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  1. Well, I am re-spawning. Technically I did this back in November and I'm already down 25lbs from the 350 I returned to after falling off the wagon last time. Last time I was doing well and then started "taking liberties" until I eventually injured myself and before I knew it I had fallen off the wagon. This time, my wife is on board (and actually started before me). She has dropped 20lbs so far without adjusting her eating - just moving in classes she is taking at the local YMCA. We have NEVER been in sync when it comes to getting healthy so one of us always scuttles the others efforts (not intentionally). It's good to be on the same general track. For me, I started just generally cutting back and making better choices, and then I joined a program (Omada) offered through my employer. It couples weight and food logging, education, exercise and small steady changes to alter behavior. So far it's been good. Overall I've lost about 25lbs in 2 months. Below is my weight chart from when I started on Omada. I'm pretty eager to crush it this time. Having my wife on board is a huge motivator. I've also got a group from my church for encouragement. I have been working on cardio primarily to get me moving. This is mainly on the treadmill and elliptical. I'm going to be starting stronglifts 5x5 this week. And (though it is winter now) I purchased a bike because I want to make movement a part of my life. Biking downtown for groceries/hardware store and general adventuring by bike. I used to ride 25 years ago and always loved it. I foolishly gave it up as a thing youth did because they didn't have cars. When I was hear last time I got a lot of good/useful information, not to mention encouragement. I'm looking forward to participating again!
  2. Ok, I'm back. It was a tough month motivation wise. I'm gearing up for a restart on new year's day. I've lost some hard won ground... but I will over come! Tonight, a light workout post delicious left overmturkey dinner with all the fattenjng trimmings. Just getting moving to prepare for the real do-over. Oh yeah, I went for a little 1 hr hike in the woods today too. Gettin' back in the saddle, Matt
  3. Ugh... I've had in both feet. It is a inflammation of the plantar facia - the tendon that runs from under your heal forward to the bottom front of the foot. There are a bunch of stretches for it. Stretch it before getting out of bed or standing up. Hang off the edge of a step by the front of your foot and gently lower yourself. Freeze a 1 liter water bottle and use it to roll the bottom of your foot. Keep a small ball under your desk and roll your foot. Etc.
  4. Plantar fasciitis? Hurts first thing in the morning- or after you've sat for a bit-, then gets better after you move around?
  5. Some cardio this morning. Wasn't feeling it. Everything was tight after a few days off. Calves and knees hurting.
  6. Amen to that! Tonight's 5x5. OHP is a challenge. Waiting 3 minutes between the last 3 sets seems to help. Still... Shakes getting the last rep up. Everything else felt great tonight! Squats went up with effort but steadily.
  7. WELL DONE! don't know if son#5 has an ipod/android, but the SL app is pretty good. I find it very helpful since I have my phone there for music anyway.
  8. Lifting tonight: I moved a 300lb gun safe up 2 flights of stairs. Left my back a little tired, so I'm not 5x5'ing tonight. One key point: moving the safe was not nearly as bad as I expected: Lifting is turning into practical strength.
  9. Got to go spend an hour at the range today. I haven't been shooting in more than 2 years. My skills and my guns have been pretty neglected... I used to shoot competitively. Let's just say... I'm not at that level any more... It wasn't pretty, but it was good to get back out again. I had fun. Hoping to go back again with my wife tomorrow when the weather is a bit better.
  10. Mercifully, doms are gone.I sould also note that I had made an adjustment to my squat stance a little while back. I narrowed and toed in a bit. I also started to develop some knee pain over the last weeks. Tonight I widened back up and toed out more. Felt instantly better. It was starting to nag at me and I didn't want to have to take a break having just taken 2 weeks to let my back heal. I hope this takes care of it.
  11. Still truckin'... Doing the weight stuff. HIITing the cardio. Weight loss at a stand still. Not tracking calories. Don't want to. Need to. Don't want to... Still feeling good.
  12. Morning: 30 minutes HIIT cardio. Evening: lifted the stuff. Feeling good. Weight loss at a stand still. Not too worried about it...
  13. Did some jogging myself today. Not sure it's my thing but what the heck... Amazing how easy the habit slips, eh? Forcing myself to lift these last days. Now I'm starting to be happy about again. I suggest going out and pitching some iron around.
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