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  1. Yay for answers! Glad it was something you dealt with early! The garden looks awesome. I need to get busy with mine but its been too hot for anything.
  2. Thanks! So far, he has me doing lots of work on hands and knees with a scrubbing motion. 😝 It's a good thing he's so cute! Thanks so much!! We think he's a cutie too! Today we finally got our sprinkler problem fixed. I'd forgotten how much work it is to water the lawn manually. It's been out for a week (and new puppy week at that!). I can now set it and forget it. Bliss! It's been over or near 100 degs here for most of that week too and things are suffering. I've lost several of my new perennials in the process. Boo! This week has been the first BLTs of the season. j Honestly, there is nothing like a fresh garden tomato sandwich. My son got his first job and this is his first real week at work. He had to get up at 8 am and let me tell you the sky was falling over that. Otherwise, things have been pretty much the same, waking up a few times at night with the puppers, lots of house training trips outside, less cleaning up of house training oops inside, and still lots of being used as a chew toy. Eddie's first vet visit is tomorrow.
  3. Blargh, it's Wednesday already? Yikes! Puppies take up so much energy. I think I'll be lucky to even partially complete the next few weeks. I need to figure out a situation where I can ride my bike and workout safely. This little man is my shadow. A shadow with sharp little teeth and paws! 1/3 bike rides 1/3 workouts 3/7 reading (puppy training book. 🤣 ) Wish me luck!
  4. Thanks everyone. Holy cow am I tired. Getting up several times a night is a killer. To sum up last week…. 2/3 rides done 2/3 workouts done 5/7 reading done i kept trying to read some this evening but kept nodding off with a puppy loose in the house. Ack!! hopefully can get into more of a routine this week with everything.
  5. yes! One green and one green and blue. thanks everyone!!! and having a new puppy is a great workout. I’ve used muscles I forgot I had. 😂
  6. Ok, not doing so great with the posting but I had a good reason… Meet Eddie!
  7. * I was quoting this… “ I'll marinate it all day and BBQ for dinner later when Spezzy is done work for the day.” wait. WHAT? I miss all the good stuff! Congrats! Even like a whole new country and stuff for one of you yeah? LOL. I thought it was odd you were having her look at my van. I’m such a doof. It all makes sense now!
  8. Sorry for the heat. Weather is such a mess. We’ve broken quite a few records here as well. I’ve lost count of the days over 100 degs this month. Thankfully we have very little humidity so it’s a bit more tolerable and most homes here have whole house cooling. We’re having a severe drought as well. Bad combo. hopefully your weather is cooling down now?
  9. I was hoping for Juice Newton and whatever that Air Supply song was I slow danced to at the school dances. 😂 I’m really wanting to try meatballs with pistachios in them now. That sounds so good! I’ll be sure to bake them.
  10. Way to do it anyway!!!! Also, anxiety is SO random sometimes. I’m glad you are now prepared for the next time your job is at risk of making you break your lease on your future apartment.
  11. thanks so much! She worked very hard and rocked it! Very proud! no way!!! Your youngest can’t be that old yet!!! LOL Thanks but… well… today was a flop. Woke up with plans to workout right away but life decided other things were on tap. Discovered, as I went to grab my workout clothes from the drying rack, that the sprinkler was still running about an hour after it was supposed to shut off. Could not turn it off without shutting off the water to it. Valve box was covered in some out of control weedy vine, so started tearing that out to get to it and found some leaking sprinkler thing I know not what to do with. Went inside to have a break and spilled my coffee on the carpet and remembered we needed a new carpet cleaner and headed out to grab one and the day just went downhill from there. By the end of the day 3 of the 4 adults in the house were emotionally wrecked over cancelled puppy plans. someone spread on the butter because im toast. tomorrow is a new day. I now have no new puppy to prepare for so at least I’ll have the time to get some actual things done!!
  12. Monday was a work day so not much was done other than reading. Today I did a 30 min ride. It was challenging and felt pretty good. I was mostly able to keep up with the instructors cadence and resistance call outs. This is a pretty decent improvement for me. New heart rate monitor works wonderfully. I'm changing my workout goal to 3/week rather than 4. With my current schedule it’s really difficult to get anything but work done on Monday and there’s too much doubling up necessary. Worth it for the rest of the week off though. 1/3 rides 0/3 workouts 3/7 reading In the spirit of catching up, my daughter graduated from college this spring and is planning on starting her masters this fall. My son will start his junior year of college this fall. Where does the time go??
  13. 6 pills a day and I just bought a home blood pressure cuff. The struggle is real.
  14. I’m glad things are improving for you. I’m sorry about the bike. I know how much you love it. It’ll come back with time I’m sure but I know it’s probably frustrating. Sending all the healing vibes. ❤️
  15. my very largest and snuggliest hugs to all of you. Losing a family member is so freaking hard. These pets are such tender loves. It feels all so unfair sometimes.
  16. I appreciate all the support. Grief really sneaks up on you sometimes and takes your breath away. It’s getting better. Honestly sometimes just talking and crying a little together is what you need. Everyone is doing better today. It helped to have a busy day today as well. my new heart rate monitor arrives for the bike tomorrow so I’m excited to try that out. My Apple Watch doesn’t like to play well with the bike for some reason and I definitely don’t need any hurdles to getting my workouts in! also, I see @Sloth the Enduring lurking around here. Off to see if you posted anything.
  17. thanks! I’ve noticed quite a few myself! Woohoo!
  18. Wait… y’all stay up past 8? Had to google what CIZE was. Looks fun! I have a different workout subscription and I love it. I hope you reach your goal!! ps. Feel free to send all rain my way.
  19. I see you over here slaying this challenge!!
  20. I played this at least 4,000 times on my little pink suitcase record player. Those were the days!! and a very very Belated Happy Birthday! 🎉
  21. well it sure seems like this is a thing! Honestly I don’t miss dairy much. I prefer oat milk and oat milk yogurt. I do still have cheese on the rare occasion but not a lot at once. thanks so much!! In other news it’s been a sort of emotional few days here. We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog last September and there has been some talk of getting another dog. It just brought up a lot of emotions and lots of other things boiled up as well. It was rough on my head space and I got nothing done yesterday or today. tomorrow is a work day, so probably not much from me until Monday.
  22. It's a wonderful rainy day here today. It's been super hot and dry this summer, so it's welcome. 2/3 rides done 2/4 workouts done 5/7 reading done I may change my workout goal to 3 per week. That gives me a bit more flexibility and we have a lot going on this summer and a lot of projects happening around the house (which are basically a workout anyway). I'll ponder this. Nothing much to report otherwise. I havent done much catchup for the time I was away from NF, so I will just say that I'm continuing in the land of "no diet". I try to eat intuitively, but that seems like such an overcomplicated theory for it. Really, I just try to eat lots of plants, not much meat, and avoid mindless snacking. I've also given up most dairy and almost all alcohol because it just makes me feel crummy. I'm mildly suspicious that I have a gluten sensitivity too, but I just can't admit that to myself. I have noticed that since I gave up most dairy, if I eat something dairy-rich, it makes me feel really terrible (much more than it used to). Is that a common thing when removing/reducing allergens? Hope everyone is doing well!
  23. Busy evening here but… 2/3 rides done 1/4 workouts done 4/7 reading done more tomorrow.
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