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  1. Kudos Lwow! That's awesome progress, just savor the feeling and keep going! Great job!
  2. Thanks for the tips! Definitely going to buy some chicken today! Cheers.
  3. Share the recipe! All in a crockpot kind of thing? But oh no, beans haha.
  4. Still going strong with the Paleo diet, lots of temptations around the office though but I've kept my resolve strong! It's not easy working in a language school (Spanish to be exact) where the concept of fiesta is not to be taken lightly. We celebrate everything down here, with croquettas, paella and CAKE. Nothing I can eat! But it's okay, almost halfway through this challenge. Almost time to go to the grocery again, I've almost burned through my 3kg of chicken breasts. This time around I'm going to get chicken thighs, fuller flavor definitely and I prefer dark meat over white meat anytime. A
  5. How much weight did you get up to? I have yet to go past my 50lbs + bar max but it already gets pretty intense! Hahaha I love watching this video though, the pain is so tangible on their faces and it gets me motivated to go out there and do it myself.
  6. So I have a few questions, Paleo related for sure. 1) So I've been pretty much eating chicken, super content thanks to Mark's Daily Apple marinade guide, but mostly I've been eating the breast part or white meat. Recently though, I've been reading that the breast has little difference with the thigh part, in terms of calories and cholesterol content. I'm a dark-meat kind of guy so I was just wondering: is it counter-intuitive (Paleo diet to lose weight) to eat the thigh parts? Or is it perfectly okay? 2) How many eggs can we eat in a day? Lol simple, and I know it's okay to eat more than on
  7. Oh yeah, I definitely mix this up with pulls and presses (bench press, inverted rows and deadlifts) plus definitely some running.
  8. Check this out! I don't know if this falls under cross-fit or whatever (neither do I know what the implications are, people around the net get so hot-headed when it comes to that stuff) but I do recommend doing this exercise. It gets you winded in all the right places, it's a time saver and from a personal stand point, I like the muscle areas it hits. Anybody out there familiar with this? The video is pretty epic. Let me know how heavy you guys can go. Currently I can do 35lb plate per side, so that's 70lbs plus the bar of 20lbs I guess. Not bad and it's super tiring. Thoughts?
  9. Great job on the workouts! Though I have no idea how to work out with a club, I did see your reference pictures and they remind me of kettlebells: in a more pointy kind of way I guess haha. A mandolin is like a guitar no? I used to play the cello, completely given up on it though I'm sure I could still whip out some Eine Kleine Nachtmusik haha. I dunno, it just got to the point that my teacher goes "If you don't practice for 6 hours a day, it's pointless" so I was like "uhhh... okay!" hahaha. Honestly, between the cello and college at that point, it was no-contest. I don't miss it but I still
  10. I know! Any recipe marinades? Basically the Bear sequence is a combination of exercises I learned from my rowing training days: namely high-pull, front squat, overhead press, back squat etc. It emphasizes full body movement and circuit training (cardio component): it's super tiring. Check this video out (the girl is too epic, I can't take it.) All the time! But I have no access to a rowing machine right now, if ever I did, I would not go for the distance legs. They are killer! Go try out those marinades, they rock!
  11. The typhoon was intense but mostly in the North. The Capital of the Philippines, Manila, is in the southern part of the northern region (if that makes sense) and we only suffered 1/10th of the damage they had up there in the north. Very strong winds. This was nothing compared to the storm last year which had a lot of parts of Manila flooded up to the 2nd story. I kid you not, these aren't homes you see on TV. These were the homes of my friends living in posh villages, it was intense. Global warming for you. Thankfully, my house was spared from any flood (housing 5 of my rowing crewmates for 12
  12. Soy sauce also includes soy. Soy is the devil. I generally find eggs and fatty meat a good substitute for anything. Why is soy the devil? Other than the fact that I heard it has estrogen? Sorry ignorant but genuinely curious!
  13. Guys check this out, Mark's Daily Apple: Meat Lover's Guide to Marinating Meat (Plus 10 Primal Marinades) http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-marinate-meat/ it's been such a joy exploring new recipes and getting a handle of the different healthy spices out there that could revolutionize your diet. Check it out! I tried Tandoori and the Grilled Chicken Marinade, details at my own post. Cheers! Goodluck this week guys!
  14. Almost a week and a half into this thing and it's been great. Though I can't say that I am seeing any tangible results as yet, I do feel good and I plan to stick it till the end of this challenge. I went to the grocery last weekend and I bought a ton of stuff. I bought so much chicken, I couldn't help but be happy at the counter. The cashier gave me a look, but I didn't give a fu--haha. Anyway, I went over to Mark's Daily Apple and referenced his Meat Lover's Guide to Marinating Meat (Plus 10 Primal Marinades) http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-marinate-meat/ to make my Paleo journey much
  15. I find getting enough protein in, at every meal, paired with either eggs (breakfast) or vegetables keeps me full until the next meal. I think the key to Paleo (from my own personal experience) is getting enough protein and healthy fat with every meal. I couldn't have given up grains if I didn't switch it up with more protein and vegetables.
  16. So far so good, I'm having a blast with the Paleo diet. It really is true what they say, good food keeps you full longer. I only crave (or want to cave) into eating carbs when I'm hungry and I have no food for myself. Once I get down to eating some protein and a salad, I'm good till the next meal time. With a lot of preparation and foresight, Paleo isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Paired with the right exercise plan, I think I can finally achieve the results I want. Hey guys, do you know any other easy recipes there for protein? So far I'm just sticking with the easy chicken breast,
  17. Great job! Wow I didn't realize a week has already gone by, this is exciting! Paleo diet isn't as hard as I thought! Hope we all pull through.
  18. Your circuit looks great, I bet it's some stuff you picked up from rowing? They're crazy for their circuits. It's a good thing I've read out there (and possible on Nerd Fitness also) that circuits could do a person a lot of good since it works a lot of muscles, compound exercises and all that. Plus the cardio factor. Just keep it going! Do you still erg? Haha that's the feeling you're looking for, I feel it too. LESS SQUISHY. After you succeed this 28 day challenge, I suggest you give the Paleo diet a try. I don't know if it'll work for sure (I'm just trying it out myself, this month) but
  19. Hey team mates! I'm already on day 5 of the Paleo diet and there is still no signs of letting up, it's going pretty epic. I just keep myself full with big salads (once a day, at least) and protein (so far I've only focused on chicken breasts, but I can't wait to try out new recipes for easy protein--any suggestions?) Hey lwow! I know, I'm pretty stoked too. Did you row for your varsity college also? I can't wait to swap stories, recently my team (the one I just graduated from) went to our yearly regatta in Malaysia and these British guys came out of nowhere and creamed them HAHAHA. I would've
  20. Hey guys! Great to be on this team, I like the name as well. I'd like to set the dial up to "Daniel Craig" HAHAHA. Day 5 of the Paleo Diet for me today and so far, so good. I'm just worried, cause I usually set up my own Paleo meals (salad + protein) but when I see the food prepared for my parents, I eat their protein as well. Still no carbs though! But then I read somewhere that there is still the danger of over-eating. I dunno, I feel great though (healthier and unbound from all these grains) and that's what counts.
  21. 2nd day and so far so good! My salad kept, thanks for the tip! Didn't get to hit the gym today (muscle rest, been two weeks since I hit the gym last) so I'm going to go tomorrow morning! Let's go, Paleo!
  22. 16 hour shifts? That's rough, I can barely take my own 9 to 5 haha. So you aren't going Paleo? If there's one healthy food I'd definitely miss from my roster, it'd be oatmeal. It's just so easy. Best of luck with your goals! Keep us posted!
  23. Day 1 Today! Huge success, who knew I could last a day without rice (or any kind of grain)! This is officially a first, in my 22 years of existence. I had my version of a big salad today for dinner, with more or less successful results. I need more stuff to put into it though, any suggestions? I had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers (very nice), carrots (not so nice) and a pan-fried chicken breast. I put some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it, plus a few dashes of parmesan cheese. Lunch was basically sauteed vegetables and fish. I feel epic to be honest, just got home from the gym too where
  24. Here we go! I started my thread already, but let me log in here. Fitness goals: 1) To maintain a strict Paleo diet (as prescribed by Steve and Mark's Daily Apple) for the next 28 days, with all the trimmings (no soda, no cakes, the whole nine yards) 2) To get to the gym at least 3 times a week, to run at least 4 times at varying distances and intensities. 3) To get rid of my belly (not have abs, mind you, just to get rid of all--EDIT: some of--the fat) 3.1) To fit into some of my old shirts, the ones I wore during my "thin" days 18 pounds ago. Day 1 today was a success, if I can say so my
  25. Hey guys, according to Steve's recent blog, the new cycle should begin today (in my timezone, Oct. 12) and I figured it's a good a time as any to see if I got the chops to get my fitness life back in order: more specifically, if I can hack the Paleo diet for 28 days (inspired by NerdFitness.com of course). Maybe a little about myself to make things more concrete, anyway: my name's Martin, I'm 22, I live in the Philippines. I just graduated college. Coming off of a ton of Varsity rowing, I found it hard to adjust my food intake with the little time I find dragging myself to the gym. My old fi
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