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  1. Great job! Wow I didn't realize a week has already gone by, this is exciting! Paleo diet isn't as hard as I thought! Hope we all pull through.
  2. Your circuit looks great, I bet it's some stuff you picked up from rowing? They're crazy for their circuits. It's a good thing I've read out there (and possible on Nerd Fitness also) that circuits could do a person a lot of good since it works a lot of muscles, compound exercises and all that. Plus the cardio factor. Just keep it going! Do you still erg? Haha that's the feeling you're looking for, I feel it too. LESS SQUISHY. After you succeed this 28 day challenge, I suggest you give the Paleo diet a try. I don't know if it'll work for sure (I'm just trying it out myself, this month) but
  3. Hey team mates! I'm already on day 5 of the Paleo diet and there is still no signs of letting up, it's going pretty epic. I just keep myself full with big salads (once a day, at least) and protein (so far I've only focused on chicken breasts, but I can't wait to try out new recipes for easy protein--any suggestions?) Hey lwow! I know, I'm pretty stoked too. Did you row for your varsity college also? I can't wait to swap stories, recently my team (the one I just graduated from) went to our yearly regatta in Malaysia and these British guys came out of nowhere and creamed them HAHAHA. I would've
  4. Hey guys! Great to be on this team, I like the name as well. I'd like to set the dial up to "Daniel Craig" HAHAHA. Day 5 of the Paleo Diet for me today and so far, so good. I'm just worried, cause I usually set up my own Paleo meals (salad + protein) but when I see the food prepared for my parents, I eat their protein as well. Still no carbs though! But then I read somewhere that there is still the danger of over-eating. I dunno, I feel great though (healthier and unbound from all these grains) and that's what counts.
  5. Haha I don't know which is worse, that or seeing people going WILD on the machine. Backs bent, no leg component and going at 45 spm on the slider. Not pretty either haha. Haha If I look back on our erg training at the beginning, I can't help but shudder. I remember doing my first 90 minutes but I remember reading this from a rowing book and not from my Coach haha. Even though I was averaging a weak 2:15-20 by the end of the first hour, I couldn't walk for 30 minutes after getting off and I had blisters on my butt for a few days. It was pretty rough. But other than that, rowing three times a w
  6. I'm a rower too! I used to be the Captain of my team, and I've spent my fair share of erg (rowing machine) time as well. I've done workouts as short as a 6 minute all out sprint to a 90 minute slow burn, and I can definitely say there is a right way to use that machine if you want to achieve results. I find that beginners will either find the machine too easy (wrong technique) or too difficult to use (again, wrong technique). It's all about engaging your legs first, then keeping your core stabilized as you level with your back, then your hands pulling to your chest. The typical rowing motion,
  7. 2nd day and so far so good! My salad kept, thanks for the tip! Didn't get to hit the gym today (muscle rest, been two weeks since I hit the gym last) so I'm going to go tomorrow morning! Let's go, Paleo!
  8. 16 hour shifts? That's rough, I can barely take my own 9 to 5 haha. So you aren't going Paleo? If there's one healthy food I'd definitely miss from my roster, it'd be oatmeal. It's just so easy. Best of luck with your goals! Keep us posted!
  9. Day 1 Today! Huge success, who knew I could last a day without rice (or any kind of grain)! This is officially a first, in my 22 years of existence. I had my version of a big salad today for dinner, with more or less successful results. I need more stuff to put into it though, any suggestions? I had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers (very nice), carrots (not so nice) and a pan-fried chicken breast. I put some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it, plus a few dashes of parmesan cheese. Lunch was basically sauteed vegetables and fish. I feel epic to be honest, just got home from the gym too where
  10. Here we go! I started my thread already, but let me log in here. Fitness goals: 1) To maintain a strict Paleo diet (as prescribed by Steve and Mark's Daily Apple) for the next 28 days, with all the trimmings (no soda, no cakes, the whole nine yards) 2) To get to the gym at least 3 times a week, to run at least 4 times at varying distances and intensities. 3) To get rid of my belly (not have abs, mind you, just to get rid of all--EDIT: some of--the fat) 3.1) To fit into some of my old shirts, the ones I wore during my "thin" days 18 pounds ago. Day 1 today was a success, if I can say so my
  11. Hey guys, according to Steve's recent blog, the new cycle should begin today (in my timezone, Oct. 12) and I figured it's a good a time as any to see if I got the chops to get my fitness life back in order: more specifically, if I can hack the Paleo diet for 28 days (inspired by NerdFitness.com of course). Maybe a little about myself to make things more concrete, anyway: my name's Martin, I'm 22, I live in the Philippines. I just graduated college. Coming off of a ton of Varsity rowing, I found it hard to adjust my food intake with the little time I find dragging myself to the gym. My old fi
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