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  1. 2/7 homemade pita, baba ganouche, dolmas, sheep mozzarella and some crackers for my dad oxtail stew and ikarian black eyed peas with carrots roasted peppers in olive oil with grated garlic These were all made Sunday night by myself for a family get together, I can post recipes if anyone is interested. Daily: My morning routine A workout later in the day(lifting or cardio) Lifted Eating right No alcohol
  2. Following along. Cute pupper and I love your setting(Owlshire). In terms of gardening have you followed Huw Richards? He has a great youtube and I have a couple of books by him that are great.
  3. Me the past two years I woke up this morning at 185.2 That may be my highest ever. So basically I need to start moving and eat right. No theme to this challenge just a few basic principles and the help and support of this community. Daily: My morning routine A workout later in the day(lifting or cardio) Eating right No alcohol Morning Routine Walk around the blockish. Some mornings I do 45 mins, sometimes I do less. That is all. If I do this I always hit at least 10k steps later in the day. Read. Read a book for some period of time. That's it. Duolingo 50XP When I start my day like this it generally goes really well after. It also prompts me to get to bed early so I can get up early and do these things. Workout 3 Days a week I'll do compound barbell lifts. The other 4 days I will do some form of cardio. Some examples might include: Running Biking Paddle boarding Hiking Rucking Hockey Tennis This will likely be done right after work. Eating Right Is it Mediterranean? Specifically Ikarian. Is it Paleo Those are my two approved eating methods. I am loving eating Mediterranean food, specifically Ikarian. Ikarian is mostly veggies/fruits, lots of beans, some whole grains, and a metric ton of EVOO. Very little fish and poultry, very little dairy. I am still eating paleo since that is in my freezer and cabinet. I will not be buying any more paleo items though. When out to eat, I will just try to make good choices. I went and had Thai with my GF for lunch this past week and ordered the ginger dish with shrimp and brown rice upcharge. I ate half and then took half home for later. Normally I would order pad thai and eat the whole thing and that is why I am in this mess now. No alcohol None. However I will cook with it if called for it since a lot of my recipes call for it. IPA is good, but it makes me fat. Maybe after this challenge I will reincorporate red wine into meals like the Mediterranean.
  4. Also, my 72 year old mom has done both days with me.
  5. Day 2 Glad to see soo many doing this. Keep up the good work all!
  6. 5/6 Gallon of water Walk 45 minutes Walk 45 minutes Read 10 pages of the Blue Zone Challenge Eat right No alcohol breakfast, eggs, chicken and hummus on pita beach walk dinner out
  7. So today is 5/6 and I am feeling better. No clue what I had but headaches and general feeling like poo. Some sore throat. Today will end up being day 1 of this adventure.
  8. 5/2 Well I woke up sick as crap. GREAT. It's not covid as my test came back negative so thats good but still this is meh. I think I will end up starting on Wednesday as right now(Tuesday morning) I am feeling better but not 100%. Also imgur is down or won't let me upload a few pics. arrgghhh
  9. So I am back and have been working out fairly regularly. I have been eating horribly and drinking too many IPAs so this is going to be a challenge to complete. I have always wanted to finish one and tried a few times but never made it far, mostly due to a lack of support. I think posting it on NF is going to provide me with the support system I need to complete, and keep me accountable. Workouts will be a lot of rucking in the early mornings and every otherish day lifting. Other things I may fill in with are biking, ice hockey, paddle boarding and sometimes when sore walking. I would like to run but am unsure on my knees and if I am really capable while doing two a days. Drinking a gallon of water a day is a walk in the park for me. This is supposed to be plain water, not zero sugar gatorade or flavored water. I will however continue to use a nuun once daily since I am doing this in Florida and the heat is coming. Also after my gallon I will likely have a La Croix or some other tasty beverage. The reading 10 pages a day will usually be first thing in the morning. I have a ton of self improvement books I am looking forward to getting into. The biggest thing is audiobooks do not count. Daily selfie should be pretty easy but I heard it is the one a lot of people fail one. I just have to remember to do it in the morning. I am going to follow Derek's diet advice here. a meat, a carb and a veggie. I'll likely have 2 snacks(fruit, nuts) a day and will adjust accordingly. For carbs I have some flavored rice sides, white rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole grains. No mac n cheese, or crappy sources. That's it. I want to post here daily but some days I get crazy busy and the things above will be my priority.
  10. Here to hang out. Been a while.
  11. Well, I missed two weeks of training due to a very likely meniscus tear. It also did not help that I was being lazy(I could have lifted upper body). I have given it two weeks and am looking forward to alternate daily between lifting and riding the bike. I need to skip rucking and running for now and see if the prementioned activities will aggravate it or not. I Need to update my yearly goals accordingly since there is no way I will make my mileage goals. Just a minor bump in the road that I can work around for now.
  12. 1/23 Fitness: Rucked with the kids, lifted and rode the bike. Diet: Good until pizza dinner GF wanted Things I control(or how I have an awesome day if I complete them): Duolingo WOD/Stretch Meditate Read Vitamins Post on NF Water garden Audible 10k steps back to the jungle brrrrrr i'm not complaining
  13. 1/22 Fitness: Rucked .76 with the kids lol. Diet: Not bad but had a burger for dinner Things I control(or how I have an awesome day if I complete them): Duolingo WOD/Stretch Meditate Read Vitamins Post on NF Water garden Audible 10k steps eggs, bacon, spinach and sugar free kethcup
  14. Actually went on a ruck with the boys yesterday!
  15. I wish I had actually got back on track. I have been caring for my GF who had both wrists carpal tunnel surgeries and watching her 3 boys(4, 6, 8 )as well working extra and I tried to take a day to go fishing which although we caught nice fish, ended up with her doing surgery on my in the dining room due to a hook stuck in my arm(she is a surgeon). As of today 1/22 I am somewhat back to normal. I really should have got up early the past week and prioritized my workouts. caught 10 of these snapper baked for a salad parents boats first ocean trip Spoiler includes 3 photos, 1 of hook in arm, 1 of it cut out, 1 stitched up.
  16. Thanks. I have run there once. Definitely going to use that trail area more since it is a ten minute drive from the house and there seems to be some sort of mountain bike trail(all I need is a mountain bike).
  17. 1/16 Fitness: Rucked 3.46 in the jungle. Diet: Not bad but went out to eat and had bisque and meatloaf. Things I control(or how I have an awesome day if I complete them): Duolingo WOD/Stretch Meditate Read Vitamins Post on NF Water garden Audible 10k steps jungle meatloaf bisque
  18. 1/13 - 1/15 Not Great Fitness: None, except hockey. Diet: bad Back on track as of today 1/16 and my body is feeling much better.
  19. 1/12 Fitness: Lifted Diet: bad Things I control(or how I have an awesome day if I complete them): Duolingo WOD/Stretch Meditate Read Vitamins Post on NF Water garden Audible 10k steps
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