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  1. Blargh. Husband tested negative for covid last night, coughed all night in bed, then tested positive this morning. We'd both managed to avoid it thus far.
  2. Hummus is a good thing to keep around. It’s decent for protein. My other staples are string cheese and Kodiak Cake pancakes. Medical stuff is exhausting and dealing with the appointments is too. I’ve been through the ringer some this spring and just now settling down. Hang in there!
  3. I’ve only read this so far but I’m pretty sure you’re my long lost twin or my soulmate.
  4. Workout ✅ Eat slow ✅ Sleep: 7 hrs 10 m I could still do better with slowing down my eating. It would help if my husband made less tasty dinners. Workout went well… bw squats, goblet squats, RDL, push ups, planks.
  5. Congrats on the lifts. Swanky new home gym looks awesome!
  6. Thank you! Mindset stuff is so hard. We do a lot of it without really consciously thinking about it. It’s a big behavior shift for me. And yes, putting the fork down is a hard habit to really get down for me but I keep trying at it. Honestly the hardest one for me is putting down finger food or sandwiches between bites but I’m trying!! Thank you! Awesome to see you! Do you have a challenge thread? Thank you! Oh boy this is a hard one, but so very true for me. I’ve had some health things come up (nothing serious) that tell me I need a new path with fitness and I’m really hoping my brain can ride this desire to improve my health for long enough that it’s more of a habit.
  7. The workouts you do when you really feel like crap should count double. They feel like double the victory! Well done!!
  8. I’d never heard of Saharan dust before. Very interesting and bizarre. Sorry for the air quality. I know that’s not fun.
  9. I didn’t even know about prime accounts. I should probably look around a little. 😂
  10. amen and just shouting it a little louder for the young people in back
  11. Anyone and everyone…. What’s your secret/best tip to sticking to your plans? Im a strong starter and then fade, then quit, then guilt, then repeat. I’m convinced quite a bit has to do with my all or nothing attitude and I’m working on it. I’ve had lots of practice with the old attitude and it won’t be easy.
  12. Always amazing to see you Tank. Hope the family is well!
  13. Here for cute. Here for very similar goals. Also here for life tea spilling. Are there snacks?
  14. Happy to see you here and also very sorry for what sounds like an exhausting and emotional year so far! Way to get back out there. Inertia can be a boss fight sometimes!
  15. Oh my. Mindset Reset. I’m tired of my all or nothing fixed mindset. It’s time for growth!!! Also, I desperately need a supportive community. Who did I think of first? You nerds! Goals Fitness: 3x per week strength training per programming Nutrition: Put down the damn fork (between bites that is). Aka Eat Slower. Mindset: Sleep is everything. Track how much you get. bonus: Failure is an opportunity to learn what doesn’t work for you or your goals. Use it to find what does. Happy to be back and ready to start yesterday. In fact, will probably start tomorrow as I have a two week road trip during this challenge. I’m unsure how that will affect the strength training. Everything else should be easily managed though. Hopefully internet coverage has improved there… runs to check. So… how is everyone?
  16. I’m incredibly sad to come back and see this news. I raise my drink to Mr Willes.
  17. I got in one ride again. LOL. Husband is home the next few days so perhaps I will manage at least two this week. Puppies are legit exhausting. I'm sleeping like the dead. The husband gets up sometimes at night to take the pup out, but I never hear a thing. Thank heavens for small favors. He wears me out during the day enough! Reading is going well, but it's almost all "how do I stop puppy from..." Hey at least I didn't ghost my challenge. It's been really hard to adjust to life with a puppy AND finding time for things. The house isnt clean, the workouts are undone, some days I realize at 4 pm that I havent brushed my hair or teeth. Yikes! But I've survived, gotten in a little bit, and DID NOT GHOST MY CHALLENGE. It's a C+ at least. LOL
  18. LOL. I’ve been doing a lot of squats picking up puppy and deadlifts lifting him out of timeout. Does that count? I got one ride in. Maybe another tomorrow as the husband is home on the weekend. It’s so hot that it’s hard to find the motivation even when I have time. Our cooling system can only create about a 20 degree drop so our house is closer to 80 degs this last few days. 🥵 reading has happened but it’s been a bit or miss as well.
  19. Still nothing happening on the challenge front. Puppy is a full time job it seems. Unfortunately for my sanity, it was just rough timing a bit. Daughter started a new job right after working more hours and husband has a big to-do at work that he is dealing with at the moment. It'll all work itself out, but getting on the bike or getting a workout in has been next to impossible. He spends some time in his crate every day, but that's when I get basic home care done. These clothes arent going to wash themselves! Dinner needs to happen!
  20. Did I mention puppy biting? And heel nipping? We have all the puppy deterrence happening here!
  21. Ha. I was just coming here to moan and whine. Puppies suck. Everyone here loves him but I have to do all the work and I’m the one he bites and humps. I’m pretty over him at the moment. It may be one of the only times I’ve ever wished I didn’t work at home. No working out has happened. No work has happened. It’s miserable.
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