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  1. workout - ✖️ I'm calling it early. Got my covid booster yesterday and the body aches are through the roof, so cancelled. eating slowly - ✅ did good yesterday, no appetite today, so that should be easy for today. sleep - ✖️ busy brain so couldnt settle in until around midnight and then thunderstorm at 3 am and didnt get back to sleep, RIP. Today will be napping. In other news, in perfect harmony with my overthinking, went walking yesterday past the local community rec center, popped in, and guess what... full set of freeweights, barbells, etc. All very clean, nearly vacant, and only $15/mo. I see a change happening soon. Bonus points, walking distance.
  2. If they would do a dub program just for me I couldn’t afford it. LOL. Planet Fitness is a chain and doesn’t do barbells anywhere so doubtful. and yes and yes to the other points. I think this is where I need to get my head space. As a chronic rule follower, easier said than done and I’ll just have to wait and see how disruptive the substitutions get. The program is delivered in an app that allows subs but I don’t have access until I sign up. thanks for echoing some of what I was thinking!
  3. Opinions welcomed... Im struggling with what to do after returning from vacation. I'm determined and committed to making strength training a strong part of my forever plan. I'm struggling with the "details" monster. Chronic overthinker here. I've been doing megsquats Before the Barbell program with the anticipation of starting her paid monthly programming Stronger By The Day once we return from vacation near end of July. I'm in love with the idea of varied done-for-me programming, just open app, and do things. It comes in two flavors.... gym and home, both 4x/wk. Gym assumes access to a barbell, which I dont have. We made some changes and I no longer have a home gym or room for one. I do have a PF gym with their usual dbs and machines and Smith machine, and home dbs and bands. The home version of the programming uses bodyweight and bands. Im generally not a fan of bodyweight workouts because I have to do so many modifications (I mean, it includes handstands, um LOL), so Im meh about that. So.... I was planning on doing the gym programming and subbing the big barbell lifts with machines. It's not perfect, but it's what I can do. I know the science behind compounds lifts being superior, blah blah blah. Am I really doing a major disservice here by not finding another gym or a more dumbbell focused program? I mean I'm 53 and just trying to stay strong, and honestly, when I was barbell lifting at home before, I struggled with squats making me dizzy and recovery times with deadlift. I've looked a bit into other gyms near me and its dismal. I've not found another program with a setup and community aspect that I like nearly as much.
  4. FYI, Most UPS Stores will securely shred papers. It's like a buck a pound or something? Less if you have more. In my experience, 100% worth the cost. ETA: LOL, ok, I kept reading and realize I'm just repeating everyone else.
  5. NICE JOB ON SLEEPY! Im not sure if I want to hear about sparkling water or not tbh. I'm waiting impatiently for the big news on cooking/food though.
  6. Workout - ✅ all the things were lifted and pulled and squatted eat slowly - ✅ better today sleep - 7 hrs 2 mins. a very productive day here. I made a list and got a lot done. Mostly household and pet care but it all was getting behind. Feels good to check off a solid list of stuff!
  7. I hear that. I've had a few health scares this year that I feel should motivate me more. Ugh. My nutrition is actually pretty good. What I desperately need is to get better sleep and ESTABLISH A ROUTINE OF MOVEMENT. It's so hard though. I'm incredibly good at being lazy. One step at a time, as you said...
  8. we are in Utah and heading west to the Oregon Coast, up the coast, and (likely) into Portland and then looping back around. We have campsites reserved for along the coast. The rest of the time we’ll either find something last minute or stealth parking lot sleep. we don’t road trip often, but when we do gas is $5+ Per gallon. 😜 we have another planned for September back east. My niece is getting married.
  9. Where did those days go? Husband is off Covid isolation now so it's nice to have him back. Im exhausted from all the adulting that was necessary. workout - ✅ (yesterday, Im on a S, T, Th schedule right now). I can't recall off the top of my head but there were pushups, and my legs are reminding me there were db RDLs, goblet squats, and bw squats. I'm following a program and thankfully it tells me what to do, which is honestly (for me) the only way to live. eat slowly - ✖️ I have been mindlessly snarfing down my meals. I will try to do better. Stress! sleep - ✅ I've done pretty good in this camp. No husband to hang out with meant early to bed every night. Our road trip is suddenly upon us and we aren't prepared at all. We leave in a week and half and havent really put the van back together after we ripped it all apart a few weeks ago. Built a drawer set and need to secure it in there. Need to install the camp kitchen we bought. Need to figure out the rest of the storage. Just remembered this morning to order more dog treats and food for the trip so we dont run out. I just made a reservation for a campsite for night 2 last night. If you know me at all, this lack of planning and foresight is highly irregular. Maybe I'll take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf and live a more spontaneous life... hahahahaha. Just kidding. That's never gonna happen.
  10. Today was spent on the struggle bus and trying to make sense of this mess. workout - ❎ eat slow - I ate a donut very slowly and it was fab sleep - 8 hours-ish maybe I’ll do my workout tomorrow. I can channel my anger.
  11. I’d call that a success with no asterisk needed.
  12. Hope you have a blast at the game!!
  13. Your dinners always sound so good. Do you just wing it or do you have recipes for all these things?
  14. workout - ✅ all the things were done... reverse lunges, KB deadlifts, hip thrusts, cable rows, triceps pushdowns, lateral raises, deadbugs. eat slower - ✅ just sitting down to dinner and conscious not to be a shark sleep - ✅✅ LOL. 8 hours 15 mins. allergy sleep FTW Overall, it was a good day. I didnt walk much today, which is disappointing, but the wind/allergy combo made it seem like a bad idea.
  15. I had five years of allergy shots and that helped a lot but if I spend too much time outdoors at this time of year it still knocks me out. Flonase will help most of the time but nothing else OTC seems to touch it. Sort of makes sense though I guess. They are mostly things you have to take daily for results. Already feeling a bit better this morning so hopefully it’ll be gone tomorrow.
  16. Monday was chaos and I collapsed into bed late so failed to update. Today was more calm but also allergies. Ugh. workout - ✅ (mon) I started a new program last week and then got distracted with Covid stuff so decided to do workout 1 again Monday rather than move to 2 and confuse myself for the next 8 weeks of the program. eat slow - ✅ mostly doing ok with this one. I seem to do better at breakfast and lunch and at dinner I turn into a shark. No idea why. sleep - 😐 still under 7 hrs total both nights. I don’t love wearing my watch at night so it’s hard to track. Might need a better system. Spent a lot of time outside Monday and I’m paying for it with seasonal allergy hell. Hopefully it’ll chill out tomorrow because I have a hard time motivating myself to workout when I feel run down.
  17. Good luck with the scan today!! I’m a fellow zero-thyroid although for different disease, same outcome. It’s a long story. It’s wild and never really the same to use replacement but thank heavens we have it!! Walking is such an underrated exercise. I still think it’s one of the best things we can do for our long term health. I hear you on needing a community and that’s why I ventured back to NF too. ❤️ We got this!
  18. Welcome back to you as well! Hope you’ve been well. Will go and check out your challenge.
  19. Backyard picnic was a success. Husband still the only one sick so maybe we got lucky. 🤞 workout - ❎ Eat slow - ✅ sleep - 6 hr 23 m 😐 I blame Netflix documentaries for my sleep numbers. Ate slowly at 2/3 meals so I’ll call that a win. Going to bed early tonight. Workout tomorrow.
  20. Oh nuts! I’m sorry to hear it. I hope you get well quickly!
  21. What the heck even is a stripe-er?
  22. We’re living mirror lives with Covid right now. Ack! Good luck to you! Plank variations are best core.
  23. Husband is still the only one that has tested positive. Everyone else has somewhere to hide out but I’m sort of stuck on the main floor with the kitchen and main thoroughfare. I’m wearing a mask all day because I was very exposed and am concerned with creating a plague cloud. I struggle with wearing a mask for long periods of time so it’s just been not very fun at all. Fairly sure the husband isn’t enjoying his part either. I probably should have worked out today but feeling pretty grouchy and didn’t sleep well last night at all. The puppy was all out of sorts and we were both very restless. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m trying to figure out a way we can at least all see each other for dinner. Maybe a backyard picnic if the weather cooperates. all of that to say…. I didn’t do any of the things! Tomorrow is a new day.
  24. That sounds like an amazing day! Happy Birthday!!! ps. Yay for little bit sleepovers!
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