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  1. Lifting stuff up and putting it down again

    13/12/17 Rack pull 3 x 120kg 3 x 135kg 3 x 145kg 3 x 155kg Dumbbell rows Dumbbell curls
  2. Lifting stuff up and putting it down again

    09/12/17 Overhead press 4 x 32.5kg 4 x 37.5kg 4 x 42.5kg 4 x 47.5kg Overhead extensions
  3. Lifting stuff up and putting it down again

    07/12/17 Rack pull 4 x 110kg 4 x 120kg 4 x 127.5kg 4 x 145kg Dumbbell curls
  4. Hi. Been posting a training log on another forum, but came across Rebellion HQ and thought I'd feel right at home here. I began lifting 9 months ago at 39yo and have followed a few programs including Stronglifts 5x5, One Lift A Day and the 40 Workout Challenge from Dan John. That got me to a 100kg deadlift, 95kg squat and 52.5kg push press (I don't like benching). I recently began trying strongman-style training and have fallen in love with how it translates into real-world practical strength, ie. picking up heavy awkward stuff and moving it around (when was the last time someone asked you to pick up a barbell shaped object and squat up and down with it on your shoulders?). So anyway, my training at the moment is nice and simple, ie. one main lift followed by an assistance lift normally 6 days a week (little and often) using a mixture of barbell, dumbbells, log, tyre, sandbag etc. So here goes...