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  1. It's mostly cauliflower (or at least it was when we made it) mixed with white rice, very well shredded spinach, and mashed avocado. Plus some lime juice, garlic powder, and salt for seasoning and it's surprisingly tasty! Really only good warm though, as we have learned the last few days - cold from the fridge somehow brings out the cauliflower-ness of it (which we typically don't like). Challenge Updates: Quest 1 - I'm a day late, but I made it. I was setting aside time to post last night but the neighbor's fireworks show kept the toddler awake until almost 11pm (it's only legal here until 10pm, but we haven't had the guts to call on anyone - it's incredibly disruptive, but it's also clear that stopping it would automatically make us pariahs). Tonight should be a rough one... Quest 2 - made 1.6 on Thursday but only 1.4 yesterday. And I'm way behind today so far, to be honest. Think I'll leave this goal at 1.6L for the next week since I'm not doing too great at it. Quest 3 - Yoga happened again on Thursday, yay! Starting to debate adding in a third day, maybe taking a walk or a third yoga. Not sure which would help me more at this point, so might just leave it open to "eh, whatever works that week". Quest 4 - I bought a new food processor that should get here at the end of next week, does that count for anything? (no, not really) Quest 5 - 1. get total count of unused nail polishes and use at least 5 of them - 4th one tried for my fancy 4th of July manicure today (picture below with my favorite (I think handmade?) mug from Mexico!) Going to up my goal to using at least 7 new ones in total since I'm almost to 5 already! 2. make 5 blankets for Project Linus, 1 per week - still at 2 3. 1 new Spanish word per day - Still on "June 28th" (8 entries) due to grad school hitting hard, whoops 4. complete local library summer program for both me and the boy - I am currently at 434/1,000 minutes and the boy is at 711 points/1,000.
  2. So I guess I overdid it on Monday somehow because I basically lost all of Tuesday to Crohn's symptoms. Not nearly as bad as they were before though, and I was back on my feet by the very end of the day, so I'm happy I apparently managed them well. Still, I didn't get much done yesterday and it was probably a good reminder that I really do need to take it easy and not push myself too hard too fast - I have a tendency to think, "oh well, I'm feeling better which means I can do anything I want!" even though it only causes this kind of rebound, sigh. Challenge Updates: Quest 1 - hi! 👋 I'm here! Quest 2 - made it to 1.4 L yesterday but am at 1.7 for today, so...yay Quest 3 - Yoga happened this morning since I wasn't able to handle it on Tuesday! Woohoo! The toddler is starting to follow along with us (my husband often does it with me) but he got bored super early into today's video since it had a slower start. Still, building healthy habits is why we're here! Quest 4 - I tried the "green rice" recipe today and it was really tasty! ...a giant pain in the butt to make because my food processor apparently died without letting anyone know, so that'll be a pain and a half to work around. But the recipe also made WAY more than we were prepared for, so we basically have green rice for the entire rest of the week. The toddler refused to try any today but I figure putting it on his plate every day for the next few day should get a few bites into his mouth - and hey, my husband and I eat a ton of rice and normally hate cauliflower, so this feels like a win for us at least even if the boy is slow to accept it! The recipe is linked here for anyone interested. Quest 5 - 1. get total count of unused nail polishes and use at least 5 of them - Still 3 used, 97 left 2. make 5 blankets for Project Linus, 1 per week - I got the second blanket finished today! ...But I massively screwed up cutting the third blanket and probably quadrupled my work to fix it, so that's fun. 3. 1 new Spanish word per day - I have through "June 28th" (8 entries) finished in my notebook, should be able to catch up easily. Need to figure out how I'll study the old ones though. 4. complete local library summer program for both me and the boy - I am currently at 380/1,000 minutes and the boy is at 635 points/1,000.
  3. Man, I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but...sorry I disappeared at the end of that last challenge. Well, like, last entire half of the challenge. It's been a really difficult school year and it just wasn't ready to let up yet - I abandoned my stable home Internet for a few weeks to help care for my grandfather as he passed away in a tiny rural town (not COVID, just super old and had a lot of health problems finally catch up to him and my branch of the family was the only one within a 5 hour radius - he has a bunch of kids and grandkids but we're super spread out) and then came home and was treated to a short hospital stay of my own thanks to my Crohn's (chronic autoimmune illness that attacks your intestines and is especially fond of attacking when you're super stressed out). With the death of my GPS watch and previously-mentioned lack of stable rural WiFi, I am really very uncertain how much I was running while I was at my grandparents' house, but I'm willing to bet that I fell short of my goal for last challenge by a decent chunk. I kept up with the running about 2-3 times a week, but it was super weird scheduling around my grandpa and all his nurses. I also gave up on yoga entirely since I was doing that via YouTube...and again, no Internet out there. My nutrition was...okay? Could have been better, because we resorted to eating out more than usual, but my grandparents have never really kept many sweets in the house so that helped knock down my random stress/emotional eating habit. I really fell off on drinking enough water though; I had at least a week in there where I didn't hit my daily goal even once. I came home from the hospital on Monday morning and have fairly clear directions for the hopefully-very-short-term future: gradual return to physical activity, avoid hard-to-digest foods (for me, this is mostly popcorn, raw veggies, and excessive amounts of dairy), eat more frequently than I tend to so my guts can work steadily all day long rather than starting and stopping, get lots of sleep and try to keep stress levels super low for a few days - all this until I feel "normal" for at least 24 hours. He also suggested I up my daily water goal to at least 2 liters, though I have to be really careful about doing that right now because it could anger my guts if I drink too much at once, just like eating too big of a meal. So...my quests! Quest 1 will be simple - don't disappear before the end of the challenge. I think I've missed the end of the last...three? I'm going to try to post here at least every other day (though some might be quite short). Quest 2 will be to up my water. Right now my goal is going to be 1.5 liters a day and I will slowly increase that to 2 liters by the end of the challenge (hopefully). Quest 3 will be to get in some kind of workout twice a week, though they might be shorter or easier than normal. I'm starting with yoga only, no running, because if I need to sit down, I'm already in my own living room and it's no big deal. Quest 4 will be to try at least 2 "hidden veggie" recipes and 2 overnight oats recipes. My toddler has started refusing to eat any food that isn't bread, cheese, or chocolate, and while I greatly understand this desire, it's not good for him. Not to mention gods know I need to eat more veggies too! The husband and I decided to start looking for some "hidden veggie" recipes as a way to get more veggies into us in a way that shouldn't be too scary for the little one. Since all these veggies will be cooked, my guts should be safe. I'm also particularly bad at eating breakfast and overnight oats sound fast/easy (in the morning, at least) and hopefully both filling and healthy without being too hard to digest. Also one of my favorite YouTube/Instagram celebrities loves overnight oats and I have to admit, she's sold me on the idea! Quest 5 is my "other random stuff" quest, per usual: 1. get total count of unused nail polishes and use at least 5 of them 2. make 5 blankets for Project Linus, 1 per week 3. 1 new Spanish word per day, preferably from an authentic reading or listening (need to find notebook to record these) 4. complete local library summer program for both me and the boy (1,000 minutes reading per person)