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  1. Congrats on the great interview. I can totally relate to the mixed feelings. I definitely need to check out the jar salads!
  2. Greetings from another newbie and a Utahn here (and a displaced east coaster). Love how you strategized the workout progression. After doing two now, I'm not sure how quickly mine will go though. Haha. I'm leaning toward assassin myself. Good luck with the challenge. I've followed so I can come back and pepper you with Rah Rah Rahs.
  3. Since I tend to over analyze it's probably best for me that I didn't have much time. Haha. Forced spontaneity! OMG! I totally have those papaya pills. I'd forgotten about them but I remember they did sometimes help before. It's really weird to me how it will go away completely if I lose about 5 pounds. I will definitely check out that book! Thanks!
  4. I did move next to a table during my lunges and gave myself a little support. My husband is laughing at/with me this evening as I hobble up and down the stairs. I'm scared for tomorrow's soreness. I did stretch, so hopefully that will help.
  5. Day 3 update: Filled the ring, no problem. Yay! Eat the veggies, knocked it out day 2, today pending. This one is surprisingly harder for me than anticipated... Workout... Completed 1 set of BBWW with modifications of: only 10 lunges (legs crying and giving out), 5 knee pushups and 5 wall pushups. I think this is probably a good workout for now given Ive been making small yelping noises each time I get out of my work chair. Taking it slow and steady. Next workout goal is one full set (c'mon lunges!).
  6. technical difficulties. many duplicate posts
  7. I am soooooo far removed from working out that I'm taking it very slow. I'm generally of the eager-beaver sort and burn myself out or start to feel defeated or overwhelmed. So... My goal for this week was just to get through one set of the workout (yes, the one from NF). Day 1 went pretty well, but I watched the How to do a Squat video AFTER I did the workout. Needless to say, today's squats definitely kicked my butt a lot more than Monday. As for pushups, Im doing as many knee pushups as I can and then finishing out with wall pushups. I'm trying to make this do-able. Honestly, my goal for now is just slow progress; too much too soon and I will be toast. I am really trying hard to keep myself motivated and reined in,
  8. Good luck Eureka! I would have a really hard time with moving around so much. Routines are so helpful. I tend to fall apart when they get disrupted. Yoga + beer... sounds delish!
  9. Yeah, I just did my second of the bodyweight workouts. The lunges AND the pushups are killing me right now. I almost fell on my @ss on the first lunge. The squats had already made me noodle-legged. I made it through though! I will follow your thread as well. We can do this!!
  10. Is 47 close enough? Would love to hang with the wise crowd.
  11. Riding that first challenge high.

  12. My quests are similar to you both, so following your thread to offer cheering! and WOW to the 8 hours of editing/writing. That's a ton!
  13. Me too!! It will be sad to see them go in the next month or so...
  14. We're like twins!! I can SO relate to SO much of your intro, especially the "eager-beaver sandwich story". I'm looking forward to kicking some butt this next 6-weeks with you. Our goals are very similar, so I'll try and check back often for a little "rah, rah, rah".
  15. Thanks for the info about the Academy. I'm going to think on it and re-assess once I finish this 6w challenge. I like the idea of a clear direction! Alas, it will depend on the finances most likely. Down with desk jobs!!
  16. Day 2 update: Quest 1: Fill the green ring... day 1 went well, but I forgot to "start" my workout at the beginning and was robbed of a few minutes. Close though. day 2 no problem done before 8am Quest 2: 3 servings of veggies... day 1 went great. We have tons of tomatoes right now and that helps. This will be harder as it gets colder. day 2 as of lunch I am 2/3 there. Don't forsee a problem for today. Quest 3: bodyweight workout... day 1 workout complete. I did one set of each exercise today and concentrated on form. Will shoot for 2 sets later this week. day 2 rest day so Not sure if I will check in every day, but I'd like to try and check in twice a week at least. I'm debating rewarding myself with an Academy membership. Any thoughts? From what I've read it is a great way to get started, but is that going to be what I need after 6 weeks?
  17. Thanks LuckyStar813! I will check in with you as well. Good luck! Darn these desk jobs!!!
  18. Just found NF today and am jumping in. The moment is NOW! Signed up for the challenge and now need to go back and figure out how NF works. The guild thing is a mystery for now, but I look forward to reading more and having fun here. I am fitness challenged, but thankfully don't do too bad in what I eat... mostly need to watch how much of it I eat. Looking forward to learning lots!
  19. I'm Jodie and this is my first challenge. I'm 46 and fighting the decline. I sit at a desk most of the day and my body is going to flabby bits. It's time to move more and eat better. I just found Nerd Fitness today and I'm jumping in, ready or not. I will learn as I go. I've tried many things before, but the simple fact is I need motivation to keep at it. I usually fizzle out after a week or two. Not setting grades or rewards at this point as I have no idea what they even mean yet. Maybe I can add those later. Main Quest: Lose 10lbs by end of 2015. Cancelled due to attitude improvement. haha! Quest 1 My Precious: Walk for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. 30 minutes of elevated heard rate per Apple Watch. Fill that green ring! Measurement: 36 days = A, 30 days = B, 25 days = C Reward: A = +2 STA, B= +1 STA, C=0 STA Quest 2 Veggie Ninja: At least 3 servings of veggies per day. Measurement: 42 days = A, 32 = B, 21 = C Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2 CON, C = +1 CON Quest 3 You Can: Beginners bodyweight workout 3x/week. It's just 3 times. Seriously girl! Don't be a slacker! Measurement: 18 = A, 15 = B, 12 = C Reward: A = +3 STR, B = +2 STR, C = +1 STR Life Quest: I need to be kind to myself. I am where I am and negative self-talk doesn't help me to a better place, it just becomes an excuse to ignore and emotionally eat. Don't go there! Reward: +2 WIS if you complete the challenge Motivation: I physically feel terrible right now. When my weight gets above a certain level, I get heartburn regularly, feel more bloated and tired. I feel so much better when I'm taking care of myself.
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