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  1. Hahaha that Pike Press thing looks like the gateway to finally be able to do a handstand (let alone, handstand push ups)! Good to see you again in this challenge Samantha! Let's do this!
  2. Perf! That's a huge loss, 6 pounds? Keep going! What does Slow-Carb entail anyway?
  3. Hahaha I kinda wish I could appreciate balsamic vinegar like that, I just don't love the taste. Salads would be that much more "healthy" if I didn't bother with oily dressings. A real fear of mine right now is that I'm plateauing with the Paleo weight loss because of all the oils I consume (in proteins, dressings or otherwise).
  4. Hahaha if it were me, I can't help but geek out and imagine I'm Jason Bourne or something. I understand the licence not giving any special privileges but yea, at least your employers know you're qualified. Interesting though, I didn't realize there were two kinds of bodyguards. Anyway, good luck with your goals!
  5. Wow! What did the bodyguard exam entail? Fight 3 bad guys at once? Hahaha! It must pay a lot. In the Philippines though, I think most bodyguards I see qualify for their jobs just because they look scary hahaha. Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have licenses or whatever.
  6. Looking forward to see you succeed! You seem to have it all under control! Keep us posted!
  7. Hey guys! I'm a bit late for the January challenge but better late than never! This is my third challenge month already with NerdFitness and I'm proud to say I've still kept up with the Paleo diet up until now! Though I can't say I've lost much weight (more on this later), I can say that I like the shape I'm heading towards right now and the feeling Paleo brings. At any rate: Recently, Medhi of http://www.stronglifts.com released his updated version of StrongLifts 5x5 and it inspired me to get up and do it again! Right in time for the next challenge. I've attempted this before but I suffered t
  8. Carrot and Cumin sounds epic! I'll try this out!
  9. My, my how a month really goes by so fast! To be honest, I didn't exactly feel the urgency of this month in terms of my fitness goals but that doesn't mean I blew all my progress off. So let's break it down: Goals for this month: 1. Maintain my Paleo diet--I'd easily give myself an A- here. I love this diet, it's the right thing for me. I would consider myself, like I said, a 95% Paleo person. I stay away from all the obvious bad food such as rice/pasta/bread/grain/cookies/cake/etc., but I don't bother when it comes to breaded meat (which is like, once in a blue moon if I could help it) AND th
  10. Good run today, I lowered my time once again by half a minute. I think it's just my body getting back into the routine of things and getting used to the route in terms of pacing. Maybe it's time I switch it up a bit, but the route is still challenging me (by a lot actually, lots of hills) so I'll stick to it for now. In other news, I bought my first watch with a timer today! I'm so happy, can't wait to test it out on a run. Hasta la proxima!
  11. I went out for a quick run yesterday, same route but I cut out the last loop (maybe a good 500-700 meters) and I clocked in around 19 minutes. It's kinda hard for me to look forward to going for a run when I'm doing it myself, in general, I find it hard to enjoy unless I'm running with friends. Which for me isn't a common possibility anymore since we've all graduated. Will try to sleep early tonight so I can go for a run tomorrow. Today, I didn't run since I didn't find the time. /excuses As for my life goal, can you believe I've already made my first dress? IT IS EPIC. My Grandmother helped m
  12. So I'm back, the triathlon went super well! I'll post about it soon on my lj once I get to steal some pictures hahaha! I am tanned like nobody's business. The Triathlon this time was an off-road tri: 1k open water swim (I was the swim manager), 29k off-road bike and then a 4k trail run. The site was epic, one of the nicer beaches/resorts closer to Manila. I'd totally recommend it if you guys visit the Philippines. It's 4 hours away and relatively easier to get to, worth yo' money for sure. The sea was very clear and there's a dive site nearby, just with your goggles SCHOOLS of fish can be se
  13. Hahaha what did you have for thanksgiving? Great job with strengthening your back!
  14. Haha we're both falling behind but at least we're still on track! Just keep going, baby steps!
  15. Hahaha good question, I'm actually doing quite well with the diet but (a huge BUT) I haven't got in the time to do some exercise, nor will I have the time in this coming week. You see this weekend, I went to the beach (Calatagan, four hours away from Manila to the South) with my friends. We spent two nights, three days at my friend's huge village--she has like four houses on this one hillside, so it's kind of like a village--and we whiled away our time swimming, tanning, drinking, the works. It was paradise on Earth. Coming into this, I thought I was going to cave and end up eating cookies or
  16. Congratulations! That is such a huge step! KEEP GOING!
  17. Actually I got to run outside around 6AM and the sun in tropics doesn't factor in at least till 9 am, so it was pretty chilly. The -ber months do bring somewhat lower temperatures, you'd be surprised! But once noon rolls around, the humidity kills.
  18. Just put in a nice run today, OUTDOORS and I haven't done that in a long time. I put in 24 minutes of hard/semi-hard running for what felt like a good 5k. It felt great to run in a place that has so many route possibilities. I felt spent after my final sprint to my Lola's front door. I'll do the same route again tomorrow and see if I can get the time down. The hills are killer but then I feel oh so great for putting in my exercise time. After, I had breakfast of sausage, a one-egg omelette, half an orange and cheese! I love my Grandmother and her cook hahaha. Today, I my Lola already told me
  19. Hahaha when you say Misfits, I think the Holograms.
  20. Couldn't have said it better myself! Hahaha, though we tend to say "insert-spanish-curse-here, ang init" literally: goddamn, it's hot. It's the humidity + the sun = makes for great tanning HAHAHA. So far doing well on the diet front, I can't say this enough. Maintaining a paleo lifestyle (at least the no grains, bread, pasta base) is easy with enough foresight and preparation. I'm slowly seeing results! As for the exercise front, I haven't gotten some serious running in there but I've been doing my share of exercise with a few other things. Hope to get started with running this week! Cheers!
  21. I'm from Manila! HAHA, Quezon City to be exact. Have you visited here already? Yea she is, but her taste is for her matronic clientele (her words, not mine) she wants to give me the chance to youthen-up her brand a bit.
  22. Warrior Dash? I'm so jealous! Post pictures, I wish we had that here in the Philippines!
  23. I really like it. I have this obsession with being a dancer. I danced (non-competitive) in high school, and although I was never great at it and it was never a huge part of my life, I have this crazy obsession with being a dancer. I have no idea why. It's similar to the problem I have with desperately wanting to be a cheerleader.Anyway, the actual topic, I think NYC Ballet is pretty good, and I know alr bought it too. I haven't seen any (noticeable) results, but that's more because I don't stick with it. Hopefully this challenge I'll get to twice a week, and then at the end can evaluate whethe
  24. We could set up our own rowing crew with our heights haha! Except I think I'm the only guy HAHA.
  25. LOL. I think your plan is awesome, probably a lot of work but hopefully it all works out. I don't know what you do/don't read around the internet about starting up a business, but I've seen a lot of stuff on getrichslowly.org lately about it, if you're interested.Also, where are you right now? I think it's funny that my teammate is in summer and I'm in 40 degrees. I live in the Philippines! The "if it isn't sweltering hot, it's probably raining" kind of weather all-year round HAHAHA. Where are you based? Oh and I'm so glad I effectively used "gentleman of leisure" in a sentence, in this life
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