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  1. doctorake

    Doctorake, 3 simple things

    Monday, o man I was playing catch up with the house and pool. I ate 100% correct and pretty low calorie but failed to workout. Tuesday, I did squats and Bench, then some stretching. Ate correctly.
  2. doctorake

    Doctorake, 3 simple things

    Plan slightly fell apart and yeah eating in Chicago was great. I did get a 4.25 mile Ruck in the morning of the wedding.
  3. doctorake

    Doctorake, 3 simple things

    I pretty much gave up last challenge and ate So last challenge I did two GORUCKS and then really just sat around and ate. two years a go my pre IRONMAN Texas race weight was 163lbs. Up until a few months a go I have stayed down in the 165's or so. That has recently gone way off the charts though. This morning I was 175lbs. That being said I know a lot of it is sodium but I still have gained close to 10lbs I am guessing. It is not helping that my In Laws are here until Sunday and we are drinking and eating out every night. I can try to use that excuse but last nights burger and brownie sundae were my choice as opposed to a salad. The Delerium Red on draft was excellent though and I have never seen that. So for this challenge I would like to get under 163lbs, yes lose 12lbs in 5 weeks. Keep in mind though I should drop 3-5 quickly due to sodium. I also have two other minor goals, WOD daily, and eat paleo clean(this will be how I lose the weight). Lose 12 lbs WOD daily(includes stretching) Eat Paleo I do have a GORUCK heavy in 3 months so my WODs will be a 3 day rotation. Lift Recovery(swimming usually) Ruck, and possible light WOD That is about it for me. Kicking this off today 6/25.