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  1. Last challenge was kind of a bust. At least as far as consistency and forum participation went. The last three weeks were absolutely crazy. Week 1 involved working from 6:30-23:30 for 9 consecutive days. Week 2 involved travel to Louisville, and week 3 involved travel to Chicago. All three weeks were actually fairly enjoyable, but left limited time for the gym. During those three weeks, I did manage to hit a 510/231 squat for 2, a 315/143 bench press for 5, a 675/306 trap-bar dead lift single (only possible by the rare convergence of a trap bar and interlocking 45 lbs plates that take up
  2. Today's workout: Supersets of Bench Press and Dead Lift Bench:135(61)*10, 225(102)*10, 3*300(136)*5. I'm really like the wider grip for bench press so far. Deadlift: 135(61)*10, 225(102)*5, 315(143)*5, 405(184)*5,3*500(227)*3, 500(227)*1 (Last rep of each set at 500 was held at top for as long as possible.) Elliptical: 15 minutes of 30 on 90 off sprint intervals.
  3. A form check would help. In my experience wrist pain in rows comes from having my hands too close together. As the arms come up, the wrists flex, causing the pain. I try to keep a straight line from the elbow through the wrist and it helps.
  4. Sorry Pat, I accidently hit quote and couldn't get rid of the box from my phone. But thank you both for the Kangaroo information. Over the weekend I spent several hours pushing a lawnmower in 100+° weather (38+° for those of you outside the United States). Also walked about 3 miles (5K) back and forth to a baseball game (go Cardinals!) This morning was squats. 135(61)*5, 225(102)*5, 315(143)*5,5,5,5. I hate high reps, to the extent that 4 sets of 5 feels like high reps. I'm definitely wired for 3*3 or 5-3-1. After squats, I went
  5. Eagerly awaiting the update.
  6. How are kangaroos viewed in Australia? In the United States they're generally considered one of the awesomest animals ever, and we're kind of upset that we don't have any outside of zoos. And do they just hop out in front of cars?
  7. Sorry to be MIA for so long, but in addition to losing the car for a week, we got hit by a really severe thunderstorm and were without electricity for most of a week! But the car's back (and it only cost me $150!), power has been restored, and I made it back to the gym! I did a light chest/arms day on Tuesday (I hate light days). Bench Press: 135(61)*10, 225(102)*12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2; 205(93)*10, 8, 6, 4. Experimented with a wider grip than what I normally use. I think I like it. Chest muscles definitely suffering from DOMS. Bodyweight dips 3 sets of 10.
  8. Listen to Spike. He'll lead you right. You've got this!
  9. Welcome to the warriors! There's nothing like lifting heavy and getting strong! Out of curiosity, what kind of novel are you writing? And what new city have you recently arrived in?
  10. Wrist wraps and a belt would help, and you should be able to get used to using them in a month. Chalk would be a huge help for deadlift, and is allowable for raw lifts. And, while I don't expect you to have an answer, I need to ask/complain "what's up with no sumo deadlifts?"! It's a completely legitimate way to pick up heavy weights!
  11. And I just realized that I left my gym badge in the car when I turned it over to the repair shop!
  12. Welcome to the warriors! It's a great place for a first challenge. How far along are you in your handstand practice? (I'm definitely still in the right next to a wall phase).
  13. Are there any equipment rules for your competition? Wraps straps chalk sleeves etc.? Looking forward to seeing the results. And the shiny patch!
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