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  1. Could your underwear be any tighter? I think it's that, more than anything, that's causing all the drool and jealousy. Not from me of course. i could look like that too, I just don't want to
  2. hot damn That P90x yoga is the freaking devil. Now that I've found a yoga instructor that's awesome, I actually enjoy it. Of course it's tough to find the time now to get out and do it.
  3. You guys are awesome. Serious. It's super motivating to know that you're excited that I'm back in a challenge OK, off to a pretty good start. Last night was another productive one. Only had one small snack. That's two nights in a row of no after supper snacking, but I still want something as soon as I get home from work so that could be a tougher habit to break. Morning workout: OH Press 5x65,80,90,100,110,120 Set 4 felt awful. I really had no confidence that I'd hit even 1 rep at 120. Not sure where the last 5 reps came from but I'll take it! 12 min AMRAP 7 burpees 45 single unders 10 russian KB swings 1.5 pood 6+53 Couldn't coordinate double unders today for some reason. Usually when I can't do them it's because I end up hitting my head or my shins with the rope. Ended up subbing for 45 singles. They were all unbroken, and I went through them as fast as I could. Burpees and swings were unbroken. First time at the 1.5 pood weight. I think the next time a workout calls for not too many normal kettlebell swings I'll actually use that weight. It didn't seem as heavy as I thought it would. Quite happy with how the morning went. Definitely went harder in the workout than Monday. Didn't take as much time off in between sets as I usually would. And everything was unbroken. Which doesn't sound much for only 7 burpees, but when I'm huffin and puffin, getting those 7 in without a break wasn't easy. Same as the singles. I'm trying to get it in my head that starting a movement is the hard part. Once I'm going it's not so bad. It worked out well today. And as part of the week 1 ranger challenge, I did some serious stretching afterwards. Bonus: First breakfast was going to be a granola bar. I remembered last night to stop being lazy and cooked up bacon, then had that this morning instead. Even luke warm, after sitting out all night, it was still good Second breakfast (post workout) was a wrap with bacon and eggs. I ate just the bacon and eggs; threw the wrap out. So, that's twice today I had planned to eat grains but didn't.
  4. Good luck man. Doing 2 WODs a day sounds insane. You'll definitely want sleep after that
  5. Love the strength goals. And by love I mean I'm super jealous. I hear ya on the before pics. I took some this time. Now resisting the urge to not delete them.
  6. Who needs to go out when you have Crossfit Have fun with the unlimited membership
  7. Productivity was through the roof yesterday! Eating, just meh. I had a cupcake, and the last piece of pie (god forbid we through it out). But lots of veggies (with butter!) for supper, no potatoes. Tons of helping out around the house; my wife noticed and everything. Bonus: I wasn't as tired as I normally am at the end of the night. Off to a good start. Rest day from Crossfit. Will bring the WOD tomorrow morning
  8. Love the goal about being more active on the boards. That's always an in-my-head-but-never-official goal. I tend to do the same thing; follow a lot of people but don't post
  9. Dayum! Nice job beating up Mary.
  10. *subscribed* Also, never complaining about the price of CFF again. $135 a month for me, unlimited classes. $265? Yikes. Probably would never have joined at that price tag
  11. Slow and steady and you'll get there. Not to brag, but I'm pretty amazed by how far my lifts have come by just adding 5 or 10 pounds a week. My deadlift starting weight was my 5 rep max 6 months ago. I'm hitting numbers that I never would have listed as a goal because they're so far beyond what I thought possible. You're at awesome numbers though. Especially the deadlift. Keep it up!
  12. Omg. I never thought of butter. You just blew my mind
  13. Love the focus. And your dentist goal reminded me I have to call the doc today, so thanks for that
  14. hot damn Wow. Here I thought my first post was long haha. Mostly just popping in to subscribe. I do love the goals though. Thats a strong deadlift ya got there. Can't wait to see that number go up
  15. I'm just gonna add solid stretching. Gotta admin, I don't do much (if any) stretching after a workout. Last week, after squat strength work and thrusters in the workout, an hour later when I was home I curled up on the couch, my leg cramped and I couldn't straiten in. That's probably not good. So, I'll try to take this "recovery" stuff more seriously this week and make sure to get a few minutes of good stretches in.
  16. Guess I'll start posting workout logs here. Squats build to 250. The look on coach Jane's face after set 4 made me think they were terrible. Set 4 certainly didn't feel great. As usual, having spotters on 5 and 6 made me focus more and they felt really strong. Mary 20 min AMRAP 5 pushups 10 squats 15 chinups 10 rounds + 2 I think. Don't have my book handy. started off with assisted pistols. Think I managed 2 or 3 rounds, then alternated rounds between pistols and air squats, ended on air squats. Pistols on my right leg don't feel too terrible, but on my left leg I just end up collapsing on the ground and pulling myself up with my arms instead of pushing off my leg. Felt really lazy today. I can do a few handstand pushups, so I probably should've tried those. And I could've done chinups on the bar, even though it would've been one at a time. Better luck next time I guess
  17. Your hot damns are the only reason I'm joining Going to edit the initial post here in a min...
  18. Officially joining for another challenge. Short version - stop being lazy with eating, WODs, and stuff around the house. Long version: So this challenge's theme is to just stop being so lazy. I just had two girls a month back (holy crap, they're a month today!) so I don't get out of the house too often. My mother-in-law has been staying with us for the last while to help out. I find it's too easy to feed the girls, then veg on the couch for a few hours (or a whole weekend, which is what I just did). Mom-in-law has been taking care of the cooking, which is great, but brings me to goal 1 1) Eat better. I've been eating more bad food than I used to. It's too easy to just eat what mom-in-law cooks, not really worry about what it is. In a nutshell, I want more veggies (which I'll have to cook myself), and less potatoes and rice. This also gives me a chance to cook with more oils, which I've been meaning to do in order to get my fat intake up. Side bar: I usually just throw frozen veggies, normally just peas and carrots, in the steamer and cook them. I thought I'd just throw oil on top of them in the steamer. For the experts: is that a good way to get oil? Or should I cook first, then add it once they're on my plate. Question 2: any suggestions for good oils that don't taste like crap? I have extra virgin olive oil, which isn't bad, but I don't exactly like it. [/side bar] Also, ever since she moved in we seem to have a shit-ton of snack food, and sugar-laced drinks around the house. I need to pretend these don't exist. I've also gotten in the habit of having a beer after work, which pretty much puts me right to sleep, considering I sleep in 3 hour intervals now. This has to stop. How do I plan to do this? Treat my food intake like PRs. I want to string together as many days as possible of having no sugar, no grains, and having vegetables. I'd like to build up to a week in all three by the end, but will start off with a day or two 2) WODs - bring it. I've been killing it with my strength work, but really slacking in the conditioning. I took almost two weeks off when the girls were born, and have been using that as an excuse, in that I'm just taking a while to build back up. But I've been back for 2 or 3 weeks now. So this has got to stop. I've had to start doing the 6am thing, so it's not going to be easy to step it up, but we've had a few where I really just half-assed and leave me feeling a bit disappointed when I leave. How do I plan to do this? I dunno really. Will have to take it a workout at a time. I think it's mainly going to involve not scaling as much, moving faster (especially on the runs; that's one area I really slack off in), and taking less time off in between movements. Todays WOD was a great example of half assing it. It was Mary, so 20 min AMRAP 5 handstand pushups, 10 pistol squats, 15 chinups. I can do handstand pushups, but did regular pushups because I was lazy this morning. I started off doing assisted pistol, but switched to air squats like everyone else. I did this workout on Feb 22, barely a month into Crossfit, and did assisted pistols the whole time. It's ridiculous that I didn't keep it up this time around. And chinups, I did them on the rings. 15 in a WOD is killer, but I could've done them on the bar. Life goal: 3) Stop being lazy at home. It's been great having help, but I've really done nothing around the house lately. No cooking, cleaning, dishes, taking the dog out, and I'm all to willing to let mom-in-law feed one of the girls instead of doing it myself. I find myself coming home after work and just crashing on the couch for the whole evening. This is not at all how I intended to spend the first month of fatherhood. So I need to stop shirking the feeding (and let's face it, diaper) responsibilities, gotta remember that I have a dog too and he needs attention/exercise, and at the very least I can chip in with dishes after supper. How do I plan to do this? Just trying to not sit down as much as possible. Nothing makes me want to pass out more than sitting in comfortable seat. I think it's going to take constantly reminding myself that if I sit down I'll end up falling asleep, which is not what I want to do (most of the time).
  19. Sounds like your challenge is going awesome. I love that NSW mile. That'd be such a fun, and brutal, challenge. Congrats on the room mate.
  20. So I'm at the Dr's office this morning to get my annual puffer prescription. As usual they take my blood pressure, and the nurse says "well you obviously exercise." I know it's just a little comment, but boy did it make me feel good. A medical professional took a measurement that's an indicator of health, and her first thought is that I clearly workout. For the last couple of years they've made comments that it was good, but never a comment like that. My peak flow for breathing was 390 I think, or 290. They didn't say much about it. But I want to figure out what it means. Even the doctor when he was looking over my chart made a few comments to himself "very good." Asked what crossfit was (since I told the nurse that's what I do), and he made a comment that I really exert myself. He was also impressed that I didn't have to take my inhaler for the past year. (I have a steroid puffer I take twice daily, and a quick acting inhaler for any flare ups)
  21. I think my head just exploded. That sounds awesome! Have you tried them yet? Artificial banana is one of my favourite flavours. I can't see this not being amazing
  22. Finally got some pictures back from the push/pull event last weekend (and by "got some pictures back" I mean my Crossfit finally uploaded them to Facebook). Found an epic pic of my deadlift PR (345 pounds)
  23. Steve did a guest post on Art of Manliness years back. I believe it was a Lord of the Rings themed one, about using a fellowship to get in shape. Then a few bored days at work later, I read through a bunch of archives, and was hooked. It was definitely what I needed at the time. I shudder to think, but I was still a gym n00b back then. Lots of cardio (usually the elliptical because treadmills were hard on my knees from crappy form, but stairs and bikes as well), then the weight circuit machines. Usually didn't do any leg stuff on the machines though since I figured they were getting worked over from the cardio. I certainly owe a lot to NF. Either directly, or just finding information through links posted on the site and in the boards. Plus the support of the boards itself. I'm on track with where I want now, which is why I don't do the challenges, but there's been a few times in challenges where I was beating myself up and someone's post snapped me out of it. Or even when I was trying to get my 5k time under 30 minutes. Through the run, towards the end when I felt like I would die, I couldn't stop thinking about how I can't wait to go home and post that I did it
  24. First of all. 14 years w/o eating meat? Dayum. Second off. Love the deadlift goal. 4 big girl plates FTW Thirdly. I feel like I know you, but had no idea how you ever stumbled on NF, so loved the quick intro You got this
  25. Squat 275 a week back. Our cf box had a push pull event today, but I had extra time last week so I did the squat then
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