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  1. Gotta go with an A- overall. Full write coming soon in my own thread
  2. Thursday Pullups: 10, 4, 3, 3.5, 1 Decline pushups: 14, 10, 7 Bent over rows: 40x5, 40x5, 40x5 Side planks: 43, 70, 42, 32 Friday: Dead lifts: 70x5, 70x5, 70x5, 70x5, 70x5 Lunges: 15x8, 15x8, 15x8 Planks: 50, 47, 39 And with that all my workouts for this challenge are done
  3. I need a slap on the wrist for that I swear this is probably the third time I've opened a thread asking for info, when there's already been an open thread and I didn't bother searching it
  4. http://jawbone.com/up Anyone ever give this a try? I've been thinking about picking one up for a while.
  5. Numbers from Tuesday Front squat: 40x5, 40x5, 40x5, 40x5, 40x5 Dead lifts: 70x5, 70x5, 70x5 Planks: 50, 38, 30 Typed holding my mwod
  6. I feel awesome actually. I put a big focus in eating well and it's paying off big time. As a rule I've got more energy for the workouts, and I don't get the afternoon sleepies at work anymore. Arms and chest are really starting to show the work I've out in. Down a belt notch since the start of the challenge. At this rate I may drop another by the holidays. I already need to put a new hole in the belt. Push press: 40x7, 40x6, 40x6, 40x5, 40x5 Pullups with 5 pounds: 5, 4, 2.5 Decline pushups: 12, 10, 7 Side planks: 38, 43, 41, 31 Tabata thrusters with 15 pound dumbbells, 20 seconds on 10 off: 6 rounds
  7. Weekly check-in time again I guess. Going with another A- for the same reason as last week. Hit all my workouts. Eating has been really awesome. No run. No french. Though I did go on an hour and a half walk yesterday, with Dwight, and surprisingly am a bit sore from it. Plan to go lights on the weight for this last week. I'm super paranoid about my back now, so no sense in overdoing it
  8. Happy to report that my back is only a little sore. Really, not much worse than what I used to experience. (my lower back gave me trouble before I started working out) Also, the mwod actually felt good this morning. That's a first. One I even held for the full two minutes. Usually I have to get in an out a few times to accumulate the two minutes
  9. Yesterday Pullups: 8.5, 3.5, 4.5, 3, 3 Decline pushups: 10, 9, 8 Bent over rows: 50x5, 50x5, 50x5 Side planks: 57, 40, 31, 34 Today Deaf lifts: 85x5, 85x5, 90x5, 90x5, 95x5 Lunges: 8 each leg x 3. No weight Planks: 20, 20, 20 Well my ego got the better of me and I tried body weight dead lifts. On the plus side I did it. Really hurt my lower back though, which I of course didn't realize until I was done. Spent about 15 minutes doing a bunch of stretches. Almost quit the workout, but it did feel better so I won't super super light. Also did about 5 minutes of stretching in between every set. It's not so bad now thankfully. Trying to avoid any meds for the night. I expect it will hit me in the morning. Considering I've done nothing but strength training for the last year and a half it's amazing I didn't hurt myself before tonight. Another lesson learned the hard way I guess I find it's the best way to figure stuff out
  10. Officially a week into the MWODS. And I don't hate it, so that's a bonus. The first two were super tough/painful, but they've gotten better after that. Bonus: I'm starting to figure out where I'm flexible. Turns out, it's my hips. I would have really thought they were OK, because I've done a ton of squats/deadlifts in the last year. I threw a mirror up in the basement to watch my form, and it was not so great in the bottom squat position. Oddly enough, my shoulders are quite flexible. I would have guessed it would be the opposite.
  11. Thought about being a crybaby and skipping today. So for the momentary mental weakness I decided the best punishment was to kill myself in the workout Front squats: 50x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x5 Dead lifts: 85x5, 85x5, 85x5, 85x5 Planks: 67, 38, 43 Burpees for 4 minutes: 42 So close to body weight dead lifts. 10 more pounds. My last workout of the challenge has 5 sets of dead lifts so I'm gonna try 95 on at least one set. Hopefully all 5 For once I'm happy with how the planks went Burpees did the job of making me breath hard. Almost threw up. Will continue doing
  12. Oh yeah. I knew the running was only temporary I wanted to hit the under 30 minute 5k goal, and really lost interest after that. We've been walking the dog a lot more than normal, and he was a big inspiration to want to keep running. Now that he doesn't need it I just don't have the motivation Push press 50x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x4, 50x3 Pullups with 5 pounds weight: 4.5, 3.5, 2.5 Hand stand pushups: 2 Decline pushups: 7, 6 Side planks: 30, 44, 37, 40 Think I'm making the switch back to decline pushups. Handstands always seem to hit my back more. Now that I've added weight to pullups I don't have much left in me. Declines target my chest more so I'm happy with that Not sure wtf is going on with the planks. Can't hit numbers that I did 2 weeks ago
  13. Thanks gugi. I hate them, but like lunges, I just keep telling myself they're good for you and plow through em Giving myself an A- for week 4. Got all my work outs in, even managing to work them in around being sick, Christmas shopping, and Friday night's excursion. Managed to do the death by squats official challenge, and the tabata thrusters what-the-hell challenge. Have also successfully done 5 mwods in a row, and for the non-weekend days that actually meant getting out of bed early, taking the dog out (which is usually my wife's job in the morning), then getting the mwod in. No run and no french though. Pretty much given up on those two at this point. The runs I don't much care, but that was always meant as a how-I-felt kind of thing.
  14. I've done 4 mwods now. Actually got up early on Thursday and Friday for them. Not a bad way to start the day, web if it is mostly torture. Last two weren't bad. First two though.... Today: Dead lifts: 75x5, 75x5, 75x5, 80x5, 80x5 Lunges: 40x5, 40x5, 40x5 Planks: 60, 45, 32 And did finishing move at the end. Instead of 20 yard runs I ran from wall to wall in the basement 107 times
  15. 2nd early morning in a row, for MWOD #2. This time with slightly less cursing, although still not easy. Today is a rest day for workouts. My legs are pretty tired and sore so I am thankful for the rest day. Tomorrow I think we're looking at a full day of shopping too, so this is a pre-shopping rest day. I will however be drinking copious amounts of scotch at the Spirits Festival tonight. I'll be on my feet for the better part of 3 hours though, so it all cancels out right?
  16. Pullups: 8, 4,4, 3, 3.5 Handstand pushups: 4, 1, 2 Bent over rows: 45x5, 50x6, 50x8 Side planks: 45, 60, 48, 45 Tightened up form on the pushups and lost a few reps but I think it's worth it A la Mama T I tried tabata thrusters with 20 pound dbs. 20 seconds on, 10 off I lasted three rounds. 7 reps, 4 reps, 4 reps. Starting to realize my cardiovascular is shit. Gonna keep doing tabata stuff at the end to help. God damn you Mama! That was tough.
  17. Dang. Had to youtube what the heck thrusters were. That looks exhausting.
  18. I've been feeling more well rested lately. I think it's a combination of all the eating, and busting my ass in workouts so when I do sleep it's a better sleep. I don't get the afternoon sleepies like I used to, and I don't pass out the minute I sit down to watch TV in the evening. So I figured I'd try to get a little workout in the mornings, and thought I'd jump right into the mobility WODs. Officially set my alarm to 15 minutes earlier than normal, so there's no going back now. I think this is a habit I should be able to develop, and keep. Anyway, did the 10 minute squat this morning. Man it was tough. I had to get out of it a good 11-12 times. I think the longest stretch I held a squat for was just over a minute. Pretty sore from yesterday's workout, so I'll blame that. Might give it another go in a few weeks time on a rest day.
  19. Front squat: 45x5, 45x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x5 Dead lift: 70x5, 75x5, 75x5, 75x5 Plank: 45, 37, 29 Death by squats with 30 pounds: 5 full minutes
  20. Whose idea was it to do death by squats? Holy hell. Talk about gettin progressively difficult. Anyway, had to stop in the middle of minute 6, with 3 pound dumbbell front squats. Might try again on a night here I didn't do squats and dead lifts *before* DBS
  21. Week 3 Report Going with a B again. I'm killing it in the workouts. Had to rearrange them to accommodate weekend traveling but I ended up getting an extra one in. Diet was awful on Friday an Saturday but I turned it around quick and for back on track on Sunday. Learned a little more French No run. Today's workout: Push press 45x5, 45x5, 45x5, 50x5, 50x1 Pullups with 5 pounds weight 3.5, 3,2 Handstand pushups 3,2 Pushups 6 Side plank 20 seconds Still getting over a cold so I'm not surprised that it wasn't super great tonight. Loved adding weight to pullups. It made a difference even if it was only 5 pounds. Def maxed out at 50 pounds for push press. Really wasn't feeling the handstands which is why I switched to regular pushups. Rally didn't want to plank so I didn't. No excuse other than just not feeling like it
  22. Couch shmouch. It was a pool table Thanks. I get sick all the time. Seriously, if there's a cold making the rounds I'll get it. You'd think I would be used to it by now. Luckily it always tends to go away quickly. I blame it on my pets. I'm not allergic to cats but I'd there's a few around it bothers me. My parents had three when I was young an t was brutal. I am allergic to dogs though. Somehow I wound up with two cats and a dog. I'm immune to them but I think my body is so busy fighting those allergies that I've got no defense left.
  23. Ditto. I remember going to the gym so many times and I'd walk in pissed off about something or other, but once I started getting the heavy lifts in I would focus so hard on them that I just didn't have any energy left to be upset anymore. (Though usually the bad mood would return). I really, really, loved the strong lifts program. It was so simple, and efficient, and you really can start adding on the weight in a short amount of time. Once you start hitting your BW on lifts I think it's just a really cool feeling to know that if you ever had to carry a person for whatever reason you could. And that's not something I could do a year and a half ago
  24. I thought I read somewhere that eating more will help. In my own experience, it's been helping me. The deadlifts don't do it as bad for me as the handstand pushups. The first few times I did pushups I was really woozy, but it's already getting better. The only real difference, besides the obvious muscle gain, is that I've been focusing on eating way more than I'm used to. I'm getting like 3k calories a day, and usually in the 220g range for protein. Other than that... stand up slowly once you put the weights down I guess.
  25. I think I have the plague. At least that's what it felt like on Sunday and Monday. So no workout yesterday. Feeling much, much better today, so I should be able to get one in. I expect that after a weekend of eating garbage, and feeling not super great, it won't be my best workout but I'll make the most of it nonetheless
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