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  1. Good workout last night. Legs are sore today. Really excited for today being a rest day. Numbers: Deadlifts: 50 pounds x 5 reps, 50x5, 50x10, 50x8, 50x6. That's up from 40x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x8. That's with dumbbells, and amount of weight in each hand 50 pounds of weights is all I have. Planning to get more very soon, but until then I just have to up the reps instead of the weight I guess. Lunges: 25x8 (as in, 4 for each leg), 25,8, 25,8. Up from 20x8, 20x8, 20x12 Plank: 64 seconds, 34, 39. That's actually a bit down from 50, 42, 39. Well, it might balance out. I was hoping for 3 1-minute planks, but after the first one I had nothing left. I found my legs kept giving out on me. The lunges really kill me.
  2. I could probably eat a jar of peanut butter. I tried almond and never really enjoyed it. Milk took a while, but I drink a few glasses a day now and don't mind it at all
  3. Have you done SL before? I absolutely fell in love with it last Summer. Last April or so I started on free weights for the first time, and really enjoyed that. Then through NF I stumbled on SL. I was able to get squats and DL's heavier than my bodyweight. Coming from a guy who a year and a half ago only did weight machines, that really blew me away. I love it. I've done probably 3 stretches of it, lasting about 6 or 7 weeks each time. I don't have a gym membership now, but I find if I travel anywhere for a weekend I'll get a guest pass at a local gym and that's what I jump into. Have fun
  4. The shakes! I love the shakes. Always makes me feel like it was a great workout. Good job. You're killing the challenge so far
  5. Haha. I thought the same thing after reading it. The milk I think I could do, but not a jar of almond butter
  6. Really great workout tonight. I feel like a million bucks compared to how I felt on Tuesday. On my third set of hand stand pushups I fell over. Then when I was finished I threw up a little. I think that officially counts as pushing as hard as I can right Going to start throwing numbers in here because the progression is already awesome and I feel like sharing. Tonight: Pullups: 7, 3, 3, 3, 1.5. That's up from 5, 4, 2.5, 2.5, 1 Handstand Pushups: 4, 3, 2. That's up from 3, 2, 1 Inverted row: 40 pounds x5 reps, 40x5, 45x7. That's up from 35x5, 35x5, 40x6. That's with dumbbells, and amount of weight in each hand. Side planks: 54 seconds, 60, 60, 60. That's up from 40, 40, 40, 40 I stopped tracking my calories through Daily Burn. Never meant to keep it up for the whole challenge. I did it for a week and a half, just to get an idea on how much I need to eat to keep going, and I think I've got it figured out now so no more tracking. It helps that I'm a man of routine.
  7. Eating back on track (cept for two cookies at lunch). Workout back on track. Now I'm sweaty and sore but a helluva lot better than yesterday
  8. Well I let a crappy end to the work day get the better of me. No workout pigged out on Halloween leftovers. Greasy supper and a few beer So. Let's hope tomorrow goes better
  9. Quick update: some Halloween snacking last night but not near as much as previous years. Great workout yesterday. Lunch thing at work and I choose not to eat potatoes, bread, and desserts. I had lots of greek salad, cooked red peppers and onion, and pork and chicken skewers. They were quite yummy
  10. Nice! I have a retriever too And JUST started reading C&H. Like a week ago. Ive gone through the first two collections and am in love. I agree on the fave part. It cracks me up
  11. Wow. Good job on the candy. I thought I would be strong but I had 6 or 7 snacks in the evening. My calorie count was a bit low for the day so not a bad time to Snack
  12. OMG. I feel like a light bulp just went off above my head. Some how I never made the connection about the running. I'm guess it's more to do with the food than the strength, since that's the biggest change. I clued in that I have more energy throughout the day, but someone didn't make the connection when I had more energy running. I feel dumb. And also want to go run again to see if it's better
  13. Weekly checkin LIFT: Didn't miss a workout. On Friday I was sick and I ended up just doing that one on Saturday instead (where normally Saturday and Sunday would be rest days). Felt like I established a good base line. The first time I did deadlifts I forgot about pushing to failure on the last set, but other wise I managed to do it every time. EAT: Couldn't have gone better. I feel like I've been slowly building up to this, so it's not a really drastic change. The chicken snacks at work help a lot, and the almonds have been doing the trick. I find I've been snacking so often, trying to get 3000 quality calories in, that I'm not as tempted to eat sweet things as I thought I would be. I'm seriously never hungry, I just eat all the time. It's great. I might actually stick it out this time. Cracked a little bit on the weekend, but only had dessert once, which is good because we were out to eat 3 or 4 times. I stayed away from deep fried wings and fries. The only beer I had was actually not as terrible as most, and I kept that to two. And, no potatoes. For a freaking week. I don't know if I've ever gone without potatoes in some form for a whole week. SPEAK: Eh, not so great. My wife and I spent about 15 minutes one night and that's what it. But hey, it's better than nothing. RUN: Went for one run this week and it was awesome. I had no plan in place, and ended up going further and faster than what my typical runs are. All in all, I couldn't be happier with how the week went. I actually took 'before' pictures this time. If things keep up the way they are I think I'll actually notice a difference in the 'after' ones *pats myself on the back*
  14. I find the both of us often want to eat out on weekends. Sometimes it's every meal from Fridays supper till Sunday. Today's eating actually went quite well. We did go out to eat. Had nachos which weren't great, but at least there were veggies. I did however pass up dessert and there were two delicious looking ones on the table. Just have to keep reminding myself that restaurant dessert portions are huge and I usually feel like crap after I'm so excited, I found a magic beer. Rickards Dark. Somehow it has 11 grams of protein and 1 gram carbs. I checked about 6 different sites online and they all say the same thing so it must be true. Still trying not to drink much, and the only reason I had that was because there were two left in my fridge from last week. Still. When I crave one I know where to turn I've been using daily burn to track calories. Not great for looking up foods. I find its a bit slow by times. But I really like it. It's been handy for days like today when I saw my protein intake wasn't as high as during the week so I topped it off with another shake in evening. I was only planning to track the first week but I might keep it up
  15. Hahaha. I just lol'd I remember when you were tweeting one night and I thought you told some guy you could deadlift him. Forget how it really went. I just remember the mental picture of you dead lifting someone cracked me up
  16. So somehow you work your bis on dips? I dunno. I'm currently waiting for DOMS to hit my legs. Today was killer. I haven't kept up the olive oil. I might though. I found the spoonful was fine. I thought about the bottle cap but with a spoon I pretend it's medicine. I might get it into the routine next week. Once I get it in a routine I'm golden. So I'll make it part I breakfast
  17. Haha welcome to the weekend my friend. I tend to drink a lot of beer on the weekends. Trying to trim that down. (none yet and I think I'll be ok this weekend. Gotta go week by week though). Don't let it keep you down and you'll be ok
  18. If you're getting chinos in you'll have that pull up in now time. Keep it up
  19. Thanks. My willpower is not always so great. I will have weak moments. Just trying to hold off as long as I can I wish I could eat more nuts. I have bad allergies to cashews and pistachios. Some of the mixed bags, and trail mix looks good, but they're off limits. I'm pretty much limited to peanuts and almonds. Didn't like almonds at first but they're growing on me. The gum helps my sweet tooth I find
  20. Didn't workout yesterday because I was sick, kept my eating on track though. I'm getting better as the week goes on for getting 3k+ good calories. The only not great thing I had yesterday was a buffalo chicken sandwich. For a Friday that's pretty good for me. No wings or fries. No beer. Ordered a salad on the side. Didn't eat half the bread. I will struggle on the weekends for eating since I don't really have a good routine like I do in the week. So right now I just want to minimize the damage and so far I'm doing well. Had a good workout this morning. Def need to buy more weights though. I'm tapped out at 50 pounds a dumbbell and that's just not enough for the dead lifts. Good lord I hate lunges. Tried at 40 pounds and almost fell over. Tried 30. Little better but still bad. Ended at 20. I really thought I could do more, given my dlifts and squats. Balance is a big issue now. Hopefully that'll improve in time andicanadd weights later.
  21. I love my guy as a running partner. There's times when I go more because he needs it than I want to. It's amazing how a hyper dog can be such a motivator
  22. How's the puppy training going? I remember those days. We got our guy when he was 2 old. After about 4 months of training he would go days between accidents but still have the odd one. Can't remember at what point that stopped. Sure glad he is trained now. It's my first dog, so cleaning up after him all the time was a tough way to start the dog experience for me. I am officially a dog lover now though
  23. Dips with weight? Damn. That's tough. Good luck moving your arms tomorrow
  24. Bring snacks and gum There were free donuts today but I had my usual snack of chicken with me so I ate that instead. Then almonds. Then chewed gum for an hour. In the end, no donuts
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