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  1. First time making the 6am class since I've had to get up for the middle of the night feedings. For some reason I had way more energy today than when I used to sleep through the night. (Last night I slept from 10-11, 11-1, 3-5. Interval sleeping: it's like interval training, but sucks so much more) OH Press build to 125x5 for a PR (like a boss!) 4 rounds 25 double unders 3 snatch 55# 8:58 Probably could've gone up in weight for the snatch, but thought I'd take it easy on my shoulder. I fought like hell for 3 rounds of double unders. It's frustrating when I know I can get them, but just can't string them together lately. On the last round I did 75 singles, since I was the last man standing.
  2. Had some time and energy this evening so I got an unplanned workout in. Deadlifts build to 335x2 Only hit two reps at this weight last week. My goal was one, so I'm happy with two (and if I was being picky it was really 2.5) 21-15-9 Wall balls 20 pounds Pushups 299 m run with a sandbag 14:07 Holy cow that was tough. I struggled just to not quit this one. Almost talked myself out of the sandbag on runs 2 and 3, but I stuck with it. I use the term run lightly. It was more jogging intervals with lots of walking. Did a little muscle up practice. Glad I made it in on lunch for more serious practice since I didn't have much energy left after tonight's workout. Mostly worked on false grip ring rows this evening. On lunch I focused more on transitions
  3. DT sounds fun. I've done similar ones, but usually a 3-2-1 rep scheme. Once was 8 min AMRAP, another was 10 rounds (talk about fatiguing). I like that 3-2-1 rep scheme, and straining those movements together just feels badass
  4. I always get the impression that Fran isn't anyone's best WOD. I haven't met her yet, but I've seen a few of the ladies now, and a couple gentlemen, so I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be long. I'm kind of excited. When we do thrusters it's usually 95 pounds Rx'd, which is the only weight I can do Rx yet. I don't know what Fran calls for, but hopefully it's the same. Plus I got the chinups down. Pretty sure it'd be the first girl I can do Rx'd so I'm anxious to try Congrats in the Rn! That shit ain't easy. That must feel amazing after years of hard work
  5. Decided to put Dance With Dragons on hold for It Starts With Food. I after posting the last update I felt a bit foolish for bitching about food, then not choosing to read what sounds like a great resource/help tool. So far I'm really impressed. I love that it starts off with the psychoanalysis of cravings. It fits right in with what I'm struggling with. The idea that these cravings are in part out of my control, and there's more to it than me being weak willed, has really piqued my interest. I usually get bored reading about food topics, but 100 pages in and I'm still interested.
  6. Man, I'm like 6 pages behind here too. I wish everyone wild stop updating so much when I'm busy. I don't have time to keep up to date Nice work on the sub 10 minute 200 double unders. That's a workout on its own.
  7. Geez. One busy week and I'm like 6 pages behind here. Did you deadlift a wookie yet? I feel like that could be in here somewhere and I just missed it
  8. I need that book first It's on my list, right after I finish Dance With Dragons. The gf is just a knowitall. She nothing to back up any food claims. Damn if she won't try though. Really struggled with eating again this week. I thought that all I would need to do is post a food goal to hold myself accountable, then BAM! Cold turkey. It's not happening though. But I did kill my raised butter tart addiction, so snacking aside, it is a step in the right direction. It was a super long and busy week at work, so I think last week was a one-off, and hopefully things will be easier now. I am glad to kill that butter tart addiction though. Before the challenge, on a few days they we're my only crappy food. I'm doing well with no liquid calories at least. Still a couple beer on the weekend, but that's down from almost one every night. Still keeping busy around the house. Workouts are going well I had handstand pushups this week, and did them. Wussing out on them a few weeks back is what made me want to bring it more in the workouts, so I feel like I've redeemed myself now. Today: Squats build to 255. That damn 4th set was the toughest as usual. It's amazing how much stronger these felt at 1 in the afternoon than when I go at 6am. That was a PR, but I definitely had more in the tank, whereas the last few weeks were close. Lots of muscle up practice. First time trying. They went ok. Strength is there, just no technique. Can't wait to give this another go later this week though, they were really fun and I think I'll get them before long.
  9. Our crossfit today had a shoe/run seminar. Someone from a local sporting store came in and talked about different styles of shoes, then we ran 400m sprints. Did the sprint twice. My times were 1:08, 1:19. Our coaches had free beer for the recovery drink I also won a pair of socks, and pair of shoes in a random draw. Shoes are any pair I want from the store who put the clinic on. Had an interesting experience in the evening. Family was here, and it came up that I eat bacon for breakfast every day. My mom was surprised since its full of fat and I try to eat well. I explains that I don't worry about meat at all, and that its good fat, and as a rule I don't worry about fat content on meats. My brothers girlfriend spoke up and asked where I got my info from, mg trainer or a nutritionist. A nutritionist has a degree, and a trainer just a cert, was her logic. I stopped it there since I'm not one for confrontations. Her and my brother are moving in together next month. She said that once they do they'll start cooking healthier meals. "we won't out as much cheese in everything. I mean, we won't stop cooking with cheese, we just won't we as much. " apparently they eat it on just about everything. Sometimes I wish I was a but more confrontational. So, I'll leave it up to y'alls imagination, but I bet you'll never guess whose the healthiest one out of the bunch of us.
  10. Deadlifts build to 335x0 First time dead lifting at 6am so no surprise in how tough that was. Three solid attempts but the bar didn't budge. 3 rounds 4 cleans 95# 8 handstand pushups to the 25 plate 90 single unders 8:13 At least I got the handstands in. They got tiring fast but glad I stuck that out. Still can't get double unders in the morning. EDIT: Just had a look back through my notes. 6 months ago I was building my deadlifts to 185. This morning, 185 was my warmup weight. So, even though I didn't get my 335 today, it's a win in my books!
  11. That what's so great about crossfit! Always progressing. The Lynne workout is one of my favorites. I haven't tried amother WOD quite like it
  12. OH Press Build to 125x3. On the top position in that third rep I got off balance and couldn't refocus afterwards. I gave it a minute and went for those last 2 reps but it didn't happen. Still happy at 125 though. Should hit all 5 next week Lynne 5 rounds Max bench press - 150 pounds Max chinups 30/35 Tried full body weight on the bench but I wasn't even close to making it. But, still a huge PR. Last year when I was doing stronglifts 5x5 I stalled at 95 pounds on the bench. Nothing like a 55 pound PR to start the morning! EDIT: Last time I did Lynne I got 14 chinups, so huge PR there as well
  13. Squats: build to 5x250 No looks from Coach Jane today so things must be looking better They felt as strong as squats can feel at 6 in the morning. Death by burpees 11 rounds + 11 I wanted 10 rounds minimum, and I thought I'd be thrilled with anything over 12 rounds. One burpee shy of that goal, but not bad. I was able to sprint out the first 8, then slow and steady the rest of the way Morning is off to a better start already
  14. Ugh. Tired on Saturday so I missed the workout. It was my fourth one for the week (which I count as extra) but I was looking forward to giving power cleans a go. Had a crappy sleep last night and didn't make this mornings workout. But I'm on the wait list tomorrow so I should make it in. Didn't eat great on the weekend. I let a long day at work get the better of me and I pigged out tonight. Will have to do better for the rest of the week I guess. Not super happy with the last three days, but the week on the whole was ok and I did take steps in the right direction.
  15. Well, it's not *that* light OH is def. technique issue. I avoid it as a rule. Hurt my shoulder on the press a few months back and I'm cautious about aggravating it again.
  16. I think I've gone as high as 105-ish on the front. Definitely have more in me though. I only do them when it's called for in conditioning, and that's always a bit lighter. They're not in my strength work so I haven't really tried to test them. They're fun though. Overhead is sad. 65 is my highest, and that was sloppy form. 55 is what I've been doing lately, but I'm gonna bump it to 60 next time. I think my arm flexibility is awful. Can't get them behind me like people who are good at it can do. One guy at our box just set a PR at 219. For overhead. He's nuts
  17. Oooo, I didn't know you had front squats in the routine. How do you find them? I never tried until crossfit. Slowly starting to enjoy them. Overhead squats though....boy are they the devil
  18. Done and done. Even on the day when I was super pressed for time I did a bit of stretching at the end.
  19. supposed to workout at 6am. Slept through the alarm. That's a first. Still not convinced I slept through as much as it didn't go off. Oh well. Ended up having an extended lunch break so I made a spur of the moment decision and went in. I did not want to skip those Deadlifts. Deadlifts to 330 Holy hell they were heavy today. Lots of resting in between reps on the last one. Actually failed on the 4th rep but tried again and it was close but I made all 5 reps. Cut the WOD in half since I had to get back to work 3 rounds 25 squats 200m sandbag run 9:30 Never tried a sandbag run and silly me was excited for it. That sucked. Like, big time sucked. I did not expect that. Thank god I had an excuse and only had to do 3 rounds
  20. I did buy apples actually. And I eat one. Then a butter tart Gonna try switching to an apple and glass of water next week
  21. Deadlift Friday tomorrow! I'm nervous to see how they feel at 6am. Don't have my book handy, but I think 330 is what I'm shooting for. Back in April 345 was my 1rep max. REALLY hoping to hit that x5 by end of July. Then I'd love to retest 1rm. I want 370 so freaking bad (2x body weight) Since last update, eating has been just ok. Not perfect, but I don't need to be perfect in week 1. Aside from a few too many cookies, and a strawberry frozen drink thing, I'm taking steps in the right direction; they're just baby steps. I think if I change too much at once I'll implode
  22. Good luck with the internship. That sounds like it'd be a blast. Just convince them that you'd be a huge asset. I'm sure it's not a tough sell
  23. Every time. But it's kind of a rule at our box I still get bruises and scrapes though. That's how I role with Deadlifts
  24. There's a few key elements that makes doing all of this possible with 2 little ones at home 1) I'm stubborn as hell. Now that I'm hooked on Crossfit it's going to be tough as hell to quit 2) We have help. As I said, mom-in-law, plus gram-in-law once mom leaves. Plus we usually have even more company on the weekends to help with things 3) Priorities. I used to tell people my hobbies are playing games, watching TV, watching movies, and reading. Now it's CF. Not that those still aren't hobbies, they've just been downgraded to I won't pick them up until I've done everything I hoped to do in the day. True most of the time. 4) Let's face it, the girls are being pretty good to us
  25. Am I reading this right? Your OH squat is 105 pounds? Sonofabitch. And 100 double unders as a warmup? Helluva warmup.
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