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  1. We have a standing rule in our house. If we do not have a spagetti squash in house, buy one.
  2. I have returned. I've been doing well at working out, but failing at eating. I'm using this challenge to get back on track. Goals for challenge: 1. Track food (staying under 2200 cals) 2. Eat Paleo (or at least low carb) 3. Turn off electronics at or before 10pm to help sleep patterns. I can't workout during May due to Surgery on Friday followed by enforced "DON'T DO ANYTHING OR YOU WILL BREAK STITCHES!". However, as a Crossfitter, I feel most comfortable here.
  3. Star Wars: The Old Republic Canderous Ordo Server Guildmaster of www.jhantor.net
  4. 1. It's challenging - the workouts regularly kick my butt. 2. It's never boring - every workout is different. 3. It's timeboxed at 1 hour - I workout to live, I don't live to workout 4. It just works.
  5. If you are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when you aren't pumping iron, then the "Foundation of Jhantor" wants you! We are on the Canderous Ordo server, Republic Side. /who will get you a listing of everyone on the server, and you can filter by guild! Alternatively, just send a message to "Rachael" (me) and let me know you are in the NF Rebellion, and I"ll toss you an invite! I'm running it very casual (because I need time to go to Crossfit and enjoy occasionally being outside).
  6. After we did Grace at Crossfit on Wednesday, we did 2 minutes of as many double-unders as possible. Note I've never gotten a single double under... UNTIL THEN! I managed to get a single double-under, TWICE (so it wasn't a fluke) Go me.
  7. I like the Costco stuff that is made by Muscle Milk. Cheap and tastey.
  8. Not really collaboration, was just inspired by her web design videos.
  9. Not really a "woot" yet, but... I'm working on a new project of creating video tutorials! Special Thanks NF board member to TheAnne for partially inspiring this!
  10. Taking Paleo Diet out of the equation, yes it's fine. If you are not loading up on the carbs/keeping your calories under control - there shouldn't be a problem. Furthermore, it would help you build muscle which helps you burn fat faster. Taking Paleo Diet INTO the equation, it depends on how "paleo" you want to be vs. type of shake. There are Primal shakes specifically for this sort of thing. If you use powder made from egg-protein, there is no problem beyond the artificial sweetners most have. If you use whey powder (I do), then it's up to you. I bend my diet rules around that. If I don't wor
  11. Weight loss is likely a combination of weight lifting and diet change. That being said, it appears you have a lean diet. If you are really worried about energy and weight, then I'd recommend the following changes to try to give you a calorie surplus: 1. Add more fruit - at least 2-3 pieces of fruit per day. 2. Add more fats - have an avocado on the side with your chicken and walk around with a HUGE bag of nuts. My understanding with Paleo is you will lose fat (I will find out how this works for me in February when I have my next body fat measurement) which would account for loss around your
  12. I'll admit I've not read the whole thread, but I can give you a few tips that have worked for me in avoiding "junk food". 1. I recently figured out that artificial sweetener was actually exacerbating my cravings. I cut out soda, I drink my coffee black, and cut "no-sugar added desserts". This has actually reduced my cravings somewhat. 2. When I crave junk food, I eat a banana instead. The texture and natural sweetness is usually enough to kill off my cravings. I also do apples, but not everyone is as apple crazy as I am. 3. I used to "budget". I'd say "OK, I'm going to be good but on Frida
  13. I suspect you are wanting an answer looking at it from the point of view of the USDA: It's a good, high-level overview of grain info. I think it does a decent job of giving you an explanation of what labels are actually saying when they say it. Furthermore, it does a good job explaining the "whys" and "hows" of why you should be eating whole grains. As to another post in this thread.... Ricotter, Not everyone on this board buys into "Paleo" and this community accepts that. Being militant about "Anti-Grains" will not win any friends or converts. Heck, 67Alecto, one of our Mods, is non-Paleo an
  14. Indirectly. And further indication of my nerdiness....Back in the mid-90s, I decided to get an @Yahoo.com address (which is still my main one) because ISPs were still in flux and I wanted a singular email address. I spent about 30 minutes trying usernames, but all were taken.... In the background, the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy) started playing the Star Trek episode that introduced Kahn - Space Seed. While kahn@yahoo.com was taken, I realized at that point, I needed to come up with something more unique because everything was taken. I remember my first Marvel Super Heroes character Guardian - hi
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