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  1. Doctorake Tri-ing something different

    5/16 Sleep length(garmin tracked): 7:06 Steps: 14,339 Weight: 167.4lbs Workouts(s): 3 minute row to warm up - 602 meters 4 X max push ups : 21, 17, 18, 12 Bench Press weight X Reps X Sets Bench Press 45lbs X 5 X 2 Bench Press 65lbs X 5 X 1 Bench Press 95lbs X 3 X 1 Bench Press 105lbs X 5 X 3 Plank 1 minute Run 2 X 800m : 5:25, and 5:19(I was gassed) Stretch: Yes Calories: 1,574 Macros: 64 grams of carbs, 80 grams of fat, 144 grams of protein Alcohol: No Paleo: Yes Read: No Duo: Yes, 4 day streak Audible: Yes, Artemis Pics of the day/dinner: Amberjack and asparagus The fish I am eating
  2. Doctorake Tri-ing something different

    5/15 Sleep length(garmin tracked): 7:17 Steps: 11,676 Weight: 168.8lbs Workouts(s): 3 minute row to warm up - 598 meters 4 X max pull ups : 3, 3, 2, 2 Power Clean weight X Reps X Sets Power Clean 65lbs X 3 X 1 Power Clean 75lbs X 3 X 1 Power Clean 85lbs X 3 X 5 Max sit ups in 2 minutes : 53 Ride my bike for 10 minutes : 2.34 miles Stretch: Yes Calories: 1,426 Macros: 53 grams of carbs, 88 grams of fat, 103 grams of protein Alcohol: No Paleo: Yes Read: Yes, Cosmos, and started my last short story Duo: Yes, 3 day streak Audible: Yes started Artemis Pics of the day/dinner: ground turkey, veggies, avocados and two fried eggs
  3. Doctorake Tri-ing something different

    Past week was rough. I worked 12, 14, 13 and 11 hour days Monday through Thursday. I ate hit or miss and I pretty much did not workout. FRiday I went out in the ocean with a buddy and it was tough fishing for us, just a few snapper. Today is Sunday 5/13, I am going to power through this week and try to kill it.
  4. Doctorake Tri-ing something different

    So this one will be a little different. I was originally looking for something to train for and wanted to do a GORUCK HTL, but then I was informed that the only date this year I could do was my mother in laws 70th birthday celebration at the beach in New Hampshire. My wife is doing IRONMAN Lake Placid in July and we did a sprint triathlon a few weeks a go as a warm up for her. I forgot how much I liked the short distance as opposed to the all day events and decided I wanted to get faster at them. I am now signed up for two sprint tri's in the month of June and I need to start a different type of training in order to get faster. Training Schedule: Monday - Swim sprint intervals Tuesday - Lift and do a longer slow run(30-45 minutes), the run can be substituted by tennis Wednesday - Bike sprint intervals Thursday - Lift but no squats and a long easy swim(30 minutes) Friday - Sprint running and usually hockey goalie Saturday - Rest, possibly some yoga Sunday - Long easy bike ride(45 minutes - 1.5 hours) possibly a short run(1-2 miles) after and some lifting Saturday and Sunday can b e interchanged to coordinate with weekend activities. Eating: I am going to try to stick with a mostly Paleo approach around 2k calories a day max and less than 100 grams of carbohydrates. On the long bike day I am going to have one cheat meal(nothing crazy) and allow 2,500 calories with < 200 grams of carbs. There will occasionally be some dairy and some light beer. I drink diet soda maybe once a day at most. I will drink alcohol at most 2 times a week and no more than 3 drinks(no carb heavy beers, mostly light/ultra and mixed drinks with diet). These should fit in with the calories/carbs. I will try to post pictures of my dinner and any other culinary adventures. Also pics of workouts and Florida life! I want to have a checklist for each day. Sleep length(garmin tracked): Steps: Weight: Workouts(s): Stretch: Calories: Macros: Alcohol: Paleo: Sit ups: Push ups: Read: Duo: Audible: Pics of the day/dinner: