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  1. haha. You look so sad. Way to milk the little kitty scratch for all it's worth Awesome job on the squats. Hitting your body weight in anything is a pretty cool milestone
  2. Thursday was a rest day. Spent something like 8 hours in the car after work. Friday I did the card game as a workout. Details on that are in the strength squad thread. Saturday and Sunday were rest days. I was thinking about going for a run yesterday but I'm getting sick so I ruled that out. I did however finally sell my pool table, and I helped the guy move it. It was quite funny actually. The guy who bought it brought his friend along, but they weren't able to lift it so they asked for my help. It's kind of awkward to move that with three people, and ultimately I pushed his friend out of the way and took over. Bonus fact: it was much, much, much easier to move it this time around than two years ago when I first brought it into the house. I was really dreading moving it, but it ultimately wasn't bad. I think if it wasn't for the size I could've done it alone
  3. weird. I updated here on Friday, and looked at my post, but it's gone now. Oh well. AAAAAnyway. On the weekend I was travelling so I did the card game as a workout. Spades = pushups Clubs = squats Hearts = jumping jacks Diamonds = double unders Jack = 11 Queen = 12 King = 13 Ace = 15 Joker = 30 mountain climbers I forget the exact time now, but it was around the 32 minute mark to get through the entire deck. It ended up being more tough than I expected. You know it's kicking your ass when you hope for jumping jacks because they're the easiest. I think I'm not used to just jumping in from one exercise to the next with little to no breaks like that, so it was a good ass kicker to my lungs anyway. All in all, I liked it. I think with a bit of tweaking it would make for a pretty solid workout routine on the whole.
  4. I kind of had the opposite experience. I always felt it in my thighs, then as I upped the weight I felt it everywhere. So, that's normal I guess (?) that you feel it in your thighs now.
  5. Jeez,way to eat well on the road! I'm traveling this weekend, leaving right after work tomorrow. I may read your thread a few times for inspiration
  6. I like your chinup plan. I do pull ups twice weekly, but different number of sets. I think on those nights I will add some weights. How much are you going to add? I'm thinking 10 pounds
  7. My dumbbells are just handles and plates that I adjust. I was using every pate I had to max out at 50 pounds. Until today. I picked up four 25 pound plates. So someone doubled his max load. Tonight: Deadlifts: 60x5, 65x5, 70x5, 75x5, 80x5 Lunges: 30x8, 35x8, 40x8 Planks: 75, 45, 47 It's a good thing my job is sitting in front of a computer all day because I don't think I'll be able to use my legs. I can honestly say I could not have done more than that. I was pumped because now I have enough weights to get slightly passed my body weight so I can't wait to hit that point. Pretty sure I can do it for deadlifts. What I lacked in mental toughness yesterday I more than made up for tonight.
  8. I would have screamed like a girl if I saw fire ants let alone got bit
  9. Alright, numbers for the last few days: Sunday: Push Press: 40x5, 40x5, 40x5, 45x5, 45x6. Two weeks ago I could barely lift 35 pounds to my shoulders, let alone actually getting them above my head. I'm gonna hit that 50 mark soon Pullups: 6.5, 4, 3.5 Handstand pushups: 5, 4, 1 Side planks: 70 seconds x4 Monday: Front squat: 45x5, 45x5, 45x5, 50x5, 50x5 Deadlifts: 50x13, 50x12, 50x9, 50x10 Planks: 70, 40, 43 Tuesday (as best as I can remember.. don't have the numbers right with me): Pullups: 7.5, 4, 4, 2.5, 3 Handstand pushups: 4, 4, 1 Bent over rows: 45x5, 45x5, 45x5 Side planks: 59, 54, 30, 30 Last night my head wasn't really in it. The numbers are fine, and for the most part *slightly* up. But I didn't want to do the workout at all, and was miserable through the whole thing. Not sure what my problem was. Anyway, certainly didn't push to failure as hard as I normally would. Almost skipped the planks altogether because I hate them, and I knew it'd be a losing battle since I find that's more mental than physical. Anyway, I did it, so that's better than nothing I guess. I'm on the lookout for more weights at this point. 50 pounds per dumbbell is all I currently have, and I want to get my deadlifts back down to 5 reps so I def. need more.
  10. Haha. That's one of my favorite parts about working out from home. Planks do it to me
  11. God. You're some kind of machine. Lunges are bad enough on their own, let alone with weight, and the back foot elevated. I've never tried that one with weight. Without weight I could get about 7 or 8 in, but holy hell were they ever tough and man did my legs get sore. God I hate lunges. Have I complained about that recently
  12. Climbing will definitely help with your fear of heights. I did that a bit last year, and keep meaning to go again this year I just haven't gotten around to it. My first couple of climbs I really didn't get much higher than 7 feet or so. (The one around here has no harnesses or anything like that; bouldering is the official term). I was pretty excited, and super nervous, the first time I made it to the top. There's one section that's a little bit higher, and it was a more difficult climb in general, took me weeks of trying to get to the top. In the end I would get within about 2 holds from the top, but the height would just freak me out too much. I was ecstatic when I finally got that one. The first real fall I had really helped with the fears too. Usually I would just drop, and I did slowly work up to dropping from higher heights, but the first time I fell when I wasn't expecting it scared the crap out of me. When I realize it didn't hurt I felt a lot better about the whole thing. Damn... now I'm really itching to get out again
  13. In what I take as a compliment, I'm starting to lose track of how many times my wife says "I can't believe you're..." ...eating chicken as a snack (I go through at least one breast a day.... that's what she said) ...doing handstand pushups ...drinking milk ...eating so much I know there's been more. But that's just what I've heard in the last 24 hours
  14. Week 2 Report Eating this weekend went even better than last weekend. I'm starting to get a good routine of having the same breakfast as I do during the weeks, same snacks, lunch is bacon and eggs, then supper is whatever. The suppers were Friday-rice, eggroll, and chicken balls. Saturday: chicken fajitas. Sunday: Lasagna dish. I ate Sunday immediately after the workout. Didn't eat out at all. Had more beer and snacks than usual, but really, I feel like I minimized the junky eating quite nicely. I had to start this week's workouts on Sunday, instead of Monday, since I'm travelling Thursday after work so I won't get a workout in, and it's hard to say what I'll get done on the weekend. So this weeks rest days will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, instead of Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Because I missed Tuesdays workout I went Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, so I only had the one rest day this weekend instead of two. So, no runs this week, but I don't feel like that's a failure because I really only plan to run when I feel like it. It's not a huge priority. Plus we've gotten more walks in with the dog than usual. Pretty much a good half hour, 40 minutes, every night. Sometimes longer. As for the French speaking... well I learned one new phrase. That's really not coming along, but I don't consider it high priority either. My eating, with the exception of one absolute garbage meal on Tuesday night, was spot on I think. I'm really noticing a difference. Can already feel more muscle definition than 2 weeks ago. And for pretty much everything in my workout, I'm getting double what I did two weeks ago. That's the biggest difference. I feel like I'm getting huge gains in every part of my workouts. Don't have the numbers for Sundays workout with me right now. Will post later on I guess
  15. Ahhhh so close. You'll hit the pullup in no time.
  16. Good workout last night. Legs are sore today. Really excited for today being a rest day. Numbers: Deadlifts: 50 pounds x 5 reps, 50x5, 50x10, 50x8, 50x6. That's up from 40x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x5, 50x8. That's with dumbbells, and amount of weight in each hand 50 pounds of weights is all I have. Planning to get more very soon, but until then I just have to up the reps instead of the weight I guess. Lunges: 25x8 (as in, 4 for each leg), 25,8, 25,8. Up from 20x8, 20x8, 20x12 Plank: 64 seconds, 34, 39. That's actually a bit down from 50, 42, 39. Well, it might balance out. I was hoping for 3 1-minute planks, but after the first one I had nothing left. I found my legs kept giving out on me. The lunges really kill me.
  17. I could probably eat a jar of peanut butter. I tried almond and never really enjoyed it. Milk took a while, but I drink a few glasses a day now and don't mind it at all
  18. Have you done SL before? I absolutely fell in love with it last Summer. Last April or so I started on free weights for the first time, and really enjoyed that. Then through NF I stumbled on SL. I was able to get squats and DL's heavier than my bodyweight. Coming from a guy who a year and a half ago only did weight machines, that really blew me away. I love it. I've done probably 3 stretches of it, lasting about 6 or 7 weeks each time. I don't have a gym membership now, but I find if I travel anywhere for a weekend I'll get a guest pass at a local gym and that's what I jump into. Have fun
  19. The shakes! I love the shakes. Always makes me feel like it was a great workout. Good job. You're killing the challenge so far
  20. Haha. I thought the same thing after reading it. The milk I think I could do, but not a jar of almond butter
  21. Really great workout tonight. I feel like a million bucks compared to how I felt on Tuesday. On my third set of hand stand pushups I fell over. Then when I was finished I threw up a little. I think that officially counts as pushing as hard as I can right Going to start throwing numbers in here because the progression is already awesome and I feel like sharing. Tonight: Pullups: 7, 3, 3, 3, 1.5. That's up from 5, 4, 2.5, 2.5, 1 Handstand Pushups: 4, 3, 2. That's up from 3, 2, 1 Inverted row: 40 pounds x5 reps, 40x5, 45x7. That's up from 35x5, 35x5, 40x6. That's with dumbbells, and amount of weight in each hand. Side planks: 54 seconds, 60, 60, 60. That's up from 40, 40, 40, 40 I stopped tracking my calories through Daily Burn. Never meant to keep it up for the whole challenge. I did it for a week and a half, just to get an idea on how much I need to eat to keep going, and I think I've got it figured out now so no more tracking. It helps that I'm a man of routine.
  22. Eating back on track (cept for two cookies at lunch). Workout back on track. Now I'm sweaty and sore but a helluva lot better than yesterday
  23. Well I let a crappy end to the work day get the better of me. No workout pigged out on Halloween leftovers. Greasy supper and a few beer So. Let's hope tomorrow goes better
  24. Quick update: some Halloween snacking last night but not near as much as previous years. Great workout yesterday. Lunch thing at work and I choose not to eat potatoes, bread, and desserts. I had lots of greek salad, cooked red peppers and onion, and pork and chicken skewers. They were quite yummy
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