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  1. <3 I feel like I've been playing hide and seek. Hehe yay!!
  2. I decided to throw on another goal cause why not!
  3. Yeeeaahh!! Love me some she-hulk! Go Terra!
  4. Thank you! It is always awesome to see you. :3 Sorry I was late to the party lol.
  5. Battle log & progress place holder<3 Week 1
  6. >u< sorry for the crickets, my new challenge is up though!

  7. challenge 7 Oh cheese, I totally spaced making a thread! D: I'll pretty this up in a bit but I wanted to clear a spot for my challenge. Yes I am still participating! Last challenge I lost 6lbs and completed everything 100% which included completely sugar free/detox (not even fruit y'all) for the whole challenge. Yay! Main story, Goal 1: get back to pre wedding weight (Goal 2: Pass avg fitness test Goal 3: 25% or less body fat Goal 4: gain post apocalyptic survivalist fitness level Goal 5: ???) The gist: Goal 1) 1200cal weekly avg, 90/10 primal (This worked beautifully for me last challenge) (23/28 +2CON, 18/28 +1CON) Goal 2) Exercise 3x a week (I have been loving this)! (10/12 +3STR, 08/12 +2STR, 06/12 +1STR) Goal 3) Meal prep 5 days worth of 1 meal, every week (also loving this!) (3/4 +3WIS, 2/4 +2WIS, 1/4 +1WIS) Woo! Goal 4) Sugar free EXCEPT booze and fruit. I'm trying to learn moderation when it comes to reintroducing sugar into my diet and I drink basically never soo... (23/28 +2CHA, 18/28 +1CHA) My Motivation 1. I want to be a good example for my sisters and future children 2. To optimally manage my mental health 3. I want to maintain my new healthy relationship with food 4. I want to be more comfortable in my skin 5. To be able to better participate in walks, hikes, and other outdoorsy things I once enjoyed 6. To be able to be pregnant safely and have the energy to play with my child ( disclaimer : I have jacked up ankles and literally very weak core muscles that don't activate properly. So if I got pregnant in my current physical condition I could likely render myself immobile) 7. I want to be able to protect myself and my loved ones 8. To better my chances at having a long and healthy life 9. My husband 10. Myself
  8. Well despite the dust this challenge collected it went extremely well. I stuck with everything and it is all aces. Lost 6lbs and am quite pleased with my sugar free existence. I have no idea how to handle breaking the sugar detox but here we are. When is the next challenge?
  9. >u< thank you! I am quite pleased. I even have muscles forming. I can feel them even when im not working out which is awesome and foreign to me lol. thank you!!
  10. week 3 was great as well, I lost another pound! Yay! Looks like i've found my stride! The only thing i am a little concerned with is what to do with myself after the sugar detox. I am just fine on it but in the past i am known to practice good moderation for like a month and then BAM. Sugar sugar sugar all day long. Hmm...
  11. Thank you. :3 sorry its been crickets on here but as I said all is quite well. Weighed myself this morning and I am happy to report I've lost another pound. Yay! Meal prepping makes miracles happen. Suddenly food is near effortless. Yay!
  12. Everything is going very well. Week 2 all aces and now onto week 3 I am a happy clam. All goals are being met and I'm losing weight consistently. :3 Sugar detox is going nicely thank goodness. It is nice to no longer feel murderous over carbs. Lol. I've been meal prepping 1 meal to last the week this whole challenge and that has helped a lot to keep me on track.
  13. Day 16 sugar detox, it is going very well and at this point I don't even think about it.

  14. <3 So here is a question for you... How do you know when you've beaten the troll?
  15. Thank you! I'll send her straight into the void! Of course. Happy to have you around. ^u^
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