ago.
  13. January 7th: Goal 1: Nope, but workout days will likely be T/Th/weekend day. Goal 2: Nope. Goal 3: I'd give it a B. OK, technically, I didn't know I was on a challenge yesterday... *smirks*
  14. Well, that's how it FEELS! Soft! Y'all I stood there this morning looking at that number on the scale... (and yes I don't weigh myself much and I know all the reasons the numbers are BS) but I got on the scale for a reason. I'm feeling less healthy and strong, much soft and fluffy. I've gotten soft for many reasons and in many ways that I will spare you from reading. Many of those reasons aren't going to change, so I need to keep up the work to change what I can... my activity and my eating. I sat and went through my weight check-ins on MyFitnessPal. That's the on
  15. Hiya Miss Cutie. Hope you are well! xoxo
  16. Having turned 50 just a handful of weeks ago, I approve of this message.
  17. Hey my friend!!! LOL. Yes! So happy to see you as well. ❤️
  18. Yay for chopstick victory! I prefer my hair long. Every time I go shorter I end up regretting it and growing it out again. Sigh... I read that book too. Pacific Coast Trail is actually pretty well known, here at least... My neighbor hiked it this past summer. I believe he took some breaks mid trip.
  19. Ha! Sorry for the disappearing act. The vacation was unexpectedly chaotic and I've been dealing with internet installs and router problems ever since I've been back. I honestly didn't keep track of my goals. I had sick kids, travel problems, and a pantry stocked by junk food eaters. Sigh. R.I.P. my habits and goals for last week. I always seem to overestimate my ability to "stay on track" during the chaos of vacations. I'm back now and trying to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully the internet woes are manageable from here on out, but still having router troubles.
  20. Wednesday and Thursday: I DID take my multivitamin and vitamin D I DID eat slow and stop before full most of the time. Still calling that a win. I will be on vacation starting tomorrow for a week. I'll still drop by and update, but it won't be on the regular. <3
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