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  1. First off, "BaconHunter" I love that name hahaha! Wow, you attended the pcc workshop, id love to go to one when ther come to England but its abit expensive! Id love to get my hands on the 600+ page pcc workbook. I totally agree that progress will be severely slowed down by attempting to learn all at once. Bodyweight training is so different to traditional lifting. My workout will simply be: Horizontal push (push-up variation) Horizontal pull (inverted row variation) Vertical Push (dips/hspu variation) Vertical pull (pull/chin-up variation) Quad dominant (pistol variation) Hip dominant (natural glute ham raise) Calf raise variation Core exercise Core exercise Ill either split it upper/lower or push/pull or full body, im fine with all that but I dont know where to add in the levers, flag, planche, l-sit variations, I thought as separate "skill days" but after a little re-think im thinking adding front & back levers to workout days? Using l-sit and flags as core movements? And when practicing "skills" just do handstands and planche work? Something like this maybe?
  2. Hi all, first post, im looking into starting calisthenics/bodyweight strength training, ive read every piece of literature I can find, all al kavadlos books as well as overcoming gravity, convict conditioning, you are your own gym etc. Im thinking of using either a full body (m/w/f) or a upper/lower (m/tu/th/f) split, one issue I am having is when to train "skills"? Im thinking full body workout (m/w/f) skill days (tu/th) and weekends resting? This seem like a good idea? "Skill days" would include progressions for: Front lever Back lever Elbow lever L-Sit Planche Human flag Handstand Im torn between having 2 "skill days" per week or splitting the skills up and performing them on workout days? Any input is greatly appreciated!
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