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  1. March 1st: Breakfast: Cheerios with partly skimmed milk Travel mug of coffee with one Sugar Twin packet, and cereal cream Lunch: Chicken Noodle soup, salted crackers, and a danish Supper: Nachos (I know not the best, but it was low sodium chips, lots of onion, green and red pepper, so it could have been worse. I did use nacho seasoning though) Snacks: Special K bar right before my workout, banana and yogurt right after, apple shortly before bed Workout: Hour of cardio kickboxing 45 minute walk with the dog Drank water most of the day. Diet Pepsi with supper, and Crystal Light in the evening. Side bar: What's everyone's opinion on diet pop? I gave up drinking pop altogether in the Fall and it was tough. Probably the hardest food related thing I had to give up. Been drinking a lot of diet lately though. Just looking at nutritional info it doesn't seem so bad, just wondering what everyone else thinks. Usually I have only the one can a day, and lots of water throughout the day, so I'm pretty comfortable with diet Pepsi being my biggest vice
  2. Still kick boxing yes Trying to get out five times a week. I feel like I got the workout covered, it's the diet I have trouble with
  3. OK, my own challenge is to: 1) Actually update this daily (or mostly daily, probably combine Saturday and Sunday into 1 post). Will show what I've eaten every day, and what I've worked out 2) Make it to the gym 20 times (i.e. every day after work), and do *something* active on the weekend. 3) Get down to 180 pounds again without ballooning back up (I've hit 180 multiple times, but I can never get below it). EDIT: starting weight is 191 pounds. I weighed myself on the gym scale right before Monday night's class. So I'll check at the same time in a month from now, wearing probably the same clothes 4) No sugary foods (good thing I'm writing this after my danish this morning ) 5) Accept constructive criticism, and have an open mind about suggestions. I'm a fussy eater, so the food part is hard, but that's where my biggest challenge is. I'm already going to the gym quite a bit, and this won't be much different. So, with that being said, as I start updating with what I've eaten please throw as many suggestions at me as possible and I'll do my best to incorporate the good ideas
  4. Hey Folks, Thought I'd introduce myself, as another newbie to the site. I stumbled on the site from Art of Manliness and I love it. It's awesome to see a community of nerds all trying to get in shape. Right now I'm about 5'8, weighing in at 190 pounds. I was always super skinny in high school, but slowly gained weight in my university years, as it tends to happen. In September of 2008 I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym. I started off easy on the elliptical trainer, and gradually throughout the year tried more and more things there, and it didn't take long before I realized how much I actually could enjoy it. Starting in Summer of 2009 I was getting bored with the gym though, and one of my co workers had recently joined a cardio kickboxing class at another gym. Eventually he talked me into going and I absolutely love it. So I started doing that in September of 2009. In the Fall months I joined a Biggest Loser challenge at work. During the first month I lost about 5 pounds, and that was all from diet. I didn't have time to hit the gym for about a month. After October I've been in my kick boxing about 3 times a week. Once December hit, because of a change in work schedule, I've been making it 3-5 times a week. I haven't seen a lot of weight fluctuation, but I toned up more in 3 months at kick boxing than a year of gym by myself, so I attribute the no weight difference to burning fat and gaining muscle. Right now my challenge is to get my diet back under control. After Christmas I got in some bad habits, and haven't broken them yet. My ultimate goal is to get down to 150 pounds, and to see my abs. No real reason for 150, it just sounds like a nice number.
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