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  1. Not as good as I would like. I'm having real issues getting through my day without taking naps, which is...not good. I think I need to look at a medication adjustment or something. So far I've managed to keep up with my walking routine, but I'm not really tracking my food. I've done some studying for my AWS exams, but not enough to go take the test. I haven't set up a stretching routine or gone back to the rink. Mostly I'm struggling with getting through every day at this point, just trying to do what I NEED to do every day (like work, take care of my kids, etc). I may need to take a hiatus an
  2. I'm late planning this out, so I'm going to do the best I can this go-round. I've reviewed my epic quest list and picked out a few quests to do for my challenge this month. 1) Take and pass my AWS SA Pro recertification exam. I took the recertification exam in the spring and narrowly missed passing, and then proceeded to blow it off all summer. I need this exam for work, though, so I need to study and pass it as soon as possible. I'll go ahead and schedule it, which will force me to study for it. 2) Create warmup and cooldown plans for exercising. I've been
  3. End of challenge review: - Get on a damn schedule: I finally did accomplish this, pretty much at the end of the challenge. I get up, help older son get out the door, then I take a short walk around the neighborhood (~1.3 miles), come home, bathe, get younger son ready for school, eat breakfast, start work. I also found an app for my phone, called Offtime, which allows me to selectively block apps based on a schedule and profiles. I have two profiles set up: Work, which allows me to get to email and work related apps, and Sleep, which blocks almost everything. The app also blocks no
  4. Whoo, the challenge ends this Sunday. My how time flies... Today I made myself take a short walk just before sunrise. It was still miserable but at least the sun wasn't up yet to make it MORE miserable. I walked a little over a mile. I'm hoping I can stick with that trend. I'm also hoping this oppressive heat and humidity go away soon. The schedule thing is getting a little better. Still not doing great tracking food, and I'm fighting a lot of fatigue lately. This weather has really sapped my reserves.
  5. It's taken me most of this week to find a routine that works AND gets me to my desk to work at the appropriate time. The last few days I've been so tired after I put my youngest on the bus that I've crawled back into bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Not good. And then I'm not taking my shower until late morning or early afternoon. Really not good. Part of this was going to bed late, but another part was that I was taking my antidepressant too late in the evening for its soporific effects to wear off by morning. So starting last night, I took my antidepressant at 9 (8 would be better, thou
  6. Heh...heh heh heh yeah it didn't go so well from a schedule or tracking perspective. I exercised pretty much every other day, even went for a bike ride on Saturday! but tracking food seems to fall by the wayside after lunch, and actually eating properly has not been a thing that's happened much this week. But as of today, the kids are back in school, I'm in between projects at work (so I'm working on some training stuff), and I'm getting back on the wagon. One thing I know I'm going to have to adjust, until it gets much cooler outside, is when I exercise. Morning walks are no longe
  7. Kinda fell off the wagon this weekend. I missed my walk on Saturday and Sunday and I didn't track food all weekend. Starting fresh today. I got up before 6AM and was out the door at 6 for my walk and home before 7am, so that's an improvement. Need to log my food. Still trying to figure out the best way to tackle the exercise thing once school starts. Walking in the dark isn't really my thing, but neither is walking at lunchtime when it's still hot and humid in this part of the world. I could walk in the evenings, maybe, but I like getting my exercise out of the way first thing in t
  8. Slightly better success today. I set my alarm for 5:30 and got up at 6:10, and out the door at 6:30 for my walk. Got home around 7:30, showered, and now I'm working on breakfast. Woohoo! Food tracking is still not great. I need to put in my food for last night. But I'm working on it, as always.
  9. Getting up on time is HARD, y'all. I've never been particularly good at it unless there was somewhere I HAD to be at a certain time or I'd miss it (like, say, catching the commuter train downtown). But working from home, with two kids who are still on summer break, man - it's way too easy to hit snooze. Need to think of a better strategy. That being said, I did accomplish my walk this morning, albeit an hour later than I planned. And I did go to bed last night at 10, but didn't actually go to sleep until closer to 11. Gotta work on that.
  10. I did my walk! 1.8 miles this evening. Hatched a few Poké eggs, earned a candy for my buddy Eevee, and burned 339 calories according to my Garmin. Now I need to log my food, clean up the kitchen, and go to bed.
  11. Your goals about clutter and half-read books really resonate with me. I'm still working on creating a good, comfortable reading space in my living room, but the clutter I have to get out of there first weighs on me. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  12. I feel you on the sleep schedule. Mine's been so haywire this summer, and with my oldest starting high school in a couple of weeks (with a stupid o'clock start time), I really need to get on track. *solidarity fistbump*
  13. Admittedly I am not off to the BEST start for this challenge. Sunday night I went to bed late and thus slept in Monday morning, then most of Monday was spent working and running various errands. I didn't get my walk in at all. I did eat...ok? but forgot to track (will go back and put my food in MFP for completeness). Then LAST night I stupidly stayed up to watch the Nats lose on a walk-off in the bottom of the 9th after battling back to tie the game, and overslept AGAIN today, but because I had to come to the office today I also did not get my walk in! UGH. Will walk this evening, that's a PRO
  14. I did not end up walking on Wednesday. It was kind of a crappy day and I spent most of the afternoon trying to sleep off a horrendous headache. On Thursday I walked 2.23 miles but went over my calorie allotment for the day (including exercise calories). Today I walked 1.89 miles (and I got up earlier, hooray!), but once again I was laid low this afternoon with headaches and fatigue. Not sure what's going on. I need to schedule a follow-up appointment with my GP to check my blood pressure, TSH, and other stuff. Might need to push bedtime earlier, to 10pm. Definitely need to cut my screen time
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