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  1. Thanks guys! It feels good to be welcomed back despite my nonsense I super appreciate it, really I do! I tried to get a good running start over the weekend, how do you think I did? Quest 1: Eating I had zero box food over the weekend at all! I'm so proud of myself - I really wanted some box noodles on Friday but didn't want to "use" my allowance on just day one, so I made a sandwich instead. Probably could have done a little better than that, but hey, baby steps, right? And then I actually got to cook quite a bit this weekend for a change, so no need for boxes or
  2. Hi all. I know, I pulled the disappearing act. Again. After my surgery in June, I took much longer to recover than expected, then finally officially started my thesis in July and a new job in August...right before catching Covid in September. So, yeah. That's the short version, at least, and while things still aren't easy - the job is awesome but very time-intensive right now since I'm writing two new curriculums from scratch, starting a Spanish Club, and am still taking one more grad class while continuing to work on my thesis (due in April!!) - I at least feel good enough to come
  3. Ugh I hate getting behind on posts because it starts getting hard for me to remember what happened each day... Quest One: Walk (or maybe run) One walk this weekend for 3.02 miles, even though the toddler started whining about being tired about half a mile in - proud of him for sticking it out! Yes, of course we bring his stroller, but try to encourage him not to spend much time in it. He did a lot of in-and-out on this particular walk, but we could often get him to keep walking for a bit by setting landmarks for him - "oh, surely you can walk to that stop sign! Now, what
  4. Yay! I hope you have your apartment and are settling in (and enjoying some real food, of course!) And my extended family in St. Louis would be so pleased to hear your conclusion that Illinois drivers are the worst, because that's one of their favorite comments to make whenever they're driving around and see some other car being crazy. "Oh, must be from Illinois!"
  5. Still not a heck of a lot to report, but I am strongly back on the upswing after the mental and emotional hit that was May 19th: Quest One: Walk (or maybe run) No walks yesterday Quest Two: Begin Tackling the Sugar Beast Got like...1 and a half yesterday? I technically had a dessert item 3 times, but they were all super small (like the first was just a single starburst) so I figure in terms of servings, I probably had like 1 or 1.5, definitely not more than 2. Quest Three: Be Social Lots of interaction with my infertility support group,
  6. Eye doctor appointment yesterday + predicted birth happening = I didn't do a heck of a lot. Quest One: Walk (or maybe run) No walks yesterday - I spent most of that time at the eye doctor, then spent the rest of that time feeling sorry for myself for being infertile Quest Two: Begin Tackling the Sugar Beast Was fully planning to blow this one yesterday, I will freely admit, but I only ended up with 1 dessert again. What stopped me? The long drives between work, the eye doctor, and home (and literally not having any food with me on said drives). Eat
  7. Yesterday ended up looking one heck of a lot like the day before it...at least that was a good day overall? Quest One: Walk (or maybe run) I decided to go for a walk when I got home again since I have an eye doctor appointment after work (and therefore won't have time today). I tried a slight variation on my normal 3 mile route, thinking it would be a little bit longer...I guess I technically wasn't wrong, but my watch says it was only 3.03 miles, hahaha. Probably not worth the difference. I want to find a slightly longer route but will have to pull up a map because that
  8. So I didn't end up hitting every single one of my goals for yesterday, but I did reasonably well and am pleased with some of the progress I get to report today! Quest One: Walk (or maybe run) I got home a bit early yesterday and went for a 3 mile walk by myself. Accidentally freaked out my husband, because he came home and didn't see my note and was worried about where the heck I was, but he ended up going out for a run as well and we actually ran into each other on the sidewalk a few blocks away from the house! Buckleberry Ferry reached on May 9th Crickholl
  9. Well, I fell short in some ways over the weekend, but had a pretty good one in others. Bad sleep led to a rougher-than-expected Saturday, and then yesterday we took our son to see his first professional soccer game! Sporting KC, for those of you who didn't know the KC in my username is for my hometown of Kansas City 😁 It was especially sweet because my husband and I met somewhat randomly at one of their home games a little more than 8 years ago (we didn't know we were going to be meeting each other or that the other person even existed, but we were both there for the same teachers group). It w
  10. Wow! You are a saint for putting up with all of that. Last time we moved, my husband and I got snippy with each other because apparently he thinks I pack too early and I think he packs too late ðŸĪŠ Plus the u-haul people overbooked their trucks, so I had to wait around an extra hour before I could get anything despite having a clear and paid-for reservation which didn't help me feel any less stressed. And we were only going 20 minutes away! Moving can be rough as heck but I hope it's all turning out great for you now 😄
  11. How are you doing so far? This challenge would definitely be beyond me but it looks really cool! It's a great setup.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I will have to try adding that into my arsenal of coping strategies. I've done that with less-than-healthy meal choices before (a favorite being fish and chips - if I get a strong fish and chips craving, I usually make myself wait at least a day and if I still want it tomorrow at dinner time, then it's fair game) but I haven't tried it with desserts. Of course, I probably can't start at a delay of a whole day! But even a short while might help me control myself a bit better. So it has turned out to be a rough week...Wednesday afternoon I got sent home from work
  13. Thank you! It certainly doesn't feel like I'm succeeding - I was joking with my husband last night about going through sugar withdrawal and then he googled it and apparently that's really a thing? Like obviously not on the level of real addictions, but I guess it makes some sense that changing the quantity of any chemical in the body could provoke a reaction. And it feels extra ridiculous that I'm dealing with this while still allowing myself 2 desserts a day! But overeating sweets has been something I've done since literally elementary school. I grew up in a house where my parents routinely w
  14. Yeah. that's what I thought too. But she's the baby of my husband's family by several years and is super spoiled in a lot of ways - it doesn't help that my mother-in-law is clearly part ostrich and has spent her entire life just giving in to anything and everything so she can pretend nothing is wrong (despite usually crying about it later) and strongly prefers pressuring everyone else to give in too because that's easier than confronting the actual problem. So that SIL is extremely used to steamrolling her family and getting little to no resistance. Plus I kept on trying to explai
  15. Well...can you be consistent in not doing something? Like I am seriously battling a major sugar addiction which is honestly going to have a far bigger impact on my health and life than consistent walks or workouts. I'll consistently avoid stuffing my face with thousands of calories' worth of chocolate? Or maybe I'll brainstorm a replacement to be consistent with instead? I also want to walk consistently, don't get me wrong, but daily is just not going to happen regardless and I'm not sure how frequently I can really commit to that, especially with surgery coming up anyway.
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