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    KCAleece turns 33!

    Hey, thanks for checking in on me! I really appreciate it It’s...not gotten worse, at least? Actually it’s pretty stable now even if it’s a more stable sucky. We’re still absolutely crushed for time and stuck in rough situations, but it’s kind of a routine by now. Let’s see, a quick challenge update: Spanish: My goals were: to finish Sophía - still on page 75 out of 104 post on Lang-8 at least once a week - currently at four posts listen to at least one video/podcast a week - I've watched 3 videos and started another without finishing it. I also watched about half a Queer Eye episode. Kitchen: My goal was to find at least one super awesome go-to vegetable recipe That has somewhat happened? Not exactly the way I meant for it to - I meant it to be more of a side dish type thing - and I wouldn’t call it “super awesome”. But I did start making these oatmeal and puréed veggies mini muffins for my son’s breakfasts, and they’re super dense and blander than I would have thought. Also the toddler is very “meh” on them. But they are fast, easy, not not tasty lol, and you can get a lot of different veggies in there super easily, so it’s like 75% of a win! Finances: My goals were: make at least $20 extra - at $15 currently credit payment above $500 in October - done sell another bag of books - done post at least two things on TPT - my husband has done this but I have not post at least one ad to start foreign language tutoring again - haven't done this either  ”extra” goal: exercise at least 5 times - I've done 3.
  2. kcaleece

    KCAleece turns 33!

    I’ll come back and format this nicely at...some point in time...but I have a few things to record, nothing to do right this particular second besides look busy, and an iPad, so let’s at least get the important content down and I’ll try to make it pretty and happy later. So yesterday was my 33rd birthday and it was actually a really good one! Arguably the best day I’ve had since August 2018, with the only possible exception being a few of our days in Mexico. But I loooooove a good set of goals and nice clean starting lines, so “Birthday Resolutions” are a thing in my life just like New Year’s Resolutions. In the past I always did “X things to do while I’m X” but as I get older and the list gets longer, it has started to lose it’s power. There’s not really 33 major goals you can set and realistically get done in a year. So this year I’m trying 3. I mean, 3 Things to Do While I’m 33 still has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Accordingly, I have 3 priorities - Spanish, kitchen (read: healthy eating and cooking), and finances. Do I have more goals? Yup. But these are the ones I’ve chosen to be priorities, and as I go I’ll add in secondary options for shorter runs. The rest of my life is still a thing, like I’m still in grad school. But I desperately need some focus... with that said, here are my quests for today through October 20: Spanish: raise Cervantes level score to 7/12 on B1 That’s probably not the world’s greatest goal, to be honest. A 12 question test that doesn’t ever change isn’t a super great proficiency measure. But it is a directly and easily measurable assessment for something that can be extremely difficult to measure, so it’s worth...something, at least. I scored a 4/12 today when trying (passed A1 and A2 with flying colors, hit a hard wall at level B1) To do this I’m going to finish Sophía (currently on page 46 out of 104), post on Lang-8 at least once a week, and listen to at least one video/podcast a week. Kitchen: Find at least one super awesome go-to vegetable recipe Comfort eating is my enemy. Can’t out-exercise a bad diet (not that I’m doing great at that either) and with the hope of an upcoming pregnancy, I’ll need all the good food I can get. Also my toddler has been rejecting any and all vegetables lately, including ones he used to enjoy. I can find a recipe and use it exactly, find one and tweak it, or make one up entirely even though that doesn’t seem very likely. I want it to be at least 50% vegetables and (at least temporarily) toddler approved, though if there is an unhealthy component like a fatty sauce I’m okay with it for now but that’ll probably become a step to tackle in a future challenge. Finances: Make at least $20 extra and credit payment above $500 in October We’re in far better financial shape than we were last time I made this a quest. We pushed hard and cleared out a lot of savings to kill of the medical debt. But in doing so, more went on the credit cards, savings took a hard hit, and we’re also expecting more medical bills coming up next thanks to melanoma, my Crohn’s, and (hopefully) a pregnancy. Also there’s a bunch of important but unrelated expenses coming up. So I’m going to: sell another bag of books, post at least two things on TPT, and also post at least one ad to start foreign language tutoring again. I will also focus on making a bit more headway on the credit card debt because it’s freaking my husband out...the payment *should* be more than that, considering I just got a big raise by taking my current job that’ll start being paid out in the end of September, but I figure set goals at a “almost definitely achievable” level because you never know, right? ”extra” goal because I can’t help myself: exercise at least 5 times I’m not even going to say what it has to be, when, or anything like that. I just need to move.