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  1. So this week went crappy by all means. Monday: Came home, went to bed Tuesday: Started feeling better, went to bed pretty early but that was Tuna meal Wednesday: Work got crazy, came home and watched news Thursday: Didn't sleep well, came home went to bed. Friday(today): no work(I do 40 hours in 4 days), feeling good and about to get stuff done around the house. On the bright side this week I ate super healthy and didn't drink. I just failed to check in here and workout. Today will be a nice rebound and hopefully I can carry the weekend into n
  2. First fishing goal of 2021 unlocked - catch a blackfin tuna
  3. So the past couple days I have been insanely busy and also had a nasty cold(not covid). I went 2 hours south on Saturday to get a hotel room to fish on Sunday for a bday present that got delayed from November due to rough seas. I managed to get one of my fishing goals completed and will post tonight when I have access to imgur. Yesterday(Monday) I worked but was just not feeling well and went home to couch it for a few hours then get 10 hours of sleep. This morning I feel much better but know as the work day goes on I may start to lag a little bit. I think
  4. Spanish. I am quite far but have hit a lull of not learning much newer stuff.
  5. 1/1/21 Workout daily 45 minute ruck 2 mile run, then squat and Over head press stretching Eat whole foods Had chicken, pork chops, peas, broccoli, salad and some rice. No drinking None Start spending my time more productively - no coming home from work and doing nothing Knocked out a lot of back log stuff like laundry and meal prep Post on NF daily Yep Bonus Stuff: Drank gallon of water Read 10 p
  6. Since I will be gone the next two days and have to go back to work on Monday I decided to meal prep today. 4.5lbs chuck roast 1 sweet onion 1 white onion 4.5lbs carrots 1 bulb garlic 1 bag of peas(at the end, not pictured yet) beef stock pot roast
  7. And I got my Vaccination against Covid 5 days ago. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
  8. So I started officially today, I know I should just do it on day one but got a little lazy. Day is already going well, I will update the entire day as a post the following morning each day. This Sunday will be tough to get things done since I am fishing 2 hours south of here from dusk until dawn. I have a plan of action though.
  9. 2021 Goals Fitness Visible abs Run 2 miles in sup 13 minutes Squat 285 for 5 reps OHP 120 for 5 reps Bench 185 for 5 reps Deadlift 355 for 5 reps Clean 135 for 3 reps Do 15 pull ups Do 50 pushups Complete a 75 Hard one week of resting heart rate sub 50 GORUCK Heavy(Covid Pending) Fishing Have all gear in easy to grab cases/bags Eat a whole snapper Spear a snapper Spear a mahi Catch a lobster Finalize my rod layout in the boat Begin fly fishing Cat
  10. 2021 Goals are listed. I want to get a large amount of them done and will likely be adding some more throughout the year. I am starting now though for 2021. Goals for this challenge: Workout daily Eat whole foods No drinking Start spending my time more productively - no coming home from work and doing nothing Post on NF daily That's it. Really simple and easy and I am motivated to improve my life and enjoy my hobbies. I'll post lots of pics and youtube videos along the way.
  11. We went to the Westgate river ranch south of Orlando, sadly there was not too much to do there and we had 3 little boys the whole time. This week now is my easy vacation at home.
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