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  1. Have you looked at fasted cardio? It is popular with body builders for losing fat while maintaining muscle. I am no body builder, but I am trying to lose fat, 2-3 times a week I try to do 30 min on the recumbent bike before breakfast keeping my heart rate around 120 bpm. It's not too bad and it seems to be pretty helpful. You might build in a clause on your deal that if you can drop your body fat below an agreed upon % you can call it a win.
  2. Don't give up! Are you in need of a haircut? Maybe today is the day! Don't get modest about your weigh in outfit. Get your weigh in done before drinking or eating anything tomorrow. You can also do the old spit in a cup trick for a while. Just make sure to re-hydrate well. No salt until then, no carbs and take it easy on water tonight. You could try some natural diuretic foods like leeks? Good luck!
  3. Yeah, we used to be at the same gym, now we are not, but we still meet up pretty often to commiserate about lifting and cutting and all that. She is basically awesome and her hair is even better IRL. If you follow strong woman radio she has talked about her hunger buddy - that's my husband. We are having her over tomorrow night for his amazing bulgoigi to celebrate her USS success and support eating meals! I haven't listened to SWR in a long time, but if you remember way back on episode 13 they has Dustin on and he is one of my regular lifting buddies at my new gym. I think i stopped around ep
  4. Hi! I am not in on this challenge, just lurking around. I love your Rick and Morty theme I'm also looking forward to the 25th - I am competing in VA's Strongest in Richmond, I'll be sending you good vibes for your contest. Those are weird weight classes you have, one that is a 20 lb window and then just open ended categories on either side, ugh. I am jealous of the keg throw and truck pull. I have never thrown a keg. I have a truck pull, but seated. I so much prefer a good harness pull. I also have a max log C&P and an 18" DL as part of a DL medley.
  5. The Rec! Ah, memories - that was brand new when I was there. It is a great facility too, but less viking cred. I would encourage you to go up and check out the other gym for one of their strongman classes. I bet they would let you give it a shot for free at least once. Strongman folks are generally super nice and want to get people into the sport. Your sample food log looks great. I was expecting a diet of DP Dough, pizza rolls, and beer. It's a good thing you like to cook, it makes clean eating much more fun. It looks like you are doing the same thing as I have been working on
  6. Hey! I'm not in this challenge, but I am a sometimes NF warrior, forever WVU alum, and 2 year strongman trainee. If you are into strongman (especially with a specific viking vibe) and in Morgantown you have to go train here starting yesterday: http://www.vikingperformancetraining.com/ This place opened after I graduated, and I haven't been there myself, but I had a friend who did one of their competitions and came home with a battle axe instead of a trophy. So they are ok in my book. Also they have lots of good equipment. A good step in the direction of beating th
  7. Today I am up to 2200 calories and I have oats and bread and quinoa and a sweet potato and berries. All the food (and delicious caaaarbs) makes me very happy, but a little worried about what coach has planned for tonight's workout - cardio? I can't believe the challenge is just over a week from over. I feel like I am just hitting my stride recovering from my last contest and starting the training cycle for the next one. Anyhow, here is a quick update because aside from complaining about cutting, I haven't been keeping up here very well. After the contest I took 2 weeks
  8. Per your farmers walk frustration - have you ever considered doing them for time? In strongman we do farmers carrys but you are going heavy and for speed. I think it makes it a lot more fun than just walking weights around. The idea of having to get them somewhere quickly is good for distracting away from the suckitude.
  9. I needed to hear this. It is good food, this is tasty and what my body wants. I need to remember that. Yep, the ingredients move around a bit. Today I have 1/2 a banana instead of coconut oil. I have had this shake nearly every day since January 4. It really packs a punch. This comment made my day
  10. This is my day today, so much food, but I don't want any of it and i am so hungry. Breakfast (meal 1) 2 whole eggs (*pan fried, hard boiled, poached, etc)*if pan frying use pam or similar non stick spray rather than butter or oil 1/3 cup Trader Joes Cage Free liquid egg whites 1 cup Brussels sprouts Meal 2 4 oz chicken tenderloins or breast 2 cups broccoli 1 sweet potato Meal 3 1/2 can yellowfin tuna in olive oil 1 cup Brussels sprouts 1 apple 1 slice Ezekiel bread Meal 4
  11. Cutting is the worst. Lemme go and eat some more of this chicken breast with broccoli.
  12. Good, I managed to keep on top of eating well and working out. I have been home basically since December, but I usually travel about 75% of the time. I have a feeling that it is just about to ramp up again. That is going to shift contest prep into hard mode.
  13. Kind of a boring week, but it is nice to kick back and get caught up on other stuff. Hit the gym last night for a high volume, high rep workout similar to Wednesday, but lower body. Now I am evenly sore everywhere.
  14. Traveling for work, trying to keep up with good eating and hitting the gym in just a few minutes. Catching a flight out later today and doing an odd mid-day gym session. i am starting to feel like my body is finally making a recovery from the contest. It feels weird to take so long, but as my trainer put it, I am not just recovering from the contest day, but from the 3 months before that when I was accumulating fatigue. Hydration is always tricky when I am flying so it is a high priority.
  15. I skipped the gym in lieu of house projects Saturday. A good day to skip though as I am technically still in recovery from contest mode. Even Sunday was a pretty light day. Friday I went to the chiropractor which was magical. Since the contest my low back has been achy and my chiro confirmed my suspicion that this has to do with some tightness in my hips, so he worked some of the knots out and cracked my back about 12 different ways then he asked if I am having any leg or knee problems because that would make sense with the hip tightness. I thought it was silly, but mentioned that
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