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  1. I'm late to the game but god damn I did it. Whole video is a bit dull at first. There's one failed attempt and you see me work up the nerve to try it. And boy do I get shaky at the end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpRb3R6Bta8&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  2. I find that now. Especially when we go out to eat anywhere. At one of our fave restaurants my go-to meal used to be wings and fries. It sill is occasionally. But I find now it's hard to get through it, and I feel so gross afterwards that it's hardly worth it, but I blame it all on the salt. I'm always so thirsty eating it. But even following recipes at home, if I put in the amount of salt that's called for I often have a hard time eating the food. Usually I'll just throw in a pinch, no matter what's actually called for. Slowly getting there with sugar too. I made the switch to diet pop a few years back, and really can't stand non-diet at this point. Way too sweet. In my coffee I use a sweetener, so when I get one with real sugar I find it's almost like a cappuccino it tastes so sweet
  3. Not easy goals. Just realistic Holding a no sugar streak this long is pretty epic
  4. Well the week is an epic success, or epic fail, depending on how you look at it. I sure am taking it easy. Haven't gotten a workout in yet. A little bit to due with time constraints, as every evening this week is packed. The plan was to take it easy though so that's what I'm doing. I have, however, been a little more strict in my diet, and making sure to get out for walks in my lunch break. So, still progressing, just not really getting the workouts in.
  5. Nice work on the mediation. I feel like that'd be an easy thing to skip for a day and not worry about it.
  6. That's awesome. Both dieppe and the success so far How'd you stumble onto NF? It's sweet that your work pays half the gym cost. I'm at UNB. I think we do get a pretty decent cost for the on campus facilities but I don't use that gym (though the new Currie Center is super nice). I've done goodlife on and off. Doing the home thing now and am actually seeing my best results yet.
  7. Baconfest sounds a lot like one of my coworkers traditions: beer and hotdog weekend. Everything has to have beer and hotdogs in them. This years new recipes were biscuits and cookies made with hot dogs. Yours sounds less likely to kill someone
  8. Awesome start man. I'm 5 years into an IT career so I know what its like. I just did a mudder for the first time on Saturday and it was awesome. You'll have fun I promise
  9. I'm glad everyone likes the wounds They sting in the shower still. That certainly did kick the crap out or me though. Thought I'd be cautious tonight so I didn't do a workout. Tomorrow back into the strength. Looking back over my goals: thought I was doing alright staying sane but I feel like I've done nothing but bitch about needing rest days and how I felt like crap after the mudder. So, gonna keep my head up for the rest of the challenge
  10. That trail sounds awesome. Do you actually go in caves? We have a ton of trails in the area, no caves though
  11. Whereabouts are you from? I'm in Fredericton. Nice to see another east coaster!
  12. So jealous of the barbell batallion The ONLY thing I miss about the gym (I do the home thing now) is the squat rack. I've thought about buying one, and a set of olympic weights for my basement, but they just take up more room than I would like. But, it's not like I'm not getting a workout in. I always do intervals. With the exception of trying to get a sub-30 minute 5k, I generally run just for the sake of running, so I don't much care about distance or speed as long as I'm moving
  13. Thank the good lord, I can breath again! I was seriously worried there for a day. Somehow this morning my breathing is close to normal again. Seriously, god damn asthma. It never bothers me like this. So, this week's plan is a bit different. Pretty much have to play it day by day to see how I feel. Today I think I'll take off, but tomorrow I'll do a run or strength workout, depending on how I feel
  14. That's awesome! This challenge has been doing wonders for me. I think the mixture of running and strength is paying off big time. What rank did you do? I might give the fist one a try, just because I haven't actually done much with dumbbells. The second one looks more fun though, but I think I'll have to change the weights around a lot and it's a pain to do that with the set I have.
  15. Well, no 5k today. Not from lack of effort though. My lungs are still hurtin' big time. I kind of thought they'd be an issue. All day yesterday they were in rough shape. I wheezed all day, and almost every time I exhaled I could hear crackling. I almost went to the doctor to get it checked out, but I wanted to give it a day. This morning when I woke up I felt infinitely better. I psyched myself up for the run. I was physically prepared. It was a beautiful day. I was mentally prepping myself, and going over what I would do for intervals, where I need to be at each point, what I would do if I was going to slow, or making good time but getting winded. I knew the trail, so I was prepping for my turnaround point (which if I timed right would be at one of my walking intervals). I was ready. I start the run, less than a minute later I almost vomited I was so out of breath. I walked it off, then gave another attempt at the run, and the same thing happened. I'm a little disappointed. Then again, I don't have a lot of control over it so I'm not too down about it. It's weird though, I can't remember the last time my asthma slowed me down from anything. Mind you, for years I wasn't physically active, so I just didn't do enough where I would get slowed down. But even trying to think back, for the life of me I don't know when it bothered me like it did this weekend. So, the plan now is to take a few days off from everything, including the strength workouts. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be OK to get back into things. In the meantime photos of my battle wounds. The elbow pictures don't really show it off that well. Hell, none of the pictures do. They look worse in person I swear
  16. Too cute. Love the back pack for Azu. We have a similar one for Dwight. I always feel like if we're gonna be out running we might as well take Dwight and just get his exercise in as well. Quite positive he loves it
  17. http://www.flickr.com/photos/67907564@N04/6178917505/ No real great pics. This one kind of shows the whole course though. So the story goes: First off, it's in a small town. Had to drive an hour to get there (which isn't a big deal at all). Wasn't really sure what to expect, since the website didn't give much info. I thought it'd be more running in the mud, not so much just obstacle after obstacle, but it was *way* more fun this way. But, it was a bit smaller than I though. Holy good lord was it exhausting though. It's the first time in years I felt my asthma bother me. I could've made better time but my lungs said no. Because it was a small town, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who traveled to be there, I felt a bit out of place. There wasn't a huge crowd, 50 people maybe a bit more, and it seemed like everyone knew each other, except for me. They also put me in the first heat, which didn't help the nerves much. You have to understand I'm really shy and introverted, so being the first round of something like this was way out of my comfort zone, but it was a blast and I'm so glad I went. So it was me and a guy named Cliff in the first heat. He was probably twice my age, and than some, but he was certainly a fit guy, and the only other one there wearing anything that resembled VFFs (which I had on; his were some Fila brand lookalike). MC tells us to go, and we're off! First obstacle was a slip'n'slide. Now, I've never liked these. Something about running, jumping, than landing on your belly just does not appeal to me. I let Cliff go a step ahead so we didn't collied. There was hay under the tarp, so it was fun. I actually launched myself in the air a bit, then belly crawled across. Next up is the wall climb. Just an A frame couple pieces of wood, with a few foot holds. Cliff struggled, and took a couple of tries. I grabbed the first hold and was up, jumped from the top, crash landed, then go up and kept on going. Cliff was first to the balance beam. Again, he was a bit slow to get up (the beam was like 3ft off the ground, which is kind of tough to climb on since it's a narrow beam). While we're on that people are chucking little plastic balls at us. Neither of us had much trouble with that. Next is hurtles, in the form of hay bails. They were anal about jumping with both feet at the same time, and the MC called me out on lifting one foot first. Cliff finishes a bit ahead of me. At this point my lungs are already hurting, really struggling to breath, and am already exhausted. Next station is 20 pushups. Cliff started a bit before me, but I came out ahead of him. (My strength workouts paying off!) Next is crawling under a net. This is the first time where I really got dirty. The slip'n'slide was water and soap, so I was soaked, but not dirty. Balance beam was on mud, but I didn't fall. This though, was awesome. I flew through it, and increased my lead. Next up is more crawling, this time through a plastic tunnel. I managed to launch myself in it, and slid probably a good third of the way before I had to crawl. This is where the cuts on my knees came from. I half crawled, half belly slid the whole way. It had water and mud all in it too, so we're filthy now. After that is tire hops, but there's a net above us so we have to do it bent over. I was dying here. I tried to go half quick, but ended up just walking through the tires. This slowed me down, and Cliff caught up at the end. Next is 20 jumping jacks. Had to stop twice to breath. Cliff is now ahead of me. Next is the hay temple. Probably 10 feet up, maybe a bit less. Just basically stairs one way up, and I kind of slid down the bottom. After that is potato sack race. We were neck and neck again pretty much through this whole section. Good lord this was tough. After that we had to crawl into a mud pit and dig around for dog tags. And by mud pit I mean a whole where water came up to our knees, and with our feet sinking in the mud right up to our ankles. Both of us really struggled to find them. I think where it was the first heat they hid the dog tags too well. One volunteer pointed out to Cliff where one was, and told me just to go on anyway. Cliff had a bit of a lead coming out of the pit. EDIT: wow. Somehow forgot about this part. THIS is where I actually really got slowed down and Cliff took a big lead. There was this wooden frame thing, with a bunch of string going across at all sorts of angles. Basically a spiderweb we had to crawl through. For the life of me I couldn't get through this with any speed. After that is paintball. FINALLY, a bit of a chance to catch my breath. We had 10 shots, and had to hit a target twice. Took me 4. After that we had to carry a tire from point A to point B. I half jogged half walked this one. Cliff was about half way through it when I started. After that was a walk through a fire hose. This actually felt quite nice. I was so tired and drained that it felt good to be blasted. Cliff was increasing his lead here. I had no breath, so I didn't move any faster than a walk. After that was the last station, another tire carry. (The first tire carry, if done in teams was a monster truck tire roll, if team of 2, or flip if team of 4). Again, just carry from point A to point B. I walked Last was a sprint to the finish. I actually did manage to jog it. Nice cheering crowd at the end. So, all in all, it was awesome. So glad I went. I hung around after for about 3 heats just to catch my breath (which took forever), and to take pictures. Ended up taking 200, whittled down to 50 or so). Mostly just other people going through so I can show my wife what I did (she's out of town). The only picture of me is one self shot, that is no way in hell making it to the interwebs Too much double chin. I'm gonna bug the organizers, and hit up the facebook page in the next few days. There were a lot of people taking pictures, and I think since we were the first there'd be that much more. Plus it looked like there were semi-professional photographer/videographer there, so hopefully there will be pics and video from that. I am no dog tired and will probably veg and watch movies for the night. I planned for some Gears of War 3, but I'm too tired to even do that.
  18. haha. I love your comment about the dog. What do you have? I've got a golden retriever that I take with me every time. Usually the first 10 minutes he speeds ahead of me and pulls a lot (which in turn keeps my speed up at the beginning), but after that I'm dragging him the rest of the way. Sometimes I'm not sure whose more tired at the end, me or Dwight.
  19. Thanks I had planned for an actual race, then thought I would be out town so had to drop out. Once I figured out I wasn't traveling the mud grinder came up so I am doing that instead. So, just a run for time The last 2 I wore my Adizeros instead of VFFs and it's been helping with the calves
  20. http://runkeeper.com/user/robzilla1983/activity/53318880 Real good run tonight. Planned to take it easy again, but I think my pace was up. I even passed a couple of people. I was real sore for the first 15 minutes after. The cool down walk at the end was tough. I kept getting spasms of, not so much pain, but weakness in my legs. Like I felt like my leg would collapse. Did some stretching when I got to the car (which I don't normally do), then did a real good round of stretching once I got home. Don't feel too bad now. And thus marks the official last run before my 5k attempt. The plan is to attack it on Sunday, depending on how I feel after the mud grinder. If I'm tired and sore, not going to risk the 5. I'll go Monday instead My plan is to go in intervals of 5 minutes running, and 1 minute walking. I think I should be close to the 30 minute mark. Tonights run was 40 minutes, and just under 5k, but the first 5 minutes of that was the walkup warmup (which I will still do, just not time, on my 5k attempt), and 10 minutes cool down walk. Done in intervals of 5min run, 3min walk, 8min run, 3min walk, 5min run. On the 5k attempt I'm just gonna keep doing those intervals until I actually hit 5k. Might take 30 minutes. Might take 3 hours. I'm a bit more confident tonight, especially now that I have a feel for how far it'll be.
  21. We might switch places next time. I think once this challenge is over I'm gonna attack the Dumbbell Division from the Rebel Strength Guide. As a rule, I enjoy the strength training *way* more than running. My wife wanted to run though, so I figured the company's good, might as well do it short term. I'm gonna try to incorporate some of those stretches on my pre-run walk. It shouldn't be too hard to get in a few dynamic stretches. Though it could be interesting since I always take the dog with me
  22. Thanks for the replies guys. Guess my 5 minute walk before hand is not too bad. In all fairness, it is a 5 minute *speed* walk (since my normal walk speed is very, very slow). Oddly enough catspaw, I do most of those for a cool down. I never tried to look up stretches or anything, I just focused on what's sore, and I knew enough stretches for how to target those areas. I think it's kind of cool that I stumbled on most of those. Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing
  23. Good job on the A's! The meditation sounds interesting. I usually go for a walk on my lunch break so I may give it a try. Although, my mind wanders like crazy, so I doubt I'll be able to focus for 5 minutes. We'll see though. On the walks I tend to just let my mind wander, and it helps de-stress from the morning sometimes. I almost think of it as my own way to meditate. I was just curious to see what your was
  24. What do you guys do to warm up for a run? I walk a bit. That's it though. I think I need to do more
  25. Another great strength one tonight. no skipping. Felt nice to get a hard workout in after yesterdays easy run. I'm starting week three of the 20 pullups, 200 squats, 100 pushups challenges. Couldn't quite finish the last couple of reps in the pullups, but considering it was the last set I'm fine with that. I moved down a difficulty in pushups. I was doing the intermediate track, but I dropped down to easy. And I barely finished those reps tonight so it was a smart move Started handstands. Took half a dozen attempts, but I was finally on my hands with my feet on the wall. Held for 5 seconds and called it a night. That really freaks me out, so holding for 5 is great as far as I'm concerned
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