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  1. Holy. Shit. Y'all. After 18 months and some very expensive medical testing, the seemingly impossible has happened: we beat secondary infertility! I'm PREGNANT! Now, it's still super early. As in, I'm still in week 4. Baby - currently nicknamed Sprocket for no apparent reason - isn't due until April, and...well, let's just say we have experience with miscarriage and baby loss. So I'm not exactly running out to buy another crib. But I'm pregnant today and that's going to have to be enough right now. Almost everything about pregnancy is out of my control, but there are a few things I can do that'll probably be my general focus for the next few challenges put together, assuming baby sticks around: Quest 1: Nutrition My diet's not bad, really. I'm cutting out my beloved brie until I can talk to the doctor (September 3rd, right at the end of this challenge!) and have switched to half-caffeine coffee in the mornings. What I do need to focus on is: Sub-quest 1 - getting enough water. Daily goal: 2.2L Sub-quest 2 - getting enough protein I'm not measuring this exactly, but my goal is to focus on high-protein snacks like hard boiled eggs and nuts. We eat a decent amount of meat and black beans already, but we'll try to make sure we don't skip too many days of that. We also eat way more chicken than anything else, so we're trying to include more variety with things like pork and fish. For once, my anemia is well-controlled so we're not panicked about getting tons of red meat. Also, my husband is trying to convince me to drink some of his protein shakes - the last time I had a few he made I really didn't like them, but the one this morning was better as long as it was cold. Might keep trying new recipes though to see if we can find one I prefer. Sub-quest 3 - continue with hidden veggie recipes Get good stuff into me and the toddler at the same time? Sounds great! I'm going to try 4 new recipes since there's only 4 weeks left in this challenge. Quest 2: Mental Health Especially given our history of fertility and pregnancy issues, I am struggling with anxiety and negative thought cycles. Sub-quest 1 - gratitude journal I'm writing down 3-4 things every day that I'm grateful for in an attempt to inject at least a little bit of positivity into my thoughts. Hopefully that'll help? Sub-quest 2 - get outside Might be a little questionable this week (lots of thunderstorms in the forecast) but my goal is to go for a walk at least 3x a week, preferably on the beautiful trails down by the local lake but around the neighborhood is fine too when needed. If storms keep me indoors, I'll try to YouTube some prenatal yoga instead, but think the outdoor time will be more beneficial for my mental health since that is the quest I'm putting this under. Sub-quest 3 - Wednesday night celebrations Wednesdays are the days my pregnancy hits a "new week" if you will - for example, this Wednesday will be the day I reach 5 weeks pregnant. So every Wednesday we're going to have some kind of small celebration so we have lots of little milestones to always be looking forward to! Quest 3: Home Life There's obviously a ton going on with preparing for a new pregnancy and new baby, not to mention going back to school during COVID, taking care of our toddler, and everything else! Sub-quest 1: declutter We've been saying for a few weeks now how much we need to declutter. We have too much random stuff we don't use anymore, don't want to keep storing (or worse, hauling it to the new house we're intending to buy in a few years), and there's going to be some influx of baby stuff coming anyway. My goal for these four weeks is to: clear off the bassinet and return it to my sister-in-law (it is hers and she's asked for it back, though we'll still buy one of our own for new baby), clear off the kid desk in the second bedroom, and collect at least 20 things to get rid of/sell/donate. That number may rise though, considering I started this yesterday and already found 5! Sub-quest 2: sewing I have a lot of small sewing projects stashed up to get through. My son needs some too-short pants hemmed into shorts for potty-training purposes, my husband has a pair of workout shorts that needs a new drawstring and a hole patched up, and we all need more masks because our governor is too chicken-shit to actually lead and thus we're getting drug back to in-person school next week. I do have in an "application for alternative assignment" with my administration based on my pregnancy (I HATE telling them this early, but had no choice) and my pre-existing condition of a heavily suppressed immune system, but haven't heard anything about said application yet and don't expect to until next week anyway. Also it'd be nice to make a few more blankets for Project Linus, maybe that'll help me calm down too?