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  1. That picture is epic. I had no idea that many people participated. No wonder there's none around here. They must have heats running all day I assume?
  2. @JBarduhn Man that bench is awesome. Good job.
  3. thanks Yours and caco's encouragement got me off my ass more than on e this challenge. Don't really plan to run as much next time. Gonna hit up the weights and eat like crazy. The plan is for three off days a week, so depending on how I feel then I might get a run in.
  4. - run 3 times a week (basically following couch to 5k) - A With the exception of taking a week off in the middle (more on that later), I didn't miss any. Pretty sure I got more in than planned - strength train 2 times a week (following 20 pullups, 200 squats, 100 pushups) - B More or less hit it. Certainly didn't finish either program (I'm one of three workouts into week 4 of 6). Some weeks I got 3 in, some only 1 or 2. When I had to miss a workout I skipped this one to focus on running. - try not to lose my mind at work. It's our busy period. B Mostly stayed true. I noticed about half way through that I was dwelling on things a lot so I put a conscious effort into maintaining a more positive attitude and for the most part it worked. - 5k is on September 25. Last year I ran and had a time of just over 32 minutes. This year I want to beat that at the very least, and really want to beat 30 minutes. If I beat 30 I'm buying myself a pair of real Vibrams (I bought two pairs of eBay knockoffs. One fell apart and went to the trash, the other isn't holding up well anymore). A BAAAAAAAAAAAM. So stocked about this one. Long story short, it's been a goal for much longer than the duration of this challenge. - beat Spezzy in the double unders challenge: http://nerdfitness.com/community/sho...-Double-Unders - A Unless Spezzy did some and didn't mention it, I think I handily won this one. - compete mud grinder on September 25. A Damn near killed me by making my asthma act up, but it was a lot of fun. Overall: A I say A because I wanted my runs to score higher. That was the top priority. Since I didn't miss any, and hit my sub-30 minute 5k goal, it counts as a win. Mud grinder and beating Spezzy are bonus points This was by far the most successful challenge I've done here. (Probably my 4th or 5th overall). My goals did shift part way through. I kind of burned out about 3 weeks in so took a break from everything, then for the last few weeks I just worked on getting my workouts in without going overboard like at the beginning. I'm still really excited about the mud grinder. It's no Warrior Dash, but it was so awesome to have something like that near by. I did kind of hit a mental breakthrough after doing the run. That was mentally really tough on me, but I pushed through, and I'm really happy that I did. Now I need another challenge like that. Not sure what it'll be yet. Another big mental win was that I finally stopped weighing myself. I've been pretty neurotic about checking every Tuesday morning after a shower. My scale has the BF% option, and I kept hoping it would change. But I've been tracking things for the better part of the year and there really hasn't been much fluctuation. On one of my weigh ins before I checked I thought it'd go down a bit. I was feeling great that morning. Felt skinnier, felt like my arms were getting bigger, etc, etc. But my weight, and BF%, went up that day, and I bothered me for a bit. I clued in that I shouldn't let it bother me, so since then I'm focusing more on how I feel and not the numbers. I'm like 4 weeks without a weigh in, and I *just* had to tighten my belt another notch, so it's obviously working out well for me. On my runs I took my dog with me most of the time. I figured it'll kill 2 birds with one stone: I get to run, and we tire him out so we don't have to go for a long walk later in the evening. A nice little bonus to this is that he lost a bit of weight. He's not huge or anything, but he does need to lose a bit more. This is seriously motivation for me to keep going. Next challenge I plan to focus on strength, but I will try to get some runs in for Dwight's sake.
  5. Well I feel better on the water situation now, thanks I figured he was OK. Just always interested to hear what other people are doing, especially where you run a similar distance/speed
  6. Do you give the dogs water breaks on your runs? I drive a bit to get to my usual trail, and I always leave a bottle in the car when we are on the run. I've got a portable bowl, so when we get ack to the car I fill it up for him. Always a bit concerned that we should stop for breaks in the run though. His bowl attaches to the leash so the I my extra weight would be the water bottle. I figure this time of year it's cool enough, and lately it's overcast, not sunny, when we go so I think it's probably ok.
  7. Ahhh, I remember that feeling. Have fun I friggen love the squat rack. I want one at home but just don't really have the room so I've settled for dumbbells.
  8. Awesome work on progressing to the 30 min 5k. This was probably my best week yet. I hit my 5k goal of under 30 minutes. Went home for thanksgiving weekend and didn't eat too terrible. Don't get me wrong, I had 2 HUGE meals. But I had small breakys and lunches, and didn't snack near as much as I normally would. Still got two workouts in at home: a run and some heavy lifting.
  9. I'm jumping into the dumbell division of the rebel strength guide next challenge, so for the week off I need to just run through every move and figure out what I need for weights so I can start strong when the challenge begins
  10. Haha. Too cute My grandmother in law had a 26 pound dog that needs to lose 10 pounds. She used to blame his fat look on how long his fur is. Hard to deny now though
  11. Dang man. That's awesome. I may have to read the details (I just skimmed the first tread) and follow something similar. I'm at a similar weight, and similar body shape. Good job on losing the belly. That's my battle
  12. OK, so I feel a little like this asking a loaded question. For this 6 week challenge I've been seeing a lot of muscle gain. Running has been my goal, but I've been doing strength workouts inbetween runs, basically following 100pushups, 200squats, 20pullups. It's more endurance than strength building I think. My diet hasn't been super spectacular. The only difference, and the biggest thing I attribute to the gain, has been the protein bars I've been using since mid-August. these are what I've been taking. I'm already thinking of the next challenge, and I think muscle gain is going to be my main focus. I think one of obvious things to start looking at is protein shakes. So, the big question is, what do you guys look for in a protein shake? Is there any benefit from getting something from a more reputable source, as opposed to Walmart or Costco? The diet/workout plan so far (which might change) is: protein shake + banana + yogurt for breakfast snack lunch will be left over supper workout after work post workout snack of protein bar and glass of milk supper, which will be a ton of meat and vegetables. Right now I lean more towards half of something for meat (half chicken breast, half pork chop, etc), potatoes, and vegetables. Not every day, but it's a typical meal. So the plan is to eat the full meat proportion, plus veggies. maybe evening snack snack I plan to have chicken essentially. Plan to just by a ton, cook it up in the weekend, cut it, then throw it in baggies and snack as needed. Workout will be the Rebel Strength Guide Dumbell workouts. Plus runs on the off days. Plan for 3 strength, and 2 runs in the week. The runs will be a bit easier. As long as I'm moving and sweating I'll be happy. The focus is strength So I'll take diet advice as well. Should I do the protein bar and shake after workout? Will the cheaper shakes give me cancer or some crap like that? Can't say I've done much research on them yet, or dived into them at all, so I feel like I'm starting from scratch here.
  13. That is awesome! Love the sketch. Is that a Shia original?
  14. Way to rock the abs So, do you sleep? Sounds like you're working out 24/7
  15. Lol at hiit lawn mowing. That cracked me up
  16. I work at a help desk, so challenge done Seriously though, I took care of my very sick wife tonight. I took out our AC for her since it was freezing in the house. We'll count that as my good deed since I probably wouldn't have done it if she was healthy and not so desperately cold
  17. Just skimmed through the log. Holy crap you're kicking ass! I feel lazy now. I didn't realize you taught yoga too. That's awesome. I've tried it a fee times; never really liked it though. So lots of respect to those who are good at it
  18. Awesome time on the 5k! I think next weekend I will take a crack at it again. I want a few runs before then though since I had that week off.
  19. http://runkeeper.com/user/robzilla1983/activity/54673451 Woo hoo! A run again. Scaled back a bit. Nice and easy, but my lunch came close to coming up on the last interval
  20. Yeah. Actually had to watch the time on the video to confirm it though. I tried counting in my head, but it wasn't accurate
  21. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated Finally got a workout today. I couldn't finish the pullups, but I did max out on them which is always a win in my book. Squats and pushups actually went better than last time. I repeated the last strength workout I did. I figured since there was so much time off between workouts I'd do well to break even. Also finally tried the hand stand challenge. Want to see Rob struggle?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpRb3R6Bta8&feature=youtube_gdata_player And 25 double unders. Just wanted to try a few to get back into things. Tomorrow, a run
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