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  1. Part of me is a little upset we're sinking thousands of dollars into just this room + hallway (hardwood is expensive, yo!) just to leave in a few years, but it should make such a huge difference. They're finishing the new floor right now and I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing it done! Besides, at least we're spending the money now and getting a chance to enjoy it rather than fixing it up right before we leave, right? That's what I keep telling myself. Also it lets us do other things, like my husband is willing to get a real Christmas tree this year now that we'll have hardwood instead of carpet! Today's challenge update: Quest 1: Fueling Step 1: Drink at least 1.5L of water or milk daily Got 1.7 yesterday, but I'm super far behind today partly because I can't access my kitchen very well (it's full of furniture and tools) and partly because I'm in this weird stage where I never feel hungry or thirsty until I'm really hurting bad, so...yeah. Need to fix that. Step 2: No more than 2 "treats" a day Made this yesterday only by the grace of me giving myself 1 cup of eggnog per day that doesn't have to count as a treat - I did a similar thing and didn't eat enough during the day and then got ravenously hungry for anything and everything in the evening. Step 3: Continue 52 weeks of cooking challenge Post finally made (which was extra good timing because the new week starts tomorrow) and I'm down to just a few choices for Apples week that starts tomorrow. Picture below of the chicken paprikash pie I made for this week! It's basically chicken paprikash and chicken pot pie smashed together into one ultimate cold weather comfort food Quest 2: Move Step 1: Re-start running No run yesterday due to ice, hoping to fit one in today after the workers clear out because they're also blocking my access to my bedroom and I wasn't smart enough to grab my running clothes in the morning before they got here. I'm only at 6 minutes, I can go in the dark if needed. Step 2: Start getting strong First yoga done after work yesterday! I was slightly grumpy about it but tried to remember that you only grow by pushing yourself and doing the easy poses wasn't necessarily as good for me as trying the best I could on the harder ones. Quest 3: Mental Wellness Step 1: Daily Spanish r/Mexico for the win again, I read a discussion about pan de muerto and read a few memes. Need to do more though, I'm being lazy here and I know it. Step 2: Daily personal time Nothing structured, but my husband and I did have some time at the end of the day after the toddler finally fell asleep that we just sat and did nothing on the couch together. That was at least somewhat relaxing, though I also meant for this to be a little more structured - but if relaxing personal time can't be loosey goosey, what's the point?
  2. Nice challenge! I'm very much a newbie at D&D (played with one group that was specifically set up for new players, then 3 of us had babies within a 5 month time period and the game just never picked back up) but I love seeing all the ideas anyway hahaha
  3. Love the hair and the challenge! What a fun idea!!
  4. Every little bit helps, right? We're all cheering for you!
  5. Right?? Why can't things just magically happen without me having to put in effort? That's my kind of challenge 😂 Well, I've taken my first small hits already - Saturday was a rest day from running and we were painting all day instead (living room and entire hallway). We picked a yellow paint, so the first coat was quite light, but it built up surprisingly well by coat two...at which point I stood back and said, "um, was it supposed to be this bright?" We took a good hard look at the walls and decided maybe it was because it was still wet - we've been fooled by wet paint before, and we'd tried a sample pint first and really loved it, so surely it would dry correctly. Sunday morning, woke up...nope, still ridiculously bright walls. If anything, it actually got worse when dry. I went back to the hardware store with all the paint and we quickly realized - they'd used a different base. Apparently they were phasing out the base that they'd used for the sample pint, so when my husband went back to get the gallon size, they just used the new base and figured it wouldn't make a difference. Well...it did. As the manager said, "you went from sane yellow to circus yellow". So they fixed it for us with all new paint and we got to repaint everything - 2 more coats plus a third in certain sections because light yellow doesn't cover anything insanely well. By the time this was done, I was exhausted (did most of the last coat myself because we lost our childcare help, so the husband was toddler wrangling so we didn't accidentally have a yellow 2 year old) and said I'll do my next run on Monday. And...then it sleeted overnight and now our front sidewalk is icy. I didn't keep walking past that but I have no reason to believe our sidewalk is somehow different than everyone else's. We're not supposed to top freezing until tomorrow, so I guess my 1 rest day is turning into 3 because I do not mess with ice. So...yeah. I'm glad to have a reason besides laziness at least, but I'm legit bummed to fall behind this early. Quest 1: Fueling Step 1: Drink at least 1.5L of water or milk daily Got 1.7 on Saturday and 1.5 yesterday, only at 700 so far today - need to pick it up! Step 2: No more than 2 "treats" a day I was weirdly not hungry all weekend, probably because I was so wrapped up in the painting saga, so this was surprisingly easy. Step 3: Continue 52 weeks of cooking challenge Still need to post my work to the group as "proof", whoops....also starting to research because Wednesday starts Apples week! Quest 2: Move Step 1: Re-start running Got my second run in on Friday (5:30), scheduled rest day on Saturday, no run yesterday due to painting saga. Step 2: Start getting strong Nothing yet, thinking about yoga after work today. Quest 3: Mental Wellness Step 1: Daily Spanish I think I missed a day? Straight up not sure, I know that sounds dumb but there was a lot going on! Mostly completed with browsing r/Mexico at dinner. Step 2: Daily personal time Not really, honestly, but the new paint is legitimately making my life better. We've never really felt super comfy here (and we've lived here for more than 2 years) and while we do plan on moving to another section of town in another 2-4 years for a better elementary school, I've already been enjoying looking at Zillow and dreaming about the better houses we'll be able to afford that time around. With the new paint and new floors (delivered today and getting installed tomorrow) my living room is already looking so much more like those houses I've been daydreaming about - honestly makes me a little sad to move again, which is a new feeling!
  6. First day in the books, let's go! Quest 1: Fueling Step 1: Drink at least 1.5L of water or milk daily Got to...I think it was 1.6L yesterday? Wish my app would let me see numbers, but it only gives me the actual number for today and otherwise it's a bar graph of each previous day this week. I might have to start posting the daily updates in the evening just so I can say for exactly sure. Step 2: No more than 2 "treats" a day Got 2 treats in yesterday and then went, "oh shit, I really have to stop now, why'd I decide that was a good idea?" Sigh...bad habits. Step 3: Continue 52 weeks of cooking challenge No progress since this week is done, but I do still need to post my work to the group as "proof". Quest 2: Move Step 1: Re-start running First run in the books! 5:22, close enough. I probably should have figured out a route ahead of time but it worked hahaha. Step 2: Start getting strong Meant to do something this morning, then my kid had a bad night and I slept in instead. We're also painting the living room/front hallway all day tomorrow so...probably on Sunday. Quest 3: Mental Wellness Step 1: Daily Spanish Day 1 complete with a Dreaming Spanish YouTube video Step 2: Daily personal time And while I was on YouTube, I also checked out some of the newest uploads on one of my favorite channels. I was honestly too sleepy to care as much as I normally would, but I still feel generally good about not falling behind and supporting a creator I really like.
  7. Oh, I might give that a try! Though I'm more tricep-focused, my general upper body strength is...lacking, to say the least.
  8. Jeez, I've been like a yo-yo dieter the last several challenges - sometimes you hit a few false starts on big projects, right? A few bits of health news before we get started (if you prefer just to focus on the challenge, I put it in a spoiler because it got longer than I was expecting): Okay, so with that out of the way, it's time to set up the CHALLENGE!! So the overall goal is to kick-start me back into healthy habits (it's gotten pretty bad over here for the last ~2 months due to surgery and emotional turmoil) as well as to find some additional joys in life so the fertility thing doesn't become *too* all-consuming. Quest 1: Fueling Gotta put good in to get good out, right? Also I have a major emotional eating problem (mostly dairy, but topped off with some sugar). Step 1: Drink at least 1.5L of water or milk daily Also I can count eggnog because I LOVE eggnog, but only the first cup of the day - if I have more than that, it doesn't count and is instead a "treat". Step 2: No more than 2 "treats" a day I'm sure this will be a mess to define, but I want to make sure my emotional eating issues aren't taking over. A "treat" will therefore be any traditional dessert, additional dairy that's not a part of typical meals, and potato chips. More may be added to this list as the quest progresses. Step 3: Continue 52 weeks of cooking challenge It's fun, promotes good skills, is healthy as long as I'm smart about the recipes I choose, and enforces us buying less take-out. Slightly unfortunately for this purpose, these challenge weeks run Wednesday-Tuesday (they always start on Jan. 1st, so the "start of the week" moves around) and I've already made this week's challenge. The theme was "Food Mashup" (definition: take two different dishes and somehow fuse them together to make something totally new) so I made Chicken Paprika Pie - think chicken pot pie but with chicken paprika and veggies as the filling. Quest 2: Move Gotta get this body moving... Step 1: Re-start running So I'm stealing a running plan (with modifications) from Colin McCourt, who is currently recovering from a calf tear. I especially vibed with a comment he made about how hard it can be to be patient when you know how much you used to do. While my "used to" was a LOT longer ago than his, I feel that all the way to my soul. His recovery plan ramps up faster, considering how much more recently he was "up there", but I'm still stealing the base idea: Day 1: 5 minute run Day 2: 5 minute run Day 3: rest Day 4: 6 minute run Day 5: 6 minute run Day 6: rest etc. I'm also willing to flip-flop days as needed since we're heading into the section of the year most known for terrible weather, but I'd really like to think that I can find time for such short runs even on bad weather days. I'll only flip them if it's icy (I do NOT run on ice, period) or a truly bad storm that's legitimately all day long. If it's just cold or rains half a day or whatever - surely I can survive the walk to my typical "starting line" (about a block) + a few minutes of running. Step 2: Start getting strong I also want to work on my strength - it'll be good for me in general but I really want to get back into bowhunting/archery starting in 2021 (no point in buying a permit for 2020 this late in the year). Yes, I do basically live my life wishing I was Legolas. Thinking about yoga, bodyweight workouts, and/or simple weightlifting exercises. My husband is more into this side of things and is going to help me try a bunch of different things to see what clicks best! I'm thinking I'll start at just once a week so I can feel good about getting started, especially with also running, but I'm hoping to bump it up no later than the next challenge. Quest 3: Mental Wellness Fertility problems tend to take up your entire life, and I've neglected other parts of my existence for too long. Step 1: Daily Spanish Yup, still on this one. I lost a lot of motivation after I beat the Praxis and earned my teaching license, but I know I need to continue for the next steps. I'll need it to do my thesis research next summer in Mexico, I want a second MA in Romance Languages after I finish this first one, I still struggle to communicate fluidly with my in-laws, and we're hoping that if we go the adoption route we can "up" our chances at a baby by proving we can support a Hispanic baby with linguistic and cultural ties, especially if said baby is Mexican (since that's where my husband's family is from). Going to start simple here: do something in Spanish every day. Doesn't matter what or how long - could be a YouTube video, read a news article, bum around on the Mexico subreddit, call any of my students' Spanish monolingual parents if the school has to tell them something (did that one yesterday, felt great about it!) Step 2: Daily personal time Again - not saying what it has to be or how long. Maybe I do a new manicure. Maybe I watch a fun YouTube video in English. Maybe I bake something just because I want to. Maybe I just close my eyes and daydream for a minute. Maybe I do some sewing or embroidery. Maybe I finally plant some daffodils like I've wanted to for more than a year now (it is the time for bulb planting!) Maybe I start planning our next possible vacation. Maybe we add the most recent loss to our family tattoos. The possibilities are vast, and the only rules are that it: a. cannot be fertility related (unless it brings me joy for whatever reason, which is unlikely) b. shouldn't (usually) rely on me spending money - a little here and there is fine, but I need to be smart about it c. must make me feel even minutely more relaxed/energized/happy than I was before I did it