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    KCAleece vs July

    Right?? It was literally just such a strange answer that I was completely thrown for a loop for a minute. Like......really??? I've had my suspicions that program is coming under some major fire for a while now (two superintendents ago, it was a huge, well-supported, growing program with all kinds of amazing offerings you don't get anywhere else. They literally did French and Spanish starting in middle school (so you could go all the way through AP/IB French or Spanish 6 if you wanted), and then the high schools also offered 4 years of Japanese, Arabic, German, and...I think the 4th one was Russian but I'm not 100% sure. Parents would compete to transfer into the district solely because of how robust this language program was. Now each high school has three - French, Spanish, plus one more but which one it is changes based of what school you're in - and the middle school program is being super strained under higher and higher expectations with less and less support.) so after talking with some other folks I kinda wonder if it's not some kind of sign that it's truly falling apart after all... What is seriously not helping our weeds is that our beds are so incredibly bare. The people we bought the house from did literally nothing the entire time they were here, so the trees are all in need of help, the lawn is mostly weeds and dirt patches, the landscaping beds have like two plants in them and super old thin mulch...it's just a great big mess. We're trying to clean it up but we can't afford to do it all at once... Quest One: Finances No progress on any of these yet, outside of a little more editing on my husband's part. Quest Two: Health 1. Eat a fruit or veggie every day. Up to 12/14 days. We found this veggie pasta that my toddler loves (it's like the colored rotini but with super finely grated veggies in it), so we made a giant batch of that with some meat sauce and I made a marinated chicken thing with like lemon juice and oregano and stuff just to break up the meat sauce so we don't eat the same thing too many times. I've also been doing a better job of mixing veggies into rice, since that's another super common side dish for us. 2. Daily planks + standing bicycle crunches. At 9/14 days and still haven't added the walks to my "Walk to Mordor" count. Whoops? I've done a little bit of the dumbbell rows though, so that's kinda nice I suppose? I've worked my way up to doing 20 reps total with each arm by doing 3 reps at a time and taking like a ten second break between. 3. Deal with doctors. Couldn't 't get through to my doctor yesterday; I meant to call them today but I left the phone number at home on accident and won't be home until 6 or 6:30. Sigh, might have to wait until Monday. Quest 3: Career 1. Get an A (4.0, or 94%+) in my class. First half of module 3 done last night with more than an hour to go, which was great! For Monday, I think it's just: 2 discussion posts 2 readings put together website with group information find outside resources to add (number?) 2. Get in contact with other principal. The high school social studies job went to someone else. But my interview at the middle school went *extremely* well - I got the building tour, a conversation about potential options for me to work, and at the very end the principal handed me his business card and said, "if you get any other offers, please, call me first before you accept them". HOWEVER...he also mentioned that he hadn't checked references yet. Gods damn it all. I know - at this point it's a damn fact - that my principal from last year is badmouthing me big time. My sister-in-law is asking her principal to e-mail the middle school principal and vouch for me today. Hopefully that will counter my crappy principal? I've never even met her principal, but apparently they have a good relationship and my sister-in-law is willing to stick her neck out for me. Which is...interesting. We've certainly had some pretty nasty fights in the past, the longest of which lasted nearly 6 months. But that's kinda how my husband's family is? Fight like hell amongst themselves until there's an outside goal to focus on. Hubby says it's somewhat typical for Mexican culture, I dunno. I always compare my family to cats: we can cross each other's paths without hissing but otherwise don't really care that much about each other's existence. 3. 8 hours of Spanish practice (ideally 2 in each domain). Currently at 65 minutes of listening and 50 minutes of speaking so far. Quest 4: Misc. 1. Sewing...something. No progress. 2. Swatch/wear/photograph 5+ nail polishes. Third swatch finished but no pictures taken yet. 3. House stuff. No progress yet but plans have been made for Sunday.
  2. kcaleece

    KCAleece vs July

    I have had the weirdest couple of days... Quest One: Finances 1. Kill off lowest medical bill and smaller of the 2 bills in collections. Check listed as "in-progress" now, so...that's good? 2. Start looking for extra income possibilities. No progress. Quest Two: Health 1. Eat a fruit or veggie every day. Up to 10/12 days. Still eating a lot of bananas, hahaha, but also have been fitting more veggies in at dinner. 2. Daily planks + standing bicycle crunches. At 8/12 days and still haven't added the walks to my "Walk to Mordor" count. BLARGH. 3. Deal with doctors. Got the husband the dermatologist appointment for August 1st, planning on calling my doctor today. Quest 3: Career 1. Get an A (4.0, or 94%+) in my class. Module 2 finished with half an hour to spare, now onto module 3 which I have to admit I haven't even looked at yet because... 2. Get in contact with other principal. This is the. weirdest. thing. EVER. So I got in contact with principal #1 about the French job. He says, oh, sorry, I've decided not to hire anyone and just get a long-term sub. WHAT??? That's some super weird shady shit...the only time I've ever heard of that is when someone quits like the day before school starts and they're up against a wall. This is a pretty highly coveted district that posted a job in a subfield with like zero other openings this year. Yeah, they posted in June, but that's plenty early enough to have some stiff competition with their reputation and the lack of other jobs. Shady as shit, man. So while I was sitting around being bummed about that, I get another call basically out of the blue...a totally unrelated high school wants me to interview for a social studies position. Extra weird, but...okay! I do have my social studies license, so no biggie. This high school is in a district that has a pretty mediocre reputation but my sister-in-law works at (a different high school in) this district and she adores it, so why the hell not? I had that interview yesterday morning and they said that due to the time crunch of school starting soon, they're looking to make an offer in the next 48 hours. Fair enough! So I get a call from that district this morning and I answer it thinking it's the high school...nope. One of their middle schools wants me to come in and interview tomorrow morning for an English position! Like what the hell, why are you all waiting until NOW to bother interviewing people??? This district absolutely does not have the reputation to pull this off (admittedly some of the best districts in town take freaking forever to interview because they know they can - excellent teachers will still show up because the schools are so good). Neither position is what I want but they're good entries into a decent district...and my sister-in-law (who is a Spanish teacher) let me know that if her department keeps growing at the pace it has been, next year they're going to have to get a combined French/Spanish teacher to cover all the sections, which is a very difficult person to find. If I'm already in district and therefore can just be an internal transfer...might be a slam dunk! 3. 8 hours of Spanish practice (ideally 2 in each domain). But that can only happen if I also pass this damned Spanish Praxis. Currently at 50 minutes of listening and 45 minutes of speaking so far. Need to get my butt really moving on this one, but I keep getting caught up in grad school/watching the toddler/now interviewing again and then being too wiped to do much after the baby goes to sleep (which has also been getting later...) It'll help a TON next week once my husband is no longer teaching summer school and can help more with the toddler! Quest 4: Misc. 1. Sewing...something. No progress. 2. Swatch/wear/photograph 5+ nail polishes. Third swatch started but not finished. Also not the ideal color I would have picked for an interview - it's a reasonably bright and shiny orange, hahaha - but it actually plays really nicely off my tan so I might just keep it since I started it. I didn't realize last night that I'd have even more interview, what the heck is this nonsense? 3. House stuff. Tiiiiiiiiny bit more weeding done, but it legit might be growing back faster than we're making progress at this point.
  3. kcaleece

    KCAleece vs July

    Thanks! I need the structure at this point, hahaha, otherwise I think I might fall apart just because there is so much on my plate right now. I'm still not managing it all every day, but I'm definitely doing better than if I was more willy-nilly about it. Still haven't heard about the pay cut job, but we might have a snag. I forgot to include grad school tuition when I ran the fake budget to see if we could afford the pay cut - we paid for this current semester in one lump sum from our tax refund, so it hasn't been in the last several months' budgets I was looking at to mimic. We're 100% student loan free from our undergrad degrees AND my husband's 2 MAs, so I really desperately didn't want to take out any more loans. We've paid out of pocket for every class I've had so far with the university's payment plans (costs about an extra $20 a semester, but lets me break up the payments into 4 installments), but that'd be completely out of the question at the lower paying job. I'm also concerned about a few of our longer term plans - primarily my grad school capstone course, which will be VERY expensive as it requires another trip to Mexico, and also saving money for my son's education which we will need to start paying in the 2020-2021 school year (private school for half-day Spanish immersion). Debating, debating...I can easily push off other plans, like my next tattoo, but those two things are pretty central to our values and also very much not cheap. Quest One: Finances 1. Kill off lowest medical bill and smaller of the 2 bills in collections. Still waiting for the check to clear. 2. Start looking for extra income possibilities. Husband is working on edits to post another resource on TPT; I've gotten nowhere lol. Quest Two: Health 1. Eat a fruit or veggie every day. Up to 7/9 days. It's been a lot of "crap, let's grab a banana" days - I'd like to expand this! 2. Daily planks + standing bicycle crunches. At 6/9 days and still haven't added the walks to my "Walk to Mordor" count. I did discuss getting my bike repaired with my husband though (he loves cycling, but both of my tires are completely dead in the water). 3. Deal with doctors. Not done yet due to class and school stuff. Quest 3: Career 1. Get an A (4.0, or 94%+) in my class. Module 2 work left: 2 discussion posts 1 set of video/class observation notes (1/2 done; I have to do two videos to cover the professor's minimum "time spent observing" requirement and I have completed #1) 1 short essay (but twice as long as the last one) 2. Get in contact with other principal. Need to call him back tomorrow. 3. 8 hours of Spanish practice (ideally 2 in each domain). At 35 minutes of listening and 45 minutes of speaking so far. My son and I have been watching a lot of "Word Party" on Netflix with the Spanish audio and English subtitles on. It's a super fun little kid show that focuses specifically on teaching vocab, so it's great for both of us! I really should turn the subtitles off though, because I get super distracted by reading them. Quest 4: Misc. 1. Sewing...something. No progress. 2. Swatch/wear/photograph 5+ nail polishes. Second one completely done! It's so pretty I almost don't want to take it off even though I've been wearing it for quite some time now and it's starting to wear off at the tips (not to mention I have to swatch 3 more still...) 3. House stuff. The lawn finally got mowed yesterday and we barely started on the weeding. It's so overgrown, it's going to take forever. I've also been playing with some ideas in my head to help organize the living room a little bit better, but haven't done anything on it yet.
  4. kcaleece

    KCAleece vs July

    Back to the grind... We're back from our big trip to Mexico! Sorry I failed so much at posting, but one of our hotels turned out not to have WiFi (the "town" - a very generous term indeed, I think there were around 10 buildings total, including private homes - was too small and too far into the jungle to even have steady electricity, much less Internet) despite the fact we found and booked them online. *shrug* So we were completely incommunicado with the outside world for a little over a week anyway and the rest of the time I was mostly just too busy (and a little bit sick - we think I ate something bad at the very end of the trip, but it was probably just a food or water issue because I was 90% over it in about 36 hours). And now it's back to everything we were trying to escape, sigh. We're still in some serious medical debt, which a large portion of got (erroneously, in our opinion) sent to collections while we were gone because apparently the hospital only counts automatic payments as being a "payment plan" and despite both their system and ours showing monthly payments above the minimum, they considered us delinquent because I hate automatic payments and sent it in manually every month. Yes, I have complained to the hospital, but once they've sold the debt they can't get it back, so we're stuck with it in collections now. Because it's in collections, though, the dealership for my husband's car (which he signed an agreement for before we left - we're buying it outright after leasing it for two years) is now rejecting our financing and refusing to release the title, meaning we're not sure if it's even legally our car right now. I still have the job from absolute hell and if we weren't in such shitty circumstances otherwise with a toddler depending on us, I'd seriously rather quit and just go back to working retail for a school year, that's how bad it is. My mental health has absolutely begun suffering again already from the sheer reluctance to start another school year in this miserable pit of chaos and hatred, but I likely won't have a choice. Oh, and just to top it off we came home from the trip to discover that our fridge had died sometime during the 3 weeks we were gone, so everything in the fridge and freezer died and filled the entire kitchen with what can only be described as a "persistent rotten funk" - which means we're probably going to have to push off replacing the back door that lets in the rain and just continue mopping up our flooded kitchen with bath towels every time it rains. But! But. As I always tell my husband (who ruminates even worse than I do on these things), sitting around feeling shitty never solved anything, so I'm desperately clinging to any strands of hope I can find to make any sort of progress this month. Quest One: Finances We need to regroup and try to at least make a dent here. The medical debt is actually 6 different accounts with one of them being extremely low - like, should be under $500 by now. Only 2 of them are in collections, but those 2 together are nearly $6,000. (Yay being chronically ill in America.) So we have a few priorities: 1. Kill off lowest medical bill and smaller of the 2 bills in collections. This will require us to drain the savings account we were building up for a second baby, but hey, most of what we'd need, we have already; the biggest unavoidable expense would be another crib, which can be saved up for again reasonably easily after I actually get pregnant (current status: very much not pregnant). 2. Start looking for extra income possibilities. These are probably very small and intermittent, but at this point, even $20 here and there helps. Ideas so far include selling off some more of our massive book collection, my husband seeing if he can pick up a few more shifts with his podcast, and me trying to sell some graded readers I wrote on Teachers Pay Teachers (which I have a few philosophical problems with but philosophies don't pay bills...) Quest Two: Health Fitness is a thing. Diet is a thing. I'm still chronically ill and trying to get pregnant. My husband found a mole on his arm while we were in Mexico that's way bigger and more irregularly shaped than it was before, so he needs to get it check out. 1. Eat a fruit or veggie every day. I'm pathetically bad at this. 2. Daily planks + standing bicycle crunches. I need core strength for pregnancy and I figure this is something fast that I can do every day. Hopefully I can expand this one too but I have proven I need something low and easy to step into, so that'll be my "at least I did something". Starting with a goal of 30 seconds for the plank and 20 standing bicycle crunches, which I know perfectly well I can do. Both will increase as the challenge continues. 3. Deal with doctors. My husband needs to find a dermatologist for the mentioned mole, I need to deal with my GI again before they refuse my next round of medications since I still haven't been in for clinic hours. Quest 3: Career My next grad class has started and I have one more shot at escaping my hellhole job before the next school year starts. It's not a good shot, but it's my last chance so I might as well go for it. 1. Get an A (4.0, or 94%+) in my class. Assignments are due every Thursday and Monday, except for today because of the national holiday. Module 0 done while in Mexico, module 1 is getting started today! 2. Get in contact with other principal. He said he was going to call while we were in Mexico. He did not. I cannot possibly lose anything at this point by calling him tomorrow, because I'm already adjacent to rock bottom at my current gig. 3. 8 hours of Spanish practice (ideally 2 in each domain). Passing that damned Praxis test will easily triple (or more) my job opportunities next spring. Time to try again! (If you're new to reading my threads, I tried to pass it last winter and was 13 points short.) Quest 4: Misc. A few other random items... 1. Sewing...something. I have a few projects I'm working on - I'm wanting to make some Spanish language fabric flashcards for my son, a shirt for my son, and/or a clothing item for myself. Don't know what I'll focus on, but this is probably one of my best bets for something resembling inexpensive self-care this month. 2. Swatch/wear/photograph 5+ nail polishes. I'm not taking any personal money this month so it can go towards the debt in collections instead. But I have many nail polishes I've bought and haven't been able to wear yet! So I'm going to swatch and wear at least 5 of those (including pictures so I can look back at them later and remember what it looks like on me, I've been forgetting to do that lately). 3. House stuff. My husband is freaking out about how messy the house is. The yard took a bit of a beating while we were gone from some storms + some overgrowth in some of the garden begs. The patio furniture needs a good sanding and re-painting. etc. etc. I'm not totally sure what to focus on here either, but at long as *something* gets done and off the overwhelming to do list, I'll be happy. Any progress is good progress at this point.