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  1. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    Feeling pretty good today. Time permitting I will ruck to and from tennis(.65 miles each way)
  2. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    Today after work was a ruck. Still only a 20lb load plus 3.5 liters of water. I will skip my ruck for tomorrow morning since I have tennis in the evening and am easing into the plan. Also pool update. So we decided to add a heater. In order to pay for said heater(also Driveway) and stay within budget I am now working 14 weeks of OT and targeting 156 hours extra. WEEEEE!
  3. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    I've got time and I can focus only on it. Last time I attempted to train for it was during IRONMAN training and that did not go well. I am trying to cut some weight at first then do my best to add muscle. Now that we are in Florida I am easily hitting 10k steps and if I stuck to my 2k calories I could drop weight fast. I like paleo since I am trying to avoid getting into pre-diabetes which I had barely crossed into eating white rice and GU's training long distance. The biggest issue is sticking to actual eating paleo at 2k calories. There is the every day urge to have a fruity drink or a corona outside after work here, or go to one of the many beachside restaurants and have a meal. I use GORUCK brand rucks. They are pretty expensive but they have sales regularly and have a lifetime warranty. Really the one main rule is do not add distance and weight at the same time. Start small with a light weight and do a mile or two, then either add a few pounds next time or go a little further.
  4. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    So Monday my knee started getting hurty and I decided I should lay off it. Tuesday morning it was feeling much better but not 100%. Tuesday night I had tennis and after wards went to bed quickly. 9 hours of sleep and I woke up this morning like a million $. Hoping to get home from work and ruck 3-4 today depending on time/knee. Will update later tonight.
  5. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    So it is more of a team building event than a competition. You make a bunch of new friends and by the end the Cadre leading the event has molded you into a new team. I did ruck on sand a bit and was also in sandals the whole time. 20lb plate plus water which is lighter than my normal 30lb load.
  6. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    Yesterday was my start to the training and we were down south for my wifes 13.1 race. Decided i would do a ruck while waiting. Nutrition and beers post race happened but now today i am home and going to start the week right. Amazing morning on the beach to ruck and watch the sunrise.
  7. Raptron Shuffle

    Following... A little late.
  8. Doctorake signs up for something stupid

    More on the theme: "This event is in memory of EXTORTION 17, the callsign for the Chinook helicopter shot down while attempting to insert reinforcements for a unit of Rangers on 6 August 2011 in Wardak province, Afghanistan. EXTORTION 17 remains the single greatest loss of life in that war. Of the 38 KIA, 17 were SEALs. All were willing to risk their lives for their brothers on the ground. At your challenge, expect the scenarios to build in concert with how the mission unfolded that fateful day. The initial insertion of Rangers, the follow on mission for the Taliban commander, the “Fallen Angel”, and the aftermath. Rest in Peace. Participants are requested to bring a laminated picture of a service member who passed on EXTORTION 17. "
  9. So I have decided to sign up for a GORUCK HTL. This is dumb, but man it is going to be fun. Ok a little information on this event. "A GORUCK Heavy - all 24+ hours of it - is a significant religious experience. Upon completion, the last thing your body will want is more. And yet, if you have that fire in your belly, it craves more kindling. So you’ll get little to no sleep as you dry your feet out and eat as many calories, preferably hot, as a human body can endure. You’ll set your alarm for when, not if, you fall asleep, wherever it’s dry. And when you wake up, you’ll toe the line at the Tough. These are the bad decisions we make in life, and they’re not for the faint of heart." I think to have any shot at finishing this is what needs to be done: Training Most important, if my feet are not ready I will not be able to do the mileage. I need to get used to really heavy stuff on my back for long distance. I need to improve my upper body strength. Nutrition Limit alcohol. No more drinking a bunch of beer or boozing on the wine. Eat Plaeo. I have a few more things that are low carb and not paleo to finish off before I transition to 100% paleo. Bacon is not paleo. Bacon is not paleo. Bacon is not paleo. Neither is sausage. Substitutions/Chaoices. I will go out to eat, I am married and it happens. When I go out to eat I will make smart choices, passing on tacos and getting just fajita veggies and meats is a great choice. Just keep telling myself this. Track 100% of my intake. When eating out make my best guestimate. I tracked 365 days in 2015 and 2017, I know what food weighs what. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. No excuses unless I am training overnight. Stretching Daily - no excuses. I have been hitting every other day, no more! Also in later challenges I will add yoga. Crucial for recovery. If I don't stretch properly I don't heal. Reading Physical being is important, mental is more. You can somewhat "grey-man" events but you need a mental toughness to make it through. Extortion 17. That is the theme for this event, there are numerous books about it on amazon, I plan to read one or more. So I am deciding to train for the Jacksonville FL HTL on August 10th of this year. Extortion 17 is the theme to honor 17 seals who died. I have time but I need to use it wisely and today I start. I have written out a workout/training plan for the rest of the month and I will update this with my training and eating.