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  1. So I LOVE New Year's, and resolutions, and the general energy of that big blank year waiting to unfold in front of you ❤️ Upon reflection, we didn't do nearly as bad on our 2019 goals as we thought we did, which was a nice surprise! But there's a looooooong way to go in 2020, so let's get started! Quest One: Fitness I'm setting three fitness/working out goals for this challenge. I want to: a. run 12 miles - 1 mile already completed on Thursday, with a goal of running at least 2.5 miles by the end b. do yoga at least 6 times - 1 time already completed yesterday morning, still debating if I should keep the same routine/Youtube video or try different ones. The first one wasn't very difficult at all except for downward dog (because my hamstrings might as well be made out of cement). c. at least 5 tricep/upper body workouts to support my "once warmer weather hits" archery goals Quest Two: Nutrition Two goals here. I'm putting the sugar addiction to the side somewhat temporarily. I'm still trying to reduce my sugar consumption, but it's not a specific focus this time around. Instead, I'm going to: a. reduce liquid calories by tracking and replacing with more water - I drink a LOT of calories between my daily fully doctored coffee(s), leftover eggnog, and the occasional beer. Also over the holidays I had my first two sodas in months and don't really want to make that a habit again either. Week 1 is somewhat more of a baseline-gathering time (since I know I drink a lot, but am not sure exactly how much). Then I will set quantity goals from there. Additionally, my husband and I have agreed on a new house rule of only drinking alcohol on weekends or special events - this is more for him than me, but I certainly will not be hurt by supporting him and joining in! b. cook dinner at least 3 times, with at least one of those being a new vegetarian recipe/dish Quest Three: Other This is my hodgepodge category for right now I'm still on a TON of Spanish, but I do have a few other goals as well: a. 12 hours of Spanish listening practice - currently at 1:05 b. read Ramona empieza el curso - this is 212 pages total, currently on page 25 c. 2,000 words of Spanish writing practice d. complete at least 2 charity blankets for Project Linus - right now I'm thinking one fleece blanket plus one super simple quilt, both of which I chose partly because they're already started projects for this exact charity. The fleece blanket is currently nearly done (on step 3 of 5) and the quilt is a bit further behind with step 1 (also out of 5) set up to be finished today e. plan and hold small Imbolc celebration, including sewn wall decoration - just received my pattern in the mail this morning, on the math/planning/materials gathering step because I'm also making it slightly bigger than the original f. start working through nail polish stash - try at least 3 "new" (read: already own but haven't ever used) nail polishes and decide if they're worth keeping. I also need to start a spreadsheet to track the collection and any potential polishes that can be destashed, because I won't bother posting a destash until there's a decent number of polishes to make it worth the time and effort.